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Lake Young 🎃
BREAKING: @AmyMcGrathKY is up by two points in a new poll against Mitch McConnell! She is SO close to beating out #MoscowMitch and starting a new era for Kentucky. She needs all the help we can give her so please donate to her below! ⬇️
12 Oct, 09:33 PM UTC
Joe Scarborough
“Rule of law”? Dan, stop. You’re cracking me up. Your intellectual dishonesty shows just how much you’ve been paying attention to Trump. As you and #MoscowMitch love to say, Republicans can do what they want if they have the votes. Guess what, Dan. So can Democrats. https://t.co/hzyOmhSaT4
12 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Thomas Kaine
KENTUCKY: Reminder. The Republican senator, including #MoscowMitch McConnell, are plotting to gut Social Security 'behind closed doors'. It happens after the election https://t.co/t3Q16ISpRL
13 Oct, 01:57 AM UTC
F. Andy Seidl
The COVID crisis in not funny, #MoscowMitch. Sitting on a 4-month-old COVID relief plan is not funny. Rushing thru a SCOTUS nominee to pack the court is not funny. But, you know what is funny? Amy McGrath is kicking @senatemajldr out of his seat! #DitchMitch #VoteBlue https://t.co/BtN8aHYccz
13 Oct, 02:06 AM UTC
Lea Thompson
This man will go down as the most destructive senator in modern history. #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitchMcTraitor #TrumpKills #VoteHimOut2020 @AmyMcGrathKY for sanity. https://t.co/LfApTVK3vi
13 Oct, 05:04 AM UTC
AntifaSoupMaker 🌊🌊
#MoscowMitch got his ass handed to him, not only by #AmyMcGrath but from himself. Kentucky, wtf are you people thinking? You enjoy making him wealthier & wealthier while you suffer? One of the poorest states in the nation & bottom in education #DitchMitch @Deadhead722's photo on #MoscowMitch
13 Oct, 02:43 AM UTC
Mystery Solvent
Want to see a disrespectful asshole laugh in the face of someone trying to talk about policy?? #MoscowMitch @AmyMcGrathKY is speaking! #ImSpeaking https://t.co/FKUcrYiVav
13 Oct, 01:31 AM UTC
I approve this message #KYSen #DitchMitch #MoscowMitch https://t.co/yeD6MldgPZ
13 Oct, 02:48 AM UTC
𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡
Watch as #MoscowMitch laughs at the most serious health crisis in America. https://t.co/LTDMVyJOmh
13 Oct, 01:47 AM UTC
Edan Clay 🇺🇸
Can you imagine how great it would be to never have to see #MoscowMitch again and instead see a real #KentuckyWoman, @AmyMcGrathKY representing Kentucky?
13 Oct, 06:35 AM UTC
Vote Early 4 RBG
#MoscowMitch is on @cspan getting his Arse Kicked by @AmyMcGrathKY. Traitor #MoscowMitch padding himself on the back for #FailedCovid19Response. Help Amy #VoteMitchOut Hey @senatemajldr we don’t think #220KDeadAmericans is Funny. U do, We Don’t https://t.co/sy1IhSO04X
12 Oct, 11:10 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
McConnell betrays Kentucky, and Kentucky is fed up with #MoscowMitch. Unpopular, unwanted, and un-American. Listen to those protesters! Kentuckians are ready to kick dirty-dealing old Mitch to the curb of defeat on November 3rd. Vote @AmyMcGrathKY https://t.co/K4BxQZv2DD
13 Oct, 08:30 AM UTC
Liberty S. Justice
Where are my Kentucky neighbors?? Are you ready to #DitchMitch?? Asking for the entire country impacted by his insistence on leaving all the bills on his desk. #NoSCOTUSVote #MoscowMitch #MitchMcCourtpacker https://t.co/9KMRoboRlb
13 Oct, 04:48 AM UTC
Adam Rifkin 🐼
@kelsientaggart #MoscowMitch is chuckling, thinking of all the money he has made as majority leader while not passing any new COVID relief for the last 5 months. https://t.co/CkxccRaCVK
13 Oct, 04:56 AM UTC
purple teacher #ProtectOurDemocracy
Blue states are tired of supporting Kentucky. #MoscowMitch has enriched himself yet Kentuckians suffer. Over 400 bills to help people sit on the Senate floor and this odious man passes a tax cut for the top 1% and jams through judges. #FlipTheSenateBlue2020 #FreshTweets #OneV1 https://t.co/ufhRahBUtS https://t.co/fy0dJCwli5
13 Oct, 02:01 AM UTC
Keͥllͣyͫ⇜ 🧷🏳️‍🌈🗽🆘🥀
He's absolutely giddy about shoving aside stimulus negotiations to ram through a SCOTUS nominee. While #Kentucky voters go hungry, #MoscowMitch couldn't care any less. #DitchMitch https://t.co/qPx2cqtyh1
13 Oct, 03:17 AM UTC
Pissed Off 😡 Until Further Notice 🆘
I hope @senatemajldr’s disgusting display of misogyny during last night’s Kentucky senatorial debate with @AmyMcGrathKY (and his smarmy laughter while she was speaking) will backfire on him, and move her up in the polls. #KY voters, you can do better than #MoscowMitch #DitchMitch
13 Oct, 10:30 AM UTC
W Smith Ω 🧢 DJT— America's #1 Domestic Terrorist
Damn...Someone must’ve spiked Moscow Mitch’s drink with truth serum. #DitchMitch #KentuckyDebate #AmyMcGrath #MoscowMitch https://t.co/mvp6YAoQYb
13 Oct, 09:56 AM UTC
W Smith Ω 🧢 DJT— America's #1 Domestic Terrorist
Amy McGrath: For the 1st time in 100 yrs we have a major international crisis and no one is looking to the U.S. for leadership. McConnell built a Senate that’s so dysfunctional they can’t get anything done. #McGrathMcConnellDebate #MoscowMitch https://t.co/TyIFokWGjf
13 Oct, 08:58 AM UTC
Celestial Sojourner
@kelsientaggart It's really very creepy to watch this #sociopath #MoscowMitch chuckle gleefully when he considers what he might have done better to save American lives from #CoronaVirusPandmemic. 215 thousand Americans are dead mostly due to an absence of leadership in America! #AmyMcGrath2020!
13 Oct, 04:14 AM UTC
Celestial Sojourner
#Kentucky, #MoscowMitch is only looking out for himself, not #Kentucky and not #America. He is the person most responsible for allowing a lawless #despot to wreak havoc in America, look at the mess in #Louisville all caused by the #StochasticTerrorism of the despot he enabled! https://t.co/eq97Bp7oXz
13 Oct, 10:46 AM UTC
🏴‍☠️Oracle 671⚓️Is Not a Sucker or Loser
By the same turn, not sure @AmyMcGrathKY expected the opportunities she was presented with, but she made the most of her debate preparation. Bang. Again. Bang. Again. She hammered #MoscowMitch like a roofing nail gun. "She's a Marine", he said. "She's a mom. And she's not me."
13 Oct, 12:15 AM UTC
Ethan Marten
This is no laughing matter #MoscowMitch. #VoteAmyMcGrathKY #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica https://t.co/o8JOAgxun2
13 Oct, 10:56 AM UTC
David F🎸
Have you ever seen a leader more out of touch w/ reality than #MoscowMitch ? (never mind). https://t.co/QELAsWiPuL
13 Oct, 04:09 AM UTC
As The World Burns 😷 🌊 #BidenHarris2020 🔥
#AmyMcGrath2020 takes the coronavirus seriously. #MoscowMitch laughs about it. Kentucky who do you want to have your back. A sycophant like McConnell or a veteran like Amy McGrath? You voted for a Democrat for governor. #vote blue for your next senator. Let's do this. #VoteBlue
13 Oct, 10:55 AM UTC
#Kentucky we deserve better than @senatemajldr He did something positive 30 years ago and hasn’t done anything since. Can’t we do what’s best for all us Kentuckians for once by voting for @AmyMcGrathKY #MoscowMitch doesn’t care about us at all Time to retire his evil ass. https://t.co/ltjg1K2lzW
13 Oct, 10:55 AM UTC
@ResisterDude @LLeikus @senatemajldr @AmyMcGrathKY #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch #MoscowMitch
13 Oct, 11:01 AM UTC
Lisa Brennan Perez
@DanRather Vote out #MoscowMitch
13 Oct, 11:01 AM UTC
P. D. White
Hey, #Kentucky, #MoscowMitch thinks 215,000 dead Americans is funny. Do you think it's funny too? #DitchMitch #VoteAmyMcGrath https://t.co/p1FFuFoCxd
13 Oct, 11:00 AM UTC
Suburban Guerrilla Ω
TURTLE SOUP: Amy McGrath Shreds #MoscowMitch In Last Night's Senate Debate https://t.co/0Zd0IiTXOo
13 Oct, 11:00 AM UTC

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