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-• Man United doesn’t have a striker, and is managed by a Norwegian Amunike -• Chelsea is managed by an IT student. -• Liverpool assumed they were too complete to sign anyone (even defending champions signed) -• Arsenal has Luiz and Mustafi at CB The materials are ready!😂
08 Aug, 07:19 PM UTC
BBC 5 Live Sport
🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Ok, hands up if you're excited to see David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi as a centre-back partnership this season? 🎧 Listen live 👇 📲⚽️: #bbcfootball #AFC @5liveSport's photo on mustafi
08 Aug, 07:22 PM UTC
👑 Edu Sanllehi Emery
My Gaffa has told me to shush I feel like Mustafi 😭😭💉💉💉 @livzledge's photo on mustafi
08 Aug, 06:47 PM UTC
Not Match of the Day
**Opposition team are on the attack against Arsenal** Meanwhile, David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi at the centre of defence. @NOT_MOTD's photo on mustafi
08 Aug, 12:19 PM UTC
Football Vines
Mustafi after surviving another transfer window! @FootballVines's photo on mustafi
08 Aug, 06:28 PM UTC
Artturi 🇫🇮
David Luiz and Mustafi discussing what went wrong after a 5-4 loss to Burnley
08 Aug, 07:01 PM UTC
Mustafi trying to join Bellerin, Sokratis, Tierney and Luiz in a training drill
08 Aug, 08:02 PM UTC
Mustafi and David Luiz fighting for a starting spot at Arsenal
08 Aug, 07:18 PM UTC
• Mustafi - Arsenal are still talking with a Ligue 1 club as well as two clubs in Italy and one in Germany. • Elneny - Galatasaray and Arsenal are still at the table, as well as another club in Europe. • Chambers - Arsenal have had two approaches from clubs abroad.
09 Aug, 06:43 AM UTC
David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi fighting over who starts alongside Sokratis in the Arsenal defence @ODDSbible's photo on mustafi
08 Aug, 01:17 PM UTC
Arsenal trying to sell Mustafi
08 Aug, 03:15 PM UTC
Dan Saunders
Ritchie dribbles down the line, whips one in..... the big man outjumps Mustafi.... ANDY CARROLLLLLL
08 Aug, 12:40 PM UTC
David luiz and Mustafi arguing with each other after conceding the 4th goal of the game
08 Aug, 04:05 PM UTC
out of context mustafi 🔙 🔛 🔝
Away League goals vs non relegated sides last season Iwobi :1 Mustafi :1 Lacazette :0 Two are called bums and 1 is the best player in the team.
08 Aug, 05:31 PM UTC
I need to see Arsenal field Kolasinac, David Luiz and Mustafi in a big game. Just once, please, it’s all I ask for
08 Aug, 07:09 PM UTC

OFFICIAL : Unai Emery has postponed the arsenal training for the day as all the players have lined up to take turns in touching Luiz's European medals. "I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life" Mustafi, 27 said #AFC #CFC
09 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
While y’all are appreciating Raul, don’t forget he sold Iwobi and left Mhki and Mustafi
09 Aug, 07:42 AM UTC
เพิงหมาแหงน 🏡
สรุปนักเตะใหม่อาร์เซน่อล ให้คะแนนการซื้อขาย 9/10 ถ้าขาย Mustafi ได้ จะให้ 10.5/10 กองหลังประสบการณ์มาแทนกอส - Luiz กองหลังอายุน้อยเพื่ออนาคต - Saliba แบ็คซ้าย - Tierney (นายแต่งตัวเรียบร้อยมาก) กองกลาง - Ceballos ปีกธรรมชาติ - Pepe 🔥 กองหน้าอายุน้อย - Martinelli #เตะปาก
09 Aug, 09:07 AM UTC
@arvbdeek He’s better than mustafi defedinh wise
09 Aug, 09:52 AM UTC
@ftblOscarV9 So Mustafi then? Because David Luiz is poor positioning wise, makes constant error due to his lack of focus and reading of the game. Tell me how was what I said wrong? Because every defender is class, but some can't be considered that due to them being error prone
09 Aug, 09:59 AM UTC
@sannigbolahan99 @SkySportsNews Don't count your chickens, Lacazette might not play, Pepe might not play, Bellerin and Holding are injured, Leno is carrying an injury, Ceballos is injured, Tierney is injured and Mustafi is fit
09 Aug, 09:38 AM UTC
Herr Tolf
Vad tror ni? Ska jag köpa en Mustafi-tröja också och hoppas på samma resultat som min Iwobitröja?
09 Aug, 09:51 AM UTC
Edino Steele, OLY🐓
@5liveSport We need another center back Mustafi ain’t good and Sokratis is up in age and is wild at times
08 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
Rob Draper
 @draper_rob still worry how they’re going to defend, with Luiz + Mustafi + Xhaka in front of them. Full backs look good but there’s a lot riding on Rob Holding coming back strong, showing form he did last season + looking like an international player
09 Aug, 09:58 AM UTC
Gooner Bipolar
Com a janela fechada para chegadas, decidi fazer uma análise pessoal do nosso elenco. Lembrando que ainda podemos ter saídas até o fim da janela européia, se fala em Mustafi e Elneny. Não vou abrir um fio só aqui, pq acho q fica muito grande rs. Mas vamos começar pelo gol:
09 Aug, 09:58 AM UTC
Mustafi and Elneny are the obvious choices. Wouldn't leave Mavropanos out because if he gets fit it's probably a the only place he'll get game time.
09 Aug, 09:57 AM UTC
tani ⚡🎺💨
open and I see Mustafi, Mkhi and Elneny, I break down in tears. Get rid ffss
09 Aug, 09:56 AM UTC
To be honest, can't be having Mustafi for my first game
09 Aug, 09:55 AM UTC
#WeAreDeep is Out!
@successbayo 😂 😂 At least a better option than Mustafi
09 Aug, 09:55 AM UTC
@mccoy049196 @Arsenal We played Nacho remember Nacho, Sokratis and Mustafi are all the same
09 Aug, 09:54 AM UTC