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Jamal Musiala completed more dribbles vs. Costa Rica than any other player has completed at the entire tournament so far 🤯 @ESPNUK's photo on Musiala
02 Dec, 11:30 AM UTC
Jamal Musiala back in 2014, aged 10. 🇩🇪 ⤵️ https://t.co/rl82lKhqeh
02 Dec, 10:55 AM UTC
Roro 🔴⚪️ 🇫🇷
He never won against Musiala on and off the pitch, what is he talking about?! 😭 https://t.co/Bc9sdJN2Ol
02 Dec, 08:14 AM UTC
Mahdi 🇮🇷
how do people watch musiala play football and decide gavi is better https://t.co/kZhC3eHDG4
02 Dec, 08:30 AM UTC
Nah as unbearable the Bayern & Germany fans are this ain’t it. If you weren’t impressed by Musiala in these 3 games football ain’t for you https://t.co/C06YTILTlP
02 Dec, 02:33 PM UTC
Barstool Football
Jamal Musiala at 10-years old. @StoolFootball's photo on Musiala
02 Dec, 11:52 AM UTC
Football Talent Scout - Jacek Kulig
The U-23 (players born 1999+) team of the World Cup group stages by @FTalentScout! 🇵🇹Diogo Costa 🇪🇨Piero Hincapié 🇭🇷Joško Gvardiol 🇵🇱Jakub Kiwior 🇺🇸Tyler Adams 🇦🇷Enzo Fernandez 🇪🇸Pedri 🇺🇸Yunus Musah 🇳🇱Cody Gakpo 🇩🇪Jamal Musiala 🇬🇭Mohammed Kudus @FTalentScout's media on Musiala">https://t.co/yN8vnDM00r
02 Dec, 11:07 PM UTC
markstats 🍁
Best ball carriers of the group stage are Mbappe, Di Maria and Musiala https://t.co/oAqhIWWoUC
02 Dec, 11:06 PM UTC
Jorg van der Breggen
The art of dribbling #Musiala ⚡️⚽️ Dribbling, not only i/t foundation phase is an absolute must! Don’t be fooled by the "play & pass the ball" shouting people! Dribbling in game context provides the opportunity to learn to discover & exploit spaces with a ball!#TheBeautifulGame https://t.co/cWjdkeSApX
02 Dec, 03:27 PM UTC
One Germany fan thinks Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is the answer to their problems #LFC #GER #FIFAWorldCup https://t.co/udZeNHNqNm
03 Dec, 05:15 AM UTC
Winnie smart🇰🇪
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02 Dec, 01:07 PM UTC
Had a dream Musiala scored the World Cup winning goal for Germany. It felt so real ffs
03 Dec, 06:14 AM UTC
João Pedro Freitas
@Minarini07 @realfutebolnews O Musiala é craque também, um pecado não ter feito nenhum gol nessa Copa. Quase guardou dois golaços contra a Costa Rica, mas a bola bateu na trave.
03 Dec, 06:26 AM UTC
Nwakibie Chris
@ESPNUK Start Musiala, bench Bellingham, drop Gavi
03 Dec, 06:04 AM UTC
@ESPNUK Start Musiala, cut BellingMid, cut Gavi. Not subbing Musiala off for those two clowns no way.
03 Dec, 06:30 AM UTC
Jamal Musiala >>>>>>>> Jude Bellingham
03 Dec, 06:29 AM UTC
@ESPNUK Omor..bt ill start Bellingham Benc Musiala Still keep Gavi
03 Dec, 06:29 AM UTC
@ESPNUK Start bellingham, bench musiala , sell gavi
03 Dec, 06:28 AM UTC
ja ostatnio mam taka praktykę ze kupuje wszystko tak żeby mi to pasowało i żebym nie musiała się naciągać na kolejne koszty żeby mieć z czym to nosić 🧎‍♀️
03 Dec, 06:28 AM UTC
ʚ jamal musiala shooter ɞ
i have to wait 1-2 months to see musiala back on the pitch?
03 Dec, 06:27 AM UTC
Davis JBryson
@MSgarrella This must be a Musiala fan hahaha 😆
03 Dec, 06:27 AM UTC
@iMiaSanMia Musiala wishing he had chose differently right about now😩
03 Dec, 06:26 AM UTC
allan mugabe
@ESPNUK Jamal musiala is perfect for me bench Gavi sale off jude english media spoil talets
03 Dec, 06:25 AM UTC
shaaban رجب
@ESPNUK Start Musiala Bench Bellingham Drop Gavi
03 Dec, 06:24 AM UTC
@ESPNUK Start Gavi, Bench Musiala, Drop Jude. V easy.
03 Dec, 06:23 AM UTC
Manuel Torres
@fabrizio_hi estoy abierto a aceptar que coincido, Kudus > Musiala tho
03 Dec, 06:23 AM UTC