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It’s beautiful and terrifying how we don’t get to choose who our heart loves.
14 Mar, 03:51 AM UTC
Ash (CWA)
New emotes!?!? Let’s host a $100 PayPal giveaway!!! 💰5 X $20 Winners💰 To enter: ✔️ Retweet ✔️ Follow me ✔️ Be awesome Bonus points: subscribe on YT! 📺 Ash (CWA)'s photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:09 PM UTC
@DonaldJTrumpJr Wow! Eddy Munster, be careful, you’re treading on uncharted territory. Don’t forget how you got into college. Why don’t you ask your orange father?? He paid for you to get in, just as his father do to him.
13 Mar, 05:43 PM UTC
Munster with a lovely ball to put Bromwich over 👏 #NRLStormBroncos 16-0 #TelstraPremiership NRL's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 10:23 AM UTC
Brisbane Broncos
Our first Major Match-Up of the year is Munster V Milford – who will win tonight? We look at the face-off in detail Brisbane Broncos's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
Munster Rugby
The winner of February’s Munster Moment of the Month is Daniel Okeke’s fantastic try for @ArdscoilRisLimk in the Clayton Hotels Munster Schools Senior Cup! #MunsterStartsHere Munster Rugby's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:12 PM UTC
Pierre Pinto
Boitage à Munster ! 🔵 Demain les femmes françaises pourront-elles encore s’habiller comme elles veulent ? #OnArrive #Européennes2019 Pierre Pinto's photo on Munster
13 Mar, 08:14 PM UTC
The Irish at War
#OnThisDay 1894 William "Moley" Molesworth, the Irish #WW1 fighter ace was born. Originally a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Munster Fusiliers, Moley was seconded to the RFC where he racked up 18 aerial victories. Molesworth St. in #Dublin is named after his family #Ireland #History The Irish at War's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:30 PM UTC
Kieran McCarthy
Great to deputise @YSInow Speaks Out event at Cork City Hall this morning; c.35 teams; so many great projects to be presented today by Munster’s creative young thinkers; well done to all who take the stage today to take on solutions for Ireland’s social challenges
14 Mar, 10:30 AM UTC
Crescent College Comprehensive SJ
Munster Champions Crescent College Comprehensive SJ's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:38 PM UTC
Blue Demons BC
Super League Friday is back in the @MardykeArenaUCC at 8pm tomorrow night in a Munster Derby vs @Killorglinbball #wearedemons @BballIrl @BigRedBench @echolivecork @UCCSport Blue Demons BC's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:31 PM UTC
Munster Rugby
The Ireland Women's team to face Wales in the final round of the #WomensSixNations has been named. 7⃣ Munster players are included in the match-day squad >> #WALvIRE #ShoulderToShoulder Munster Rugby's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:03 PM UTC
Murray Steinard
@SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump You helped destroy democracy you Eddie Munster look alike. You and turtle head Mitch McConnell along with that orange man should be thrown in jail FUCK YOU AND YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY. Murray Steinard's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:48 PM UTC
Munster Vales
Fantastic feature on #MunsterVales in @GuideDuRoutard "Munster Vales is a land of legends, southeast of the Emerald Isle, a land on which abound the legendary stories are passed down. A postcard of Ireland with mts, valleys & superb homegrown produce!" Munster Vales's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 12:30 PM UTC
The Poops™
@LMLoveExists @RedDanM Beto should have said something. The Pubs cheated him in Texas. He actually won that b/c those machines were turning votes for him into votes for Granpa Munster.A shitload of those machines & they are crooked.
14 Mar, 01:08 PM UTC
Vic O'Sullivan
🎡 lighting up the dark sky in #Limerick tonight #Ireland #LimerickCity #Munster Vic O'Sullivan's photo on Munster
13 Mar, 08:46 PM UTC
Mario Amaro, MD🤘🏽
Wait what? Charge who? @Colin_Hung
14 Mar, 02:27 PM UTC
If this is true, you are a HUGE POS .@PRyan Guess your ego could not take losing to @realDonaldTrump SO glad Eddie Munster isn't running our country. Dodged a bullet there 😏👌👍💯
14 Mar, 03:49 PM UTC
Michael Cohen
@SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump Curse you, Eddie Munster. You made this country so much worse. I hope that you don't sleep.
14 Mar, 03:42 PM UTC
Preussen Münster Arg
@Mundialdecuenta A lo rústico me encanta
14 Mar, 03:27 PM UTC
David Gerard
@mdudas @CasPiancey @Ben_Munster @decryptmedia @Bitfinexed @el33th4xor "our coin is backed by the floor of the stable"
14 Mar, 03:15 PM UTC
🤘El Spaghetto🖕
@Mxptzly @amael005p Parle lui du munster, du livarot
14 Mar, 03:14 PM UTC
Clayton Hotels
Huge well done to all players involved in the Clayton Hotels Munster Schools Junior Cup, great games throughout! No doubt the final will be a nail biter. 🏉
14 Mar, 03:09 PM UTC
@AdamTrahan I can't get it out of my mind, Beto looks like a young Herman Munster.
14 Mar, 02:48 PM UTC
Walter V. Herriott, II
@SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump Shut up Eddie Munster. You will go down as the worst SOTH in modern history.
14 Mar, 03:34 PM UTC
Wasps Rugby Live
If @Saracens claim a third @ChampionsCup victory over Scottish side, a @RicohArena semi-final awaits #Saracens #MunsterRugby #EdinburghRugby
14 Mar, 01:44 PM UTC
Thomas Moroney
@Heads_Up_Rugby Doubt it. Calling duties were split between Roux and O'Mahony vs Scotland, Henderson did it vs France and Beirne's called Munster's lineout this season, so I'd say somewhere in between Beirne and POM.
14 Mar, 02:52 PM UTC
@_crucifucks How are you so perfect 😭
14 Mar, 02:49 PM UTC
Kevin McNamara
About time Tadhg Beirne got his chance to start for @IrishRugby , has been Munster most dominant player all year. Outstanding for last 3 years both domestically and European .
14 Mar, 02:48 PM UTC
@Keith335 @c_singh_ @DonaldODaniels1 @TVC_15 @VanityFair Democrats can win on progressive policies in red states. He lost because he wasn't inspiring enough to win. He lost to Eddy Munster.
14 Mar, 02:46 PM UTC
Kay Jay frm Soufeest
@SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump ...and Eddie Munster has returned. Kay Jay frm Soufeest's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
Por favor nunca normalicemos a Renato Munster actuando en los 90
14 Mar, 03:59 PM UTC
Munster Rugby
Ticket & Matchday Info | @CBC_rugby v @pbcrugby - @ClaytonHotels Munster Schools Senior Cup final, Irish Independent Park, Sunday 17 March. Supporters are encouraged to purchase tickets before matchday to avail of lower prices: #MSSC #MunsterStartsHere Munster Rugby's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:58 PM UTC
Conor O' Neill
@offtheball @OfficialCorkGAA @MunsterGAA Leinster will be like Munster this year, any of them bar Carlow could qualify
14 Mar, 03:57 PM UTC
Cour du Tonnelier
Vendredi Galette de pomme de terre au munster Escalope de porc Pâtes Éclair vanille
14 Mar, 03:51 PM UTC
Munster Library
Happy International Pi Day! Whether you want to unlock the mathematical mysteries of Pi, or just bake one, Munster Branch has got you covered! Munster Library's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:47 PM UTC

Nada como achar um pote de doce esquecido na geladeira
14 Mar, 03:36 PM UTC
Stefan Alesi
Münster: Berufungsanhörung über Deutschlands Rolle bei US-Drohnenangriffen im Jemen beginnt
14 Mar, 03:32 PM UTC
Dr. Lisa Kaplin
It’s normal & understandable to feel #fear; it’s just not helpful to hold onto it. #pain #recovery #healing #courage Dr. Lisa Kaplin's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:31 PM UTC
FHC Experience
We're delighted to feature in this article by @GuideDuRoutard.They visited #Fethard along with many other great sites in the @MunsterVales last year. We'll need to brush up on our French! 🇫🇷
14 Mar, 03:30 PM UTC
Bogo The Big Fella
#Green #Free #Reduce-reuse-recycle #Ballincollig #Munster Bogo The Big Fella's photo on Munster
14 Mar, 03:20 PM UTC
Issac W Harper
He looks like Federick Hubbard Gwynne, he was the actor who played the latest Herman Munster!
14 Mar, 03:20 PM UTC
Gary Mc
@voiceofgravel @nprpolitics Enough of the Eddie Munster videos,
14 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
Les Rhoads
@Cptnrwrpnts The Eddie Munster look
14 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
August Sprung
Too funny coming from loser eddie Munster lookalike
14 Mar, 03:18 PM UTC
Colin McBride
@NotoriousJOS Beirne has been calling line outs for Munster, but think his breakdown prowess could be crucial. Shame for Henderson and worry for the quarter.
14 Mar, 03:13 PM UTC
Porque Renato Munster está tan mino yahooanswer.
14 Mar, 03:11 PM UTC
Timechain Copeland
@Ben_Munster @APompliano Okay phew, still alive
14 Mar, 03:10 PM UTC
Tipperary's Rockwell College reach Munster Junior Schools Cup final for the first time in twenty-two years - #tipperary
14 Mar, 03:03 PM UTC
🌻Whatever you are, be a good one🌻
@geoff_deweaver @BetoORourke @realDonaldTrump There are already child traffickers & drug cartels in the U.S that aren’t from Mexico & also there’s already a form of what you call “socialist agendas” in place within the U.S already it’s called Medicare. Lastly grandpa Munster didn’t easily beat Beto in the senate race
14 Mar, 02:59 PM UTC
el33th4xor just followed @Ben_Munster
14 Mar, 02:59 PM UTC
@bobby_bridge We went and sat in the Sarries end for the second half of the game when Wasps played them in the Euro semi at Reading there was so much space. I'd imagine it would be like a home game for Munster!
14 Mar, 02:57 PM UTC
Pete B
14 Mar, 02:57 PM UTC
a green bean
@Jenni_Munster Ahh thank you beautiful 😭💚
14 Mar, 02:55 PM UTC
BMJ Careers Int
Locum Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (2 posts) - Cork (City), Munster (IE) - HSE Health Service Executive
14 Mar, 02:55 PM UTC
Sean Doody
@sineadkissane Very strong line up. Delighted to see Tadhg Beirne get his chance. Has been superb in recent games for Munster.😀🇮🇪🏉
14 Mar, 02:48 PM UTC
Daragh Ó Conchúir
And Tadhg Beirne gets his chance, against Wales, who he knows so well. He's unfortunate that unlike the other locks, he's only getting one so he quite simply has to perform and then stay fit and finish strong with Munster #SixNations
14 Mar, 02:38 PM UTC

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