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Le Meilleur du PSG
La Masterclass de Marquinhos face à Manchester United #MUNPSG Le Meilleur du PSG's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC
Le Meilleur du PSG
L'explosion de joie de Neymar sur les deux buts parisiens hier soir 😍 #MUNPSG Le Meilleur du PSG's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 07:07 PM UTC
#MUNPSG Ce mec est fou mais je l’aime tellement ! ❤️💙 Zouggi's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 07:02 PM UTC
Pls Retweet So That Every Manchester United Fans Sees It🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #GGMU #MUNPSG #MUFC #PSG #Wednesday #Funny I BE DAT PRETTY MUHFVCKA🇬🇭💀's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 03:40 PM UTC
Saber Desfarges
Manchester United-PSG: le vestiaire parisien a retenu la leçon de la remontada, les coulisses de la victoire #MUNPSG https://t.co/QyabQgObFo@RMCsport
13 Feb, 06:26 PM UTC
Les "Ole, Ole" pendant le match contre United quel moment incroyable 😍. On en fait des caisses sur la fameuse ambiance anglaise mais mardi soir Old Trafford c'était chez nous ! #MUNPSG JIMMY 🇨🇿's photo on #MUNPSG
14 Feb, 09:54 AM UTC
J.D Team Paris
Salut la famille🔴🔵 Vous avez explosé de joie hier sur la victoire parisienne ?? Vous n'étiez pas seul, Neymar aussi a prit son pied devant sa TV voyant ses coéquipiers se battre et gagner😍😍😍 Via @OTRO #neymar #MUNPSG #PSG #TeamPSG J.D Team Paris's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 07:09 PM UTC
Julien Peronnet
Deux salles, deux ambiances. #MUPSG #MUNPSG https://t.co/SapNfw5R0B
13 Feb, 10:53 AM UTC
Virgin Media Sport
"It wasn't about tactics. It wasn't about formations. They just have better players than Man. United." Graeme Souness on #MUNPSG last night, but insists Solskjaer is the man for the job. #UCL #VMSport Virgin Media Sport's photo on #MUNPSG
13 Feb, 11:03 PM UTC
Leonarda ®
des singes qu’est-ce KYA ?! 🇨🇷 #TeamPSG #MUNPSG Leonarda ®'s photo on #MUNPSG
14 Feb, 09:32 AM UTC
The Coaches’ Voice
🔴 When Manchester United had possession, Jesse Lingard’s roaming into central positions helped push Ashley Young forward. This eventually led to Paul Pogba moving across to receive behind PSG’s double pivot and in the space Lingard vacated. #MUNPSG #UCL The Coaches’ Voice's photo on #MUNPSG
14 Feb, 09:39 AM UTC
#MUNPSG 84 लाख योनियो की भयंकर यातनाओ के बाद एक मनुष्य जन्म मिलता है। और इसे हम अन्य देवी देवताओ की भक्ति मे व्यर्थ कर रहे है। #भगवान_न_भूलो जब हमारे शास्त्रो प्रमाण है कि सबका मालिक एक कबीर साहेब है तो क्यो ना हम उनकी भक्ति करके मोक्ष की प्राप्ति कर ले साधना चैनल पर रात्रि 7:30
13 Feb, 02:26 PM UTC
Séquence complète #MUNPSG Matthieu's photo on #MUNPSG
14 Feb, 09:52 AM UTC
Total Football Analysis
Later today on TFA 🕥. The first of our @ChampionsLeague tactical analysis will land with @harshalp93 taking a look at Manchester United 0-2 PSG 🌍. 👉 https://t.co/yI6hgE0kva 👈. #MUNPSG #TFA #Analysis #Magazine.
14 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from France.

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