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조만간... 제바알... :)
03 Dec, 08:17 AM UTC


Pfizer Pfhenom
This mf is dashing through the snow.
01 Dec, 11:42 PM UTC


こういうのがいい @edoya1's photo on Reaper
03 Dec, 02:36 AM UTC


Corn ✮
all jokes aside. i hope all my niggas win
02 Dec, 12:18 AM UTC

Amy Coney Barrett

Mitch Wells
Amy Coney Barrett today suggested that a woman giving birth would not impact her career because she could just give the child up for adoption and get back to school / work as if it never happened. I'm still aghast at that argument.
02 Dec, 12:07 AM UTC


Gemma Styles
happy birthday to me 🦩
03 Dec, 12:00 AM UTC


Ari Lennox
Hey loves I’m safe. Thank you so much for your prayers and love ❤️
02 Dec, 05:22 PM UTC


Five Guys too expensive … somebody need to open a Few Niggas or some
02 Dec, 08:24 PM UTC


Lil Baby
I’ll never turn my bacc on the one I LoVe 🤞🏽
02 Dec, 04:41 PM UTC


Elie Mystal
In case you're wondering when today was "lost," it was in 2016 when Mitch McConnell decided to steal a Supreme Court seat and people let him get away with it.
01 Dec, 06:07 PM UTC


🏆 Congratulations KIM NAMJOON for winning "hottest daddy" at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.
02 Dec, 12:48 PM UTC

Susan Collins

Andrea Junker
As long as I live, I will never forgive Susan Collins for allowing Brett Kavanaugh to become a Supreme Court Justice.
01 Dec, 06:45 PM UTC


the kyyla renee
Hov birthed entrepreneurs Wayne birthed entertainers
02 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC

Team Secret

Don’t underestimate Team Secret
02 Dec, 03:17 PM UTC


Healthy Love🤎
Fuck a sneaky link, I want the same mf every night & morning @HealthyBlckLove's photo on Randle
02 Dec, 04:02 PM UTC


เจเอฟ 🛁🪟
โคตรแสบบบ555555555555 หิวแทนพระรูปอื่นละเนี่ยยยย @chocofah's photo on Dowen
03 Dec, 08:57 AM UTC


[📷] ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE ⠀ [야간비행(Turbulence)] M/V RELEASE 2021. 12. 03 6PM ⠀ [ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE] ALBUM RELEASE 2021. 12. 10 6PM ⠀ #FEVER_EPILOGUE #야간비행 #Turbulence #ATEEZ #에이티즈 @ATEEZofficial's photo on #FEVER_EPILOGUE
03 Dec, 08:07 AM UTC

Chris Martin

BTS pulled out Chris Martin like an anime character summoning their hidden super powered attack in the final boss fight with the power of friendship and that's pretty fuckin cool actually lol
03 Dec, 06:13 AM UTC

YK Osiris

Yk Osiris clears his $60k debt with Drake. @SaycheeseDGTL's photo on YK Osiris
02 Dec, 06:25 PM UTC


nooo cause armys made a birthday project for seokjin birthday 😭😭😭
03 Dec, 12:39 AM UTC


02 Dec, 07:49 PM UTC


Will any of these Lionel Messi records ever be broken? 🤔 @ESPNFC's photo on JEEZY
02 Dec, 05:30 PM UTC

I Hate U

tatbae. 🎄
SZA: “n if u wonder if i hate u” me: “ I DOOOOOO” @heluvtat's photo on I Hate U
03 Dec, 07:20 AM UTC

Happy Birthday Juice

Lil Bibby
Happy Birthday Juice the Wrld misses u 🙏🏽💕🕊
02 Dec, 06:05 AM UTC


Maxwell Trial Tracker
There were several bones broken in Epstein's neck. One was the hyoid bone. The hyoid bone typically only breaks in someone's neck in victims of homicide by strangulation. This combined with "accidental" deletion of video footage paints a clear picture of what happened.
01 Dec, 11:29 PM UTC

Alec Baldwin

Jack Posobiec ✝️
Not one Gun Control Advocate has said a single word about Alec Baldwin Tells you everything you need to know
01 Dec, 05:16 PM UTC

Real America

Rep. Jim Jordan
Real America is done with #COVID19. The only people who don’t understand that are Fauci and Biden.
02 Dec, 02:04 PM UTC

Let Me

Robert Reich
Let me get this straight: Our politicians will pass a $778 billion annual defense budget without batting an eye, but we’re supposed to believe we “can’t afford” paid family leave, universal pre-K, or climate action?
02 Dec, 06:20 PM UTC


소소한 _
😇 #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA_Day4 @le_petit_chose_'s photo on #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA_Day4
03 Dec, 04:23 AM UTC


【お知らせ】 5年前にリリースした センラ ソロアルバム「non defective」 サブスク配信決定!! 12月3日(金)0:00より各社音楽配信サービスにてスタート! 5年前の収録音源なので大変小っ恥ずかしいですが、これも自分の歴史なので・・・! @sen_sen_sen_sen's photo on Saka
02 Dec, 11:00 AM UTC


02 Dec, 10:15 AM UTC


bichinhos fofos para curar sua depressão
corujinha recebendo carinho @bichosquecuram's photo on Nardo
02 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC


FC Barcelona
𝗨𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗽𝗽𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 💥 Gavi 🤩 @FCBarcelona's photo on Maher
02 Dec, 04:16 PM UTC


Beyoncé for adidas x Ivy Park’s upcoming collection! @beyonceparkwood's photo on Adidas
01 Dec, 07:24 PM UTC

Juicy J

Juanita Broaddrick
The Omicron Variant has mild symptoms like soreness and exhaustion. The same thing you’d feel after a hard day’s work. No wonder the liberals are terrified of it.
02 Dec, 01:56 PM UTC


halsey le pidió a yoongi que formara parte de su álbum más personal, los felicita en cada logro, viajó hasta corea solo para poder grabar el mv de bwl, los chicos le regalaron un micrófono especial, la felicitaron cuando nació su bebé, ella viajo a parís solo por ellos, siempre +
02 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC


Certified Speaker
How u gone make sumbody happy wen u ain’t ??🤔 practice self love first 💯🗣
02 Dec, 05:39 PM UTC


If more people had listened to Hillary, we wouldn't be in this situation with Roe v Wade. She was right.
01 Dec, 10:27 PM UTC


Early access to shop the Pleasing Crewneck is now open. Order by the 5th of December for delivery by the 25th of December. Enjoy free shipping and a free Perfect Pearl Polish with any order over $150 USD, while supplies last. Find your Pleasing.
02 Dec, 04:00 PM UTC


Apex Legends
It’s a pirate’s life for our Legends in the Raiders Collection Event! ☠ Board the Winter Express as it makes its return, dress the part with all-new cosmetics and more when the Raiders Collection Event arrives to port Dec 7, savvy? @PlayApex's photo on Wattson
02 Dec, 06:00 PM UTC


não da, toda vez que o Lula fala 'Mí tí co' eu caio na risada
02 Dec, 11:07 PM UTC


J. Cole was sent to us by the Gods 🤞🏾
02 Dec, 03:48 PM UTC

State Guard

Ron DeSantis
I am proposing more than $100 million for our National Guard, active-duty military and veterans, and to re-establish the Florida State Guard to assist our National Guard in state-specific emergencies. I am committed to supporting our military and keeping our state safe.
02 Dec, 05:35 PM UTC


the hardest part about this life shit is that anytime you’re doing good in one area, you’re lacking in another. and it’s a never ending cycle of trying to find a balance..
02 Dec, 05:02 AM UTC


Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
BREAKING: New documents show Darrell Brooks was assessed a 6/6 risk to the public but the DA let him out anyway due to bail reform and criminal justice policies
02 Dec, 05:15 PM UTC

St. Francis Xavier

Narendra Modi
Best wishes to my sisters and brothers of Goa on the day of the Feast of St. Francis Xavier. May this occasion further the spirit of harmony and brotherhood in our society.
03 Dec, 09:46 AM UTC

Jackson Sparks

Jesse Kelly
This is Jackson Sparks. He was 8 years old. He’s dead now and you’re responsible for it. Darrell Brooks was inspired by your constant anti-white rhetoric. So he got in a SUV and ran over this little boy. You and everyone who talks like you killed him. Live with that. @JesseKellyDC's photo on Jackson Sparks
02 Dec, 04:28 PM UTC


salo; BACK TO 2011
5sos 2013 5sos 2021 🤝 nothing lasts for ever, nothing stays the same #BacktTo2011 #10YearsOf5SOS  #5sos2011  #5SOS
02 Dec, 05:09 PM UTC


sick of seeing the following: - vote blue if you want X! - we did, and still do not have X - ah yes but [manchin/sinema/the parliamentarian/unspoken procedural tradition/whatever] right so 'vote blue' clearly isn't enough, is it. manchin and sinema are blue. shut up, with this
02 Dec, 10:42 AM UTC

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan: Tyranny??!? What are you people talking about?!? We’re talking about universal preschool! And they have it as a communist indoctrination of the American student
02 Dec, 08:59 PM UTC

Cash App

Cash App
It’s always “bring back the 99% off anywhere boost” never “how are you doing Cash App” 🙄
02 Dec, 10:52 PM UTC


philip lewis
Wowwwwwww Bizzy what are you doing #Verzuz @Phil_Lewis_'s photo on Verzuz
03 Dec, 03:55 AM UTC


Abraham Mendieta
Con todo respeto, pero a este pueblo valiente ya nada lo detiene. #AMLOFEST
01 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC

Alex Jones

Daily Caller
Tucker says Alex Jones is a more reliable journalist than many of the elites in legacy media: @DailyCaller's photo on Alex Jones
02 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC


MLBPA Communications
Statement from the Major League Baseball Players Association: @MLBPA_News's photo on MLBPA
02 Dec, 05:20 AM UTC

John Brown

Gravel Institute
Radical abolitionist John Brown was executed 162 years ago today. May his memory continue to teach us how to be moral in an immoral society. @GravelInstitute's photo on John Brown
02 Dec, 07:33 PM UTC


Matt Walsh
I have been reliably informed that many men do in fact have the possibility of getting pregnant. This transphobic bigotry from Whoopi Goldberg is outrageous and unacceptable.
02 Dec, 06:01 PM UTC


いまも首相気分なのだろうか。それとも口出ししたいだけ? その前にまず、118回の虚偽答弁やコロナ感染拡大の責任をとるのが先では。
02 Dec, 11:05 AM UTC

Hunter Biden

Molly Jong-Fast
Here’s Tucker Carlson asking Hunter biden for help getting his kid into Georgetown.
03 Dec, 02:56 AM UTC

Polo G

Artists dropping tonight ‼️👀 NBA Youngboy Lil Wayne 21 Savage Lil Durk Future Juice WRLD Rod Wave Rick Ross Kid Cudi Conway Polo G Trippie Redd Lil Peep Moneybagg Yo Cordae SZA Cochise Ari Lennox Pi’erre Bourne Nardo Wick Yung Bleu Lucki JID 6LACK Lil Baby Brent Faiyaz
02 Dec, 07:56 PM UTC


Rep. Jim Jordan
Defund #COVID19 mandates.
02 Dec, 04:35 PM UTC

Trevor Noah

Libs of Tik Tok
Trevor Noah finally gets it!! 🔥🔥🔥 “The guy who stands to gain millions of dollars from new vaccines, says we need new vaccines... I don’t think he’s the most objective source”
03 Dec, 03:43 AM UTC


p r i n c e s s 👑
God removed everybody out my life that was no good for me🤞🏼
02 Dec, 04:40 AM UTC


chart data
.@BTS_twt's "Butter" is ranked #1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Year End 2021 chart.
02 Dec, 07:40 PM UTC


라프텔같이하실분 티빙같이하실분
이분 결국 연구실 들어가셨구나.......
02 Dec, 03:21 AM UTC


Dez Bryant
Cowboys Defense won this game!
03 Dec, 04:23 AM UTC

Three 6

XXL Magazine
Three 6 Mafia really just brought out Terrence Howard 😭 #VERZUZ @XXL's photo on Three 6
03 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC

Mike Edwards

Ian Rapoport
#Bucs WR Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards have each been suspended without pay for the next three games for misrepresenting their vaccination status under the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 Protocol. They have accepted the discipline and waived their right of appeal.
02 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC


With over 9.1 billion streams, the Puerto Rican reggaetonero continues to dominate.
01 Dec, 08:40 PM UTC


Premier League
🔴⚪️ Arsenal have kept a clean sheet in each of their last three meetings with Man Utd in all competitions, as many as in their previous 13 @Arsenal | #MUNARS | #PL @premierleague's photo on Arsenal
02 Dec, 05:16 AM UTC


Big Cat
And Aaron Rodgers still isn’t in prison. This is bullshit
02 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC


c a i t (yassified)
i know this is a lot of words but please, please i am begging you to read it all
02 Dec, 07:29 PM UTC


Neptune 🥷🏾🖖🏾
03 Dec, 05:05 AM UTC


gente eu sou assim cantando Tasha e Tracie
02 Dec, 02:35 PM UTC


Lachlan Markay
Hall-of-fame Y axis here
02 Dec, 09:16 PM UTC


Josie Huang
I talked to folks at KTown's Ahgassi Gopchang & other LA spots about the boost BTS fans are giving businesses at a challenging time. #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA
02 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC

joshua bassett

That’s gossip! Ex namorado de Olívia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, divulga trecho de música e fãs entram em colapso com a resposta para a recém-habilitada: “Você não se pergunta se eu estou bem depois de tudo? Bagunçou minha vida como estratégia de carreira”.
02 Dec, 10:17 PM UTC

Happy Friyay

happy friyay everyone 🥳
02 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC

Marcus Williams

Big Cat
Credit to Marcus Williams, he never let Tony Pollard cut back
03 Dec, 03:36 AM UTC


BB (Baalbuddy)
Patreon request for Zero no Tsukaima Louise with big boobs. God, I just want Kugimiya Rie to yell debasing things at me in her high-pitched voice until my eardrums suffer irreparable damage.
02 Dec, 08:35 AM UTC


Tucker Carlson asking in 2014 for a Georgetown recommendation for his son Buckley from one Hunter Biden (‘92) is pretty funny.
03 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC


Sem palavras!! ❤️❤️❤️ Muito obrigada viu? Amo vocês!! ESCUTE FA CLUBE @Maraisa's photo on Tavares
02 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC

Susan Sarandon

Nell Scovell
If Susan Sarandon had appreciated @HillaryClinton instead of trashing her then that 6-3 split on the Supreme Court would look very different today. If you voted for Bernie, you don't get to complain about overturning Roe today. You helped make it happen.
01 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC


Josiah Johnson
Jameis Winston every time Taysom Hill throw a pass @KingJosiah54's photo on Jameis
03 Dec, 04:25 AM UTC

Six Day War

Arthur Schwartz
Biden says he went to Israel during the Six Day War to act as a liaison. He’s lying. That never happened. Totally normal. @ArthurSchwartz's photo on Six Day War
02 Dec, 06:51 PM UTC

Pro Bowl

Jeffery Simmons
Every Retweet = 1 Vote Help me get to my first Pro Bowl #TitanUp  #ProBowlVote + Jeffery Simmons @GrindSimmons94's photo on Pro Bowl
01 Dec, 07:38 PM UTC

Rob Manfred

@MLB A letter from baseball fans to Rob Manfred:
02 Dec, 05:16 AM UTC


Dr Kumar Vishvas
“तुम आस्माँ की बुलंदी से जल्द लौट आना, हमें ज़मीं के मसायल पे बात करनी है…।”❤️ #MaskUpIndia #FridayMorning 🙏 @DrKumarVishwas's photo on #FridayMorning
03 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC


Daniel G. McDonald {Never DMs First 🎯}
I’m blessing 2 people with $5,000 in Ethereum in the next 48 hours! $5000 in Eth will go to someone who retweet’s this… and $5000 to someone who follows me! Good Luck. Winner in 48 hours
02 Dec, 04:40 AM UTC


Dallas Cowboys
Gall🆙 📺: #DALvsNO on @NFLonFOX @dallascowboys's photo on #DALvsNO
03 Dec, 02:04 AM UTC


Culture Crave 🍿
They are real 🐲 #Hawkeye #ShangChi @CultureCrave's photo on #ShangChi
02 Dec, 01:08 AM UTC

Malcolm Jenkins

Rip to Malcolm Jenkins ankles 🤧 @PFF's photo on Malcolm Jenkins
03 Dec, 02:01 AM UTC


ORICON NEWS(オリコンニュース)
📺『Mステスーパーライブ』 12/24クリスマスイブに6時間超生放送🎄 🎤出演者第1弾 47組発表❗️ 🎅ジャニーズは13組✨ KinKi Kids NEWS 関ジャニ∞ KAT-TUN Hey! Say! JUMP Kis-My-Ft2 Sexy Zone A.B.C-Z ジャニーズWEST King & Prince SixTONES Snow Man なにわ男子 #Mステ
03 Dec, 01:31 PM UTC


To celebrate the holidays this year, we’re giving away $20,000 with @CashApp! Spend it Fast Passing all your favorite series 😉 To enter, QRT this with your $Cashtag & #WEBTOONGiveaway No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. @webtoonofficial's photo on #WEBTOONGiveaway
02 Dec, 06:00 PM UTC


Rock And Roll Garage
Happy 73 birthday to the one and only Ozzy Osbourne!
02 Dec, 11:56 PM UTC

Marcus Freeman

It's official. Notre Dame has named defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman its next head football coach, the school announced Friday morning.
03 Dec, 02:07 PM UTC

Taj Gibson

Bleacher Report
Taj Gibson gets ejected after getting called for an offensive foul 😬 @BleacherReport's photo on Taj Gibson
03 Dec, 12:58 AM UTC

Error 2002

The login server is currently congested and players may see Error 2002 when selecting a character in the Character Selection menu. Should you encounter Error 2002 when attempting to log in, we apologize for the inconvenience, but ask that you wait a while before trying again.
03 Dec, 09:34 AM UTC


Half boxer, half pit bull, she is all sweetheart & love. We rescued her, but she rescued us. #NationalMuttDay @mmpadellan's photo on #NationalMuttDay
02 Dec, 04:01 PM UTC


Take-Two has sent a trademark claim to Hazelight because of It Takes Two, forcing Hazelight to abandon any ownership of the game's name No details yet whether the game will be renamed or how this impacts its sales/marketing
03 Dec, 01:13 PM UTC

Lil Jon

philip lewis
Lil Wayne, Project Pat, Chamillionaire, Lil Jon, Lil Flip, this crowd doesn’t even deserve this show at this point #Verzuz
03 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC


Taraji P. Henson
A tribute to THE @imcarolburnett 👑👑👑 #AnnieLive @NBC
02 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC

Katy Perry

carlos buburrón
Katy Perry: summer after high school when we first met yo de inmediato:
02 Dec, 11:46 PM UTC


Watch LFC
This is quite ridiculous from Liverpool 🔥
02 Dec, 08:55 PM UTC


il Donaldo Trumpo
#ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!! #ShutItDown!!!
02 Dec, 11:47 PM UTC

Gangsta Boo

Zack Fox
If gangsta boo titty pop out I’ll donate all my money to charity
03 Dec, 03:51 AM UTC

Joel Osteen

Sarah Burris
Holy shit 'Bags and bags' of money found stashed in bathroom wall at Joel Osteen's megachurch: report
03 Dec, 02:55 AM UTC

Eddie Mekka

Michael McKean
A sad goodbye to Eddie Mekka this morning. A genuinely good guy and purveyor of cheer whenever things got cheerless. Value these people. RIP, Eddie.
02 Dec, 03:10 PM UTC

5th Amendment

Who else agrees that if Jeffrey Clark is going to plead 5th Amendment, he should have to do it PUBLICLY?✋
02 Dec, 05:26 PM UTC


B/R Gridiron
CeeDee Lamb. WHOOP. (via @NFL) @brgridiron's photo on CeeDee
03 Dec, 02:01 AM UTC

Happy 40th

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY to someone who continues to inspire us today & everyday, @britneyspears!! 💝 💕 @MTV's photo on Happy 40th
02 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC

Stay Fly

AuxGod 🎄
stay fly - three 6 mafia (2005)
02 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC

Brook Lopez

Shams Charania
Bucks center Brook Lopez underwent back surgery and is out indefinitely.
02 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC


Wendy Rogers
We God-fearing MAGA patriots are going to RESET the GREAT RESET back to how things SHOULD be. #ResetTheGreatReset
02 Dec, 11:11 PM UTC

Taysom Hill

Bleacher Report
TAYSOM HILL 😱 (via @NFL) @BleacherReport's photo on Taysom Hill
03 Dec, 03:44 AM UTC

Finally Friday

FC Barcelona
When you realize it’s finally friday! 😂 @FCBarcelona's photo on Finally Friday
03 Dec, 03:00 AM UTC

Remain in Mexico

As we speak, the White House is holding a press briefing on re-implementing Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Once again, Trump was right.
02 Dec, 04:27 PM UTC

Javits Center

Eric Feigl-Ding
BREAKING—New domestic-travel only #Omicron case identified in Minnesota of a travelers who visited New York City and attended an anime convention at the Javits Center Nov 19-21, and got symptoms on Nov 22nd. ➡️With such timeline, it could be now across US. @DrEricDing's photo on Javits Center
02 Dec, 04:09 PM UTC

Bizzy Bone

Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi
Bizzy Bone said… 😂😂 #Verzuz @roywoodjr's photo on Bizzy Bone
03 Dec, 04:03 AM UTC

United Nations
JUST IN - United Nations HQ in New York surrounded by police responding to a man armed with a shotgun.
02 Dec, 04:15 PM UTC


Ahmed/Lakers stink🇸🇴
Lucki, Nardo Wick, EST Gee and Polo G dropping, demonic night.
03 Dec, 12:30 AM UTC

DeMarcus Lawrence

David Helman
DeMarcus Lawrence & Micah Parsons getting to go against an offensive line without either of its All-Pro tackles feels like the type of break the Cowboys haven’t been getting this last month.
02 Dec, 03:12 PM UTC

Chevy Chase

Tom Coyne
Had this crazy dream where I had breakfast with Bill Murray and Chevy Chase at Yeamans Hall…😳
02 Dec, 03:23 PM UTC


Joanna Robinson
Zahn McClarnon. Learn his name. He’s only one of the greatest actors working. #Fargo #Westworld #ReservationDogs #Hawkeye #Etc #Etc
01 Dec, 11:13 PM UTC

Happy Friday Everyone

Liza 💙🇪🇺😷💉💉💉#JohnsonOut
I was told yesterday to stop being so political and enjoy life…so Happy Friday everyone and fuck this government!! 🎉
03 Dec, 07:25 AM UTC

Good Friday

Hannah O'Hanrahahanrahan
They signed the Good Friday I'm in Love Agreement.
02 Dec, 06:55 PM UTC


The Great Negro
Khloe tried to bully Jordyn, ran her name through the mud on national tv and social media, all over her trifling ass baby daddy just for said baby daddy to go out and have a baby on her, sounds like the clown coming back to bite!
03 Dec, 02:22 PM UTC

Calvin Klein

Bangtan Style⁷
Twitter Post 211203 Namjoon wears FEAR OF GOD & CALVIN KLEIN. #RM #BTS @BTS_twt
03 Dec, 07:31 AM UTC

De Gea

Mark Goldbridge
Fred fouls De Gea and Arsenal have a goal chalked off lol.
02 Dec, 08:29 PM UTC


Hope isn't afraid of anything. A new episode of #Legacies airs tonight at 9/8c! @cwlegacies's photo on #Legacies
02 Dec, 05:00 PM UTC


Our nationwide 5G network is celebrating its 2nd anniversary! 🎊📱 Tag @TMobile using #5Gsfor5G + #contest today for your chance to win $5,000. Rules: @TMobile on 5Gsfor5G">
02 Dec, 06:00 PM UTC

Día Internacional

Palmeiras 🏆🏆🏆
Neste Dia Internacional da Pessoa com Deficiência, reforçamos a nossa luta por inclusão e respeito para todos! 💚 #PalmeirasDeTodos @Palmeiras's photo on Día Internacional
03 Dec, 12:00 PM UTC

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson cheated AGAIN & knocked someone else up…💀
03 Dec, 12:19 PM UTC


Partey and Fred having a competition to see who gives the ball away more times.....
02 Dec, 08:53 PM UTC


Urmila Matondkar
अच्छा हुआ गुलजारसाब ने "माचिस" 1996 मे ही बना ली। जरा सोचिए, आज बनती तो कितने की पडती...? 🤔🤭 #माचिस #महंगाई #गुरुवारकीगुरगुर उर्फ #ThursdayThoughts
02 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC

Justin Fields

Certifiably Sub-Par
@NickAdamsinUSA Mac Jones is a Christian, plays quarterback, and is white. Justin Fields is a Christian, plays quarterback, and is black. The 'quarterback' and 'Christian' cancel one another out. What does that leave? 🤔🤔🤔
02 Dec, 06:26 PM UTC


Eddie Mekka, ‘Laverne & Shirley’ Actor, Dies at 69
02 Dec, 03:51 PM UTC


Tulsi Gabbard 🌺
Early morning walks + sisterly love ❤️ #ThursdayMorning @TulsiGabbard's photo on #thursdaymorning
02 Dec, 02:43 PM UTC

Vince Zampella

Our vision for Battlefield starts with our commitment to 2042 and grows beyond that into a new future. Hear more about our road ahead with Vince Zampella and others in a new interview.
02 Dec, 04:58 PM UTC


Locas del Coño
🔴 Aquí un chico en tiktok con sus amigos reconociendo que se pasan fotos privadas de chicas habiendo ellas pedido expresamente que no las viera nadie más. Enseñad a vuestros hijos a respetar, por favor, que luego parece que la única solución es enseñar a las hijas a defenderse. @Locarconio's photo on Viera
02 Dec, 01:02 PM UTC

Zion Williamson

Shams Charania
Pelicans’ Zion Williamson experienced a slight delay in his rehab due to soreness in his injured right foot. Team is optimistic it is not serious but will dial back his ramp up in approximately a week.
02 Dec, 06:58 PM UTC


Info Music
Bizarrap 🇦🇷 y Duki 🇦🇷 lanzarán hoy su 4° colaboración de este 2021💥 • "Malbec" • "YaMeFui" (ft Nicki Nicole 🇦🇷) • "Unfollow" (ft J Quiles 🇵🇷) • "Sin Frenos" (ft Eladio Carrion 🇵🇷) ¿Cual es su tema favorito entre @bizarrap y @DukiSSJ?👇🏻
02 Dec, 08:56 PM UTC

Ja Morant

GRIZZLIES BEAT OKC BY 73 POINTS 🤯 NBA RECORD 🚨 (Previously 68) AND THEY DID IT WITHOUT JA MORANT 😳 @overtime's photo on Ja Morant
03 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC

Symone Sanders

Kayleigh McEnany
(1/3) The exodus from the VP’s office continues! Kamala departures … two in the span of a few hours. ⬇️
02 Dec, 04:19 AM UTC

Sean Payton

Skip Bayless
Thank you, Sean Payton, for sticking with a QB who has a busted finger on his throwing hand.
03 Dec, 04:24 AM UTC

Daddy Warbucks

The Great Negro
My job wanna pay for all these fucking staff lunches, add some money to my fucking check then big daddy warbucks
02 Dec, 05:25 PM UTC


ًsophie moore apologist
TARAJI EATIN THIS ROLE UP PLZ the song everyone was waiting for ☝🏾 #AnnieLive
03 Dec, 01:35 AM UTC


casu 🍄 C1E44
✨ c3e6 live doodle thread! ✨ what the fuck is up with that! loved this game and the answers we got out of it #criticalrole #criticalrolespoilers #criticalrolefanart
03 Dec, 04:13 AM UTC

Anime NYC

City of New York
If you attended the Anime NYC 2021 Convention at the Javits Center from November 18-22, get tested for #COVID19 as soon as possible. ➡️ @nycgov's photo on Anime NYC
02 Dec, 06:25 PM UTC


Elliotte Friedman
Hearing BUF/CHI talking Malcolm Subban. Sabres have been looking for a goalie.
02 Dec, 06:14 PM UTC


philip lewis
Swizz Beatz is letting his feelings be known in the IG comments lol. #Verzuz
03 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC

#FridayFeeling DE
#FridayFeeling à la @GalatasaraySK 🥳🦁 #UEL | @Galatasaray @UEFAcom_de's photo on #FridayFeeling
03 Dec, 02:35 PM UTC


『アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ』ランティス公式ツイッター
CD「THE IDOLM@STER STARLIT SEASON 01」 好評発売中! シャニマスからは【白瀬咲耶、小宮果穂、杜野凛世、大崎甘奈、大崎甜花 、田中摩美々】のみんなが参加してますよ✨ ゲームとあわせて音楽もぜひ楽しんでくださいね🎵 #シャニマス #idolmaster #スターリットシーズン
02 Dec, 07:11 AM UTC


Chicago Bulls
So far, so good. Zach LaVine: 18 pts, 7-11 FG DeMar DeRozan: 16 pts, 6-10 FG Nikola Vucevic: 13 pts, 4 reb @chicagobulls's photo on Lavine
03 Dec, 01:43 AM UTC

Jack Reacher

The first trailer for the ‘JACK REACHER’ series, starring Alan Richtson. The series premieres on February 4 on Amazon Prime Video.
02 Dec, 06:02 PM UTC


#NaturePhotography #thursdayvibes
02 Dec, 09:39 AM UTC

Coach Pry

Mike Young
Fired up to meet and welcome Coach Pry and his family to VT tomorrow morning. 🦃
02 Dec, 03:22 AM UTC

The Big Ragu

Not trying to piss anybody off, but... Thank you to the @nytimes for calling @MastersOfficial Revelation one of the 50 Best TV Shows on @netflix right now! @powerhouseanim, @Mattel and everyone who worked on the series appreciates being included! Now hoping we get a Season 2...
02 Dec, 01:16 AM UTC


Bungie Store
One last giveaway for the 10th day of Gjallardays! Follow @bungiestore and quote retweet this post including #Gjallardays by Dec 3 at 8:59 AM PST for a chance to win a sold-out limited edition The Witch Queen Collector's Edition. @BungieStore's media on #Gjallardays">
02 Dec, 05:03 PM UTC


toxic king
I like my girl mean as hell like bro, she barely like me. I knowwww she don’t fw u
03 Dec, 03:36 AM UTC

Terrance Howard

Terrance Howard came thru for Three 6 Mafia mayne #VERZUZ @verzuzonline @HipHopDX's photo on Terrance Howard
03 Dec, 05:15 AM UTC


Dallas Cowboys
#CowboysNation & @michaelirvin88 are READY❕ @dallascowboys's photo on #CowboysNation
02 Dec, 10:53 PM UTC

Notorious Thugs

Biggie, Stevie J & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in the studio recording ‘Notorious Thugs’. #VERZUZ
03 Dec, 05:11 AM UTC


Donnie Wahlberg
Dearest Blockhead Family, I love you forever and always. Love is the way. #loveeternal 🤖❤️♾ @DonnieWahlberg's photo on #loveeternal
02 Dec, 11:56 PM UTC


Virginia Cavaliers
Thank you, Bronco Mendenhall! 🗒️ @VirginiaSports's photo on Bronco
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC


Dr. Malvika Iyer
⭐️ I applied the eyeliner by myself. ⭐️ I’m giving 10 motivational talks this week. ⭐️ I’m cooking a delicious meal for my family. ⭐️ I’m giving 2 interviews for a newspaper & a magazine. ⭐️ I’m studying for an online certificate program. #IDPWD2021 #IDPD2021 #FridayMotivation @MalvikaIyer's photo on #FridayMotivation
03 Dec, 05:20 AM UTC


Nick Miroff
SCOOP: U.S. and Mexico reach deal to restart Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ program along border. Announcement planned for tomorrow, with implementation likely next week. with @ksieff
02 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC


Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷
An important note: there has LITERALLY NEVER been an American majority that wanted abortion to be illegal. Not when Roe was decided in 1973 and not now. The Republican SCOTUS members & their sponsors at @Heritage & the @GOP are defying the American people.
02 Dec, 10:16 PM UTC


chris long
Nothing proves that humans are stupid as hell more than casually waltzing into skynet over the course of a decade @JOEL9ONE's photo on Skynet
02 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC

The Bulls

DeRozan: 25.9 PPG (5th in NBA) LaVine: 25.3 PPG (10th in NBA) The only pair of teammates among the NBA's top 10 scorers this season...@DeMar_DeRozan and @ZachLaVine lead the Bulls into NYC to face the Knicks at 7:30 PM ET on NBA TV! @NBA's photo on The Bulls
02 Dec, 05:15 PM UTC


Dan Abrams
For old times sake at 8p (ET) during our big #LivePD reunion on #NewsNation should we try to get #LivePd trending?
02 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC

Daily Fail

Dani✌🏾“they are a daily fail”
“They are a Daily fail” - Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex #MeghanMarkle
02 Dec, 10:37 AM UTC


The United Stand
Leaked #mufc Starting XI vs Arsenal: De Gea, Dalot, Lindelof, Maguire, Telles, Fred, McTominay, Sancho, Bruno, Rashford, Ronaldo. [@OddsOnFPL]
02 Dec, 07:04 PM UTC

Without Ja

Hoop Central
Memphis is up by 51 points against OKC at the end of the 3rd Quarter…without Ja Morant.
03 Dec, 02:42 AM UTC


attendance check, if you're grinding every day to secure the bag say cha-ching
02 Dec, 05:12 PM UTC

Best XI

Major League Soccer
No one was better. Meet your 2021 MLS Best XI. 🤩 @MLS's photo on Best XI
02 Dec, 05:00 PM UTC


Bud Light Seltzer has the Loudest Flavors Ever, so they wanted to partner with the loudest streamer ever. Make sure to check the stream out, we have sick giveaways with @Budlight 👀 #TimsGettingLoud #BLSPartner #ad
02 Dec, 08:08 PM UTC

Dan Quinn

PFT Commenter
Dan Quinn looks so cool on the sides lines with his hat on backwards. Players eat that type stuff up
03 Dec, 01:33 AM UTC


crying session attendance check ✈️ TURBULENCE MV IS COMING #FEVER_EPILOGUE #Turbulence #에이티즈 @ATEEZofficial #ATEEZ
03 Dec, 08:26 AM UTC

Celina Smith

NBC Entertainment
#ThisIsUs losing our cool seeing @sterlingkbrown's message to #AnnieLive's Celina Smith. @nbc's photo on Celina Smith
02 Dec, 08:00 PM UTC

Charlie Munger

The Wolf Of All Streets
Breaking news! Inventor of horse and carriage wishes cars were never invented.
03 Dec, 01:29 PM UTC

Uncle Charles

How they gon put everybody but Uncle Charles on the screen ?
03 Dec, 05:31 AM UTC

Ian Book

Matt Freeman
“Excited for Coach Rees staying at Notre Dame. He is a true Notre Dame man and I am excited to see him lead the boys to victory. Notre Dame is a special place because of the people and Tommy Rees is a big part of that.” - Ian Book on Tommy Rees staying at Notre Dame
02 Dec, 07:43 PM UTC

Today is Friday

Today is Friday, December 3rd, 2021 and there are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan because Joe Biden abandoned them.
03 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC

Carlos Watkins

Dallas Cowboys Public Relations
Carlos Watkins recorded his first career pick-six. The Cowboys now have four pick-sixes in 2021, the most in team history in a single season since 1999. Only the 1999, 1995 1985 and 2021 teams have four interceptions returned for a touchdown in team history.
03 Dec, 04:25 AM UTC


Greg Wyshynski
The Predators putting "SMASH" and "VILLE" on the front of their Stadium Series jerseys greatly increases the chances that the Flyers will one day wear a jersey with "FUCK" and "YOU" as the crest. And what a glorious day that will be.
02 Dec, 11:53 PM UTC


Dee Holt 🍎🍟🍎❄️ ➏
Now who let Boosie get ahold of their line jacket right before Founders Day?🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
02 Dec, 05:20 PM UTC


Three things in life are certain... Death, Taxes and Tristan cheating on Khloe.
03 Dec, 01:12 PM UTC

Covid in 2

World of NC 🌸
I still don’t know 1 person who’s died of Covid in 2 yrs But I tragically know 1 who’s committed suicide 1 who’s died of blood clots & sepsis 2 who’ve died of heart attacks 3 teens who’ve taken overdoses Many now with drink probs Majority now with MH issues This is NOT OK! 😡
02 Dec, 01:30 PM UTC


Clubhouse Golf
🎁 WIN 🤯 Day 2: 2022 Callaway Product Fitting at St Andrews, a round of golf for two, plus a one night stay including dinner 👉 Like, RT, Follow + Tag Your Mates 💥 Winners drawn from Twitter or IG or FB on 09/12/21 🎄 #ClubhouseGolf #GolfGiveaway #12DaysOfChristmas
02 Dec, 07:02 PM UTC

Bone Thugs

Two iconic groups. One night only. #VERZUZ 12/2 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony vs Three 6 Mafia 🎟📺: 📍 @ThePalladium Drinks by @Ciroc Sponsored by @SelfCreditApp - helping you build credit and savings, so you can build the life of your dreams. @verzuzonline's photo on Bone Thugs
01 Dec, 09:38 PM UTC

Charlie Puth

Celebrities | Happier Than Ever ✨
Charlie Puth 👀
02 Dec, 05:06 PM UTC

All-Big 12

Cyclone Football
Iowa State has 8️⃣ players on the All-Big 12 First Team. 🌪️🚨🌪️ @CycloneFB's photo on All-Big 12
02 Dec, 05:07 PM UTC


Paddy Keogh
The Man United lineup which I've had confirmed to me. 4-2-3-1 with McFred. Rangnick is picking the team, right? De Gea Dalot - Lindelof - Maguire - Telles Fred - McTominay Sancho - Bruno - Rashford Ronaldo #MUFC
02 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC

Mike Breen

You know it's a terrible ejection when Mike breen calls it out on sight
03 Dec, 12:57 AM UTC

Coach Freeman

PFF College Football
OFFICIAL: Notre Dame names Marcus Freeman as the Fighting Irish’s new head coach. Freeman will be formally introduced in a Monday 2:00 pm ET press conference, per @Brett_McMurphy. @PFF_College's photo on Coach Freeman
03 Dec, 01:49 PM UTC


I'm a proud conservative #LGBT. Because I vote for what's best for the country, not just based on my sexuality.
02 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC

John Franklin III

Adam Schefter
Free agent John Franklin III, if signed by a club, is also ineligible to play in the next three games. All three players have accepted the discipline and waived their right of appeal. The suspensions are effective immediately.
02 Dec, 09:04 PM UTC


Sony Music South
TRENDY grooves of the Year! 💥🔥 ➡️ #FridayVibes @SonyMusicSouth's photo on #FridayVibes
03 Dec, 06:12 AM UTC

Go Irish

Drew Pyne
So grateful to be able to play for such a great head coach and even better person/leader. This is real. Go Irish!☘️ #FreemanEra
03 Dec, 01:22 PM UTC


Michigan State Football
All-Big Ten Third Team 🏆 #GoGreen Vote for J Reed to win the Paul Hornung Award: @MSU_Football's photo on All-Big
01 Dec, 05:57 PM UTC