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Manchester United
Here's the #MUFC side for tonight's #UCL outing... Manchester United's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 06:45 PM UTC
Manchester United
🤝 @JuanMata8: The Nicest Man in Football™️ #MUFC #UCL Manchester United's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 04:49 PM UTC
Match of the Day
Phil Jones is the first #MUFC player to score an own goal in the Champions League since... Phil Jones. (In 2011, versus Benfica.) #UCL #bbcfootball https://t.co/ZsvXE26Fuw Match of the Day's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 09:11 PM UTC
Manchester United
A disappointing result but #MUFC still progress to the #UCL knockout stage. Manchester United's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 09:53 PM UTC
Manchester United
2-0 to Valencia after an #MUFC own goal. #UCL
12 Dec, 09:07 PM UTC
He’s 22 and made 7 appearances for the club. Marcus Rashford on the other hand, is a year younger and close to making his 150th appearance for #MUFC, now that’s a story. Doesn’t suit your agenda, does it? https://t.co/hy6LoYp60O
12 Dec, 08:50 AM UTC
Man Utd Updatez Ⓜ️
Phil #Jones scores all types of Own Goals🔥🔥🤭 #VALMUN #MUFC #UCL Man Utd Updatez Ⓜ️'s photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 11:45 PM UTC
Manchester United
Andreas Pereira on #UCL progression, the knockout draw and his own involvement... #MUFC Manchester United's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 10:28 PM UTC
#mufc's possible Champions League last 16 opponents: Barcelona Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund FC Porto Paris Saint-Germain Real Madrid
12 Dec, 09:59 PM UTC
Manchester United
Phil Jones is the first Manchester United player to score an own goal in the Champions League since Phil Jones back in November 2011 vs Benfica. #MUFC
12 Dec, 09:15 PM UTC
Simply Utd
How is Marcos Rojo still at United? Honestly one of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen. #mufc Simply Utd's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 08:52 PM UTC
Manchester United
Juan Mata reflects on tonight's #UCL meeting with his former club... #MUFC Manchester United's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 10:59 PM UTC
Serge Adam
You all wanted, Pereira, Fred and Pogba. You got it. Guess what? We’re still fucking drivel. #mufc
12 Dec, 09:11 PM UTC
Sam Pilger
I am old enough to remember when Sir Alex Ferguson said Phil Jones could be the greatest player in Manchester United’s history #mufc
12 Dec, 09:12 PM UTC
United In Focus
Thing we don't want to see again: - Phil Jones - Fellaini at DM - Valencia playing ahead of Dalot - Phil Jones #mufc
12 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Antonio Valencia had to be told to applaud the #mufc fans after trying to return to the dressing room straight after full-time #mulive [men]
12 Dec, 09:57 PM UTC
Samuel Luckhurst
Phil Jones has scored four own goals during his United career. Scored five for #mufc.
12 Dec, 09:16 PM UTC
Phil Jones is the first #mufc player to score an own goal in the Champions League since Phil Jones back in November 2011 vs Benfica. [opta]
12 Dec, 09:14 PM UTC
United Xtra
Mourinho confirms Young, Lingard and Rashford will start against Liverpool on Sunday. #mufc [MEN]
12 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC
The United Stand
Haters gonna hate but Pogba was the best of a bad bunch tonight. Effort was clearly then and in the last 15 when we went for he was fantastic. Fact is it's very hard being a midfielder in a United side with Phil Jones behind you and Lukaku in front #MUFC The United Stand's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 11:12 PM UTC
The United Stand
United can get a new manager in now and give them a 6 month head start on sorting this mess out. Or they can continue embarrassing the fans and the name Manchester United until May. To save a few quid they'll do the latter #MUFC
12 Dec, 11:55 PM UTC
Mack The Knife
Based on the ‘the 5 stages of grief’ where do you all currently sit when it comes to supporting @ManUtd 1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance I’ve finally hit acceptance, it makes watching the games more fun. #mufc
12 Dec, 08:44 PM UTC
Devils Latest
Mourinho: "My team improved when I made the changes that I didn't want to make, which is a frustration. I didn't learn anything from this game. Nothing that happened surprised me at all." #MUFC
12 Dec, 10:24 PM UTC
Isiah Madrigal
Things we’ve learned from today: CB Rojo > LB Rojo Now we see why Pereira,Fred & Pogba don’t play together Phil Jones is a Clumsy donkey Young & Rashford 🔥 Valencia shouldn’t be here Mourhino is manager, You’re not. #MUFC
12 Dec, 10:05 PM UTC
Aditya Rathod
How I feel about United these days. Perfectly summed up #mufc Aditya Rathod's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 03:38 AM UTC
Rants N Bants
A MF of #Pereira #Fred #Pogba would change my mood about tonight’s match! #MUFC
12 Dec, 05:50 PM UTC
They compare Neuer to de Gea They compare Oblak to de Gea They compare ter Stegan to de Gea They compare Ederson to de Gea Now, they compare Alisson to de Gea I wonder why? #mufc UTDST.'s photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 07:23 PM UTC
Man United in Pidgin
Where you dey stand? Retweet if you be Mourinho Out! Like if you be Mourinho In! #MUFC Man United in Pidgin's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 09:40 PM UTC
Jose isn't the problem, the board are. And he is doing all he can too challenge that. If nothing changes up high then it wont matter what manager we get we still wont challenge. Anyone who cant see that has had the curtain pulled over their eyes #mufc #josein #Glazersout
12 Dec, 07:50 AM UTC
United Xtra
Who survives the XI for Sunday’s game against Liverpool? #mufc
12 Dec, 09:17 PM UTC
Manchester United
I’m just Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really REALLY Sick of Manchester United’s shit performances. #MUFC
12 Dec, 09:56 PM UTC
Nizaar Kinsella
Paul Ince, England's first ever black captain, says the abuse towards Raheem Sterling could have made him want to jump in the crowd and 'do a Cantona'. The fact he didn't shows he is a man and the better man: https://t.co/D3G5YokSVP #CFC #MCFC #MUFC
12 Dec, 11:15 AM UTC
Adetutu Balogun
Man United is a CROSS! I can’t even carry it anymore!!! 😓😓😓 #MUFC
12 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
Rob Blanchette
That's McTominay dropped until February then. #MUFC https://t.co/3cslZ3AOKf
12 Dec, 10:52 PM UTC
The United Stand
Mourinho Please Go! Don't Miss Goldbridge's match reaction https://t.co/cWgH017d8t #mufc The United Stand's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 02:00 AM UTC
Phil #Jones scores all types of Own Goals🔥🔥🤭 #VALMUN #MUFC #UCL ManUtd_Holic's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 06:27 AM UTC
Manchester United
RT para llegar a 500 seguidores. #MUFC.
13 Dec, 05:02 AM UTC
Man Utd Empire
Ronaldo: “Juve are different to everyone else in many ways, even in the way they treat me. Small details make a big difference. However, I prefer to emphasise similarities. Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus are the top teams in their respective countries.” #mufc [CdS] Man Utd Empire's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 05:08 AM UTC
Lord of The Memes 🇳🇬🇨🇦
2-0 to @valenciacf_en after an #MUFC own goal. #UCL Lord of the Memes on his way with his memes-bag to the airport to catch up with his appointment with Banter Gods 😁😁 Lord of The Memes  🇳🇬🇨🇦's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 09:24 PM UTC
In his younger days, #SeanConnery #JamesBond played for Fet-Lor Amateurs, and Bonnyrigg Rose in Midlothian. He was even offered a contract to play for #ManchesterUnited by manager #SirMattBusby @davstu11 #MUFC FootballRetroPlus's photo on #mufc
12 Dec, 09:43 PM UTC
Man United News
Mourinho criticises some United players after Valencia defeat #mufc https://t.co/UuKmnCYtmR
13 Dec, 06:00 AM UTC
This went well, Football Einstein 🤣 #mufc #ggmu https://t.co/o90XkdKoVP
13 Dec, 05:17 AM UTC
Matthew Galea
Very, very poor. Can't imagine any of those players forcing their way back into Mourinho's XI. Clearly a large part of squad not interested in playing for him, but I don't think most of them are good enough to warrant sacking the manager for tbh. #MUFC #MUNVAL #UCL
12 Dec, 09:55 PM UTC
Phil Jones is the first Manchester United player to score an own goal during a Champions League match since Phil Jones also did it so back in Nov 2011 vs Benfica. 💁🏻‍♂️ #mufc
13 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
Mike 🔴
After watching fred yesterday, i think we underestimate the importance of Matic. Until we get another DM. He is still the best we have. #mufc
13 Dec, 06:56 AM UTC
Arsenal India 🇮🇳
#MUFC fans this is called Karma for picking Lacazette miss. Enjoy Arsenal India 🇮🇳's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
Man United News
He was given a rare start last night #mufc https://t.co/khBvdJCFVv
13 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
Love Sport Radio
Is there a media agenda against Jose Mourinho? #MUFC https://t.co/k1GB4n6JYO
13 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
i sport
After missing an opportunity last night against Valencia, it's not an easy six... #mufc #UCLdraw https://t.co/CwdYG89hST
13 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
talkSPORT Live
The brand new episode of the Premier League Preview Show is ready to stream. @thomasjrennie & @D_C_W are joined by former #MUFC full back @realpaulparker2. @ACast → https://t.co/gcblbioJzY @iTuneshttps://t.co/echuycXFAi @Spotifyhttps://t.co/cpguvETdDo talkSPORT Live's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 07:00 AM UTC
Ini pemain membahayakan di babak selanjutnya , mohon tidak dimainkan ! @ManUtd_ID .. #MUFC RT (cont) https://t.co/QXtXivPW94
13 Dec, 06:59 AM UTC
👹👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Altruist & avuncular
I really don't know how else to say this, how this has not been said enough, or why ostensibly this is being refused to be comprehended and we just keep spiralling into self destruct. It leaves me distraught to see my #MUFC on this path. https://t.co/uwn7y0YH1L
13 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
@Carra23 @GNev2 🤣🤣🤣 #ATeamOfCarraghers #TeamCarragherVTeamNeville #SkySports #LFC #YNWA #WeAreLiverpool #LIVMUN #MUFC OmarYoung777's photo on #mufc
13 Dec, 06:58 AM UTC
Puneet Kumar
Insightful thread on yesterday's game #MUFC #VALMUN @Radio_Gaz - Would love to know your thoughts on this! https://t.co/6OGthERbKM
13 Dec, 06:55 AM UTC
Paul Evans
13 Dec, 06:54 AM UTC

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