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Denise Scott
It’s true. Matt OKine and I are in reboot of Mother and Son. To be clear I’m the Mother. Matt is the Son. I’m excited.Terrified. Honoured. Humbled. Will I get to go to the Logies? @abctv #MotherandSonTV #ABCIn23 https://t.co/SDx3TWf3Sa
24 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich @eddyjokovich@aus.social
Why does it not surprise me that the ABC is rebooting Mother and Son, a comedy from 30 years ago? Next, they’ll be trying to remake Fawlty Towers. May as well, that’s only 47 years old. #auspol
24 Nov, 06:42 AM UTC
Lunar Moon 🔞
"Mother and Son." Just something i've been working on for my pony persona. The royal prince of equestria dancing with his most favorite person in the world. His own mother at the evening ball/gala. Will add more proper lighting when i get the chance to. Hope ya'll like it. https://t.co/UTcOmWlDt5
24 Nov, 02:47 PM UTC
Mother and Son 😍♥️ Clean Shave 👌 #BiggBossTelugu6 #revanth https://t.co/euz3AWZmar
24 Nov, 02:46 PM UTC
A-F Batiancila
Mother and son as Manny and Ayef! My son is sooo game for this 🤓 while Daddy’s malayo pa. Opo, career ang Ayef since Ayeza Faye naman po talaga name ko 🤪🤪. @bellemariano02 @donnypangilinan @VigorousDB @bellelieversofc @titasofdonbelle https://t.co/hfNbbuSK87
25 Nov, 01:46 AM UTC
grug stan
I’ve been using “reboot Mother and Son” as shorthand for how moribund, cowardly and geriatric Australia’s screen industry is for years and now it seems I have lathed of heaven it into existence. MAKE SOMETHING NEW FFS https://t.co/ikAjtHgLdE
24 Nov, 10:10 AM UTC
The Humane League
Today, we're grateful for our friends and family—no matter their species ❤️ Watch this video to meet an unlikely mother and son duo ⤵️ Thank you @lfsanctuary for sharing Helen and Italo's story with us! @TheHumaneLeague's photo on Mother and Son
24 Nov, 07:38 PM UTC
.@mattokine and @_denisescott star in reimagining of #MotherandSon https://t.co/mWoUs3X4Un
25 Nov, 12:58 AM UTC
‘All we can do is pray and hope’: Mother and son, both living with disabilities, face eviction from Barrie apartment https://t.co/GF3b1cpWn3 https://t.co/YgJuS46442
24 Nov, 11:01 AM UTC
In what way does it even look good to ship a grown man and grown woman that has no familial implications as mother and son? https://t.co/OIbMV89fby
24 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
ALP and LNP just dont learn. They should both worry that next Fed Election Independents will campaign to ensure Australians get the anti-corruption body WE asked for - instead of yet another shady deal between the major parties #auspol https://t.co/BtPOlQBvXy
24 Nov, 08:15 AM UTC
Dragon Heart
I see ABC is remaking the show "Mother And Son." The new name will be " Biological Birthing Person And Non Binary Pronoun."
25 Nov, 01:58 AM UTC
TV9 Bharatvarsh
सांसद रंजीता कोली के गनमैन ने मां-बेटे को मारी गोली, पत्नी पर था शक #RajasthanNews https://t.co/TjlPhuJnyx
25 Nov, 01:44 AM UTC
Robin Bull - Top Rated Plus Writer
Mother and son. Y'all I'm tired. This be the oldest. https://t.co/QnmwjCIMqu
24 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
Ian Adams
.@SimcoeNews colleague @csimonwrite has written extensively about housing issues in Barrie; this one ranks right up there with one of the more devastating, and is indicative of the hurdles faced by those w/o access to resources: https://t.co/ixCS5YG4sl
24 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC
Chris Simon
What happens when you can't afford a new place to live in, or a lawyer to defend your best interests at your current home? https://t.co/k5XjQusuuV #onpoli #barrie
24 Nov, 03:01 PM UTC
Robert McKnight
MATT OKINE and DENISE SCOTT set to star in 2023 reboot of classic Australian comedy MOTHER AND SON https://t.co/bZUrxRrRat
25 Nov, 02:46 AM UTC
@whitelightnin24 Wow, the resemblance between mother and son is uncanny!
24 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
Dhara Singh
फतेहपुर: बुलेट की तेज आवाज पर मचा बवाल, पुलिस की मौजूदगी में दबंगो ने मां-बेटे को जमकर पीटा https://t.co/s2IoBCNWjN
25 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Top Twitter Trends Australia Balenciaga 131K Japan 732K Nunez 40K Mother and Son 10K Peter Gleeson Hurley Mormon 21K Costa Rica 67K Valverde 67K Daily Quordle 305 Baker Boy Germany 267K Premier https://t.co/UaDsHb7OGS
25 Nov, 01:50 AM UTC
国内试管代孕机构 龙斌
Looking forward to your appearance, looking forward to your arrival. Show off the belly, a lifetime can have several times this form, although hard, but very happy ~ cherish the last 30 days of mother and son. #代孕 #同性 代孕 #女S 代孕 #拉拉 代孕 #单身 代孕 https://t.co/LTQaalqGxT
25 Nov, 01:14 AM UTC
Nat M
Wow! What an ignorant thing for Peter Ford to say on @6PR @6PRbreakfast . When talking about a reboot of Mother and Son, he said because @mattokine was a person of colour, he had to be adopted to play the son of @_denisescott wowjust wow. Never heard of mixed race relationships??
25 Nov, 12:21 AM UTC
Beautiful Girl
Japan 808K Morning Rob Turkey 472K Narty Peanut 13K Peter Gleeson Matthew Guy Germany 294K Mother and Son Niki Savva Parliament House James Campbell Nunez 41K Balenciaga 145K Mormon 26K Costa Rica 84K Ian Cook Morocco 16K Valverde @AlboMP @rupertmurdoch @charlotte7370 @newscorp @charlotte7370 on Mother and Son">https://t.co/LaNPxjbDrX
24 Nov, 11:47 PM UTC
@bpdvanitas xyz if you see ship art portraying two consenting adults in a clearly romantic light and immediately jump to call it "mother and son" then you're a closeted proshipper trying to impose your barely-disguised incest fetish LOL
24 Nov, 11:21 PM UTC
This scene is important for the mother and son, this is intense like they always so close but mom hiding this big news from shikochan. I expect them gonna fight or scream but they are calm more to pressing their emotion, yoshizawa ryo and shinobu otake did a great job 👏🏽.. #PICU https://t.co/qexQg3kaGY
24 Nov, 04:48 PM UTC
Maria Flanagan
Baz and Nancy's Last Orders on @RTEOne is a moving reflection by mother and son exploring our final inevitable act, that is to die. Planning final wishes with loved ones is a difficult conversation, but its explored here with humor and sensitivity #LastOrders @bazashmawy https://t.co/yx9AT924UD
24 Nov, 11:40 PM UTC
The Fleming Agency
TFA's Sarah Bassiuoni writes on two series; House of Gods and Bay of Fires - 2023 ABC slate https://t.co/7BQ0RMWHJs #writer #TV #dramaseries #ABCTV #bayoffires #houseofgods
24 Nov, 08:56 PM UTC