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Adam Mares
Monte Morris is the best player no one knows about.
12 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
Denver Stiffs
This is a tweet about Monte Morris
12 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
Hardwood Paroxysm
Monte Morris has 11 points in a handful of minutes and would start on many, many teams.
12 Feb, 02:32 AM UTC
T.J. McBride
At this point, Monte Morris should be in the running for Most Improved Player AND 6th Man of the Year. Without Morris, there is no way that Denver would be having one of their best seasons in franchise history.
12 Feb, 02:41 AM UTC
Hardwood Paroxysm
Monte Morris finishes the first quarter with 13 points in 5 minutes and 27 seconds. Isaiah Thomas participated in 5- on 5 practice this week.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Katy Winge
Monte Morris is campaigning for @DwyaneWade’s attention in the first quarter...he wants that jersey. 13 pts, 5-5 from the field, 2-2 from downtown. Wade was a guy he watched & admired growing up. Said last time in Miami, Wade was guarding him & he almost couldn’t believe it.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Nick Kosmider
I’ll say it again as he checks in and tallies 11 points in five minutes: How do you take Monte Morris off the floor?
12 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
Chris Dempsey
What a quarter for Monte Morris. He scored 13 of the #Nuggets 35 points in just 5:27 off the bench. Morris was 5/5 from the field, including 2 3-pointers in the first
12 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC
Trey Mitchell
Notice how @TheHoopCentral never brings up the fact that Denver traded Doug McDermott for Nurkic and Harris, drafted Jokic in the second round, selected Monte Morris in the second round, or trading Aaron Afflalo for Barton and the draft pick that ended up being Juancho.
11 Feb, 09:15 PM UTC
Mike Singer
When Isaiah Thomas returns, it’s not Monte Morris whose minutes should drop. He’s hit a couple open threes, sunk one of his devastating floaters and conducted offense with poise. He’s got 11 in first Q.
12 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
Couper Moorhead
Monte Morris was 2-of-7 for 4 points when Miami last played Denver. He just went 5-of-5 for 13 in the 1st Quarter.
12 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
NBA de Boteco
Monte Morris e Denver, Colorado. Tem piada pronta, mas muitos não irão entender. Deixa pra lá.
12 Feb, 02:37 AM UTC
Ryan Blackburn
At this point, Monte Morris is the most deserving GUARD for 6th man of the year. There is no better candidate. I might vote for Harrell or Sabonis over him, but certainly no other guard.
12 Feb, 02:43 AM UTC
Aaron Marner
Monte Morris and Deonte Burton both showing out tonight in the NBA.
12 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC
Kirk Haaland
Monte Morris has 15 pts halfway through the 2nd quarter vs Miami tonight.
12 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
Nick Kosmider
Monte Morris' career-high is 21 points. He has 15 with 9:03 left in the second quarter. But Malone is still left shaking his head after Denver completely falls asleep on defense and allows a wide-open 3-pointer.
12 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Nugg Love
That was one of the most energetic defensive quarters of the season outside of the first minute. Oh yeah, and Monte Morris is pretty good
12 Feb, 02:37 AM UTC
Ryan Blackburn
The pecking order for Denver's guards right now is non-existent. I think I trust Monte Morris most by far at this point.
12 Feb, 02:57 AM UTC
Jena Garcia
Alexa, give Monte Morris a DWade jersey #Nuggets
12 Feb, 02:43 AM UTC
Brandon Ewing
The #Nuggets lead Miami 35-27 after one quarter of play. Monte Morris leads the way offensively with 13 points on 5-of-5 shooting from the field to go along with his two three-pointers.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Cory Böeckman
That Monte Morris guy is pretty great.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Trevor Holbrook
Monte Morris has 15 points against the Heat. No one else in the game has hit double digits.
12 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Adi Brescic
How is Monte Morris not in the Rising Stars game??
12 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC
Gordon Gross
Monte Morris is absolutely perfect for this Denver team. Not all court facilitators are also killers in the moment - Monte's got both halves of that equation.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Jena Garcia
Monte Morris is unstopable from the field- 11 points in 5min 100% on the night.
12 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
Christian Clark
Monte Morris should probably be getting some 6MOY buzz. He's got 13 points after the first quarter. Made all five shots he took. He's nails night after night.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Harrison Wind
Monte Morris’ first quarter: 5 minutes, 13 points (5-5 FG’s). Nuggets up 35-27 on the Heat.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Aaron Atencio
Monte Morris is the real deal folks. #MileHighBasketball
12 Feb, 02:41 AM UTC
Monte Morris #RSHK
12 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
Monte Morris is the best guard on this team at 9:58 pm on 2/11/19
12 Feb, 02:58 AM UTC
Ryan Duke
How in the world did Monte Morris not get an invite to the Rising Stars game? Kevin Knox and that dumpster fire of the Knicks being chosen over him is absurd and make me wonder if any of the voters even watch a nuggets game
12 Feb, 02:56 AM UTC
Issac Simental
Monté Morris is my favorite Nugget. Every time I see him play he’s just consistent and let’s the game come to him. He’s patient, always takes a good shot, and sets up the offense well. #DenvsMia
12 Feb, 02:49 AM UTC
Laura Keeney
This is a tweet in favor of that tweet about Monté Morris. #Taeception
12 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
eye in the sky
Monte Morris is nice.
12 Feb, 02:40 AM UTC
Broncos Reddit
@Shapalicious "im sorry, I already gave it to monte morris"
12 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
Denver riding the hot hand of Monte Morris for a 35-27 lead after 1 on @MiamiHEAT. Morris 13pts on 5-5Fgs 2-2Treys & 1-1Fts. He averages 10.7 pts a game!
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
monte morris is the best backup pg in the nba
12 Feb, 02:37 AM UTC
Griffin Rucker
My Twitter account is now officially a Monte Morris appreciation page.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Denver Nuggets Türkiye
Monte Morris ilk çeyrek kaçırmadan 13 sayı attı. Köksal kardeşimi yarın bi teste daha sokalım şöyle 1-2 ay daha dönmesini engellememiz lazım.
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Optimistically Anxious
Jamal Murray is for sure more talented player but man he can learn a lot of stuff from Monte Morris. #NBA #Nuggets
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
As if Monte Morris shouldn't have been chosen to the USA team in the world team on All-Star Weekend... #NBAAllStar
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
jokic and monte morris u wish u had both on ur team
12 Feb, 03:01 AM UTC
Aaron Atencio
Does Monte Morris make Jamal Murray or Gary Harris expendable? #MileHighBasketball
12 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
Matt Powell
Monte Morris is significantly better than Jamal Murray right now. #Nuggets
12 Feb, 02:44 AM UTC
The fact that Monte Morris mom was a point guard coach who coached him makes his story that much better
12 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
@Alf954 Monte Morris (yes, who?) has 15 pts. That Rodney effect
12 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Monte Morris is ballin
12 Feb, 02:40 AM UTC
Deron Butler
Monte Morris gets the layup.
12 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
Sonny Day
@BradyKlopferNBA @AnthonyIrwinLA no real need for him with the emergence of Monte Morris/Malik Beasley. Too high maintenance on offense for the bench role he’d have and relatively non-existent on d
12 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
2009 Anthony Carter
Monte Morris is the PG of the future
12 Feb, 02:38 AM UTC
Protegendo o Aro
Monte Morris com 13 pontos em 5 de 5 no primeiro quarto (vindo do banco)
12 Feb, 02:38 AM UTC
DJ Nyke
Monte Morris is on 🔥! #MileHighBasketball @nuggets
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Monte Morris is fast becoming my favorite Nugget #MileHighBasketball
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
THE JOKER 🐐 37-18
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Monte Morris that man is a bucket
12 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC

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