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Wait booger thought the Minneapolis Miracle was against the Vikes? Lmao
03 Dec, 02:15 AM UTC
Chad Graff
Booger McFarland: "These are the type of plays that historically have gone against the Vikings -- the Minneapolis Miracle -- plays that are fluke plays that went against this team. I'm sure Vikings fans are saying it's about time we get one of these plays to go our way." Yikes.
03 Dec, 02:25 AM UTC
Josh Hermsmeyer
"These are the plays that have gone against the Vikings. The Minneapolis Miracle" @friscojosh's photo on Minneapolis Miracle
03 Dec, 02:18 AM UTC
Dan Cole
What is Booger talking about....??? The "Minneapolis Miracle" worked IN FAVOR of the Vikings....good grief....
03 Dec, 02:16 AM UTC
Sam Monson
"These are the plays that have historically gone against the Vikings...the Minneapolis miracle..." Yah, they got really screwed on that one, Booger
03 Dec, 02:16 AM UTC
The Minneapolis Miracle was one of the worst things to ever happen to the Vikings! I love you so much Booger. https://t.co/ndYQQ7uDdG
03 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
Rod Walker
According to Booger, the Minneapolis Miracle was a fluke play that went against the Vikings.
03 Dec, 02:17 AM UTC
Jeff Duncan
Uh, Booger ... The Minneapolis Miracle most definitely did not go AGAINST the Vikings.
03 Dec, 02:16 AM UTC
Apologize to #SKOL. Misspoke tonight about the Minneapolis miracle. One of the great plays in Vikings history. What a game though wow
03 Dec, 05:01 AM UTC
the minneapolis miracle was one of the worst things to ever happen to the vikings 😔 https://t.co/4z6bQo3K50
03 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC
MyBookie Sportsbook
Booger thinks the Minneapolis miracle went against the Vikings when in reality it won a playoff game for them https://t.co/GDJbpXH4mh
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
CJ Fogler
Booger just said the Minneapolis Miracle went against the Vikings...
03 Dec, 02:16 AM UTC
Yes, Booger just used the Minneapolis Miracle as an example of plays that usually go against the Vikings
03 Dec, 02:15 AM UTC
Ian Cameron
Booger forgetting that the Minneapolis Miracle was actually good for the Vikings. Joe Tessitore calling D.K. Metcalf "DECAF Metcalf" as if he is a flavor of coffee. What a shitshow! This MNF booth man.
03 Dec, 03:57 AM UTC
The Slime Father
This was the Minneapolis Miracle. They won the game sir. #boogerMcFarland https://t.co/Q5ffJVhBoh
03 Dec, 02:16 AM UTC
Todd Iverson
@chris_steller The Minneapolis Miracle Mystery was my favorite Hardy Boys book.
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
Chris Steller
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
Chris Steller
The Minneapolis Miracle went the Vikings way
03 Dec, 02:14 AM UTC
Jody Norstedt
The Minneapolis Miracle might still haunt us, but we now have the opportunity to pull off the Stunner in Seattle.
03 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
@SomeonesAnIdiot Booger McFarland said during #MINvsSEA that the Vikings LOST the “Minneapolis Miracle” game where Stefon Diggs scored the walkoff TD against the Saints. Watch: Your welcome https://t.co/muGWD10xPU
03 Dec, 03:06 AM UTC
Joe Bag O'Donuts
Booger McFarland talking about the Minneapolis Miracle is further evidence how he takes stupid to a whole 'nother level. 🙄 https://t.co/wFvYVULaML
03 Dec, 05:43 AM UTC
@purplebuckeye @multiskol He also said the Minneapolis Miracle didn’t go our way. 🤷‍♂️
03 Dec, 06:56 AM UTC
Hank DaBruzzi
Up until this point ..... I didn’t know the “ Minneapolis Miracle” went against us..!!! I missed that because I have the TV on mute during MNF... https://t.co/c0utamgogM
03 Dec, 06:55 AM UTC
How the fuck does this idiot have a job calling games?.. I just dont get it. https://t.co/KCuHVsqFPl
03 Dec, 05:46 AM UTC
C bass
@MNVikesCentral if we wouldve won they would say minneapolis miracle on sum petty shit cant give us credit
03 Dec, 05:38 AM UTC
Nathan H.
I mean, the Minneapolis Miracle did technically hurt the Vikings. If it didn't happen, they wouldn't have gotten destroyed by the Eagles.
03 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
NO Saints Talk
Come again? ESPN's Booger McFarland says 'Minneapolis Miracle' hurt Vikings #Saints https://t.co/ZbhIlG9K3M
03 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
Wesley Buschang
@espn I would rather you cut the announcers for the rest of the year. I don’t even think 1 in 10 people can say this MNF crew is decent to listen to. This clip makes me wonder how booger really thinks a Minneapolis miracle would go against the team from Minnesota but be a miracle https://t.co/0fbELOwxNC
03 Dec, 06:33 AM UTC
Paul A. Bury
@DanBarreiroKFAN After the 1st half of the 'Minneapolis Miracle', Zimmer has had a Randy Moss defense. They play when they want to.
03 Dec, 06:24 AM UTC
@SkolMemes I would not be surprised if Booger mentioned the Minneapolis Miracle happened 5,000 years ago. 🤔
03 Dec, 05:57 AM UTC

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