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2ème minute : Milner écrase la cheville de Benzema ✂ 25ème minute : Casemiro venge le Nueve et découpe Milner 😂
14 Apr, 07:30 PM UTC
Zidane in the background after Casemiro dangerously fouling Milner 👀 @PurelyFootball's photo on Milner
14 Apr, 07:51 PM UTC
Tomás Roncero
Entrada brutal de Milner a @Benzema sin castigo.
14 Apr, 07:03 PM UTC
Leanne Prescott
FWIW, James Milner showed exactly why Klopp selected him. Set the tempo, aggressive & crucial defensive contributions. One of the best performers despite the negative reaction from some on here.
14 Apr, 09:08 PM UTC
You gotta give it to Casemiro. Saw team being assaulted by Milner.. Goes on and gives him a taste of his medicine. Then finishes this tense game without getting another booking and stays composed throughout the game. Now this is what you call elite
14 Apr, 09:05 PM UTC
Liverpool FC
"We had more than enough chances to do what we needed to do and we didn’t take them and that was the difference unfortunately." Milner's post-#LIVRMA verdict ⤵️
14 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
⏸️ HALF-TIME ⏸️ ⚫️🟡 Bellingham makes history to put Dortmund ahead on the night & in the tie 😬 Courtois denies Salah & Milner; Benzema's deflected effort hits post 🤔 Who's scoring next? #UCL
14 Apr, 07:52 PM UTC
Mustafa Demirtaş
Liverpool'un kurduğu baskıda James Milner'ın payı çok büyük. Adam makine gibi hala ve yaşı 35. Oynayabileceği 6 pozisyon falan var, hepsinde de belli standardın üstünde yapıyor işini. Dünyanın en iyi Necip Uysal'ı.
14 Apr, 08:01 PM UTC
James Pearce
#LFC line up v Real Madrid: Alisson, Trent AA, Phillips, Kabak, Robertson, Fabinho, Milner, Wijnaldum, Salah, Firmino, Mane
14 Apr, 05:46 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
Liverpool denied again by Courtois, this time goalkeeper tips away Milner effort 🧤 #UCL @ChampionsLeague's photo on Milner
14 Apr, 07:29 PM UTC
El Chiringuito TV
🤔🟥 ¿Merecía la ROJA MILNER por su entrada sobre BENZEMA? Lo debatimos YA en #ChiringuitoMadrid
14 Apr, 10:52 PM UTC
35-year-old James Milner ran further than anyone on the pitch in the first half 💪
14 Apr, 07:57 PM UTC
A R I F I N 🪢⓹𓃵
Valverde had bloody MESSI and a 3 goal lead. Imagine bottling that to a team that had Origi, Henderson & Milner. Will never forgive the clown for making a complete circus of our club. Zidane’s literally laughing at Anfield Jokers.
14 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
La sonrisa de Zidane después de que Robertson se encare con Casemiro porque este casi desmonta a Milner es la sonrisa de todo el madridismo viendo la competitividad de su equipo 🤍💜 @_Lassana_'s photo on Milner
14 Apr, 09:22 PM UTC
The Anfield Talk
The minute Milner came off, we lost any intensity in that game. Some supporters would love a creative player but an all action midfielder might not be a bad idea in the summer.
14 Apr, 08:59 PM UTC
Mark Meadows
The moderate left is gone. This is who they are now. Open borders. Outlawing voter ID. Free healthcare for illegal migrants. And now court packing. This should be roundly rejected.
14 Apr, 11:56 PM UTC
I loved that Casemiro tackle on Milner. If there’s someone you can count on to get some revenge or someone who is an absolute warrior who can galvanize his team, it’s Casemiro. He did that sh*t right in front of Klopp and his Liverpool staff. Zidane smiling in the background 😂
14 Apr, 09:27 PM UTC
O melhor momento do primeiro tempo de Liverpool 0x0 Real Madrid foi a LEVANTADA que o Casemiro deu no Milner.
14 Apr, 07:54 PM UTC
UTD Xtra
1- Milner tackling Benzema dangerously 2- Casemiro dealing with Milner 3- Just Zidane laughing in the background 😂 #LIVRMA
14 Apr, 08:49 PM UTC
Madrid Zone
🚨| Benzema felt pain all night from the hit he took by Milner in the first minute of the game. @abc_deportes #rmalive
14 Apr, 10:39 PM UTC
Courtois nesse chute do Milner tal qual no chute do Neymar na Copa
14 Apr, 07:11 PM UTC
Manu Heredia
Los partidos duran 90 minutos. Casi no lo puede decir Benzema: Milner le ha dado esta caricia al minuto de partido. El colegiado ni siquiera ha pitado falta @ManuHeredia21's photo on Milner
14 Apr, 07:04 PM UTC
Amarilla para Casemiro por esta entrada a Milner, pero a Milner no le sacan tarjeta por esta entrada sobre Benzema. El Real Madrid siempre jugando hasta en contra del arbitraje.
14 Apr, 07:32 PM UTC
International Champions Cup
One things for certain, Casemiro always has Benzema's back 😤 Should Milner have been booked just like Casemiro?
14 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC
Quand tu vois Casemiro démolir Milner comme il se doit 🤤🤤 #LIVRMA
14 Apr, 07:37 PM UTC
RMadridHebdo 🇫🇷
📸 Le sourire de Zizou suite au tacle dur de Casemiro sur Milner. La fierté d'un coach envers son guerrier 🤩
14 Apr, 11:55 PM UTC
Creo que Milner lo ha entendido a la perfección.
15 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
Liverpool FC
El once titular puede generar 'dudas', pero recuerden que al Barça le hicimos cuatro goles sin Salah ni Firmino y con Origi, Shaqiri, Milner desde el arranque y Gini entrando en el segundo tiempo. Si hay alguien en quien confiar, es en Klopp.
14 Apr, 05:56 PM UTC
DC statehood is unconstitutional. No Constitution? No Union. States that still want to abide by the Constitution need to band together and secede. Enough is enough.
15 Apr, 12:37 AM UTC