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Trending Worldwide


Maine Mendoza
I believe in the power of AlDub Nation! Let’s continue to support our candidate for Miss Universe 2017 Ms. Rachel P… https://t.co/Wcjundvivr
21 Nov, 06:24 AM UTC


Bill Prady
Without #NetNeutrality your ISP can: 1. Charge you extra to reach certain websites. 2. Slow down streaming serv… https://t.co/w7PdlMOqId
21 Nov, 05:26 PM UTC


とりあえず見かけたパワーワード ・どうぶつの森リセマラ最強ランキング ・ぶっ壊れ家具 ・どうぶつの森無課金勢 ・どうぶつの森RTA ・「鬼!悪魔!しずえ!」 ・かねだせ どうぶつの森 ・どうぶつの森緊急メンテ
21 Nov, 09:22 AM UTC


Beşiktaş JK
Şampiyonlar Ligi tarihinde gruptan lider çıkan ilk Türk takımı #Beşiktaş
21 Nov, 07:36 PM UTC

Jack Maynard

Stephen Tries
Oh so Jack Maynard was just doing a 24 Hour Overnight Challenge in the Jungle #ImACeleb
21 Nov, 09:31 PM UTC


وكالة #تعليق_الدراسة
هل تؤيد تعليق الدراسة في مكة و القصيم و المدينة وجدة 1-رتويت 2-اكتب ( نعم ) داخل الهاشتاق👇 #وكالة_تعليق_الدراسة_4مليون
21 Nov, 03:42 PM UTC


piba chorra
yo a mi familia no les conté que soy bisexual porque ellos no me contaron que son heteros
21 Nov, 02:13 AM UTC


i need a girlfriend im 6’4
yes i have SWAG S - feelings W - for A - you G
21 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC

Top Trends in USA


Mic Drop (Remix) is coming 🔥🔥 @steveaoki @LifeOfDesiigner
21 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC


Lmaooooooo this what happens when you give niggas a phone and internet access
21 Nov, 01:11 AM UTC


Young Thug ひ
Sometimes I want love but, everyday I want money ....
20 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC


Ellen DeGeneres
What do you wanna know about @BTS_twt? Tweet me using #EllenShowMeMore and I might get the answer for you. #BTSxEllen
21 Nov, 06:49 PM UTC


Grayson Dolan
Sorry I haven’t tweeted in a while I️’m gonna follow some people now
21 Nov, 01:13 AM UTC


どうぶつの森 ポケットキャンプ
お知らせ(2/2) ただいま復旧のための調査を進めております。 お客様には大変ご迷惑をおかけして申し訳ありませんが、復旧をお待ちください。 今後の復旧状況については本アカウントでお伝えします。 #ポケ森
21 Nov, 11:03 AM UTC


Netflix US
Netflix supports strong #NetNeutrality. We oppose the FCC's proposal to roll back these core protections.
21 Nov, 06:40 PM UTC

Tiffany Trump

Ana Navarro
I believe Donald Trump’s accusers. I believe Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. I believe Mark Halperin’s accusers. I bel… https://t.co/Wn1TtsoOlG
20 Nov, 11:59 PM UTC


Kian Lawley
women honestly make this world go round
21 Nov, 01:23 AM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


[공지] #BTS 2018 SEASON’S GREETINGS 예약판매 안내 https://t.co/v2Ct6kcOVA
21 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC


21 Nov, 08:23 AM UTC


【容疑認める】『るろうに剣心』作者・和月伸宏容疑者、女児動画所持容疑で書類送検 https://t.co/gqa6R8tgnI 10歳代前半の女児の裸が映ったDVDを所持した疑い。「小学校高学年から中学2年生くらいまでの女の子が… https://t.co/8JgE6tFoB5
21 Nov, 06:18 AM UTC


どうぶつの森 ポケットキャンプ
遠くに見えるのは、しずえさんたちの乗ったキャンピングカーでヒかね?みんなで新しいキャンプ場にお出迎えでヒ! キャンプ場の管理人さんの到着も、心待ちにしておりまヒよ~! #ポケ森
21 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC


そして、映像の後半に登場したこの貝のような物体。 その名も、「アサリ」。 このアサリを使った新たなバトル「ガチアサリ」が、4つめのガチルールとして追加される。 「ガチアサリ」の追加は12月の中旬を予定しているぞ。 https://t.co/GGpjCEvsTs
21 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC


The more you under estimate me the harder I’ll go in the stuuuu
21 Nov, 01:30 AM UTC


【ご報告】突然のご報告ですが、zipperは12/22発売号をもって24年の歴史に幕を閉じることになりました。 #zipper #24年間ありがとう
21 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC


みんなID書くよりTwitter連携してくれ こんな感じで出来るから https://t.co/RL0POkIwDf
21 Nov, 09:13 AM UTC


Champions League
Cenk Tosun in #UCL Group G: Games 5 Goals 4 Assists 2 Best Beşiktaş player this season? 💪
21 Nov, 07:08 PM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Neil deGrasse Tyson
If Classical Music concerts had progress bars, then people unfamiliar with the piece would never be confused when to clap at the end.
21 Nov, 12:07 PM UTC
Adam Besvinick
Thanksgiving family tech topics… 2009: What’s a Twitter? 2010: Groupon is the best 2011: I’m always on Pinterest 2… https://t.co/2hznr7nBLX
21 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Neil deGrasse Tyson
States where Blues Singers don’t tend to come from: Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii.
21 Nov, 01:41 AM UTC
Hey, #BTSArmy, have you heard the news? Submit your questions using #EllenShowMeMore! https://t.co/7LrD1Mibwl
21 Nov, 09:05 PM UTC
Keith Olbermann
Wow. Roy Moore inadvertently confesses to first “noticing” his wife when she was 15 or 16. Great math by @WarOnDumb https://t.co/zjcEsl0Dm7
21 Nov, 01:04 AM UTC
フィッシャーズ(@FischersHome)出演! YoutubeFanFest ライブショーへ抽選で50組100名さまご招待! https://t.co/395DIOAlME 応募は @SoftBank をフォロー&このツイー… https://t.co/mwhxIlEg6B
21 Nov, 08:47 AM UTC
【ついに】「どうぶつの森 ポケットキャンプ」iOS版が配信開始 https://t.co/iqebzUrhu9 22日と発表されていたが、Appstoreではダウンロード可能に。17時現在Googleplayでは事前登録の受付中… https://t.co/272a0r3S5v
21 Nov, 08:37 AM UTC
Anil Dash
Unlike @AjitPaiFCC, I’ve led teams creating innovative new tech on the Internet. Everyone who’s done so knows that… https://t.co/Ewy7h8VfFY
21 Nov, 04:49 PM UTC
Richard Blumenthal
I stand with millions of American consumers, innovators, and entrepreneurs against @AjitPaiFCC’s plot to gut… https://t.co/apPTXuAZrw
21 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Mother Jones
A Texas sheriff threatened this woman for having a “F**K TRUMP” bumper sticker. Her new sticker says F**k the sheri… https://t.co/6lmwJBgqdv
21 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Donald Trump Jr.
Yea OK🙄 pushing your identity politics is a big part of your #fakenews problem CNN Jeb! W Marco Romney Lindsey Gr… https://t.co/xHND9rPTwD
20 Nov, 11:45 PM UTC
Jon Worth
I LIVE in Germany. I am a member of a German political party and am a delegate to its party congress. I follow Germ… https://t.co/EydgLNPswd
20 Nov, 11:25 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Chair of the Young Republican Federation of Alabama, Jackie Curtiss, on why she can't vote for Roy Moore: "At some… https://t.co/l652TiVLPT
21 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC
Elon Musk
Initial Hat Offering going great w over $300k in hat sales already! Thanks for buying our super boring hat. You roc… https://t.co/PpmDpNyNXT
21 Nov, 08:59 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
So, the harassment issue, while it hasn't (yet?) become a problem for anyone I know well, is starting to hit men wh… https://t.co/WB9CYcm5eS
20 Nov, 11:12 PM UTC
Paul Krugman
Pulling up the ladder behind him https://t.co/ucbj8NkWNV
21 Nov, 06:34 PM UTC
John Bain is now only available in $5 lootboxes
https://t.co/HxZql1csvx - Net Neutrality is not a partisan issue. If it goes away, your costs go up, telecom compan… https://t.co/hhye81p6Ik
21 Nov, 06:10 PM UTC
“If you’re willing to protect the tribe at the cost of a 14-year-old girl you need to re-evaluate yourself and your… https://t.co/WZzx0Ki4cK
21 Nov, 11:12 AM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

Mic Drop (Remix) is coming 🔥🔥 @steveaoki @LifeOfDesiigner
21 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
Kim Kardashian West
The system has failed. It’s heart breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to figh… https://t.co/pOupx9dfh8
21 Nov, 03:57 PM UTC
The Weeknd
feels like that time again.
21 Nov, 03:33 AM UTC
They say that there's no such thing as *perfect* but who are "they" and did they see @BTS_twt's #AMAs performance b… https://t.co/SfUeHV0FW3
20 Nov, 11:34 PM UTC
【容疑認める】『るろうに剣心』作者・和月伸宏容疑者、女児動画所持容疑で書類送検 https://t.co/gqa6R8tgnI 10歳代前半の女児の裸が映ったDVDを所持した疑い。「小学校高学年から中学2年生くらいまでの女の子が… https://t.co/8JgE6tFoB5
21 Nov, 06:18 AM UTC
Ellen DeGeneres
What do you wanna know about @BTS_twt? Tweet me using #EllenShowMeMore and I might get the answer for you. #BTSxEllen
21 Nov, 06:49 PM UTC
stay woke. @dazed cover 2/4
21 Nov, 03:14 PM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

Cristiano Ronaldo
21 Nov, 09:27 AM UTC
Joel Embiid you are a treasure. 😂
21 Nov, 02:45 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Embiid is a legend 😂
21 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC
This is Gustaff. He’s never seen a tennis ball put up such a fight before. 14/10 would assist in the conquering (IG… https://t.co/9M48ZQ7wMH
21 Nov, 05:08 PM UTC
Neymar Jr
My little boy ⛄️❤️ @davilucca99
21 Nov, 02:47 PM UTC
Chris Paul
🙏🏾 Papa Chilly #61 https://t.co/jeZnRIV0q6
21 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
9 out of 10 would face plant. #SCtop10
21 Nov, 12:12 AM UTC
Stephen Curry
Appreciate the love tonight! @jimmyfallon vibez. Tune in!
21 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
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