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Duty To Warn 🔉
The GOP politicians who are crying for Milley’s head are insurrectionist traitors themselves who are tearing down the Constitution Milley defended. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 11:48 AM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
General Milley took an oath to the defend the Constitution, not Trump. He took action to defend the Constitution from Trump. He may have been the last line of defense. There’s an empty podium in Richmond where Robet E. Lee used to be. Put up a statue of Milley. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 11:35 AM UTC
Immah Alarmist & Vaxxed Bey 💜
We need the press to stop repeating what republicans say without printing the truth. (Because republicans distort reality) #morningjoe
16 Sep, 10:31 AM UTC
Island Girl - Listen Up, Get Your Covid-Vaccine
Mika Brzezinski is always lecturing Democrats about what to do but she can't control her co-worker-turned-husband Joe Scarborough, who keeps talking over her and barely allows her to talk. #MorningJoe https://t.co/QI2tmfwO6n
16 Sep, 10:48 AM UTC
💉 Cindy, #Get Vaccinated ⛳️
#morningjoe @JoeNBC is such a ridiculous windbag. No, Dems do not want homeless people on the street. If was your hero Reagan who emptied out psychiatric hospitals & put them on the street. It's a complicated problem that Dems have been trying to solve for years. Just STFU
16 Sep, 11:06 AM UTC
While the votes against certifying the election are legal, the act of storming the Capitol building to stop the process are not. And anyone that had a part in that is guilty of sedition, a federal felony which can be good for a 20 year sentence in prison. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 10:32 AM UTC
Sara Spector
In Red Midland Texas, even pro life people are disturbed about no rape or incest exception. We are working fervently on the ground here gravely disappointed by the lack of Congressional and Presidential support. Thank God for Beto. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 11:25 AM UTC
Katie Jones
Mitch McConnell blocked everything the black president did, stacked the courts with extremists, voted NO on impeachment twice, and jammed Barrett an extremist to the court, and he's reasonable. Stop clowning @joennbc #morningjoe
16 Sep, 11:33 AM UTC
Imagine Trump voters in MSM like Joe and Mika giving Democrats lectures when the standard of decency now for a Republican is someone being a hero for simply saying "Dude you kinda gotta follow the Constitution". Mike Pence. Dan Quayle. #morningjoe #January6th https://t.co/MnDGkSGfvk
16 Sep, 11:15 AM UTC
Eugene Eugenius 🌊
"I'm a gay guy with an interracial family living in a Trump district." - Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney And just like that, @RepSeanMaloney wins #MorningJoe https://t.co/M9tlAW7HSQ
16 Sep, 11:36 AM UTC
william pelton
#morningjoe it's terrible that Facebook is hurting teenagers. However more important is the fact that the fossil fuel industry is destroying the planet. That is the central issue of our time.
16 Sep, 11:58 AM UTC
Yeah… he’s a democrat, but this asshole has gotta go. His family’s fortune was derived from big Pharma… and of course he’s gonna f everyone else over and vote against government negotiating for better drug prices. #MorningJoe https://t.co/a4igQvrj7Q
16 Sep, 12:27 PM UTC
Marquita Carr
What's the point of having guests if you're just going to answer for them. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 12:25 PM UTC
having fun online👍
#ThursdayThoughts #MorningJoe jeonghan montero https://t.co/RiPyErBD9n
16 Sep, 12:23 PM UTC
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16 Sep, 12:29 PM UTC
The fact that there are people out here who know Nicki Minaj every IG post but had no clue we have a life or death election next year in 2022 with voting rights and abortion rights and human infrastructure at risk. SMGDH. #2022Midterms #morningjoe #abortion #votersuppression
16 Sep, 12:29 PM UTC
#WhoOwnsKavanaugh #EndTheFilibuster #VaxxedAF
@CrockerBoy @frenyard @RepSeanMaloney Also, why does it take so long for #MorningJoe to be over? Those are the 3 longest hours in recorded history.
16 Sep, 12:28 PM UTC
Marc Marhone
#NickiMinaj #FreeNicki #TrinidadandTobago #MorningJoe #TuckerCarlson sounds to me like this cousin’s friend’s swollen Testicales is an easy fix. I mean of all the things to lie about in this world this would rank among the stupidest, right https://t.co/sJKJmmfsPJ
16 Sep, 12:28 PM UTC
So Trump’s minions are questioning Milley- calling him treasonous because he communicated with China’s counterpart? Thats laughable-The minions’ reputation was ruined long ago as they latched onto Trump and his authoritarian platform and insurrection of our nation. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 12:28 PM UTC
Trump & GOP incited the 1/6 U.S. Capitol attack.
The fact that the GOP & right wing media are outraged at Gen Miley for preempting a coup & possibly a nuclear attack on China by Trump *but* are silent about the former guy’s dangerous actions, basically are admitting they approve of his erratic behavior. It’s a cult. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 12:27 PM UTC
Susan 😷💙🇺🇸
The @SenateGOP has zero credibility. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
@MSNBC #MorningJoe/@MorningMika @MorningWillie My Thought, We Know Who's Commited Treason #InsurrectionistTrump. If You Ask Me/America's #TopGeneral Didn't Go Far Enough. He Should Have Summoned The Gang Of 8/To Remove Trump. But He Knew Who's Side The #AmericanTaliban Was On.
16 Sep, 12:26 PM UTC
dimitrious gartrell
#morningjoe Fire Christopher Wray. He was wishy washy at best under #Trump and the Mueller report. If he didn't know and I think he did, he should have known. Fire that marshmallow
16 Sep, 12:25 PM UTC
Sam "Abolish Filibuster" Wilson,Your Hero🇺🇸🐝✊🏾
@Simone_Biles Thank you for your bravery! You are strong and your testimony was powerful! America stands with you. #MorningJoe
16 Sep, 12:25 PM UTC
(((Elis Madison)))
#MorningJoe Chill out, Joe. The “snowflakes” are just trying to deflect attention from the main issue in the book—that Trump was having a meltdown in the Oval and people were afraid that he might start a war.
16 Sep, 12:24 PM UTC
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16 Sep, 12:24 PM UTC