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Murdoch Mysteries
Happy Family Day! 🇨🇦 Who's here watching? #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 12:57 AM UTC
Murdoch Mysteries
Tonight - After the release of Murdoch and Ogden's book, a series of copycat murders begin to take place #MurdochMysteries Murdoch Mysteries's photo on #MurdochMysteries
18 Feb, 03:30 PM UTC
Murdoch Mysteries
When you realize you've been watching #MurdochMysteries for TWELVE seasons. Murdoch Mysteries's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
Murdoch Mysteries
Give it up for the incredibly talented and funny @colinmochrie! 🎉 #MurdochMysteries Murdoch Mysteries's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:34 AM UTC
Hélène Joy
Hey #MurdochMysteries Fans a reminder you can vote for me for the #CdnScreenAwards Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award! https://t.co/nv3eD2nJOC #MurdochMonday
19 Feb, 01:35 AM UTC
Murdoch Mysteries
When you thought it was #MysteryMondays... but it's actually Sunday. #MurdochMysteries @yannick_bisson Murdoch Mysteries's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:57 AM UTC
Murdoch Mysteries
RT if you fell for it! 😂 #MurdochMysteries @realpatmckenna Murdoch Mysteries's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:11 AM UTC
This seems too easy I believe THIS meme applies in this situation #MurdochMondays #MurdochMysteries @CBCMurdoch Elliot's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:42 AM UTC
Carbtree (Cora🕵🏻🔍)
All the Throwback Episodes (so far?) #MurdochMysteries Ch 1: Barenaked Ladies S9E4 Ch 2: Houdini Whodunnit S2E4 Ch 3: Painted Ladies S10E7 Ch 4: Invention Convention S5E9
19 Feb, 01:44 AM UTC
Deb 🇨🇦
#MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries Love seeing so many Hamilton Ontario locations in tonight’s episode! #HamON #myhometown #filming @CBCMurdoch
19 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
19 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Natasha W
#MurdochMysteries such a great monday show dang plus its #Canadian @CBCMurdoch
19 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
Lily ღ 🕵️‍♂️👩‍⚕️🔎
Baby faces 😍 #MurdochMysteries #MurdochMonday #Jilliam
19 Feb, 01:12 AM UTC
Awww missing Crabtree's one liners tonight.... Where is George?!? @CBCMurdoch #MurdochMysteries @JollyHarris Mel's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:51 AM UTC
What a great episode tonight!!! Loved all the cast and guests on it tonight and the flashbacks!!! And a cliff hanger.....ohhh I can't wait to see how this will play out!!! @CBCMurdoch #MurdochMysteries #MurdochMonday @yannick_bisson @Helene_Joy
19 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@murdochgurl26 @MonkeyLairLabs @CBCMurdoch They did a web series where Murdoch travelled into modern times! “The Murdoch Effect” #MurdochMondays #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday
19 Feb, 02:28 AM UTC
Hugh Sturdy
So many great Canadian actors guest staring on tonight's episode @CBCMurdoch (not that there aren't on other nights) BUT so many tonight. #MurdochMysteries 🙌😃
19 Feb, 01:54 AM UTC
What the bloody hell (lol) is a hotel detective?!! 😁 @CBCMurdoch #MurdochMysteries #MurdochMonday
19 Feb, 01:41 AM UTC
Deb 🇨🇦
#MurdochMysteries End of tonight's episode - Ralph Fellows (@colinmochrie ) - UK callbox, French newspaper, building with American flags - could he be in France outside of an American Embassy? Let the MMXIII speculation begin!! @CBCMurdoch
19 Feb, 02:56 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@MonkeyLairLabs @murdochgurl26 @CBCMurdoch That’s true! The season V finale “Twentieth Century Murdoch”! #MurdochMondays #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday
19 Feb, 02:31 AM UTC
Kristen Horner
Great episode of @CBCMurdoch tonight! #MurdochMysteries #MurdochMonday
19 Feb, 02:01 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@MonkeyLairLabs @murdochgurl26 @CBCMurdoch I just noticed in ch 4 there is an error! Someone wrote July 1999 and not July 1899! #MurdochMondays #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday
19 Feb, 02:25 AM UTC
Retro TV
While investigating a lethal gunshot on a trolley that no one seems to have heard, Murdoch finds that a disappearance may be linked to his old girlfriend, Anna Fulford. Don't miss "Murdoch Mysteries" tonight at 10PM ET/PT. #RetroTV #StayTuned #MurdochMysteries Retro TV's photo on #MurdochMysteries
18 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
Ritz L'Heureux
corn flakes 😂😂😂 ~ always loved the insertion of non case related discoveries/inventions! #twitter #pizza #microwave #clapper #Clue #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 03:25 AM UTC
Sheila English
Haven’t heard the word “chesterfield “in awhile 😄 And to think for the price of a chesterfield, the Newsome-Higgins could have had 100 shares of Kellogg’s 💸💸💸💸☹️#MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 01:57 AM UTC
Leanne Smith
Just waiting for @CBCMurdoch to start in the central timezone #MurdochMysteries #MurdochMonday
19 Feb, 01:55 AM UTC
The Hook
@CBCMurdoch True, but tonight's episode took the "clip show" and upgraded it into the origin story of the next James Gillies. One of your best offerings ever, people. #MurdochMysteries #MysteryMondays #Cdntv #CBCGem
19 Feb, 05:03 AM UTC
Thaaaaaaaaank You @Helene_Joy but it’s really YOU and the entire cast to thank! What a trip down memory (case) lane! #ActingMasterclass #murdochmysteries https://t.co/IhfdPSlgEL
19 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
dancing_murdochgurl26 🕵️‍♂️👩🏼‍⚕️💍💞
Tonight’s episode of Murdoch Mysteries was so good! Looking back at throwback episodes and seeing everyone with baby faces was awesome! Also William fantasizing Julia naked! Risqué William! 😉😘😱🥰 #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries @CBCMurdoch
19 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@CBCMurdoch #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday corn flakes.. delicious! Oh dear, Henry just witnessed the third chapter of the Murdoch’s book!
19 Feb, 04:22 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@CBCMurdoch #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday if you think about it... it must be really creepy to think that someone is using the Murdoch’s book as inspiration to copy murders!
19 Feb, 04:20 AM UTC
Kelsey Louie
@CBCMurdoch #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries #MMXII #MysteryMonday wow... chapter 2 replicated! And William imagining Julia naked back then... hmmm... I wonder what it’s like now
19 Feb, 04:16 AM UTC
dancing_murdochgurl26 🕵️‍♂️👩🏼‍⚕️💍💞
I sorta wished William and Julia discussed the episode called Bloodlust and Julia would have admitted she had a fantasy! #Jilliam #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries @CBCMurdoch
19 Feb, 03:22 AM UTC
Richard Ingham
@CBCMurdoch Am I correct to believe that Ralph Fellows is our new James Gillies? #MurdochMysteries #murdermonday #mysterymonday
19 Feb, 02:54 AM UTC
Woah...... 1,166 people saw my tweet!?! I LOVE IT!!! ❤ @CBCMurdoch #MurdochMonday #MurdochMysteries Mel's photo on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 02:52 AM UTC
@PIUpdate #magnumPI #MurdochMysteries and #CoronerCBC
19 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
@CBCMurdoch I'm usually at my jigging class Monday night so I have to pvr and watch when I get home. I love Monday nights! #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
Hendrick Nicolajsen
Have to say tonight's episode was one of the best I've seen in a while - love the surprise twist at the end #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 05:44 AM UTC
@CBCMurdoch great eppy tonight! but hope they don't sell those shares! lol #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 04:58 AM UTC
G10 Media
📺 Really enjoying tonight's episode of @CBCMurdoch ("Manual for Murder"). Very cool idea/story/plot. 👍🏽 Just like a little summary of previous episodes. Could it be Mr. Gillie? Curious to find out how it ends:) #MurdochMysteries 🤔
19 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
the KnightRocker
Love ya @colinmochrie thank you for #MurdochMysteries scenes.. awesome
19 Feb, 04:17 AM UTC
Evelynn Hoffman
@CBCMurdoch @CBCMurdoch My boyfriend got me ALL the seasons on DVD so I have been doing a binge and watching the episodes in order from season 1! So much makes sense now... #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Rosanna Shubert 🌻
@CBCMurdoch I have loved every episode and will continue watching!! #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 03:58 AM UTC
Yes Colin Mochrie on #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 03:32 AM UTC
@CBCMurdoch My PVR is set to record all new #MurdochMysteries episodes so that I never have to miss any! 😊👍💖
19 Feb, 03:10 AM UTC
Richard Ingham
@CBCMurdoch wish I was live tweeting tonight but I was out celebrating my sister's birthday. #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 02:57 AM UTC
George Moulinos 🇨🇦
@Helene_Joy Yet it still had my attention from beginning to end. It’s says a lot about the talent on this show. #MurdochMysteries
19 Feb, 02:21 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Canada.

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