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the sibling urge to say “thats you” when an ugly character comes on tv
23 Jun, 12:31 AM UTC
There's no stopping Daryl Mitchell at the moment 🌟 #ENGvNZ | #WTC23 | 📝 Scorecard: https://t.co/vpeNFuhZtR @ICC's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 03:55 PM UTC
The Score - WWIA ⭐️⭐️
“Edwards will be Chelsea’s first port of call (for Sporting Director). I know for a fact Paul Mitchell keen on the role (Sporting Director) at Chelsea. If Chelsea came calling he would be very very interested.” - @JacobsBen on @SiandDanTalkCFC pod https://t.co/hbIKq00aMJ
23 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
Katherine Ford
Hey execs at MSNBC, did you happen to clock the expressions of the faces of the rest of the panel when Andrea Mitchell said that the hearings were mostly a TV production? Retire her, she's on the wrong side of history.
23 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
Rob Bluey
Chelsea Mitchell was the fastest female runner in her state's 55-meter dash. Then she started placing second and third. Why? Connecticut allowed male students to participate in her track events. Now she's speaking out. #TitleIX @RobertBluey's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Here’s the first look at ‘THE SANTA CLAUSES’, starring Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell and Kal Penn. Coming soon to Disney+. (Source: @disneyplus) https://t.co/jxNggVsYfO
23 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Frank Roche
Loved it when Chuck Rosenberg corrected Andrea Mitchell to say it wasn’t a “raid” on Jeffrey Clark’s house. It was a legal search based on a lawful order from a judge. And Andrea went into humanuhhumanuhhumanah. @msnbc
23 Jun, 05:39 PM UTC
El de los Colibríes
#miercolesdeemplumados y se trata de #AvesPaGozar. de Colombia Pal 🌎🌍🌏 🇪🇨Colibrí de Mitchell, Rumbito pechiblanco, Zumbador pechiblanco 🇬🇧The Purple-throated Woodstar. 🔬Philodice mitchellii #BirdsSeenIn2022 #birding #hummingbird @pezick @fajadardo @ferayqui #NaturePhotography https://t.co/SxSsc9uRDz
22 Jun, 09:18 PM UTC
Foghorn Leghorn1357
Listening to Andrea Mitchell try to spit out a sentence is like traveling down a bumpy road with 4 flat tires. I think I'll go to CNN for now.
23 Jun, 06:30 PM UTC
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy) Reid 😷
So... Trump wanted the DOJ to seize voting machines and issue a letter casting doubt on the presidential elecrtion results based on a ... kooky Youtube video. Totes normal. Yup. #January6thCommitteeHearings
23 Jun, 08:38 PM UTC
For the third time this series, a 💯-run partnership between Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell! 🙌 #ENGvNZ
23 Jun, 05:37 PM UTC
S Cruz GA ☮️💙🍑🌎🐝
MSNBC really needs to do something about Andrea Mitchell. I really don’t want to come across as mean, but she must know she has some issues.
23 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
Partick Thistle FC
✍️ We are pleased to announce the signing of David Mitchell on a two-year deal, subject to SFA clearance. The experienced goalkeeper will wear number 31 during his time at Firhill.
23 Jun, 04:15 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
“This land should have never been taken from the Bruce family over 90 years ago. Now, we are on the precipice of redemption and justice that is long overdue,” said Holly Mitchell, chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. https://t.co/4rbsiMZnUj @latimes's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 01:58 PM UTC
That's it for Day 1 at Headingley! Mitchell (78*) and Blundell (45*) combined again after tea to frustrate England with their third century stand of the series 🤝 #ENGvNZ
23 Jun, 05:40 PM UTC
The Daily Signal
Chelsea Mitchell was the fastest runner in Connecticut women's 55 meter dash until her state allowed transgender athletes to participate in her track events. Participating against biological men set her up for failure & now she's fighting back for the rights of women & girls. @DailySignal's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 03:41 PM UTC
Matthew Kolken
Whenever Andrea Mitchell is trending it's because Liberals are losing their minds because she said something accurate. Yes, the January 6th hearings were nothing more than an unwatchable T.V. production with terrible ratings.
23 Jun, 07:44 PM UTC
Test Match Special
The reaction from @AlexHartley93 says it all... England opt not to review after Matthew Potts struck Daryl Mitchell on the pads. ...it was hitting middle 😬 New Zealand 98-4. 📻 Listen to @bbtms on @BBCSounds #BBCCricket #ENGvNZ @bbctms's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 02:11 PM UTC
Unsupervised Troublemaker ☮️ 🇺🇸🌻🇺🇦
Rep Elaine Luria on MSNBC sees the Committee Hearing about to start while doing an interview and says she has to go. Andrea Mitchell - Let me just ask you a question I know you can't answer and delay you further. FFS.
23 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
Ben Gardner
Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell have just faced their 1,000th ball while batting together this series Where data is available, only two other pairs (Imam and Shafique, Pak v Aus 2022 and Younis and Yousuf, Ind v Pak 2006) have faced as many in a three-match Test series #ENGvNZ
23 Jun, 03:48 PM UTC
Joe Marino
I can only assume Andrea Mitchell is still on the air because her billionaire husband owns half of NBC Universal
23 Jun, 07:34 PM UTC
GMD 🇺🇸🇺🇦
Seriously @MSNBC Andrea Mitchell is as bad as @chucktodd Time for a change. 🤦🏼‍♂️
23 Jun, 06:36 PM UTC
C à vous
"Je suis trop content de ma vie. Je ne suis pas du tout pressé de la quitter !" Et si votre vie recommençait, vous la changeriez ? Réponses de @PierreRichardPR et Eddy Mitchell dans #CàVous ⬇️ @cavousf5's photo on Mitchell
23 Jun, 06:39 PM UTC
Fields of gold by Christine Mitchell @chris_alpacas One of yesterday's competition best of the rest. #StormHour #ThePhotoHour https://t.co/ipsTrOUvqD
23 Jun, 05:46 PM UTC
the best of elizabeth mitchell
elizabeth mitchell. rt if you agree https://t.co/9yJhykyOwE
23 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Bob Cesca
He should've worn his John Mitchell makeup for this. I mean, it's all about the Justice Department. https://t.co/1FhpoXfc3P
23 Jun, 07:16 PM UTC
Ben Dowsett
Danny Ainge build a Donovan Mitchell for Kevin Durant trade challenge
23 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
Stay Angry, Protest and then VOTE.
Dear @MSNBC. It's time to recognize the fact that Andrea Mitchell has stayed beyond her prime. It's not age discrimination, it's a physical trait that is on display each time as she can't smoothly vocalize her thoughts or questions. Retirement isn't so bad Andrea.
23 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
ᵐᵃⁿᵒⁿ✌︎︎ | kitty cat era | 2 MANON MEETING
Elizabeth Mitchell can do anything to me https://t.co/2E0xbBunMW
23 Jun, 02:29 PM UTC
Fond du Lac Dock Spiders
-- Tonight marks our first game against a Great Lakes East opponent -- Against LHP both Nick Mitchell (@hammermitchell2) and Evan Stone (@evanstoney12) are hitting above .400 Get set for Kalamazoo with today's game notes built by @CDSmithInc! 📰: https://t.co/oZRAObB9PQ https://t.co/21Ocn1gJgE
23 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC