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gaia 🕯
healthy friendships with women are so sacred. i’ll never take it for granted.
12 Apr, 12:46 AM UTC
Stepmother of Dragons 🐲
The way I screamed after watching the end of this video! 😩😩😩😂 @cheembeam's photo on Morris
12 Apr, 06:02 PM UTC
tweets that should stop being recycled:
11 Apr, 08:58 PM UTC
A'Najai Summers
This always cracks me up 🤣 @STFU_anajai2's photo on Morris
12 Apr, 01:51 AM UTC
Mister Social
Thinking about Gordon Ramsay’s pilot disguise again @lceCreamSocial's photo on Morris
12 Apr, 02:35 AM UTC
I want my first marriage to be my only.
11 Apr, 08:53 PM UTC
once you lame to me i can’t unsee it 😂
12 Apr, 04:57 AM UTC
Bonnie 🌼
“That’s my girl” might be the cutest thing a boy could say
12 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC
Do you know how phat that ass has to be to bounce in them vacuum seal pants????
12 Apr, 12:10 AM UTC
♥ briancée ♡
taurus season is so close i can literally smell the pleasures of life approaching.
12 Apr, 02:35 PM UTC
chey 39
i see a lot of my mutuals in fear of speaking over black people, so speak with us, here’s how. - bring awareness to the injustices. educate yourself on what happened and all angles. knowledge is important. - advocate for reform! educate yourself on what that is and
12 Apr, 02:00 AM UTC
Sanjay Manjrekar
Greater possibility of Samson hitting a six in that form than new batsman in Morris hitting a four. Right call by Samson to keep strike last ball I thought.
12 Apr, 06:12 PM UTC
Deleting pictures of someone you thought was going to be in your life forever really be sad
12 Apr, 03:42 PM UTC
##_saint ➐
Big mood @Man_jayray's photo on Morris
12 Apr, 12:10 PM UTC

I suffered, I learned, I changed
12 Apr, 03:27 PM UTC
Jimmy Neesham
Not necessarily. It’s whether you think Samson is more likely to hit a 6 than Morris is to hit 4 or 6. The way Samson was hitting it I can see why he would have confidence in himself. No wrong answer really
12 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
Hemang Badani
Sanju not taking single can be justified with the way he was playing & given that Morris was new at the crease. It was totally understandable. Happens in the game of cricket. Well played 👏 #RRvPBKS
12 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
The Reaction of highest paid player Chris Morris after #SanjuSamson denied him to give Strike 🤣
12 Apr, 06:19 PM UTC
Morris be like "ye kon tha jisne most expensive player in the history of IPL ko mud ke nahi dekha" when Samson denied single. 😂 #RRvPBKS
12 Apr, 06:16 PM UTC
o poder e a química que any gabrielly e lamar morris exalam
12 Apr, 03:22 PM UTC
Arvind Schröödinger🤡
Sed for Morris 😞😂
12 Apr, 06:33 PM UTC
Don’t change yourself for someone, let them deal with what they chose
12 Apr, 05:34 PM UTC
Just wanna travel,have good sex & eat good food with the same person 4L.
12 Apr, 07:14 PM UTC
The pilot episode of Citizen Smith (a full series - the first of four - followed later in the year) was broadcast on this day in 1977. Written by John Sullivan, the pilot starred Robert Lindsay, Cheryl Hall, Mike Grady, Artro Morris, Hilda Braid and Tony Millan.
12 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
Stepmama Bre 🤩👸🏾
Forgive but never forget .
12 Apr, 04:07 PM UTC
1953 Morris Eight Series Z Utility - #morrismonday
12 Apr, 05:37 AM UTC
#RRvPBKS #PunjabKings #SanjuSamson Dear Morris stop copying our Champakchacha.
12 Apr, 06:54 PM UTC
Lluís Ribera
La complicació d'una diabetis l'ha deixat quasi totalment cec (0'05 de 1) i amb l'amputació d'un peu... però Dani Pagès, mític cronista del CF Peralada i locutor de l'esport altempordanès, no defalleix. Va vendre cupons per l'ONCE i ara condueix el @centsetesports. Un exemple! 👏
12 Apr, 07:48 PM UTC