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Patrick Jones II
First fish in Minnesota and it was Hog !! @P_jones9's photo on Minnesota
05 Jun, 01:49 PM UTC
Zach Davidson
Minnesota treating me right already 🤝 @Zdav30's photo on Minnesota
05 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Unu Amaro Kam Siri Kwado
In 1983, Obafemi Awolowo wanted to go for medical check-up in Minnesota, United States. Buhari siezed his passport and made sure he didn't move an inch. All through Buhari's reign as Head of State, Awolowo didn't leave the shores of Nigeria. This is the monster some of you voted.
06 Jun, 05:50 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Commander Azeez was a Minnesota Viking https://t.co/VD7Lns8frZ
05 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC
David J Harris Jr
A spark turns into a brilliant fire in the hearts of those who realize they've been duped. https://t.co/YqgsXYgvTE
06 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Honor the Earth
We’ve got over 1000 people headed up to northern Minnesota to #StopLine3, but we want you up here too! Let Winona and Tanya tell you all about the great camping along the Shell River, a beautiful river Enbridge plans to cross with their toxic tar sands pipeline. @HonorTheEarth's photo on Minnesota
05 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC
“The illegitimacy of these purported farms — including potato fields in Florida and orange groves in Minnesota — would have been obvious if even the bare minimum of due diligence had been conducted on the loan applications." https://t.co/7lu8CHXSLX
05 Jun, 04:12 PM UTC
Braxton Myers
#AGTG I am blessed to announce I have earned an offer from the University of Minnesota!! 〽️ #RTB @GopherFootball @Haynes_Gophers https://t.co/rOh3HZ2IpT
05 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
World of Outlaws
.@DavidGravel delivers a home state win for Minnesota based @BigGameMotorspt #2! On a slick, technical track, he drove by Schatz, Sweet, Reutzel & fended off Haudenschild for the win at @GCSpeed! It’s his 5th win of 2021, the 63rd of his career! @WorldofOutlaws's photo on Minnesota
06 Jun, 03:15 AM UTC
Security analysts from the University of Minnesota warned the U.S. Agriculture Department in late May about a growing danger — a cyber crime known as ransomware that could wreak more havoc on Americans’ food sources than Covid-19 did https://t.co/aveAkl98mZ
05 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
Janice Hough
Don't think local & state elections matter? Keith Ellison, Minnesota AG who oversaw case against Derek Chauvin, won by 4 points in 2018 His GOP opponent, Doug Wardlow, will run again in 2022. What Doug's been doing since his loss -being attorney for Mike Lindell & My Pillow.
06 Jun, 07:47 AM UTC
MPR News
Organizers say more than 1,500 hundred people from around the country are expected in northern Minnesota this weekend for what they’re calling the “largest resistance yet” to the ongoing construction of the Line 3 oil pipeline project. https://t.co/jIZvUSRlby
05 Jun, 01:08 PM UTC
Billy Bostickson 🏴👁&👁 🆓
19. The 4.6 Million USD DTRA Grant for GRITS put a smile on his face! Minnesota Alumnus Receives $4.6 Million DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency Grant https://t.co/gqGo5Db7WH https://t.co/t3NPoJOvrC
05 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC
Protest Erupts Again Over Black Man Killed By Minnesota Deputies https://t.co/s991TkOoRV
06 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
jessica deweerth
Northfield, Minnesota @MomsDemand volunteers turned Bridge Square orange today giving away gun locks and spreading awareness around the gun violence prevention movement in MN! #WearOrange and store your guns locked, unloaded and separate from ammunition! #MNleg #BeSMART https://t.co/nGZUXrcTYu
06 Jun, 01:02 AM UTC
World of Outlaws
Just as @Haudenschild_17 was ready to pounce, @DavidGravel upped his defense. The right move at the right time at @GCSpeed secured his 5th win of the @NosEnergyDrink Sprint Car Season. He delivered a home state win for the @BigGameMotorspt #2 crew too. https://t.co/WfTJyCWjQI
06 Jun, 09:17 AM UTC
Star Tribune
Minnesota's large craft brewers made a last-call attempt at persuading state legislators to let them sell cans and 64-ounce to-go growlers from their brewery restaurants and taprooms. https://t.co/wzU8Xlhy3Y
05 Jun, 04:38 PM UTC
Political cartoon of the day: Minnesota Woke https://t.co/cAtxGF3xId #FoxNews VRA
06 Jun, 12:04 PM UTC
Dr. Greg Kerkvliet Sr
I love that my kid is giving back to Minnesota Wrestling, gave so much to both of us. Take a look at this awesome camp. https://t.co/Bm3elvutCH
06 Jun, 03:24 AM UTC
Kaohly Vang Her
Much to discuss around increase gun violence in the State of Minnesota & what can be done to curb it. I was joined by Rep @AthenaHollins & Community Leader Farji Shaheer. Thx @MomsDemand for holding space for this discussion & your efforts to keep Minnesotaand safe. https://t.co/EOrKx0W93F
06 Jun, 07:25 AM UTC
Howie Rose
@Cooch34 @hockey_samurai It was a skin condition, apparently caused by sweaty equipment which caused a rash, swelling, and great discomfort. Careers were jeopardized from it. One of the most severe cases was Minnesota North Stars defenseman Tom Reid who was forced to retire as a result.
06 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC
Valley - noun: "a low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it." 📷 Golden rays shining on Hole 11 - "Valley" - 6.5.21 #golf #tillinghast #goldenvalley #gvcc #countryclub #minnesota #minnesotagolf #getgolden https://t.co/Twiqn1W9e0
06 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC
Sarah A. Young Bear-Brown
Good Morning from White Earth Reservation, Minnesota! ✊🏾
06 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
Prep Hoops Next
D1 Minnesota! These three standouts were turning heads at #NEXTNHRState 🚨 @D1Minnesota https://t.co/CKrsOTwo02
06 Jun, 03:10 AM UTC
Dirt Track Digest
David Gravel Gets 5th World Of Outlaws Win Of 2021 In Minnesota https://t.co/yqjtEPJbcg
06 Jun, 12:15 PM UTC
Carolyn Jones
Come on Minnesota, contact @GovTimWalz who once again is proving himself to be worse than Cuomo. https://t.co/DjP8VbKMjH
06 Jun, 12:12 PM UTC
michelle bernstein
It feels so good to come back here to #minnesota where Daddys from and @davidamiami lived and went to high school. Time to heal…❤️🌈 @ Mound, Minnesota https://t.co/WCGU9Pu5Tn
06 Jun, 12:26 PM UTC
The Lady Slippers in Northern Minnesota are so beautiful! https://t.co/ziO9npbv8S
06 Jun, 12:25 PM UTC