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Fabien Gay
✔️4 nouveaux milliardaires français dont le PDG de #Moderna ✔️Une fortune qui a quasiment doublé pour les milliardaires français en un an, ce qui en fait les plus riches d’Europe ✔️Et en « même temps » un million de pauvres en plus. ✅ C’est quand qu’on partage les richesses ? @fabien_gay's photo on #Moderna
14 Apr, 07:16 AM UTC
Ish (he/him)
Fully #Moderna vaxxed! 💉💪🏾
14 Apr, 03:57 PM UTC
Rebecca Truszkowski
#Moderna vaccine #2! Thank you, science!! #VaccinesSaveLives https://t.co/0Hn4i0a0o2
14 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC
Maria M. Cornelius
Second #Moderna shot flowing through me, so immune system can do its thing. Thank you, scientists, pharmacists, physicians, nurses and all health care workers. Let's end this pandemic. And special shoutout to Dr. Katalin Kariko. If you don't know who she is, you should. https://t.co/tsKromBQgB
14 Apr, 04:02 PM UTC
🇨🇦 Dr Gill Leighton 🇨🇦
10,000 vaccination appointments cancelled in #Scarborough ALONE & #Moderna shipments are delayed 10 DAYS. That's potentially 30,000 more cases of COVID. #TrudeauLiesPeopleDie Trudeau, @PattyHajdu & @AnitaOakville must go! #cdnpoli @MichelleRempel #tcot #cdnmedia @PierrePoilievre
14 Apr, 03:06 PM UTC
Lauren Ashcraft ☀️
If J&J were the option I had at my doctor’s office (I got #moderna) I would still get it to spite everyone justifying antivax propaganda because of 6/6,000,000 cases. Then I’d livestream the side effects of every other medication I’m on while not getting a blood clot.
14 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Julian Barr
Feels good to have the first dose of the Dolly funded vaccine #moderna https://t.co/fS55khWfAQ
14 Apr, 11:56 PM UTC
The Straits Times
The #Moderna #Covid19 jab is now available at 11 of 38 #vaccination centres in Singapore, while the rest are offering the #PfizerBioNTech product. Details: https://t.co/bTIjGfwzFy @straits_times's photo on #Moderna
14 Apr, 02:15 AM UTC
Sophia the Robot
It's great to have more information about what's happening inside the human body, but please don't use this for a DIY COVID vaccine! https://t.co/UfMTYezz3G @hansonrobotics Subscribe https://t.co/qnXU3qMBdL . #robotics #robot #covid19 #ai #moderna #heretohelp #vaccine @RealSophiaRobot's photo on #Moderna
14 Apr, 03:46 PM UTC
🎼🎤🎵Purple Hayes🎵🎤🎼
1) Have you gotten a vaccine shot? 2) Which one? 3) Any side effects? 4) Were those side effects after your 1st shot, your 2nd shot or both? #COVID19Vaccination #Moderna #Pfizer #JohnsonandJohnson #vaccine #vaccination
14 Apr, 09:01 PM UTC
News 12 New York
VACCINE ALERT: How are you feeling after receiving the #Moderna vaccine for #COVID19? More Information - https://t.co/1k2ztXGyih @News12's photo on #Moderna
14 Apr, 11:01 AM UTC
Francis Lalanne Officiel
.Faire des années d'études de médecine pour finir commercial chez #BigPharma et vendre des doses de thérapie génique, une formation d'une semaine était suffisante, nous aurions fait des économies dans nos universités ! #COVID19 #VaccinationCovid #Pfizer #moderna #AstraZenaca
15 Apr, 12:56 AM UTC
Amanda Salas
I’m curious, if you’ve gotten the vaccine already-which one did you get? Sound off in the replies! I got #Moderna. 💉 You?
14 Apr, 10:01 PM UTC
Houston Health Dept
#TakeYourBestShot to end the pandemic by registering for your first dose of #Moderna #COVID19 vaccine at @Curative’s Rodeo Reed Rd. site April 15-17. #HouNews https://t.co/Jclh15msmQ
14 Apr, 06:30 PM UTC
Ed Rankin, PhD
They want you to get the mRNA gene therapy not the J&J vaccine #Moderna #JohnsonandJohnson #AstraZeneca #PfizerVaccine #CovidVaccine #BillGatesBioTerrorist #fauci
14 Apr, 11:33 PM UTC
Michael 🇺🇸
So Moderna was founded through venture capital fund, Flagship Pioneering. Flagship pioneering also owns Omega Therapeutics which is funded by private equity firm, BlackRock. BlackRock is filling positions in Biden’s cabinet as we speak... see below. #moderna #vaccines #vaccine https://t.co/NRet7HA1Gf
15 Apr, 12:49 AM UTC
fully vaxxed racc 🌽
So as of this evening, I and my wife are fully vaxxed. Today marks the recommended 2 weeks since my second dose. Renee is fine for the moment except for the regular sore arm so we'll see how tonight and tomorrow goes for her. #Moderna #CovidVaccine
15 Apr, 12:49 AM UTC
Lani Global
FFS. When it's your turn, get vaxed. Don't wait. Gall darn it. #moderna #Pfizer #JohnsonandJohnson https://t.co/T6jBU77cqG
15 Apr, 12:31 AM UTC
Second jab. 💉 About 12 hours later symptoms kicked in - chills, fever, nausea, headache and joint pain. 24 hours later all good and back to normal. #moderna #covid https://t.co/Bv1f9H1ncy
15 Apr, 12:26 AM UTC
LAP 💉🐀💪🏼
https://t.co/IFbEAN2mhm I’m still alive and feel great. Haven’t tested positive yet either! #moderna #vaccine
15 Apr, 12:46 AM UTC
Ryan Blevins 🧢≥
Johnson and Johnson's vaccine sucks. It is only 66% effective at preventing infection. Moderna's vaccine uses less genetic material and is 94% effective. Pfizers vaccine is 95% effective. #JohnsonandJohnson #Moderna #Pfizer #CovidVaccine @Blevins2020's photo on #Moderna
14 Apr, 10:43 PM UTC
Prensa Latina
Vacuna contra la #Covid_19 #Moderna con elevada eficacia 🧐 Lea más en #PrensaLatina 👉 https://t.co/xXo5wXn28u https://t.co/8NqoCrCzlW
15 Apr, 12:40 AM UTC
Lombardi Avenue
My #Moderna 2nd dose side effects started about 12 hrs after shot. Not too bad, felt run down, tired. Mild Fever/chills while sleeping. Dull headache as I went to work. Strange elevated heart rate all day, over 100 bpm. But hour 30 already starting to feel better. #GetVaccinated
15 Apr, 12:39 AM UTC
Caitlin Mullen
Feeling good, feeling grateful! #moderna #thankyouscience #thankyoudolly https://t.co/W2pRFbpgfh
15 Apr, 12:49 AM UTC
Zismarith, 438th of his line
Mild soreness. Nothing else. Lucky if that's the worst thing that happens. #moderna #VaccinesWork
15 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
#CovidVaccine Event #Saturday, 4/17/21 #Phoenix Sunnyslope Senior Center 802 E Vogel Ave. Register: 888.587.3647 #MaricopaCounty #arizona #moderna #vaccine #COVID19 #CoronaVaccine #coronavirus https://t.co/yAklRz1Htm
15 Apr, 12:26 AM UTC
👑Robert Flores👑
@AmandaSalas #Moderna got it on Saturday my second dose then got sick as a dog on Sunday horrible thank god It was only for one day
15 Apr, 12:51 AM UTC
I’m getting my first Dolly Parton vaccine dose on Saturday 🤩 #Moderna https://t.co/lnIxe4FAer
15 Apr, 12:50 AM UTC
My daughter just got her 2nd shot! I'm grateful. 💉#Moderna https://t.co/Fo5SFhymCX
15 Apr, 12:46 AM UTC
Jennifer Kozlowski
Shot #2 has mad me feel drunk and dizzy all day with a lingering headache. At this rate never drinking again #notagoodfeeling #moderna
15 Apr, 12:44 AM UTC