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Emily Brandwin
If Gaetz thinks Captain Kangaroo is malicious, wait until he meets Mr. Green Jeans.
08 Oct, 03:46 PM UTC
The Captain Kangaroo court will come to order. Mr. Green Jeans, please call in the jury. @YesBiscuit's photo on Mr. Green Jeans
08 Oct, 03:48 PM UTC
Brian J. Karem
@mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump . . .and for the record what is a "Malicious" Capt. Kangaroo? That don't make no sense. I mean Jim Jordan looks kind of like Mr. Green Jeans . . . but where's the bunny rabbit?
08 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
The Dude
@washingtonpost This is the Republicans in a nutshell. Captain Kangaroo wasn’t malicious man. Mr. Green Jeans was. Gaetz must be on the bottle again.
08 Oct, 03:17 PM UTC
Shannon Resists 🌊
So says the dumbest Mr. Green Jeans ever. #OneVoice1
08 Oct, 03:13 PM UTC
T.R. Morley
Matt Gaetz has a point. We all remember that time Mr. Green Jeans wouldn't send weapons to Ukraine until they dug up some dirt on Dancing Bear. And then Captain Kangaroo impeached his green-jeaned ass. #KangarooCourt
08 Oct, 04:47 PM UTC
Sheryl - Warren 2020
@bubbaprog Dancing bear -Matt Gaetz Mr Green Jeans- Jim Jordan Maybe?
08 Oct, 01:56 PM UTC
John Levenstein
A “malicious Captain Kangaroo” making a mockery of the “Mr. Green Jeans of justice.”
08 Oct, 03:33 PM UTC
Mayday Mindy 🌊
Hey Matt Gaetz Don’t mess with Captain Kangaroo or we are gonna have to send Mr Green Jeans & Mr Moose after you!
08 Oct, 10:03 PM UTC
@rolandscahill I loved Captain Kangaroo and his sidekick Mr. Green Jeans they taught children how to be good humans. Being good humans is not what the @GOP represents.
08 Oct, 03:08 PM UTC
toomas hendrik ilves
I learned to speak English watching Captain Kangaroo. He also read the best books. So hands off! And Mr. Green Jeans too!
08 Oct, 08:23 PM UTC
Debbie is as SHARP AS A PEA
@MattGertz Mr. Green Jeans is Gym Jordons REAL FATHER. #MayTheFraudBeWithYou
08 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC
@MollyJongFast Is Barr Mr. Green Jeans in this cosplay? I'm having trouble keeping up.
08 Oct, 03:16 PM UTC
🍄Dotard J. Trumpanzee™️🍄
@bubbaprog He’s being set up by Mr Green Jeans!!!
08 Oct, 03:38 PM UTC
Brick Ayyaduraiwhistle, Inventor of the semi-colon
@soledadobrien @Zigmund_Fraud In related news, Mr. Green Jeans has been issued a subpoena and ordered to turn over all text messages to Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit.
08 Oct, 07:41 PM UTC
Blobert "Nasty Woman" Boo
@washingtonpost Mr. Green Jeans presides over Kangaroo Courts. Captain Kangaroo carries out the sentence with Mr. Moose.
08 Oct, 03:38 PM UTC
Cynthia Sheridan
@CharlesPPierce I think Mr Green Jeans and Bunny Rabbit are in on it too. @RepMattGaetz
08 Oct, 03:37 PM UTC
Jim White
When the US Marshalls go to arrest Sondland for contempt, they should dress as Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans.
08 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC
Do us a favor, though
You laugh, but I am still watching reruns of Mr. Green Jeans: Public Defender
08 Oct, 03:30 PM UTC
James R. Brennan
@SethCotlar Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Bunny Rabbit will have no mercy when they reach their verdict on the House Freedom Caucus
08 Oct, 03:36 PM UTC
Jim White
@Will_Bunch Just wait until Schiff sends Mr. Green Jeans after Sondland!
08 Oct, 03:24 PM UTC
Molly Ledford
@TVietor08 The question though is who is the Mr. Green Jeans of this scenario.
08 Oct, 03:31 PM UTC
Bert Smith
@MollyJongFast And he thinks Al Gore is Mr. Green Jeans...
08 Oct, 03:18 PM UTC
But Mr. Green Jeans was a relentless prosecutor...
08 Oct, 03:42 PM UTC
The Holy Grail
@washingtonpost .@mattgaetz is acting as a malicious Mr. Green Jeans.#ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 03:22 PM UTC
Ex Patti
@Rschooley Mr. Green jeans looks like he has a sexy secret.
08 Oct, 03:37 PM UTC
A believer
@The_DudeLives @washingtonpost Lol!! I forgot about Mr. Green Jeans.
08 Oct, 03:35 PM UTC
Trumps Gold Toilet
@daveweigel Mr. Green Jeans will provide snacks.
08 Oct, 03:34 PM UTC
Joel Postman
@bubbaprog Impeach Mr. Green Jeans now!
08 Oct, 03:31 PM UTC
@PamLukas3 Captain Kangaroo is trending because of that putz Matt Gaetz... I was just kidding. I'm sure Mr. Green Jeans was a perfectly nice man!
08 Oct, 03:21 PM UTC

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