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Roddy Ricch
stay tf from round me
02 Dec, 10:39 PM UTC
Grace Tame on Morrison: 'He wasn't even a good enough villain -he had the ambitions of Voldemort, with the brains of Peter Griffin'.🤣👊
02 Dec, 05:37 AM UTC
May I say with all goodwill I can muster that disgraceful performance in #Senate of #MichaeliaCash in delaying vote on IR legislation was childish assault on dignity of Parliamentary debate. She recklessly multiplied pain for #LNP that already had bad week with #Morrison & #Voice
02 Dec, 09:30 AM UTC
Peter Murphy
I love that AUS PM @AlboMP respectfully shook hands with Finland's PM @MarinSanna. I still remember the shame when our former PM Scott Morrison bear-hugged NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, ignoring her outstretched hand. #respect #auspol #Finland https://t.co/Gqo2FWZcjb
02 Dec, 12:08 PM UTC
Dr Sheep Person Podge
Morrison govt forced ACT police to request tapes in the Lehrmann case every 6 months https://t.co/OUAUfjOjSJ
02 Dec, 07:13 PM UTC
Leyendo los tuits de carla morrison sobre el origen de sus canciones https://t.co/NBe7Fc8hkO
02 Dec, 02:09 AM UTC
"Archer's position was not just principled but reasoned and understandable, unlike the perplexing toadying the rest of the Coalition engaged in." writes @latingle Excerpt 1/4 Brilliant piece, en pointe & intelligent analysis as always 🐝 #auspol #insiders https://t.co/OYazfUdVD9
02 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Michael Secomb
Laura Tingle: Morrison thinks no-one can judge him, but politics has changed. Scott Morrison and the Nationals fail to move with the changing Australian electorate mood https://t.co/KnujtFGvzv
02 Dec, 08:10 PM UTC
Julia Banks
The brilliance of ⁦⁦@latingle⁩ . Again #auspol https://t.co/WmO2fG5HU2
02 Dec, 09:59 PM UTC
💧Dead Parrot Society (parody)
Scott Morrison and Stuart Robert should not merely be expelled from parliament they must face justice.
02 Dec, 10:23 PM UTC
"Not only did the Opposition oppose the censure, its MPs gathered around Scott Morrison to shake his hand after he had spoken: offering support to a man who had shown a complete lack of loyalty to them, and a man they all wish would just go away." writes @latingle 2/4 🐝 #auspol
02 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Feel very sorry for poor Mr Morrison. The pileon since his explanation in the house has been extraordinary and disproportionate....and all for just being the most filthy lying duplicitous grub that has ever been Prime Minister. Not fair.
02 Dec, 10:28 PM UTC
All I want for Christmas is to see Morrison on the front row seat with the No.1 ticket in his hand for the NACC inquiry.
02 Dec, 06:37 AM UTC
Politic@l Spinner. Blue tick 😜
Laura Tingles brilliant take 👍 #auspol https://t.co/TOBSCj8gV4
02 Dec, 09:49 PM UTC
The Saturday Paper
Editorial: Scott Morrison’s contempt for the media is obvious, but that contempt also extended to his own cabinet and basic conventions of democracy. And thus, to the Australian people.  #AusPol https://t.co/i3ik2qjxAz
02 Dec, 09:30 PM UTC
Ophelia M. Byers, she/her(s)
@solomonmissouri We don’t even want to participate in the “Oppression Olympics,” yet folks insist on giving us the gold. “Leave me out of it.” — Toni Morrison
02 Dec, 09:57 PM UTC
Rupert's Conscience
@JoshFrydenberg Wow...just wow. You crawled out from under your rock. Anything to say about Morrison's many cabinet positions, the national debt you created, #Robodebt, the record inflation you created?? https://t.co/2n5GT2WUKL
02 Dec, 12:17 PM UTC
Reading more about Robodebt. The cruelty the Coalition from Howard on revels in repulses me. It’s not enough to lack sympathy for those less fortunate, they had to hate them. I hope Morrison, Porter and others are pursued as vigorously as they pursued others. Won’t hold my breath
02 Dec, 04:30 PM UTC
Wayne Swan
The mood of the Australian electorate has changed. Morrison's 'apology' shows he fails to u… https://t.co/H1RGgVuwGS
02 Dec, 10:43 PM UTC
Ian McKail
Abbott and Morrison proved that in Australian the prime ministership and religion go together like short shorts and gaping underwear
02 Dec, 09:37 PM UTC
💧Don Wilson
Scott Morrison and the Nationals fail to move with the changing Australian electorate mood https://t.co/MKEuyeLEyX As alarming as the failures of govt over the past 9 years, are the failures in political reporting. Laura Tingle has been a notable exception. Spot on again.
02 Dec, 09:06 PM UTC
The Cockatoo
Bill Shorten would have made a good PM. He is serving the country with distinction as a Minister. He was unfortunate to have suffered a narrow loss to Scott Morrison at the height of the Liberal lies, rorts and scare program and got no favours at all from a very biased Media.
02 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
Gonzaga Bulldogs on FanNation
Do Adam Morrison and @dandickau21 think Gonzaga leaving the WCC is a real thing? https://t.co/ZEzVWOohe7
02 Dec, 10:51 PM UTC
The #Morrison #censure for his deceptive lying will bode well for his happy clapper fleece the flock speaking circuit prospects!
02 Dec, 09:19 PM UTC
station to station
***1970 Albums World Cup Tournament**** Knockout Stage (Round 1) Loaded (Velvet Underground) @NPortnell vs. Moondance (Van Morrison) @Colliniho VOTE for your FAVORITE TRACK Song with higher % advances, lower eliminated
02 Dec, 02:35 PM UTC
Kammy Cordner Hunt
@Renmarkable1 @chris_p_hansen @AlboMP @PMalinauskasMP Liberals did it too. Scott Morrison "Gladys is the Gold standard".
02 Dec, 09:24 PM UTC
😷 @turnleft@mastodon.au
first the taxpayer funded steam cleaning of office furniture to destroy evidence then morrison got up in parli to undermind the trial then a juror deliberately broke the rules to cause a mistrial justice wasnt done, justice was punched in the face
02 Dec, 11:03 PM UTC
Imogen Dewey
And she’s away !! * cracks champagne over hull * https://t.co/dDtZnSd16T
02 Dec, 10:34 PM UTC
@ShitFuckery1 @RonniSalt FFS. People only put up with this 💩 because her husbands the GG. Before he was a General and she pulled rank amongst the defence wives and dignatories. Even more disgraceful is that Morrison recommended for GG appointment with this power framing going on.
02 Dec, 11:11 PM UTC