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Michael Levin
Ben Simmons is better than anything Brooklyn is offering for Harden, so I'm hoping Morey holds the line and doesn't give up Maxey & Matisse & picks, but I am a historically bad negotiator who would probably kiss his kidnapper
13 Jan, 08:02 PM UTC
📢🇻🇪#TESTIMONIO Oraima Morey, relata su proceso de superación del covid-19. #EnUnidadPatriótica @Mippcivzla's photo on Morey
13 Jan, 06:32 PM UTC
Prince 🅘
Les 3 fautes grossières d'Alvaro + attrapé la tête d'un joueur en pleine course, avec la VAR, ce n'est pas rouge en France. OK.
13 Jan, 10:11 PM UTC
Derek Bodner
Remember that time when #sixers twitter convinced themselves Morey would never trade Simmons just because he said he wouldn't.
13 Jan, 08:34 PM UTC
Josh Reynolds
This is an absolutely insane ask from Houston & I’m relieved it didn’t work. Make no mistake, Morey will make a move to better our squad. I have no doubt in my mind. But that is one bullet dodged for a GIGANTIC asking price. Simmons Maxey Thybulle Multiple Picks GET REAL.
13 Jan, 10:08 PM UTC
Derek Bodner
Whether a trade happens or not, Morey wouldn't make a franchise-altering decision based on a 10 game sample size. If he's more willing to discuss Simmons now, it's because something (BKN upping their offer, Houston pushing for quick resolution) external happened, not his own eval
13 Jan, 08:44 PM UTC
Josh Lyons
Sixers would have been fleeced. Morey did the right thing.
13 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC
Ça se siffle ça ?
Les joueurs qui doivent défendre sur Payet :
13 Jan, 10:26 PM UTC
Alan Hahn
Baseless Speculation: the Sixers were never legit in this with Simmons on the table. They were a decoy. Morey helped his guy Tillman get highest price by creating the illusion of a competitive market. #NBA
13 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
Jonathan Feigen
Harden wanted to go to the Nets. Harden went to the Nets. A little more than month ago wrote that "In the end, he likely will get it all." But also that the Rockets would have to land a "Prestian haul of picks." So, everybody's happy?
13 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Josh Eberley🇨🇦
Good for Morey, made the right call hanging up.
13 Jan, 10:26 PM UTC
Luke Arcaini
Daryl Morey when people beg to break up Ben and Jo and give up and arm and a leg for James Harden
13 Jan, 10:17 PM UTC
“I can’t believe Daryl Morey isn’t as smart as me.”
13 Jan, 09:53 PM UTC
Gustavo Viloria
#TESTIMONIO Oraima Morey, relata su proceso de superación del covid-19. #EnUnidadPatriótica
13 Jan, 08:17 PM UTC
Paul Hudrick
Also a very fair observation. Morey knows what he's doing. I'd trust him if I'm a Sixers fan.
13 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC
Ben DuBose
Honestly, both paths have pluses and minuses. I don't think there's a clear "right" or wrong answer. I just suspect, at the end of the day, that Stone did what Morey would've done in a rebuild — which is to gamble on upside.
13 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
🇨🇲Wall/Harden-Wood Pick and Roll
Daryl Morey is an idiot lmao.
13 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
The NBA Monster
Morey debe estar llorando en un rincón viendo videos de James Harden pican 23 segundos de la posesión y sacar una falta inventada de 3 puntos
13 Jan, 10:25 PM UTC
Monica S.S.
#TESTIMONIO Oraima Morey, relata su proceso de superación del covid-19. #EnUnidadPatriótica
13 Jan, 08:18 PM UTC
Steve Jones Jr.
This makes a lot of questions make more sense and now I just need to know what Morey’s response was. Was it a LOL, a quick hang up, that’s the stuff that never leaks.
13 Jan, 10:38 PM UTC
Hablemos De Básquet
Respecto a los Rockets, ahora la ofensiva está enteramente en manos de Silas. Wall, Cousins y Oladipo son más "solidarios" y abiertos a jugar sin pelota que Harden, por lo que el Morey-Ball definitivamente murió en Houston. Me gusta el volantazo que pegaron.
13 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Tribune of the Plebs
*extremely takez guy voice* can’t wait to hear about all the players Morey almost traded for
13 Jan, 10:38 PM UTC
Looks like Morey didn't pull the trigger again. Another ALMOST trade. #Bum
13 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Philadelphia 76ers 🇹🇷
taraflar karşılıklı birbirini kazıklamaya çalışıp morey kazığın dozunu kaçırınca takas yattı ama nets de kazık yedi bence
13 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Full Scale Philly
“None of that’s to say I would’ve disapproved of a Simmons-for-Harden trade—only a fool would actively disparage a deal for that caliber of player. But there were major concerns here, and thankfully Morey understood them.” #HereTheyCome  (@ryanhaynes24)
13 Jan, 10:34 PM UTC
Zack Hardy
@JClarkNBCS I trust Morey. He knows Harden best of all. If he shot that down, it was for good reason.
13 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
For Beal or Lavine I’d probably do a similar deal to what Nets gave Houston centered around Tobi. Tobi, some young guys, picks/swaps for days. Remove Fertetti trying to fuck over Morey and that seems realistic. Obviously which young guys and amount of picks pertinent to who for
13 Jan, 10:36 PM UTC
"Sixers can't compete for a other threes years" Well by that time Ben and Joel would be 27 & 29 still in they're respective primes.... Morey isn't even done yet
13 Jan, 10:43 PM UTC
Matt Zemek
If true, one would have to assume Daryl Morey simply didn't want to be part of James Harden's career anymore.
13 Jan, 10:27 PM UTC

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