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now is not the time mitski lyrics bot
12 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
bri 𖤐‧₊
even if the mitski allegations arent true it's interesting seeing how peoples whole "always believe the victim!!" preaching crumbles when it's someone they like😆
12 Aug, 10:14 PM UTC
I step away for a few hours and when I come back mitski has been accused of being a pedophile in a sex trafficking ring ....
13 Aug, 12:37 AM UTC
twitter confronting mitski about the child s*x trafficking allegations against her
12 Aug, 10:34 PM UTC
Greg Rutkin
@hi_its_ricecake I was on that tour with Mitski and remember that show very vividly. She was headlining that night, finished her set, sold merch, got in an argument (normal tour stuff) with her drummer at the time, then her guitarists’ Mom drover her, Mitski, and myself to Nashville.
13 Aug, 01:49 AM UTC
serious concerns
Inconsistencies in a serious matter regarding mitski allegations. Read ALL of this before making bold conclusions
13 Aug, 02:07 AM UTC
Greg Rutkin
@hi_its_ricecake I can’t say much about the situation beyond that, but definitely I was there with Mitski that whole night and we stayed at the same house and it was in Nashville
13 Aug, 01:50 AM UTC
lil dyke
can’t believe i have to say this but don’t send hate towards the victim / don’t cancel mitski until we have proof that the alligations are right or wrong okay ??? y’all getting bold on the tl rn
12 Aug, 11:03 PM UTC
how am i supposed to cope with these allegations if mitski IS MY COPING MECHANISM
13 Aug, 12:34 AM UTC
ratatootie 👨🏻‍🦲 moon sand asmr
if you hear smth about mitski please be warned before looking into it for rape tw, csa tw, pedophilia tw, and trafficking tw. Its heavy stuff. Please take care of yourselves
12 Aug, 11:23 PM UTC
watch sarazanmai
so... the mitski allegations..........
12 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
hatsune mika
regardless of if whatever happened with mitski is true or not, i sincerely hope the person who came out with the allegations gets the help they need
13 Aug, 03:13 AM UTC
iya | multifandom
I'm so fucking mad about the Mitski allegations like yes I know I KNOW you should always believe the victim but when their story has so many inconsistencies and reads like an edgy wattpad fanfic for the love of god it's acceptable to be skeptical
13 Aug, 04:25 AM UTC
@AFRUSTRATEDTEEN Like lit a rally none of it adds up. Not the dates, not her age, not her mental health, if the FBI is investigating, how Mitski could afford and have the space for a sex slave, how she says she only wanted her followers to see it yet she tagged the hell out of it.
13 Aug, 12:21 AM UTC
Chained Kong, a prisoner of war.
Mitski was on the Epstein flight logs
13 Aug, 03:14 AM UTC
I hope this also helps resolved the mitski situation CSA ,drugs,abuse tw
13 Aug, 05:37 AM UTC
As a fairly-recently-converted Mitski fan who also knows her father has flown all over the world working for US intelligence (easy trafficking connection), taking that Tumblr post into's not looking good folks
13 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
i eat cement
I swear if this mitski shit is real
13 Aug, 12:21 AM UTC
y'all: LETS CANCEL MITSKI SHE'S A FUCKING P*DO ELECTRIC CHAIR mitski's bandmate: i remember that night actually we were together the whole time :) y'all:
13 Aug, 04:13 AM UTC
1 more thing on this Mitski stuff: doubting this is okay. Thinking critically about very strong allegations is allowed and should be done. Those posts that are like “how dare you doubt this person” are missing the fact that there is very little evidence at the moment. However!
13 Aug, 04:50 AM UTC
investigating mitski situation the past 5 hours😭😭 birch said the fbi looked into it NO I DID HOE... and you lied
13 Aug, 02:57 AM UTC
Javier 🦓
This should be the only thing you read regarding the Mitski allegations. These allegations are a fabrication plain and simple.
13 Aug, 07:40 AM UTC
in the morning buy me eggs
13 Aug, 07:42 AM UTC
amber claims to have gone to a concert in 2015, which only allowed ages 18 and up. since they are 18 now they would've been either 14 or 15 then. this dont add up #mitski
13 Aug, 03:19 AM UTC
♡ my mind ♡
im seeing felony martinez stans jumping in on this trying to make it about their r@pist fav saying “i believe mitski is innocent because the internet lied about MY fav <3” shvt the fuck up omg
13 Aug, 07:54 AM UTC
csa tw //// this is a masterpost concerning the mitski allegations in a chronological tl & it’s being updated as new information comes out. please read through everything & form your opinions accordingly, i wanted to post this here so more people r aware
13 Aug, 07:44 AM UTC
in the morning buy me eggs
Literally no media or news outlets are reporting on mitski allegations because she's such a flop i call that a win
13 Aug, 08:07 AM UTC
Who's mitski
13 Aug, 07:50 AM UTC
logged onto twitter just to see rumors about mitski being involved in a child s*x trafficking ring...siri play your best american pdf file
13 Aug, 07:53 AM UTC
the mitski shit................. i
13 Aug, 08:07 AM UTC