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SueinPhilly שנה
#MorningJoe Enough about Tiger woods He's just one person who happens to play a game called golf Absolutely nothing would change in this world if Tiger never played golf again Can we stop talking about him now please? He was in a car accident BFD
24 Feb, 11:34 AM UTC
The reason the GOP can win with a minority is they stick together. It's something the Dems have not figured out yet. There are times when it's needed for one to swallow their objections, particularly when they are standing alone...and vote with the group. #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 11:53 AM UTC
Eddie Reyes 🏳️‍🌈
You can’t work across the aisle when you still have Republicans like Rep Gallagher refusing to admit that Ron Johnson is a lying sack of 💩 #morningjoe
24 Feb, 12:35 PM UTC
Love Claire McCaskill, she has no fear: "The Commander In Chief (former guy) was responsible for the January 6 Insurrection of our Capitol." Absolutely right! Thank you! @clairecmc #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:27 PM UTC
The Mean Progressive ™
#MorningJoe Joe literally just did his “Let me mansplain the Neera Tanden tweets accusations of misogyny thing for you” schtick, while also dismissing the racism. Classic.
24 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
#MorningJoe Senator Ron Johnson and the like have no place in our government. When the opposition party is fascist democracy can’t survive. Biden will govern well if that’s not enough all is lost.
24 Feb, 12:17 PM UTC
This is Jim Crow 2021. She didn't count the bubbles on the bar soap. #morningjoe #NeeraTanden
24 Feb, 11:58 AM UTC
#MorningJoe #NeeraTanden is a victim of double standard and you know it. https://t.co/8NX1r3GhYV
24 Feb, 12:14 PM UTC
Just keep in mind, these people can vote. This is what we’re up against in this country. Fake snow, 5G towers creating fake snow in Texas... and it’s all Bill Gates fault. #MorningJoe https://t.co/sfzuQ97aub
24 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Willie is the best when he digs in. Mike Gallagher just got revealed #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
Derrek Harbour
#MorningJoe #JoeManchin Securities and Exchange Commission filings: Bresch's compensation went from $2,453,456 to $18,931,068 from 2007 to 2015. A striking 671% increase. That was when Mylan acquired EpiPens and hiked the price from about $55 to $320. https://t.co/4PIP138U4O
24 Feb, 12:32 PM UTC
Aunt PithyPat
He’s a disingenuous pissant and is trying to eat his cake and have it too. What an embarrassment that he’s in the United States Congress. Disgusting. #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #MorningJoe #GOPDomesticTerrorists https://t.co/sotliopxKJ
24 Feb, 12:36 PM UTC
Sharon Joyner
WTF? Party or everything, right? @RepGallagher Trash! Looks like WI needs new representation all the way around!!! #morningjoe
24 Feb, 12:36 PM UTC
CD Fleming
Why doesn’t @JoeNBC address this???? BECAUSE he WORSHIPS #JoeManchin for being a REPUBLICAN wearing sheep’s clothing!!!! #MorningJoe https://t.co/Me40fsTBWg
24 Feb, 12:11 PM UTC
Marquita Carr
And just like that I can't believe anything Gallagher says. You didn't have to see, Willie is telling you what Cornyn said. #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
@morningmika: "We had golf caddies running the Whitehouse" and 4 yrs of "Mean Tweets" by the minute from DJT, and Minority @LeaderMcConnell and the @GOPSenate, basically, want to clutch their Fake Pearls about #NeeraTanden?!? #WTF #GOPMisogynists #GOPRacists #MorningJoe #MSNBC
24 Feb, 12:24 PM UTC
Michele Campisi
Hey @JoeNBC it's not about what @clairecmc would do it's about what these G"Q"P hypocrites have done and CONTINUE to do, to tolerate, and to endorse. so let's keep the focus where it belongs #NeeraTanden #MorningJoe Confirm #Biden's Cabinet
24 Feb, 12:02 PM UTC
Lori Goldstein
#morningjoe @RepGallagher is such a weasel. He didn’t see the hearing yesterday? That’s what lying weasels always say. @WillieGeist @RepJasonCrow
24 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
Greg Griffin
Gallagher is lying, some would call it deflecting, was antifa involved is a yes/no question, any answer not either yes or no is in effect a lie, he is consciously avoiding the whole truth and nothing but the truth #morningjoe what did he say was true? "I don't know who ......"
24 Feb, 12:36 PM UTC
Akinwumi oyebade 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇳🇬
I can't believe #MSNBC #MorningJoe brought in this republican to come on air to defend the stupid shit Ron Johnson said #
24 Feb, 12:35 PM UTC
@CaRead99 @Morning_Joe @RepJasonCrow @RepGallagher Like the Republicans who never heard or saw anything cruel, hatefilled from Trump, “plausible deniability” sad people who pretend #MorningJoe https://t.co/QEiCFjC6sA
24 Feb, 12:38 PM UTC
@RepGallagher will always be #GQP over Country!!! Covering for Ron Johnson's lies!!!! #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
Rori. We fired that 🍊🤡 Nov. 3, 2020!
@RepGallagher Are you serious???!! You’re full of crap too! #gopcowards #morningjoe @Morning_Joe @morningmika @JoeNBC @WillieGeist
24 Feb, 12:35 PM UTC
@RepGallagher acting dumb on #MorningJoe!
24 Feb, 12:33 PM UTC
@RepGallagher You are so pathetic!!! #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:33 PM UTC
#morningjoe that wasn’t Donald Trumps insurrection It belongs to the entire Republican Party and their media allies like joe Scarborough are trying to provide cover for the party of white supremacy
24 Feb, 12:05 PM UTC
Immah Bey 💜
.@MikeforWI maga supporters went to DC with the intent to overthrow the US Government. It’s going to happen again bc you guys are living in an alternate reality. How can you uphold our troops and live in the world. #morningjoe
24 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
Rep Gallagher is proof positive that the GOP just will not take any responsibility for their rhetoric and actions enabling 1/6/2021 and Trump’s failed coup attempt. #MorningJoe
24 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
It is completely unrealistic to me that @RepGallagher would not have seen or at least been briefed on what a senator of his state said. Gallagher seemed pretty up to speed on the rest of it. Why not press him more @WillieGeist @morningmika @JoeNBC ? #morningjoe
24 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
Jade Helm Recruit
@RepGallagher is being intellectually dishonest. How could he possibly know what members of '45's mob was thinking on the morning of January 6th. Pathetic display of deflection. #MorningJoe #CapitolRiot
24 Feb, 12:40 PM UTC

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