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CBS Sports Golazo ⚽️
Yunus Musah was every @USMNT fan 😂🇺🇸 @CBSSportsGolazo's photo on Musah
13 Oct, 11:50 PM UTC
Sam's Army Podcast
Bad news Costa Rica. Aaronson, Adams, McKennie, Musah, Weah, Hoppe & Pepi woke up today. Worse news: some of them might even play tonight.
13 Oct, 01:08 PM UTC
U.S. Soccer MNT
With 18-year-olds Yunus Musah and Ricardo Pepi in the lineup, two teenagers will start for the #USMNT for a fourth-straight match. @USMNT's photo on Musah
13 Oct, 10:21 PM UTC
Eduardo Hagn
Yunus Musah is quite the player. Glad to see a Hale End boy doing well.
13 Oct, 11:35 PM UTC
Stu Holden
Feel good about 35 minutes of that half from @USMNT. Good response to an awful start and really pushed the game and looked dangerous. Musah, Adams, M. Robinson, Dest, Aaronson good first halves
13 Oct, 11:53 PM UTC
@USMNT @VW 🇺🇸 Yunus Musah v. Costa Rica (1st half) ○ 50 touches ○ 1 assist ○ 2 successful dribbles ○ 3 accurate long-balls ○ 4 ground duels won ○ 1 tackle ○ 1 interception ○ 89% passing Superb 🌟
13 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Yunus Musah should be a lock starter with the USMNT
14 Oct, 12:08 AM UTC
Paul Tenorio
Chris Richards making his World Cup qualifying debut. Steffen in for Matt Turner — which is a choice. All the big guns back in. Musah and Arriola in the XI for a third straight game. Average age: 22 years, 229 days, the youngest USMNT in a World Cup qualifying match.
13 Oct, 09:52 PM UTC
Watch Musah’s reaction when the ball hits the back of the net ❤️
14 Oct, 12:04 AM UTC
Paul Carr
Remember how the #USMNT midfield completed 11 passes to each other in the first half in Panama? Adams, McKennie and Musah completed 33 passes to each other in the first half tonight.
14 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
Joseph Lowery
Yunus Musah looks like he plays soccer on easy mode. He’s so fun to watch.
14 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Musah is press resistant, just got out of a 3-man press pretty well.
14 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC
Brian Foley
I'll go a step further: The midfield trio of McKennie-Musah-Adams should *all* be lock starters for the USMNT.
14 Oct, 12:10 AM UTC
Luis Miguel Echegaray
My only tweet for the night is a request for youth midfielders everywhere: Please watch the triangle of Adams, McKennie and Musah. They have been magnificent.
14 Oct, 12:12 AM UTC
Charles Boehm
Yunus Musah: So damn good
14 Oct, 12:13 AM UTC
Musah reminds me so much of Gini Wijnaldum. He’s so good in tight spaces and wants to get forward. Gini is more technical and obviously a much higher level. I look forward to seeing his progression as he gets more tactically aware and stronger. Just an exciting player
14 Oct, 12:16 AM UTC
Matty Knips
Is Yunus Musah the best #USMNT player?
14 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Luis Miguel Echegaray
Yes, McKennie has given the ball away a few times lol. Basically, the original meaning to the first tweet was: watch Yunus Musah lol.
14 Oct, 12:16 AM UTC
US Soccer Feed
This is the sort of game where I’d like to see CP or Reyna play at the 10. Let’s Mckennie and one of Adams/Musah play the 6 and 8 and reallyyyy put the pressure on.
14 Oct, 12:12 AM UTC
Shawn Brooks
Hoppe and Busio... for Weah and Pepi is my guess.. Move Musah wide more
14 Oct, 12:26 AM UTC
Luis Miguel Echegaray
Musah especially. He is so, so good.
14 Oct, 12:12 AM UTC
Chris Jenkins
So, this #USMNT is not a finished product, and doesn’t have much time to get there. But … skill wise? They’re regularly completing passes that previous teams wouldn’t have seen, let alone tried. Dest, Musah blowing past defenders. Put it all together and man, could this be fun.
14 Oct, 12:06 AM UTC
Mckennie and Musah playing together is some of the best midfield soccer I’ve ever seen from USMNT
14 Oct, 12:18 AM UTC
todd drake
Musah and Aaronson really clicking. #wavelength #USMNT
14 Oct, 12:09 AM UTC
Shawn Brooks
@Jedi_SZN @Javi_DLT_USMNT This isn't true. Mckennie is breaking the lines with his passes and spreading out the blocks of 8 with his diagonal and cross field passes. Musah is breaking the lines by driving through any gaps created. They are good complement to one another.
14 Oct, 12:00 AM UTC
@ReynaCentral My midfield 3 would be Adams, Musah, and Reyna
13 Oct, 11:54 PM UTC
Nolan King
@alvanderp Would like to see him come in for Musah and see how he links with Adams and McKennie but that’s probably too hopeful lol.
14 Oct, 12:27 AM UTC
@TheHallWay1 Musah and Weah have looked great tonight
14 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Joel F Lorah
The difference in style & skill between Musah and McKinnie is fascinating.
14 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC
Cole Sletten
Yunus Musah. What a player. #usmnt
14 Oct, 12:14 AM UTC