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oui díd ít jóè
And what are you telling us for? Would you like a prize? @shes_rADIAnt's photo on Monet
11 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC
Gucci Mane
It’s time to refocus and go harder!
12 Jan, 01:45 PM UTC
we did it Joeeeeeee 🥴 @DaquanaWhite's photo on Monet
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Aesthetic Sharer ZHR
❄️❄️ Monet
11 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
지 현
Claude Monet 빛의 화가 모네가 설경을 안 그렸을 리가 없다. 시간대별 다양한 빛의 색을 집요하게 포착하는 모습은 설경에서도 여전. 화사한 색조의 화가라고 생각했어서 잿빛에 솔직한 설경이 오히려 인상에 남고
12 Jan, 09:54 AM UTC
𝙈𝙖𝙡 🕸
You cannot let a woman down multiple times and expect her energy to still crave you.
11 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC
Power Book II: Ghost
Happy birthday to the only woman who could bring the fierceness of Monet to life, @maryjblige! #PowerGhost @ghoststarz's photo on Monet
11 Jan, 06:03 PM UTC
When Monet & Davis link up on Power.
11 Jan, 05:31 PM UTC
@Vince_Aries “Y’all Know Monet Don’t Play.” @SupremeLivin101's photo on Monet
12 Jan, 03:58 AM UTC
MEFeater Magazine
Happy 36th Birthday to @IssaRae 💕
12 Jan, 03:17 PM UTC
l'art imite la réalité
Monet girls
11 Jan, 06:30 PM UTC
The Casual Sex Captain
Mary wasnt even acting in Power, she is Monet frfr
12 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Jessica Fyre 💫
My favorite Monet Tejada routine 🤩 @TheJessieWoo's photo on Monet
11 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
Gabriele Corno
Claude Monet’s Pond in Japan
12 Jan, 09:55 AM UTC
philip lewis
Monet Stewart Tejada is done with Cane, and she’s living her best life.
11 Jan, 09:48 PM UTC
Journal of Art in Society
The noonday Mediterranean sun beats down on a lone walker on the rough coastal track between Nice and Monaco. Of course, it’s changed a bit since Claude Monet painted it in 1884 (‘The Corniche near Monte Carlo’, Rijksmuseum)
12 Jan, 07:26 AM UTC
Claude Monet
Sunset at Pourville, 1882 #monet #claudemonet
12 Jan, 12:09 PM UTC
Mary J Blige can you be my sugar momma please....please Monet Tejada
12 Jan, 03:08 AM UTC
Strabby: Take 2
@PeachesChrist @thatonequeen trinity the tuck's burner reddit account where she talked shit about contestants, saying monet only won bc she's black, gia didnt deserve to win the talent show bc she "just spun fans and threw confetti" amongst other shit all while posing as a black trans woman
12 Jan, 12:30 AM UTC
Quiero daros las gracias por todo el apoyo desde hace tantos años. Tenéis "Monet" y "Unicum" en descarga gratuita aquí
12 Jan, 03:13 PM UTC
Mickey Adam💙😷🌹
#FranceInSongOrFilm The Color of Monet
12 Jan, 02:37 PM UTC
🍑🍑Georgia Gal 🍑🍑
It’s ok to not be ok. We’re human. Life happens.
12 Jan, 03:16 PM UTC
"in my blue dream, i will hold you" —j-hope blue, by claude monet 🎨
12 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC
#FranceInSongOrFilm 🎶Monet for nothing and your Frites for free🎶
12 Jan, 02:30 PM UTC
Stephen Warner 💙
The Monet Pit #FranceInSongOrFilm
12 Jan, 03:28 PM UTC
Show me the monet -jerry maquire #FranceInSongOrFilm
12 Jan, 03:22 PM UTC
#FranceInSongOrFilm Monet, Monet, Monet
12 Jan, 03:24 PM UTC

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