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Candace Owens
I’ve nevr been interested in the topic of Islam but given the censoring of @JudgeJeanine & the shameless anti-semitism of @IlhanMN, I will host a Muslim that has defected from the religion on my show to better understand the debate. America needs MORE conversation Not censoring
18 Mar, 01:09 PM UTC
Educating Liberals
Muslim activist Linda Sarsour says she is “triggered” by all of the hate Rep. Ilhan Omar is receiving. Oh really? Well I’m triggered by the 6000+ Nigerian Christians who have been brutally murdered at the hands of Muslims over the past year. So take your Islam & shove it.
18 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"A non-Muslim terrorist has to kill on average 7 people more than a Muslim terrorist to get equal coverage as a Muslim terrorist" - from my interview with @JoyAnnReid on @msnbc today. Full intv, on #Christchurch, media Islamophobia, Palestine, guns, here: Mehdi Hasan's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 12:03 AM UTC
My heart 😭 Students gather in respect of The Azaan (Muslim call to prayer) at Canterbury Christchurch University standing in solidarity with the Muslim community in New Zealand. Retweet ❤️ StanceGrounded's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Brian Stelter
@AnaCabrera: "Instead of joining the world condemning this hatred and offering support to the Muslim community in New Zealand and across the globe, President Trump is tweeting that 'Saturday Night Live' hurts his feelings." Brian Stelter's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 01:25 AM UTC
Erielle Davidson
No one wants to “Muslim ban” you. People hope you’re removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for being a vicious anti-Semite, nothing more.
18 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC
KAGTrump Ewegot🚂🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️
I was just thinking 🤔 49 Gay Americans are killed by a Muslim in Florida and nobody blames Obama, yet 49 Muslims are killed by a Eco-Fascist Liberal in New Zealand and everybody blames Trump...
18 Mar, 01:13 AM UTC
Ibn Sina
I'm a Muslim but not less than a Hindu. My religion is Islam but my culture is Hinduism.
18 Mar, 04:41 PM UTC
Brian Klaas
48 hours in the GOP: Trump defends bigoted anti-Muslim comments by a Fox host after a massacre of Muslims; @GOP tweets a bigoted anti-Irish meme to attack a Democrat, and a white supremacist Congressman suggests Republicans would win a civil war because they have more bulllets. Brian Klaas's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 12:12 PM UTC
David Hoffman
Following the massacre of 49 Muslims in New Zealand by a white supremacist, Trump tweeted ONCE about the incident - without even using the word Muslim. He tweeted FIVE times defending Judge Perino’s anti-Muslim racism. We have a mentally ill, white-supremacist president.
18 Mar, 02:56 PM UTC
Voice of Europe 🌍
Christians living in a Muslim country ‘143 times more likely’ to be killed by a Muslim than vice versa
18 Mar, 06:33 PM UTC
Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to ever be elected to Congress on why Pres. Trump was not willing to say white nationalism is on the rise: “I think sometimes you simply have to yield to the objective evidence, and that is, it points to him being sympathetic to that point of view” CNN's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
OurFavOnlineDoctor 🥳🏁
This gentleman here is a Nigerian Muslim man who helped to save the lives of many people attacked by the deranged white terrorist in New Zealand a few days ago. HE IS A HERO. HE DESERVES TO BE CELEBRATED. Let’s retweet and make the world aware that Nigerians are good people.
18 Mar, 10:05 AM UTC
Sean Davis
The Israeli parliament has more Arab and Muslim members than the entire U.S. Congress, despite being just one-fifth its size. This is a shameful lie from the @WashingtonPost.
18 Mar, 04:17 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec ✝️
Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on Muslim lands Killed innocent Muslim men, women, and children Yet the world turns a blind eye And never calls him an Islamophobe
18 Mar, 06:41 PM UTC
“Islamophobia is still a deeply problematic term. This is a word that is used to demonise and silence anyone who is worried about radical Islam. The massacre in Christchurch should not be described as Islamophobic but as vile anti-Muslim bigotry.” Brendan O’Neill on @talkRADIO spiked's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 12:48 PM UTC
Hasanuddin Ali
Kalo kau bisa memuji umat non muslim menjaga masjid diluar negeri, tapi kenapa kau susah sekali memuji Banser yang menjaga gereja di Indonesia...
18 Mar, 02:59 AM UTC
Daniel Baranowski
What's so Special about Muslims? Who cares? Omar is the Muslim who's always crying WOLF! Sit down, shut up & do some real work! Unless, that is, if you think your job is to be a Muslim. If that's your job, then you don't belong in Congress!
18 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani
Naeem Rashid brave son of Pakistan without caring of his life tried to stop the terrorist and embraced martyrdom. Whole Pakistani nation is proud of the bravery of Naeem Rashid and he is the hero of Muslim Community : #NaeemRashidIsPakistan Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 09:24 AM UTC
Azad Ali
This is Paul Wilson he wanted the Christchurch shooter to take out a 'whole Islamic faith primary school' Who taught him to hate Muslim schools eh MSM? #Islamophobia Azad Ali's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 01:23 AM UTC
Khaled Beydoun
“The Good Doctor” l Amjad Hamid was a doctor and beloved member of the #Christchurch Muslim community His colleagues rave about how kind he was, and he dedicated himself to helping poor patients. His family came from Palestine. He leaves behind a wife and 3 children. #50lives Khaled Beydoun's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec ✝️
The entire bloodthirsty neocon establishment wanted Trump to go to war with Syria How many Muslim women and children would have died? Trump and the MAGA movement stood up to them We stopped their war from starting Who are the Islamophobes again?
18 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Rob Smith 🇺🇸
49 Dead in New Zealand 49 Dead at Pulse Orlando MSM immediately condemns NZ attacker. MSM spreads lies/conspiracy theories protecting Orlando attacker. NZ terrorist was white, the Pulse Orlando terrorist was Muslim. The hypocrisy is truly astounding.
18 Mar, 01:04 PM UTC
David Baker⭐️In⭐️Like⭐️Flynn
Why hasn’t CNN mentioned this. Perhaps CNN figures these victims deserved it ICYMI: 120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria - MEDIA SILENT
18 Mar, 02:49 PM UTC
Left at the entrance of our Islamic Center by our non Muslim neighbors. Love will always rise above hate. #ChristChurch #NewZealandMosqueAttack Z B's photo on Muslim
17 Mar, 09:14 PM UTC
Dog-Emperor Shep 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇭🇺
>White guy kills muslims pRoTeC tHe mUsLiMs! >Muslim kills white people pRoTeC tHe mUsLiMs!
18 Mar, 02:32 PM UTC
Jonathan Greenblatt
Following the Islamophobic attack in New Zealand, this is an inspiring piece from Michael Felsen on the need for the Jewish & Muslim communities to band together in the face of bigotry. No matter your religion, we ALL need to come together against #hate.
18 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
Christopher Mathias
Did not realize that the day before @JudgeJeanine made her bigoted comments about @IlhanMN on Fox News, she had Brigitte Gabriel on as a guest. Gabriel heads up one of the biggest anti-Muslim groups in the country: Act for America.
18 Mar, 03:12 PM UTC
Lizzie Dearden
Facebook has been vowing to crack down on far-right extremism after the New Zealand attack, but allowed the anti-Muslim group Britain First to set up two new pages and run paid-for ads Even after Facebook deleted its pages a year ago over hate speech
18 Mar, 03:33 PM UTC
ABC News
Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh raises money for Muslim victims of massacre at New Zealand mosques. ABC News's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 07:42 PM UTC
Margrit #The 200 🌟🌟🌟 Trump 2020
‼️Meet 👉Hufsa Kamal👈 the dirtbag responsible for Jeanine Pirro’s Suspension. She’s the producer for Bret Baier on FOX News. She has a long history of vicious attacks on conservatives-Malkin, Owens, Bongino, Kirk.. #BoycottFoxNews via @gatewaypundit
18 Mar, 01:21 PM UTC
Jeremy Corbyn
"People of all faiths and none must unite to state emphatically: an attack against one community is an attack against us all."
18 Mar, 07:58 PM UTC
Pamela Geller
Muslim Sociologist Blames the Jews for the New Zealand Massacre in an Islamic Jew-Hatred Tirade: Mourn the dead and for one minute, one second, let go of your genocidal hate. Pamela Geller's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
The all Cats are Muslim theory still holding up strong.
18 Mar, 12:25 PM UTC
Hind Makki
I don't know why people are confused by this, but there is no such thing as a Muslim name. Arab names are NOT Muslim names. Indonesian, Persian, Indin, Turkish, English names can all be Muslim. If the person is Muslim, their name is Muslim. #FullStop
18 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
мυнαммα∂ ηα∂εεм σғғιcιαℓ
Chirstan Kill me in Newzealand Hindu kill me in Kashmir U.P Buddish kill me in Burma Jewish kill me in Palestine & still Am terrorist? Because I AM MUSLIM. #WeCondemnNZTerrorism мυнαммα∂ ηα∂εεм σғғιcιαℓ's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 03:14 PM UTC
Red Nation Rising
Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on the Middle East Killed innocent Muslim men, women, and children He got a Nobel Peace Prize Yet Trump is called an Islamophobe?
18 Mar, 07:48 PM UTC
Pelau Pundit
Jess Hilarious ain’t fucking hilarious she’s a dick head for calling a Sikh a Muslim and having him removed from a flight cuz she claim she don’t feel safe.. she’s basically a white woman now
18 Mar, 10:46 AM UTC
Tallie Dar
Let’s put it into perspective: There are over 1.8 billion Muslims, making it 24.1% of the world’s population It’s estimated approximately 100,000 “Muslims” are extremists in the world Therefore 0.0056% of the total Muslim population. Meaning? 99.995% of Muslims are peaceful
18 Mar, 09:25 AM UTC
The Muslim Vibe
New Zealand football player Kosta Barbarouses scores & bows down in prayer like a Muslim, out of respect for those killed in the Christchurch terrorist attack ❤️ The Muslim Vibe's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 02:26 PM UTC
Peter Cubin
@heyitsCarolyn @minxy99 Omar, as a Muslim, has ONLY one job, to move America toward becoming an Islamic state. Period. It is a command from Allah. She accuses people who support Israel as having dual loyalties when she has a single one, to Islam. She has no place in American government, or in America.
18 Mar, 06:51 PM UTC
Eric Hananoki
Fox News hosted contributor Robert Jeffress on Sunday ( to talk about the New Zealand mosque mass shooting. Jeffress is openly anti-Muslim (
18 Mar, 06:56 PM UTC
18 Mar, 04:20 PM UTC
Atlantean Irish
Ebba Akerlund was an 11yr angel who was decapitated by a Muslim in Sweden. The NZ shooter dedicated the shooting to Ebba. Her grave has since been vandalized every single week for 18 months by another Muslim who spat on her father
18 Mar, 08:35 AM UTC
AngeleStar- Funkytown
@SandraTXAS I saw a photo of a mass grave in Nigeria where Christians were dumped after Muslim militants slaughtered them.
18 Mar, 07:47 PM UTC
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The new Muslim Philanthropy Initiative at @IUPhilanthropy will bring together scholars and foundation and nonprofit leaders.
18 Mar, 05:28 PM UTC
carl ince
@Richmoonshine @V_of_Europe I think the child should be battered with a slipper just like them immams do to Muslim kids who can’t remember that book they pap on about
18 Mar, 06:57 PM UTC
Women For Justice
Iqra said: “He started swearing saying ”you f**king Muslims, go back to your country, you f**king ugly Muslims, you need to go back to your country.’...
18 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
Our conference on Sunday 7th April will explore and celebrate the power of interfaith friendship. Come along for an inspiring day of speakers, support, workshops, networking and friendship. #Muslim #Jewish #moreincommon
18 Mar, 02:42 PM UTC
Ismail Patel
Anti-Muslim bigotry cannot go unchecked | Letter
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Marty Rudolf
Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, targeted in mass shooting, raising money for Muslim victims of massacre at New Zealand mosques - ABC News - via @ABC News
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Wookie mon
@yk10301119 @JustinTrudeau @ChandraNepean @OmarAlghabra @anitavandenbeld @MonaFortier I've never seen a Muslim leader ever try to resolve the divide. Even after 9/11. Just an observation.
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Laurence Kelsey
@jeremycorbyn Hate always wins with racially bias news. Speeches after NZ attack on islamophobia,but none on Christian murders by Muslim in Nigeria And Philippines. To to an islamophobist this is the fuel needed promoted by those saying,stop hate crimes. Like this you won't you increased it
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
@KevinGuskiewicz Unc cops shake hands with the klan and lance spivey who is literally saying he's ready to kill for his confederate statue. You allow armed Islamaphobes on campus days after a white supremacist murdered 50 Muslim ppl.
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Michael Walker
Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians via @BCNbcn
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
🇮🇪🇮🇹Jay Mahan🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Jesus Christ the Son of the living God
@annie_khalid I’m an ex-Muslim and that’s flat out lies! Islam has been devestating lives for 1400 years, Islam kills Christians in all Muslim countries, Islam kills Hindus in India, kills budhist in Burma, bombed subways in UK, ISIS killed so many Christians and yazidis,Taliban, al-quaede etc
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Belinda Mills
@seanhannity Yes! We need a Muslim ban not only in congress but in this whole country! Go back to to caves you crawled out of!!!!
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Reality Check
@TheOfficerTatum @FoxNews @donnabrazile @JudgeJeanine It's not a nightmare, Fox did hire her #Fox has now joined the lefts #propaganda machine time to go to #OANN and #Blaze for truth. As if there was a market for the propaganda the producer that had judge Jeanine off was Muslim
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
I’m Muslim and I want to tell the world that the things which are happening right now won’t stop us or make us afraid of being who we are! On the contemporary, it’ll make us stronger and better❤️
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
siratul mustaqeem
#islamic #islam #muslim #allah #quran #islamicquotes #muslimah #hijab #dua #sunnah #makkah #deen #love #jannah #allahuakbar #muhammad #religion #prayer #pray #islamicreminder #ummah #instagram #islamicreminders #hadith #dawah #prophet #like #peace #instaislam #bhfyp siratul mustaqeem's photo on Muslim
18 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC

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