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Thought Contagion
Love Lies
Khalid & Normani
Monstro É Aquele Que Não Sabe Amar. Os Filhos Abandonados Da Pátria Que Os Pariu
G.R.E.S. Beija Flor de Nilópolis & Neguinho da Beija-Flor
James Woods
If you have difficulty understanding that liberalism finally is fascism... James Woods's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 07:34 PM UTC
Netflix US
Don't drop your Eggos. Rumors that the Duffer Bros are leaving Stranger Things after season 3 are false. Netflix US's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 10:48 PM UTC
niall horan crawling inside your ear
in honor of rihanna’s birthday you must block at least 5 men
20 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Team to face Barcelona: Courtois; Azpilicueta (c), Christensen, Rudiger; Moses, Kante, Fabregas, Alonso; Willian, Hazard, Pedro. Subs: Caballero, Cahill, Zappacosta, Drinkwater, Hudson-Odoi, Giroud, Morata. #CHEBAR Chelsea FC's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 06:49 PM UTC
Saving America 🔴
FACT: Obama meddled in the election more than 13 Russians. He enabled and encouraged millions of illegal aliens to vote on national T.v. Saving America 🔴's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
The Hill
#BREAKING: Dem wins Kentucky state House seat in district Trump won by 49 points The Hill's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 12:48 AM UTC
Marvel Entertainment
#WakandaForever #BlackPanther Marvel Entertainment's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
Sky Sports News
Chelsea XI to face Barcelona: Courtois, Rudiger, Alonso, Moses, Christensen, Azpilicueta, Fabregas, Kante, Pedro, Willian, Eden Hazard.
20 Feb, 06:48 PM UTC
Fox News
.@TheJusticeDept launches task force to examine election interference
20 Feb, 11:55 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Moses's strike looked to have taken a deflection before going behind but the ref signals for a goal-kick, with Morata booked for protesting. 1-1 [86'] #CHEBAR
20 Feb, 09:29 PM UTC
Fox News
Assault rifle-wielding MS-13 member threatens motorists, cops say
20 Feb, 11:25 PM UTC
Corneta Europa
Imagina ter 500 zilhão no banco e financiar um Escort XR3. Esse é o Moses titular no Chelsea.
20 Feb, 08:26 PM UTC
ComicBook NOW!
MARVEL's BLACK PANTHER has already crushed DC's entire JUSTICE LEAGUE box office haul - in less than a week of release! ComicBook NOW!'s photo on Moses
21 Feb, 12:10 AM UTC
Ali dawah
Laughing at Muslims coz we believe the prophet flew to heaven on a animal or creature shows your ignorance, coz all religions have beliefs n that’s why it’s called a belief lol. If God almighty exist he can make Jesus turn water into wine or make Moses part the see 👀
20 Feb, 08:29 PM UTC
The Aquaman Shrine
That MAN OF STEEL off-screen moment when Arthur saves Clark -- by artist Keenan Moses! The Aquaman Shrine's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
@David_Guti Habeis visto siquiera la jugada paletos? El pisotón de Moses a alba? Y el de drinkwater a Suárez? Pena de mandriles
20 Feb, 09:42 PM UTC
Victor Canedo
O nível de detalhe é absurdo. O passe de Christensen foi precisamente na medida para Iniesta roubar a bola - um tiquinho mais fraco, e Azpilicueta cortaria. Um pouco mais forte, e iria para Moses. Messi, sozinho, ergueu a mão na hora. Iniesta viu. O gol foi decidido ali. Victor Canedo's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Général Offusanmentu 🇳🇬
Mdr les gars, regardez moi ce misérable qui se nourrit que d’imbécilités à l’encontre du Barça pour suffire à sa piètre vie de supporter madrilène. Moses met un coup de coude à Umtiti mais ça veut parler et écrire des âneries pour faire rire les idiots de sa secte vêtue de blanc.
20 Feb, 10:22 PM UTC
Prophet Joshua
When God Sends A Prophet To You... They Not Only Protect You, But You Must Protect Them. Elisha... Protected Elijah. Joshua.... Protected Moses. Ruth... Protected Naomi. Protect You're Divine Connection At All Cost. 🔥🔥Eagle1TheProphet🦅
20 Feb, 07:43 PM UTC
Many of you need to sit down and rewatch this game without the pressure to see who really stood out. Chelsea players all stood out not for individual brilliance but mentality & compactness. Moving from side to side..patient. Hardwork. Victor Moses especially 👏👏👏👏
20 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
Salvation Army USA
Did you know that Harriet Tubman was one of the most significant abolitionists in American history? Her determination to lead enslaved people to freedom through the Underground Railroad—and to lose not one along the way—earned her the nickname of "Moses." #BlackHistoryMonth Salvation Army USA's photo on Moses
20 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
Weh, Moses bukan calang-calang la. Moses from Wakanda!
20 Feb, 08:24 PM UTC
Katie Stone
When will Karen Moses at the @ABQjournal learn not to give racists a platform in the comics? Hmmm. If she doesn’t see racism what does that say about her?
20 Feb, 01:57 PM UTC
🏹Apache Copeiro🍺
Mais um da série “superestimados europeus”, esse Moses não farda no São Luiz de Ijuí.
20 Feb, 09:32 PM UTC
HALFTIME Ball State 37, Northern Illinois 32 Trey Moses with 12 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks to lead the way. Tayler Persons with 11 points. #ChirpChirp BallStateMBB's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 12:51 AM UTC
Gunna for YAH🔥🕊🔥
“Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.” Acts 13:38-39 KJV
21 Feb, 12:51 AM UTC
Carley Peters
Driving across Robert Moses State bridge at night, just bumping with all ya homies. Just one of the best things
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
I have so much love to give
21 Feb, 12:54 AM UTC
Bulls Eye
@realDonaldTrump @washingtonpost @FoxNews President Trump we got your back and the fake news need to read about Moses and what God did to is brother and sister when they talk about their brother Moses because you are where you are because God heard our prayers to MAGA. Amen!
21 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Trevin Wax
God delights in showing mercy and grace to undeserving people, and until you see His glory in this, you’re likely to resent it.
21 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Tlyn Ski 🇺🇸
A vs from the Song of Moses KJV Deuteronomy 32:40 "For I lift up My hand to heaven, and say, I live for ever." This is our Heavenly Father saying, "I live for ever." "I Am the Eternal God." Don't look around you for another, for NO substitute will fill in for Him until He Returns
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Moss @ TFF
Hell yeah! Having breakfast for dinner. @ Moses Lake, Washington
21 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
IG: Bankz_Collection
My name is Andrew Moses I'm an undergraduate. I make footwear n belts (Corporate shoes, sandals, pam slippers n belts) Please Retweet till it gets to my customers. Thank u!
21 Feb, 12:14 AM UTC
@AmpliaLaFamilia Moses had to save his ass time and time again
21 Feb, 01:09 AM UTC
BS Trader #fixfifa
@filipeboura @DicasdeTrade Jovetic = over alto e full link com Falcão Garcia entre outros overs altos da Ligue 1. Usável em DMEs de ICONs! Carvalho= 85 barato. Mesma situação. Moses = acredito que valoriza. Boas stats. Mooy = deve receber upgrade.
21 Feb, 01:09 AM UTC
Ceara McCord, Gender Traitor and Shameless Fujoshi
@Fatboy_Moses Indeed. I enjoyed that, for the most part, he was a character who just HAPPENED to be gay. It wasn't the main focus of his character or anything. Which was nice.
21 Feb, 01:07 AM UTC
Jenna LynnCNJ
@moses_haven @CountessCaneToo Yeah it’s ridiculous I stopped both times I was pregnant and started again. So so dumb
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
NRL News
#NRL #NRLTrials No Gutherson for @TheParraEels due to injury rehab. French at fullback. Hayne, Ma'u, Norman, Moses & Jennings all named. @bradtaka_ will start in the back-row.
21 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Moses, Oshoala, Wins Aiteo/NFF Player Of The Year Award thecrusaderng's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:16 AM UTC
🇨🇦Earth Valley Organics Ltd~Alana
#Organic & #sustainable farming. #MOSESOrganicFarmingConference, in La Crosse, Feb. 22-24. Transitioning to organic, ecological weed management, and more. @Cornucopia_Inst
21 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Angela Rynan Durrell
Holy Moses in a handcart... *THUD*
21 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
BSU 44, NIU 34 (15:46, 2nd) Cardinals have opened the second half on a 7-2 run to push the lead to double digits. Trey Moses now has 17 points after this up-and-under move. BallStateMBB's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
Chelsea Wolfe Bot
Hold on, oh Moses Can you guide me?
21 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
NewsLink Sports
A couple @BallStateMBB are drawing offensive fouls from the @GoHuskiesMBB. Trey Moses is leading the scoring with 17 points, and the score is currently 44-34 with 15:46 remaining.
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Robby General
Moses and Mallers both draw charges. Northern Illinois has four fouls with 15:46 left in the game. Ball State leads 44-24. Oh yea, Moses is leading all scorers with 17 points thus far.
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Based Fatperson
@PSA_Sitch Richard is huwite tariq nasheed. But more soylent
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
BJ Bethel
@w001prl And for the love of God, quit reporting on every Tweet like he's Moses with the 10 commandments. Deep down they love this guy. He's ratings, he's controversy. If you want news, you'll have to read it not watch it.
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Ethan Jacobson
#MWE Day 20: Brownswood Recordings compilation surveying burgeoning London jazz scene. Holy shit this album is on fire. Great mix of genres/styles, tight as hell playing is the unifying theme. Moses Boyd’s drumming just blows me away. “Black Skin Black Masks” is a highlight here Ethan Jacobson's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Moses, Oshoala win inaugural Aiteo/NFF Awards
21 Feb, 01:12 AM UTC
@luke_moses Damn you, Luke. That’s a good one. And, no.
21 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
Based Fatperson
@GyakutennoMeg And his Haste ability is BROKEN AS FUCK! So it's a nobrainer to take him on all missions, which of course don't have some quest specific requirements
21 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
@bunyeezus @AmpliaLaFamilia If Moses had to save him time and time again then that's on Azpi you fucking idiot
21 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
Moses Romeo Barton-Dingle
I have been on Twitter for 2 years, 7 months, 1 day (since 22 Jul 2015). And you?
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
Magical Girl Jessie
Was Moses a warlock? Like ok I realize I'm extra going to hell, but I feel like if you watch Prince of Egypt he fits the warlock description really well
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
Drew Jenkins
@Jsullhart Maybe my fav. ep. was the fictional 10 year reunion when Eric returns looking like Moses, married a moose and pulls a sucker from his beard.
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
<br>When Pharaoh remained unmoved, Moses called down a Plague of __________. <br> <br> --Crippling debt.--<br>
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
Luke Moses
@patrickmgleason Are you sure you don’t just like that side for the gambling and prostitution?
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
Daniel Mohajer
@didd97 @Seb_Anderssen De to bør gå lett. Synd Moses er bedre defensivt enn offensivt. Trenger litt konkurranse. Chelsea er 1-2 gode signeringer unna av å ha et virkelig godt lag.
21 Feb, 01:10 AM UTC
if you hear/read the Joseph and Moses stories and don’t automatically think of the Disney movie versions then i don’t trust you
21 Feb, 01:09 AM UTC
Craig Brown
Talk about the 1st #AfricanAmerican to play @MLB Moses Fleetwood Walker @SmithsonianMag @TheUndefeated @espn @BlackHistoryUS #BlackHistoryMonth2018 #blackhistory #BlackHistoryPBS Craig Brown's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:08 AM UTC
Amy Gestal
@JDVance1 Sweet Moses is the best ice cream in Cleveland. That is well worth going out to get ice cream.
21 Feb, 01:08 AM UTC
@adhirachmatw @krisna_murti_w @Andywijaya__ @panditfootball Wkwk ada kontak sikut moses kena Umtiti, walau responnya berlebih.
21 Feb, 01:08 AM UTC
Hail to the Shit Show
Having him & Trent one side with Brandon & Moses on the other would be pretty boss. 🤔
21 Feb, 01:07 AM UTC
Pastor Mary McQueen
I’m praying that these self centered legislators will open their eyes. What will it take? Death of their own child? Need to read Moses story. Pharaoh thot he was above consequences of his own sinful behavior too .
21 Feb, 01:07 AM UTC
Robb Wexler
@babetcohen @JennJacques @CamEdwards @NRA No, you can't "agree to disagree" on verbatim history. You can't just rewrite history because it doesn't fit with what YOU believe. That's a little nutty. That equivalent to saying that Moses was a founding father of the United States.
21 Feb, 01:06 AM UTC
Nate Fields
Looks like Ball State is aware of its first half performance in the paint. Teague and Moses have each scored an easy bucket down low to start the second half. Ball State's lead is up to nine with just a minute gone in the second.
21 Feb, 01:06 AM UTC
Nick Miller #17 🏆
@Royal_cinco5 @BamaWRU I've anything happens toack or Moses we're screwed.
21 Feb, 01:06 AM UTC
Fr Mark J Hunt
“Law and covenant have been entirely changed. God changed the first pact with Adam, and gave a new one to Noah. He gave another to Abraham, and changed this to give a new one to Moses. When the covenant with Moses was no longer…” #AphraatesTheSage
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
The Police
@BTO9026 @cokigonzales parece que recien vistes jugar hoy al Chelsea, Chelsea tiene buenos jugadores Hazard, N'Golo Kanté, Willian, Pedro, Moses, Alonso, Barkley, Courtois lo que hace falta es funcionamiento de equipo aunque hoy jugo "bien" a su estilo faltan centrales buenos eso si
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
Fevvers 🎮
o Tweet lá do cara q inventou o q o cold falou pra Navi foi RT por Ynk, Moses e etc. acho q isso tem mais significado do q aparenta
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
Robby General
Ball State with a pair from Moses and Teague, going up 41-32 in the first minute of the second half. Northern Illinois calls a timeout with 18:45 left in the game.
21 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
Based Fatperson
@GyakutennoMeg And the whole forcing Krem's gender dysphoria down your throat sounds and feels fake as fuck
21 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Fadda Moses "Tattoo" Now Available on #iTunes
21 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Boughs with a red bow pop against the door of the historic "Dr. Moses Mason House" in Bethel, Maine. The home belonged to the town's early Doctor, who was also Bethel's first postmaster and a two-term US Representative. A Federal period house built in th… ENJOY TRAVEL LIFE's photo on Moses
21 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC
Based Fatperson
@GyakutennoMeg Many writers in DA:I were sjws, so that makes complete sense. Almost ruined dorian for coz they were going: DID YUH KNOW TAHT DORIAN IS GHEY?!?? But i still think that he is a very well written and compelling character
21 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC
Britt Moses
@KINLAR Makes the biggest difference
21 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC
@TheLeftWingBack @Bluesesque Moses was much better than Alonso for me, saved our asses a few times. Alonso was fine though, 7/10 in my opinion
21 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC

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