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poet laureate
Fraser Anning is planning to hold a rally with Erikson and Cottrell in Moorabbin tomorrow. There is no valid justification for a public gathering of Nazis and white supremacists. And after today's terrorist attack in NZ, the Andrews government needs to shut it down. #auspol
15 Mar, 05:03 AM UTC
Giovanni Torre
Fraser Anning is planning to hold a rally with Hitler-fan Blair Cottrell in Moorabbin tomorrow. With Blair Cottrell - a bona fide Nazi - the day after the murder of 40 Muslims by Nazis. Fraser Anning is a Nazi.
15 Mar, 07:41 AM UTC
Andy Fleming
He'll be meeting w his following of nazis, white supremacists & Islamophobes in Moorabbin (#Melbourne) tomorrow. The venue owner is an AltRightist of some kind, so unlikely to cancel, despite feeble community pressure on him to do so. Plus ça change ... #antifa #FCKNZS Andy Fleming's photo on moorabbin
15 Mar, 05:17 AM UTC
Mark ✊🏻 repeal the #AAbill❕
nazis are preparing to gather again on the streets of Melbourne ⚠️ this time in Moorabbin Blair Cottrell, Neil Erikson, Fraser Anning .. the usual protagonists even after #ChristchurchAttack, they intend to gather for the sole purpose of inciting hatred toward migrants #AusPol
15 Mar, 06:43 AM UTC
Latte Sipping Bogan
@sallyrugg He's speaking in Moorabbin, Melbourne tomorrow afternoon. Can we get a huge crowd there to tell him he's filth? Latte Sipping Bogan's photo on moorabbin
15 Mar, 07:17 AM UTC
Andy Fleming
While Senator Fraser 'Final Solution' Anning recruits nazis in Moorabbin, 'Stand Together Against Racism' has organised a solidemo in #Melbourne inre the #Christchurch massacres: State Library of Victoria, Saturday, March 16, 2pm. Please share. Andy Fleming's photo on moorabbin
15 Mar, 09:10 AM UTC
Latte Sipping Bogan
Hey Melbourne peeps. Would it be a good idea to turn up at the filth Fraser Anning's meeting in Moorabbin tomorrow afternoon? Latte Sipping Bogan's photo on moorabbin
15 Mar, 07:06 AM UTC
@hpstorian I agree and I'm off to Fraser Anning's Moorabbin meet tomorrow to lay waste to it.
15 Mar, 09:46 AM UTC
Candace inspired a mosque shooting in New Zealand
26-28 Roberna St, Moorabbin 2PM tomorrow Saturday 16 March It's a tilt-slab warehouse park, not sure which unit within there but I would imagine it'll be obvious
15 Mar, 09:19 AM UTC
@TimWilsonMP Is Moorabbin in your electorate Tim or just nearby? Are you going to show up tomorrow where he, Cotrell and a bunch of other white nationalists are gathering and actually confront his shit using the power of your office confers or are you going to let it fester in your backyard?
15 Mar, 09:23 AM UTC
Admiral Crackbar
@CatPurry9 @DanielAndrewsMP only doing it in moorabbin because that is where they have a bolthole Would get their arses kicked if they tried it in town. Was same for the 90's nazis, they hid in their bookshop.
15 Mar, 09:32 AM UTC
@VictoriaPolice shut down tomorrow’s Moorabbin rally
15 Mar, 09:40 AM UTC
Dancer, your Space Dad 🐝🐝🐝🐝
@DarkestKale He's attending a Nazi rally in Moorabbin tomorrow.
15 Mar, 09:32 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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