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His client @BrockLesnar...WILL cash in the #MITB contract tonight?! Just call @HeymanHustle The Riddler. #ExtremeRules @WWE's photo on MitB
15 Jul, 01:29 AM UTC
WWE Stats & Info
.@BrockLesnar and @WWERollins are now the only Superstars in @WWE history to cash in #MITB to end each other's championship reigns. #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling Sheet
"The Beast" is once again Universal champ after successfully cashing in his MITB opportunity.
15 Jul, 03:03 AM UTC
I’m A JD Guy #OffTheScript
ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GARBAGE! Brock Lesnar winning the men’s MITB was the WORST booking decision that WWE has ever made in 2019 and look what happened, back to square one with #Raw without a world champion full time. There is no change folks, we all been SCAMMED! #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
daynolin ⎊ 𝘧𝘢𝘯 ‎
For anyone concerned about Becky’s lump. This was her after getting a similar one after MITB last year LMAO she wrestled 2 days later and began her streak
15 Jul, 06:09 AM UTC
Mikey Ace
🔥Breaking News! Brock Lesnar cashed in his #MITB contract! He pinned Seth Rollins to win the #UniversalTitle at #ExtemeRules! Are you shocked he cashed in tonight? #WinnersTakeAll #WWE #RAW
15 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
WWE en Español
Al final, las palabras de Paul Heyman eran ciertas: Brock Lesnar canjeó con éxito su maletín de #MITB, y se coronó nuevamente campeón Universal. #AndNew #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 03:35 AM UTC
Brock Lesnar Cashes In MITB Contract & Becomes Universal Champion At WWE Extreme Rules
15 Jul, 02:58 AM UTC
Rick Grimes🤗🏳️‍🌈
Brock wasn't even supposed to win Mitb and idek of he was supposed to win tonight, but one thing for sure is, vince is so far up brocks arse he genuinely doesn't give a shit about anyone else and it's a fucking piss take n liberty.
15 Jul, 04:59 AM UTC
Diva Incarnate
That #MITB briefcase will always be Seth’s biggest blessing and curse #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:14 AM UTC
Young Kings Wrestling
.@BrockLesnar cashes in his #MITB and defeats @WWERollins to win the #UniversalChampionship at #ExtremeRules (credit to @geeraddd) #WWE #RAW #SDLive #WWENXT #205Live #BrockLesnar #SethRollins
15 Jul, 04:51 AM UTC
I wanna be clear about one thing before I hope off here for the night. I accept the fact that everything comes to an end. I don't mind that Seth lost the title, but it's who he lost it to that I have an issue with. They should've had a young star win MITB and dethrone Seth.
15 Jul, 07:42 AM UTC
WWE Southeast Asia
.@BrockLesnar WILL cash in his #MITB contract by the end of #ExtremeRules... Or will he? @HeymanHustle @WWESEAsia's photo on MitB
15 Jul, 01:32 AM UTC
WWE LatinoAmerica
En el evento central de #ExtremeRules, Seth Rollins (C) y Becky Lynch (C) vencieron a Baron Corbin y Lacey Evans. Tras la lucha, Brock Lesnar hizo efectivo el Maletín MITB y se convirtió en el Nuevo Campeon Universal!!
15 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
Express Sports
#WWEExtremeRules #ExtremeRules Results: Watch how #BrockLesnar cashed in the MITB contract and #Undertaker, Roman Reigns stood tall
15 Jul, 07:03 AM UTC
'GoodMicWork' Greg Morgan
Decided to do a quick recap of #ExtremeRules along with my thoughts on Brock Lesnar's MITB briefcase cash-in! Enjoy!
15 Jul, 08:01 AM UTC
#BeckyLynch & #SethRollins d. #LaceyEvans & #BaronCorbin to retain the #RAW Women’s & Universal Championships. #BrockLesnar came to the ring and cashed in his #MITB and d. Rollins to win the Universal Championship.
15 Jul, 02:56 AM UTC
WWE Italia
Il PPV più estremo della #WWE ha regalato una notte ricca di colpi di scena! Da @ShinsukeN e @AJStylesOrg che alzano al cielo l'Intercontinental Title e l'US Title a @BrockLesnar che incassa il contratto di #MITB, ecco tutti gli highlight di #ExtremeRules:
15 Jul, 08:35 AM UTC
Tanuj Singh
No Way! No WAY! This Is Not Fair For Seth Rollins His Win The Match Against #Corbin. But Shocking And Special Entry By The Beast @BrockLesnar Nd two German Suplexcity And One F5 And Cash In This #MITB Contract and Win Third Time And Becomes @WWE #UniversalChampion. #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 08:35 AM UTC
@TheEnduringIcon Same here. if it was a full time star like mustafa ali that won MITB n cashed in on rollins i would have been okay with it
15 Jul, 07:51 AM UTC
Mick McFarlane
@CelticNotorious @WWE Definitely mate. I don't get y he had the MITB tbh. He is taking the lime light from someone else more deserving all Brock she's is $$$$$$$. He has @WWE short and curlies the sooner Brock leaves wwe the better of say
15 Jul, 08:19 AM UTC
mc slayer
@HeymanHustle Heyman told us Brock will chasing his mitb but no one believes that that's why don't discriminate @heymanhustle 😎
15 Jul, 07:50 AM UTC
Padmanabhan Jaikumar
WWE Extreme Rules Results: Brock Lesnar cashes in MITB contract; The Undertaker, Roman Reigns stand tall | Sports News, The Indian Express via @IndianExpress
15 Jul, 07:41 AM UTC
Feedimo News
#WWEExtremeRules Results: #BrockLesnar cashes in #MITB contract; The Undertaker, #RomanReigns stand tall Full Story:
15 Jul, 07:39 AM UTC
@Heathermaniax He defended it against Styles at MITB and twice against @BaronCorbinWWE before this, and he was on TV. I want that in a world champion. Yeah, his reign wasn't great, but I prefer it over Lesnar.
15 Jul, 07:20 AM UTC
*Jonathan Gancedo
Devitto v Nakamura es fácilmente la mejor pelea de Shinsuke desde la pelea con AJ en MITB. Le benefició que fueran ya a por los high spots para darle dinamismo. Por desgracia, el Big match Naka buildeando una pelea de 20-30 ni está ni se le espera.
15 Jul, 07:12 AM UTC
Check out my review of #WWE #ExtremeRules which featured Brock Lesnar SHOCKINGLY cashing in MITB on Seth Rollins and winning the Universal Title, and my theory on what could be next for Brock Lesnar.
15 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
Josue Villarreal
@T3chJ3t That would’ve made yet ANOTHER cash in failure. It would’ve buried MITB if even Brock Lesnar couldn’t win with it. It was just a bad idea giving it to him in the first place.
15 Jul, 06:30 AM UTC
Daniel Johnson
@BrockLesnar cashes in his #MITB contract and gives @WWERollins an F-5 and becomes the new #WWEUniversalChampion why #WWE do you reward Lesnar who doesn’t give a FUCK about wrestling at all, all he cares about is making millions to appear 6 times out of the year #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:28 AM UTC
@MOMiSHStyle @FredPompei @WWE @BeckyLynchWWE @WWERollins People are dumb AF. As if the WWE giving MITB to Brock over Ali was Becky & Seth’s fault.
15 Jul, 06:21 AM UTC
Jamie day
@WWE @BrockLesnar This is a absolute joke. He wasn't even entered in the mitb match. He might as well take over from vince as the boss as he does what he wants and you let him. So much for giving the fans what they want. Wwe is turning into a joke
15 Jul, 06:18 AM UTC
C.L. J. (21 and over and haters fuckk youuu)
@WWE @BrockLesnar Fuck Lesnar, Bullshit WWE. He never should've been able to win the MITB briefcase in the first fucking place, WWE you guys and gals shit on alot of people by doing that .
15 Jul, 08:44 AM UTC
C.L. J. (21 and over and haters fuckk youuu)
@pierobuccellato In the Illustrious words of the Rock I think it Absloutly sucks, Lesnar never should've even been allowed to come out for MITB match where he won the briefcase , let alone cash in it in , its complete bullshit to have a part timer as your chief shows champ.
15 Jul, 08:42 AM UTC
Holy Shit Brock cashed in MITB 😍
15 Jul, 08:34 AM UTC
@Farseer_Del @adampacitti Cause he cash in the MITB Briefcase Durh
15 Jul, 08:03 AM UTC
Also Beast cashed inn his MITB last moment. 3 times Universal Champion now.
15 Jul, 08:02 AM UTC
Darren Moore
@bryanalvarez I guess they didn't want to have a 3rd straight year of the male MITB winner to cash-in and fail (Corbin in 2017 and Strowman in 2018) so they went with the standard stuff and to have Lesnar in the Summerslam main event again (has been there every year since 2014).
15 Jul, 07:58 AM UTC
Klabauter ⚓️
Sure. Lesnars MitB contract gets Ronda a title. And people wonder why ROH booking is shit. Because people Like him influence it!
15 Jul, 07:42 AM UTC
Arri Stark (Get Your Bars Off Podcast)
It was only right heyman and brock cash in the MITB briefcase in Philly #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 07:39 AM UTC
Brock was gonna cash in anyways and besides the past 2 MITB winners didn’t even get a championship.
15 Jul, 07:37 AM UTC
@BR_WWE Well....he’s no longer Mr MITB!
15 Jul, 07:27 AM UTC
David Ekong
@1Pxlz @WWE Everything after wrestlemania was geared towards this moment last night... From Braun Strowman taken out of MITB to Sami Zayne his replacement not been able to compete and Lesner coming in late into the match when everyone was Knackered Seth was never safe again
15 Jul, 07:26 AM UTC
@WWE @BrockLesnar For fucks sake way to ruin an actually decent ppv (a rarity in WWE nowadays). So now this lazy asshole who never should've got #MITB in the first place is going to make the title disappear once again, and you wonder why you're ratings are in the toilet
15 Jul, 07:14 AM UTC
International House Of Bills Fan 🏳️‍🌈
@ChrisMNovak No. MITB and this show were ruined by Brock
15 Jul, 07:13 AM UTC
HaسAن (Hasnoo) 🇵🇰
It isn't over yett. Taptann Gonna cash in his Money in the bank contract Yoo boiiii 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lesnar cashed in his MITB And now its time for our taptaan to cash it in
15 Jul, 07:12 AM UTC
Legends Gaming
Brock is cashing his MITB!!!!!
15 Jul, 07:05 AM UTC
Clark Bennett
@bryanalvarez @davemeltzerWON A theory about Lesnar cashing in MITB and defeating Rollins for the Universal Championship at Extreme Rules is to boost the Monday Night Raw ratings. Isn't there a problem with that logic since Lesnar is typically not in attendance on most Mondays?
15 Jul, 07:03 AM UTC
Mike [redacted]
@WWE @BrockLesnar He should never have even won the #MITB contract in the first place!
15 Jul, 07:00 AM UTC
🇳🇬 Abdulbasit O'Tolz 🇳🇬
Brock Lesna has cashed in his #mitb briefcase Extreme Rules is Too Sweet #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:59 AM UTC
@HeymanHustle bowing down to brock lesnar after he cashed in MITB tonight is the kind of energy i’m after in 2019 #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:53 AM UTC
USWNT Fever #WorldChampions
@SI_wrestling Has WWE ever tried screwing the MITB winner out of the title even once? smh
15 Jul, 06:50 AM UTC
Daniel Allen
My main thought is that, I don’t mind it... for now. The men’s MITB briefcase needed a successful briefcase (there hasn’t be one since 2016), and this creates a storyline for Rollins/Lesnar for SummerSlam. However, my opinions will change if Lesnar retains there. #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:48 AM UTC
@genogenokoron 要するにこの髭の男が王座を防衛した後にMITBって言う王座挑戦件(向こう1年間いついかなる時でも好きなタイミングで好きな王座に挑める権利)←まぁ基本的にはWWE王座ユニバーサル王座等のトップ王座 それをこの筋肉ダルマが行使して王座に返り咲いたみたいな WWEではお決まりの展開になってます
15 Jul, 06:44 AM UTC
Eddie Calderon
@CrusitaSoto @WWEUniverse @HeymanHustle I think this was the perfect way to end the show. That main event was garbage til @BrockLesnar cashed in #MITB
15 Jul, 06:43 AM UTC
Original Sanskrit
@BmlKobe @Tr3nHard @soxboy64 @WWEREALONE So he used mitb the way it's been used since it's been a thing. Tyvm for explaining that stipulation to us
15 Jul, 06:40 AM UTC
Brock Lesnar stole the #MITB briefcase without any kind of effort. Because Brock is a coward who always wants easy victories because he knows no one fears him at all and because his MMA career is over after that Positive Drug Test. The @WWE doesn't need Brock Lesnar...
15 Jul, 06:33 AM UTC
#MITB briefcase from @AliWWE, Brock attacked Sami Zayn at Money In The Bank, planned by Paul because he knew Triple H was going to blame Braun for everything he did to Zayn, Brock hide during all of the match and waited until everyone was too tired to stop him and thay way...
15 Jul, 06:33 AM UTC
Lincoln Jack
@Barretto24_Mike @WrestleTalk_TV But does that mean that I'm the problem. He shouldnt have it in the first place, but Brock was Mr MITB and had every right to win the belt at any time.
15 Jul, 06:29 AM UTC
What did it cost? Everything.
@solomonster @WWE I don't know why anyone thought Brock cashing in tonight with SS being the next PPV wasn't practically a lock. They already made that bed when he won MITB, just was a matter of when before Summerslam hit.
15 Jul, 06:27 AM UTC
Daniel Johnson
Oh No here comes The #Beast @BrockLesnar is he going to cash in his #MITB contract on a tired @WWERollins #ExtremeRules
15 Jul, 06:21 AM UTC