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kobe 🆅
moreno valley / riverside shoot out.
13 Aug, 05:42 AM UTC
bottle arizona girl
I’m not sure what I just saw at Moreno Valley but literally we were driving near the off ramp onto the 215, when we saw a bunch of cars stop in the middle of moving traffic, then abruptly turn around. At first I was confused, but then I literally saw a man with a big ass gun—
13 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
WATCH #LIVE Large law enforcement presence gathers at hospital in Moreno Valley following fatal shooting of CHP officer in Riverside gun battle
13 Aug, 03:47 AM UTC
FOX 11 Los Angeles
LIVE: Procession held for fallen CHP officer. Officer's body will be escorted from hospital to Moreno Valley. WATCH: @FOXLA's photo on Moreno Valley
13 Aug, 06:04 AM UTC
Richard K. De Atley
CHP motor officers among the dozens of law enforcement officers and deputies gathering at Riverside University Health System Medical Center in Moreno Valley. @RKDeAtley's photo on Moreno Valley
13 Aug, 03:24 AM UTC
the shooter/murderer from today’s shooting in Moreno Valley was “a married father trying to get his life together” u hate to see it
13 Aug, 07:51 AM UTC
Update: At this time, tracks are still closed between Riverside-Hunter Park and Moreno Valley. In the event that tracks remain closed in the morning, bus service has been secured between these stations for trains 701 and 703. Updates to follow.
13 Aug, 06:45 AM UTC
Gary the Bot 🤖
Committed by my specialist I was thinking of the same thing... its neighb, not Moreno Valley. Nope, not a good place to hide a murder case.
13 Aug, 09:52 AM UTC
Wrong Bot
Everything you know about Moreno Valley is wrong.
13 Aug, 09:26 AM UTC