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𝓙𝓸𝓮𝔂 𝓒𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓼 🇨🇮
RIP Mr. Lewis!!! for everyone who had him as a teacher knows how great he was. For ever a great person, teacher and person ❤️❤️
08 Nov, 07:20 AM UTC
s †
It’s crazy to think that my high school English teacher would impact me so much but to anyone who had the pleasure of having Mr. Lewis as their teacher or even just someone to talk to, knows how special he was and how much he truly cared for each and every one of his students♥️
08 Nov, 07:46 AM UTC
This hurts a lot man! One of the biggest blessings I ever had at Amat and many can relate. RIP Mr. Lewis 🐐🙏🏽
08 Nov, 07:44 AM UTC
Mr. Lewis had such a positive impact on every person he talked to, RIP to such a great man
08 Nov, 07:56 AM UTC
Man this one hurts! He inspired so many people to keep going no matter the situation. His care level for others is unmatched. All around great person and will forever be missed! RIP Mr. Lewis 🙏🏾❤️
08 Nov, 08:19 AM UTC
mr. lewis was an amazing teacher truly inspired to be better, do better, and have patience.whenever you needed something he was your guy to depend on or cheer you up. the place you would escape to when you were on lunch just to have a conversation or hang out in his classroom👼🏼♥️
08 Nov, 09:05 AM UTC
Andrew Franco
Mr. Lewis’s class was one of the only classes that got me through the last 80 minutes of the school day most days :(
08 Nov, 08:15 AM UTC
my heart is broken. mr lewis was the best teacher i’ve ever had and taught me about myself and about life around me. he even referred me as “the son he never had”. rest in peace mr. lewis. 💙👼🏽
08 Nov, 07:47 AM UTC
Joey Giancanelli
To not only one of the greatest teachers in my life, but one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. I’ll miss you Mr. Lewis, Rest In Peace.
08 Nov, 08:11 AM UTC
miggy ! ☆
rest in peace Mr. Lewis
08 Nov, 07:34 AM UTC
my heart is absolutely broken...such a great person and without a doubt an inspiration ❤️ will forever my favorite teacher i had at Amat😞 He was so thoughtful and caring towards everyone. Rip Mr. Lewis, you will be missed❤️❤️
08 Nov, 08:53 AM UTC
Rip Mr. Lewis😓🙏🏽 wow man
08 Nov, 08:04 AM UTC
Hearing about Mr. Lewis has me in tears, such an inspirational man who had nothing but love to spread. A little broken, a little hurt.
08 Nov, 08:35 AM UTC
lindsay rae
I can’t believe this 😓 one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from him. you will be forever missed Mr Lewis 🖤
08 Nov, 08:18 AM UTC
Turtle 🐢 💀
Always looked forward to your class and your handshakes 🤧 thank you Mr. Lewis for giving me some of the best advice and giving me some of the greatest memories in your class. This one hurts a lot. Rest easy 🕊
08 Nov, 08:15 AM UTC
Camille Ferguson
I’m shocked right now! I just talked to you about a month ago!! Mr. Lewis was the best. I might not have learned a lot about English but he taught me a lot about life 💗 He was an amazing man! With a huge heart!! RIP❤️
08 Nov, 07:59 AM UTC
Ill see you up there one day Mr. Lewis ❤️
08 Nov, 08:25 AM UTC
Omar Luevano
It is with a heavy heart that I find out about Mr.Lewis death. He was a great man and helped me through some of my darkest days. I will forever cherish the memories of having him as a teacher and visiting him at lunch to talk about the MCU. Rest easy Mr.lewis “Love you 3000”.
08 Nov, 10:00 AM UTC
this one hurts... rest in paradise Mr. Lewis ❤️🕊
08 Nov, 08:20 AM UTC
This man made more of an impact in my life in one year than the teachers that I had for 4. This hurts alot but I know his lessons and words will live on with all the lives he impacted. RIP Mr. Lewis❤
08 Nov, 09:06 AM UTC
♔princess yesi♔
The worlds greatest teacher...his class was the only one I didn’t dread going to. He had so much wisdom to share and I will forever be grateful for everything he taught me. Fly high Mr. Lewis and I’ll see you up there one day🕊💙💛
08 Nov, 09:01 AM UTC
Mr Lewis
Mr Lewis is very sad he missed this amazing event! The children loved it! #standingroomonly #thankyouforcoming
08 Nov, 09:32 AM UTC
When I had a rough year, he gave me back the confidence and drive to finish and get me here... you will be deeply missed Mr. Lewis💔
08 Nov, 09:21 AM UTC
Anaïs Monae 🦋🌻
R.I.P Mr. Lewis thank you for always having your classroom door open for anyone to join during lunch or just in general. You had a heart of gold and you were a one of a kind teacher🙏🏼💛
08 Nov, 09:18 AM UTC
Shane Wilder
Rest In Peace Mr. Lewis. Thanks for the knowledge, support, and the stories.
08 Nov, 09:08 AM UTC
rest in peace Mr. Lewis we didn’t deserve someone as kind hearted and wonderful as you 💙💛
08 Nov, 09:08 AM UTC
This breaks my heart. Mr. Lewis was one of the few amat teachers that truly cared for his students and wanted to see us all succeed. He was even supposed to go my aunts wedding this coming summer.. 😓💔 Forever praying for this man & his family. 🙏🏼💕
08 Nov, 10:34 AM UTC
Princess Ryanne👑
I remember when we would put questions or sentences in a bowl and Mr. Lewis would read them and one of them said: "What animal would you be?" Mr. Lewis: "I would be a hedgehog"
08 Nov, 10:03 AM UTC
And among all of the hatred & anger may we have a moment of silence for one of the very few but best things to come of #Bishopamat Mr. Lewis, may he always be remembered for all of his love and dedication that he gave to his students, may he never be forgotten, you will be missed
08 Nov, 09:55 AM UTC
Lauren Jones
Follow 😤👉👉 @xx18xx_18_Hotx 👈👈😤 To Watch More Xx18xX Εξαρχεια, Mr. Lewis, البحرين #porfiriopresidente #Kyiv rMqhAT ⛪🚴
08 Nov, 12:13 PM UTC

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