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Pete Thamel
Source: FSU officials were also concerned about the messaging to their own players, both about health and safety and looking hypocritical. FSU has upheld stringent standards, including not letting players go home for break. FSU's last positive was coach Mike Norvell in Sept.
21 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
Ryan Nanni
Hearing from trusted sources* that Mike Norvell punched Dabo and that caused the cancelation *nobody at all
21 Nov, 03:36 PM UTC
College GameDay
"We woke up this morning ready to play this game." Mike Norvell speaks about the postponement of Clemson-Florida State: @CollegeGameDay's photo on Mike Norvell
21 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
TJ Pittinger
Mullen and Dabo both ducked Mike Norvell this year? Those are the facts. https://t.co/QtuR2Whlvl
21 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC
Make Miami Football Great Again
Mike Norvell really said: ‘and for my best trick to date, I will make the Clemson ass whooping disappear!’ https://t.co/yMvmy9iVzV
21 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Mike Norvell driving past Clemson getting back on their team buses.. https://t.co/o2oVLurT3D
21 Nov, 03:49 PM UTC
Dyme Lyfe 👀
THIS JUST IN. Our elite team of informants have just uncovered Mike Norvell’s playlist for today’s game 😂 What other songs should be add? https://t.co/0sDmrK7RlA
21 Nov, 03:37 PM UTC
FSU's Mike Norvell: "We woke up this morning ready to play the game." Says decision was made through discussions by team medical advisors.
21 Nov, 04:01 PM UTC
Shannon R
@firenorveLLLLLL @6e1iev3r @TribeLawyerJ @clemsonjacob_16 @ClemsonTom Keep in mind... FSU head coach Mike Norvell tested positive on a Friday and his team played Saturday in a road game at Miami. So now they are concerned about Friday tests? Facts bro lol
21 Nov, 03:35 PM UTC
Tomahawk Nation
"We are all about building the trust and understanding to keep our players safe. I can tell you that we woke up this morning ready to play this game. When I was asked, that’s what I expressed to our advisers, that we were ready to play the game." https://t.co/Mi8i8tKzil
21 Nov, 04:19 PM UTC
Kenny 🐊
Mike Norvell commenting about the Clemson game like https://t.co/pXrBevjXeK
21 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Peej 🧱🔨
Mike Norvell, in a pandemic, didn't lose to Miami, Clemson, and Florida.
21 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
Mike Norvell comments on FSU-Clemson postponement @Noles247 on Mike Norvell">https://t.co/d9hQP6HH1U via @Noles247
21 Nov, 04:07 PM UTC
AP Top 25
No. 4 Clemson at Florida State postponed hours before kickoff when medical personnel from both schools could not agree it was safe to play amid the pandemic. by @piacobelli_AP https://t.co/bKG6BmERjA
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Mike Norvell when game time was close. https://t.co/ySJk1warPW
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Bob Ferrante
Dec. 12 is common bye. #FSU source indicates Mike Norvell, admin want to play Clemson that day.
21 Nov, 03:50 PM UTC
Mike Norvell when Dabo pulled up today https://t.co/qKLI5v1jjW
21 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
Joshua Needelman
FSU coach Mike Norvell on College GameDay: “We woke up today ready to play this game. ... We’re all about building the trust and the understanding to keep our players safe.”
21 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
SJB Michael
Mike Norvell: We want to make up our game against Clemson in December. Florida State fans: https://t.co/IdRzYKiy7R
21 Nov, 03:53 PM UTC
Bryan Fischer
Mike Norvell on GameDay: “We were ready to play the game."
21 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Dawn Davenport
More background: #FSU Coach Mike Norvell also told me today that they have been extremely diligent in their protocols (didn’t let their players leave during bye) So much so, they had 2 DL opt back in once they saw the measures in place. Strict rules/safety played into decision https://t.co/fDeTFDR8xs
21 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
Tony Ramos
Willie Taggart 5-1 at his new school Mike Norvell y’all white savior is 2-6 ...I thought he was supposed to be an upgrade ?? https://t.co/jrscmv3L8V
21 Nov, 03:13 PM UTC
Coby DuBose
@CollegeGameDay Mike Norvell didn't want to lose by 80 to Clemson. This is a forfeit. You can't run from Clemson forever, Mike.
21 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
West Coast Bag Man
“We woke up knowing we weren’t going to play. We planned months in advance to let Clemson travel down here and then cancel right before the game. It’s basically the only win we could get against them lately. Thank God we dodged that” - Mike Norvell. https://t.co/rW5Nv86Gmu
21 Nov, 04:40 PM UTC
Mike Norvell on postponement of FSU-Clemson: https://t.co/53jXmE2utH @247Sports's photo on Mike Norvell
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
If we had to take that ass whooping like a man, FSU can too. Lol get Mike Norvell outta here dawg
21 Nov, 02:39 PM UTC
Mike Norvell sounded like he was being held hostage during that interview lol????
21 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Mike Norvell on postponement vs. Clemson: “You know I didn’t think it was worth Clemson putting 80 on us even after the Clemson medical staff cleared the team. I just told our medical staff to say no.” https://t.co/276BJwO9Fb
21 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
John Morgan
Mike Norvell address #FSU vs. Clemson on College Gameday https://t.co/JtyRWE9KvH
21 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
Scott Rossman
Some comments from @FSUFootball HC Mike Norvell (1/3) "There was discussion last night about results from the test that was had yesterday. I know the medical advisors were able to go back-and-forth with that. I can tell you that within our program, throughout this whole season...
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC

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