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the wording 'that body of yours is absurd' is not nearly interesting or idiosyncratic enough to warrant canonization as a meme. not in 2022. god. logged back in and I feel like moses discovering his israelites regressed back to idol worship
23 Sep, 04:16 AM UTC
Andre Iguodala on Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody: “I’m letting them know if I get on this court, you ain’t doing something right. No way you should allow me to get on the court” 😂 https://t.co/QdgGFEzVSp
23 Sep, 06:40 PM UTC
Gustavo Grossi
@SCInternacional foi o único clube sul-americano escolhido como referência para expor suas ideias, valores e objetivos do Projeto planejado a curto, médio e longo prazo no Congresso WSC no Oporto 🇵🇹. É sempre um orgulho representar e fazer parte da família Colorada 🖊. https://t.co/QV3sJtkeeB
24 Sep, 12:16 AM UTC
This is a defining period for the ODM Party. Open defiance has been unthinkable. But now it's Chairman Mbadi questioning his own party, loyalists Babu and Kaluma openly sparring and a Luo Nyanza MP is in Kenya Kwanza. Moses didn't get to Canaan and the battle to be Joshua is on.
23 Sep, 08:44 AM UTC
2022 then u dey name kiddie Moses
23 Sep, 12:37 PM UTC
His EZA gonna split the community like Moses https://t.co/P8Lp9b5XSo
23 Sep, 08:10 PM UTC
Wall Street Silver
uh ... did he really just say that ? 🔊sound🤣 @WallStreetSilv's photo on Moses
24 Sep, 02:43 AM UTC
Mempeasem President
Me I no get English name nu you people wan give me Moses , gyama moyale
23 Sep, 01:17 PM UTC
WEEKEND AIRDROP! We are giving $10,000 $MOSES to the first 500 person that follows, retweets & Drop Address ❤️
23 Sep, 04:27 PM UTC
Allah Islam Quran
“Musa (Moses) said, ‘Lord, lift up my heart and ease my task for me. Untie my tongue, so that they may understand my words, and give me a helper from my family, my brother Harun (Aaron).” [Quran 20:25-35] So the correct answer is (C. Musa a.s)
23 Sep, 07:00 PM UTC
@CartiCharts_ Bro thought he could part the crowd like Moses
24 Sep, 03:02 AM UTC
Nic Darveniza
North Queensland fans have done it tough in finals. 2012: Hand of Foran 2013: 7th tackle 2014: Lui’s ‘knock-on’ 2022: Moses’ forward pass Try telling this fanbase it didn’t matter. Another refereeing howler to add to a torture chamber of finals memories.
23 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC

he was also suspected of several other crimes, like the murder of 12-year-old georgia lee moses, and for his role in a pedophilic “sex cult”. he now claims to go my ‘Alexis Valoran Reich’. disgustingly enough, he was also a school teacher. https://t.co/wiertXbDxg
23 Sep, 09:47 PM UTC
Jillian Jaccard Murrish
Huge thank you to Simran & Moses for all the work that went into to planning @REconveneLA . The caliber of attendees (especially the women) was undeniably impressive. What makes this crowd special is the attitude of collaboration, generosity, and openness.
24 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
N861GT - @AtlasAirWW 747-8F returning back to Paine Field after a test flight to Moses Lake. It flew as #BOE702. This is the 3rd to last 747 ever! #avgeeks #aviation #planespotting #planespottingbe #queenoftheskies https://t.co/PbPh5y86JS
24 Sep, 02:34 AM UTC
Nü-Metal Alchemist
@baddanadanabad Sounds like a scene from Seinfeld
24 Sep, 03:01 AM UTC
Dom Sullivan
A Moses pass in what the 6th minute? Shouldn’t, and didn’t really impact the result. The cowboys lead by 8 in the second half. They played well, but just not quite well enough. https://t.co/TPpiqkdsRq
24 Sep, 03:04 AM UTC
Dave Nichols SR
Central Valley and Moses Lake tied at 15 in 2nd quarter
24 Sep, 03:06 AM UTC
Lord Ash Brewin 🏆
@BulldogsKennel It’s ok their first reaction to Moses playing a career worst game but still making the GF Was “mOsEs > cLeArY
24 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC