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Steve Hofstetter
BREAKING: Trump's legal team referenced THE WRONG STATE in their suit. They confused Michigan and Minnesota, but the places they alleged cast more votes than residents are all in the part of Minnesota that voted red. Trump's lawyers just accidentally accused him of cheating.
20 Nov, 04:19 PM UTC
George Conway
So @realdonaldTrump's lawyers submitted to a federal court an affidavit purportedly showing irregularities in voting patterns in MICHIGAN. It turns out that that the affidavit contained data about towns in MINNESOTA. https://t.co/0VBQ6lwLEY
20 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
Aaron Blake
OMG. The affidavit Sidney Powell and others are hyping when they say many precincts in Michigan have more votes than actual voters is .... based on data from Minnesota. https://t.co/0nBQDX4nOf
20 Nov, 02:36 PM UTC
Small business owners in Minnesota are now subject to 90 days in jail for staying open to feed their families. But Amazon is free to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Can you see what is happening?
21 Nov, 02:46 AM UTC
Isaac Saul
OMG. Trump's lawyers filed an affidavit claiming statistical irregularities proving election fraud because they *confused Michigan for Minnesota* They thought "MI" = Minnesota (it's MN), and then compared a bunch of results in Minnesota to Michigan population statistics. https://t.co/nu9FMgSuqY
20 Nov, 02:50 PM UTC
The New York Times
President Trump’s legal team, trying to prove voter fraud in Michigan, apparently used data taken from counties in Minnesota, the latest in a series of embarrassing missteps that have made Trump’s uphill legal fight even steeper. https://t.co/SPgAiG2jOp
20 Nov, 06:10 PM UTC
Raise your hand if you know the MI is for Michigan, MN is for Minnesota and WI is for Wisconsin?
20 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
To be fair, Michigan and Minnesota both start with Mi. https://t.co/z5zQbhR0YH
20 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
Only liberal coastal elitists care about [checks notes] the difference between Michigan and Minnesota?
20 Nov, 03:56 PM UTC
Félix de Bedout
En las denuncias de supuesto fraude en las elecciones de EEUU, el “equipo legal” de Rudy Giuliani afirmó que algunos distritos de Michigan había más votos que votantes. Pequeño problema: utilizaron datos de Minnesota. Ese es el nivel. https://t.co/VUlXWhdbsH
20 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Brad Heath
Finally, Exhibit S: A security expert finds it suspicious that so many people voted, after mistaking Minnesota for Michigan. (A dead giveaway is that the Detroit-area places where he found suspiciously high voter turnout are nowhere near Detroit.) @bradheath's photo on Minnesota
20 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC
Brad Heath
@ASFleischman (The best part of this post is the end, where the writer says perhaps these improbable turnout numbers are actually a sign of fraud in Minnesota, but then dismisses it because they happened in a Republican area.) @bradheath's photo on Minnesota
20 Nov, 02:53 PM UTC
Scott Walker
A dozen years ago, the media and left (largely indistinguishable) didn’t seem to object to Al Franken dragging the process out to January. #hypocrisy https://t.co/EbyllJXGVe
20 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
The Hill
Trump lawyers cited Minnesota counties in affidavit about Michigan: report https://t.co/T632FtUtrh @thehill's photo on Minnesota
21 Nov, 08:46 AM UTC
Trump Humiliated After Lawyers Mix Up Michigan and Minnesota in Bungled Voter Fraud Claim https://t.co/r1NAB8ukY2
21 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
David Hof
@GregOnTheRight Outstanding young man. Has anyone from the Trump Team reach out to you? Have you done this exercise with Wisconsin, Georgia, Minnesota (especially Ilhans district), Arizona and Nevada If those files are too big. Maybe focus on specific counties (Milwaukee, Atlanta Las Vegas)
20 Nov, 10:08 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Scientists used genomic sequencing to confirm 86 cases just in Minnesota linked to the South Dakota event, but people came from all across the country. https://t.co/BWhVG2G6sG
21 Nov, 12:20 AM UTC
Kate Miller
SAD! Lawsuits all dismissed. Recounts repeatedly ending up in #Biden’s favor. Funny, no one on #TheApprentice stayed & sued after they got fired. @realDonaldTrump YOU’RE FIRED! And tell your team that #Michigan & #Minnesota are different states. YAY GA & PA! #bidenvictory #MAGA🖕🏼 @iamkatemiller's photo on Minnesota
20 Nov, 11:24 PM UTC
One of the cases brought to support the Trump Voter fraud allegations depended on supposed “statistical anomalies” relating to votes in Michigan... ...unfortunately this was due to Trump team confusing Michigan with Minnesota...as their abbreviations are similar. https://t.co/0x5oIac1ey
21 Nov, 09:13 AM UTC
Bravo to @mnhockey for good sportsmanship as COVID 'pause’ begins. Its leaders responded with respect, responsibility and optimism, setting a good example for players, fans and the state. https://t.co/xAuaxAN7Fv
20 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
William Reymond
6- Leur expert a confondu Michigan et Minnesota ! Je suis très sérieux. Allez vite lire ça, c’est affligeant et très drôle à la fois. https://t.co/OymVZ0WmHG
21 Nov, 07:50 AM UTC
@theblaze Innocent until proven guilty is only an idea🤣Now calculate how much $ has ben poured into the Georgia Senate race! From outside of Georgia! Go ahead! Or to bail out thugs from Minnesota! Or GoFundMe for Floyd!
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
Minnesota Man Pleads Guilty To Setting Police Precinct on Fire https://t.co/NT9x7kuH0K https://t.co/h1Bg94bPkB
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
Alex Neumann
Unbelievable. Just woke up and saw highlights of the Purdue v Minnesota game. Never again do I want to hear Gopher fans whine about how "Wisconsin gets all the calls." That was abysmal.
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
@KevinP01829348 @maya_givens @mtgreenee @IlhanMN I think the real story here is that there are actually people who live in Minnesota.
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
Bonnie Wilcox
Detailed Minnesota voting stats! https://t.co/Ivtyto66UV
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
This is stuff you learn in 3rd grade. https://t.co/sefVg4QJUF
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
@constantleft @posadist_trapgd I hope you mean the Duluth in Georgia because the one in Minnesota is a giant hill that's covered in ice for 8 months out of the year.
21 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
And sure enough a tag to match the #Callsign at location Mills 50 & MINNESOTA AVE https://t.co/hrrdQs9py9
21 Nov, 10:14 AM UTC
US Army Ret Permanently Disabled Veteran & Writer
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄Giuliani mixed up voting numbers from Michigan and Minnesota, complaining they don't make sense. https://t.co/BPjJTZ4AdT via @HuffPostPol
21 Nov, 10:14 AM UTC

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