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Rep Joe Kennedy Spoken Like A Leader! #MorningJoe
23 Jun, 11:54 AM UTC
Video: Trump runs out of BBC interview when pressed on biz partner-Russian mobster Felix Sater #MorningJoe
23 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC
THIS IS AWESOME!😆😂 @SeanHannity Offers to Pay for Therapy for #MorningJoe🤡CLOWNS Joe & Mika Brzezinski https://t.co/qKJjEESFxS
23 Jun, 12:03 PM UTC
Watch the meltdowns from @Morning_Joe @morningmika They need anger management and a safe place STAT! #MorningJoe https://t.co/HgWDPPXHCq
23 Jun, 06:59 AM UTC
Morning Joe
.@JoeNBC took us through his musical history & his new ep 'Mystified' @bendmayer https://t.co/6lREORBYwv #morningjoe
23 Jun, 01:38 PM UTC
#morningjoe Republicans chipping away at all these tremendous accomplishments which support the people in order 2 r… https://t.co/ntKwpQs7Za
23 Jun, 11:24 AM UTC
Donnedia Edmond
"They're Wrong About Everything" The US abt all ppl not just the 1% To deny ppl life/endorses death2all #MorningJoe
23 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC
Donnedia Edmond
"Our Fake Democracy" A Rep.Agenda that profits no1 but them/omits Demo.values&ppls needs #FridayFeeling #MorningJoe
23 Jun, 02:28 PM UTC
Victorious Annie👅
#Hannity is willing to pay for #Morningjoe & Mika to get TDS Therapy for one year! Throw #maddow & #AMJoy in there… https://t.co/tcNFKmJRKP
23 Jun, 02:44 AM UTC
Mourning For America
#morningjoe #FridayFeeling Russian hackers only needed to delete 80,000 voters in 3 states to make Trump president. They had 39 states info
23 Jun, 12:36 PM UTC
#morningjoe has become unwatchable. Pre election, you could listen to them, sometimes Now they are cranky kids in a toy store. #Hannity
23 Jun, 02:37 AM UTC
#FridayFeeling The Democrats.. They're Wrong About Everything #maga #morningjoe Comey-Mueller #Trump2020
23 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC
#morningjoe Trump mocked a disabled person. Mitch threw wheelchair-bound ppl out of Congress yesterday. Let's slam Nancy Pelosi. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
23 Jun, 11:55 AM UTC
🇺🇸Patriot 24/7🇺🇸
VIDEO : Hannity SLAMS "#morningjoe Joe" for CONSTANTLY Melting Down Over Trump https://t.co/XCaqQLp2Rb
23 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
#morningjoe #MSNBC They’re Wrong About Everything
23 Jun, 03:26 PM UTC
#MorningJoe on Trump Administration: Feels Like a 'Developing Dictatorship' (Video) https://t.co/hUk2M3lQ7D
23 Jun, 02:09 PM UTC
I was not the biggest @DonnyDeutsch fan but he's been saying "Follow the Money" long before other networks #MorningJoe #TrumpRussiaCollusion
23 Jun, 10:15 AM UTC
Carnivore of Libs
Fox-News back to No.1 as Russia,Russia,Russia FACADE Fades. https://t.co/YyFf1JH40V #morningjoe #morningmorons
23 Jun, 11:35 AM UTC
Sandra Weicht
Coffee and a good book. The perfect pairing. 📚❤️📚❤️☕️❤️☕️ #morningjoe #FridayFeeling
23 Jun, 02:07 PM UTC
Gerald Dlubala
Commencing the word writing, compliments of @B_Dooby and @DeathWishCoffee. #slwg #mwg #morningjoe #deathwishcoffee
23 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
NWPD Patrol
Fueled by frappuccinos Charlene and Emily will be able to do so many math problems! #MorningJoe #TGIF #NewWest
23 Jun, 03:38 PM UTC
Now, this right here.....Isn't graffiti......It's a work of art! #healthcare #Trumpcare #morningjoe #FridayFeelings https://t.co/GHQJnKrZ1m
23 Jun, 03:32 PM UTC
sharon nichols
@TheView If we had popular vote it would help. At least the people would speak instead of voter suppression and gerrymandering. #MORNINGJOE
23 Jun, 03:26 PM UTC
Elaine Gaetano
Why do so many ppl think 2nd Amendment is untouchable but 14th Amendment is up for debate? 🤔 #morningjoe #FridayFeeling #RoeVWade #MAGA
23 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Move Forward
@JoeNBC you & ur TART are an embarrassment Have a great weekend #morningjoe #FridayFeeling
23 Jun, 03:42 PM UTC
Mika's Dad said watching #morningjoe was "as enjoyable as watching the clubbing of baby seals".
23 Jun, 03:41 PM UTC
Cowboy Coffee Chew
Breakfast Brunch & Lunch 12 cans Caffeine ENERGY Chew & Brew Dip & Sip Pot Mug Cup Maker Keurig k-cup… https://t.co/Gp3K4RBAga
23 Jun, 03:40 PM UTC
Happy Gringo
#morningjoe Planned Parenthood gave over 630k to The Democrat Party but can't afford a Mammogram Machine. How's that Work.
23 Jun, 03:37 PM UTC
Covfefe Vodka
"Better Care" is the "New Coke". Americans don't want it. #BetterCare #Trumpcare #FridayFeeling #morningjoe
23 Jun, 03:33 PM UTC
This the least the city of Chicago can do. But, what about others who was gunned down because of police officers in… https://t.co/lve8Pj8z2v
23 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
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