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hoping for a fast full recovery. take care, stay safe and healthy always, minghao! 🙏🏻
17 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
jeonghan said he alr slept around 4-5am & maybe other boys too, minghao is in pain bc of his instep & ankle, they are all working TOO hard so please give all the best u can for tmrw's cb. ik carats can achieve more than 8m views as og goal, we alr rest for 8mos +
17 Jun, 12:40 PM UTC
sending love to minghao ♥️ get well soon and wishing you a speedy recovery.. please take it easy on promotions!! we love you @pledis_17 @mansehao's photo on minghao
17 Jun, 12:07 PM UTC
sebongie samuel
i really appreciate how they also included eng translation for icarats🥺 get well soon minghao!
17 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
the fact that minghao still wants to take part and do his best for this cb despite his condition right now is another wake-up alarm for us to do even better for him and the rest of the members who work so hard for it. carats, let’s work harder in streaming tomorrow okay? ☹️🤍
17 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
during Home Run’s promotions minghao even included a difficult part in the choreography (final part) 😢 he really pushes himself a lot i hope he’ll remember to rest well
17 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC
Let me return your words @pledis_17 Minghao, health is the most important. Don't strain yourself too much, rest if you need. Thank you for working sooooo hard ❤
17 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
ai | med school 📚 🩺
i remember when hoshi reminded minghao not to get hurt, and told him "who do we replace you with if you're sick" since minghao does the home;run ending so well get well soon, luv!!! 🥺 @pledis_17 @miss_svtmafia's photo on minghao
17 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
he still wishes to take part in the activities despite the injury😭 get well soon minghao! @pledis_17
17 Jun, 12:08 PM UTC
nini 🤍 #Ready_to_Love
gravity causing minghao’s ankle to get hurt… when i catch you ISAAC NEWTON………. count your days…. @taengyuTV's photo on minghao
17 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
minghao hugs 🫂; a thread to comfort 8stars ❤️ https://t.co/9TY6V7kpj7
17 Jun, 01:02 PM UTC
Get well soon, Minghao 🥺
17 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
another reason to do our best this cb 👍🏻 for seventeen, for minghao ❤️ @ksyjwws's photo on minghao
17 Jun, 12:07 PM UTC
juaaa 🎨// GWS MINGHAO
carats boleh minta waktunya sebentar? kemaren di vlive cheol bilang kalo di hari itu mereka capek banget, bisa diliat jg pas hoshi muncul mukanya capek bgt, dan skrg minghao ankle injury. bisa kan di cb kali ini kita bikin rekor dengan stream, vote, pembelian album? yuk semangat!
17 Jun, 12:52 PM UTC

we prioritize your health and hope you recover soon. please rest well. we love you, minghao!! <3 @pledis_17 https://t.co/zpbS77uNDe
17 Jun, 12:20 PM UTC
Minghao's excitement and his precious smile after he nailed his choreo ❤️ You worked hard baby get well 💕 @pledis_17 @kyeombuddy's photo on minghao
17 Jun, 12:17 PM UTC
i hope he won’t pressure and blame himself and focus on getting better instead :(( we’re always here for you Minghao. I love you!! @pledis_17 https://t.co/yJLzD5w5qA
17 Jun, 12:15 PM UTC
Lalay 🎨 | SHOWNU DAY 🥳 | Jihancheol Au 📌
Seventeen inteiro no pézinho do Minghao agora: *cuidar do pezinho do meu amorzinho* https://t.co/QYcpxe1DOF
17 Jun, 12:30 PM UTC
"im getting treatment well so. carats dont worry and sleep well and see you tonight 💎💙" minghao 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @pledis_17 https://t.co/1J7jLhRx2T
17 Jun, 01:33 PM UTC
getting injured right before promotions/performances, even though it’s unwanted n unforeseen, causes so much emotional and mental distress to performers. i can only imagine the stress he went through and is still going through rn im so sad minghao please take ur time to rest 🥺
17 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
alex | nyong uterus escape
prayer circle: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 MINGHAO'S 🕯 FAST 🕯 RECOVERY 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯
17 Jun, 01:09 PM UTC
al¡z 🎨 svt aus
pros confusos com a nota: o minghao machucou o pé e o tornozelo e por causa disso ele não pode fazer esforço físico algum. ele ainda vai performar as músicas do your choice com o seventeen (por escolha própria), mas a sua participação vai ser minimizada pq ele tá em tratamento
17 Jun, 12:15 PM UTC
Minghao please stay healthy and take care of yourself, we wishing you well with all our hearts. Get well soon❤️🙏 #get_well_soon_the8 #getwellsoonThe8   #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #디에잇 #서명호 #THE8 #minghao #ディエイト #ミンハオ @pledis_17 https://t.co/RlJtXNHjHE
17 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
nat 🎨
Sabemos como es minghao es muy obvio que va a querer participar en las promociones como sea, solo espero que lo cuiden muy bien y logré recuperarse pronto, va a hacer falta en las coreografías pero primero está su salud @pledis_17
17 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
“ babi ” lixo humano
seventeen não é seventeen sem um dos membros mas pfvr minghao se cuide !!! sua saúde é sempre a prioridade e msm que seja do seu desejo promover no cb não se esforce demais. carats nunca vão se sentir decepcionades em ver vocês descansando 🥺💛 https://t.co/1VzeHSY6qX
17 Jun, 12:48 PM UTC
•Si ven esto comenten con lo de abajo. — Esperemos que se recupere pronto y que descanse mucho nuestro Minghao.🐸🤍 https://t.co/NNID8D5zXL
17 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
🥑𝗠𝗶𝗝𝘂🎨𝑺𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒏 𝑴𝒚 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔🥕
》Minghao Weverse 🐸: "Estoy recibiendo un buen tratamiento. Así que carat no te preocupes, duerme bien y nos vemos mañana 💎💙 Me están tratando muy bien, para que no te preocupes carat, buenas noches y hasta mañana 💎💙" 🥺❤ #세븐틴 @pledis_17 https://t.co/jvT5wFyMZf
17 Jun, 01:38 PM UTC
teh ⌕ 🎨 hoshi day🐯
Não tem como negar que minghao foi o melhor mentor que passou pelo produce chinês... Ele fez literalmente milagre com os trainees e no final foi homenageado pelo grupo que debutou. Era NITIDO a melhora dos trainees c ele e ele não fez UMA escolha errada https://t.co/oI33dA51t2
17 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC