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tori kelly
i have a lot of new music to share w/ you on tour... including my single ‘Change Your Mind’ dropping next friday🙈💐 tori kelly's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 03:16 PM UTC
my debut album #EverythingsForSale out NEXT FRIDAY 1.25.19 🙏🏾 presave now Boogie's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 09:33 PM UTC
Ben Leber
Turn on TV only to see a certain bogus pass interference call in the 2009 NFC Championship game. Thanks @nflnetwork for ruining my Friday. #vikings #saints
18 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
SpinDoctor #JC4PM2019 GTTO 🌹#CWRA
Black Friday for me, I have had my Mandatory Reconsideration for PiP turned down. I lose my Car on the 29th January. Now I face the long road to appeal which can take over a year. Sick to the Stomach, I threw up reading it. 🤮
18 Jan, 11:59 AM UTC
Steve Dangle Glynn
Babcock’s worst game as coach? Changing lines that beat the best team in the league last night after what? 15 minutes? No adjustments, 40,000 icings. Boring, unsuccessful hockey. Gimme my Friday back.
19 Jan, 02:33 AM UTC
Hi Respected #Friends Hello #TweeterWorld Good Morning Everyone 🌞 Thanks For Your Kind Response 👍 Have A Fantastic Friday 🎊🌹🍎🙏 Enjoy This Adorable #Artist 👇 With Peace & Love From My INDIA SpectrumGrandpa's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 05:02 AM UTC
Good morning My beautiful Day FRIDAY ❄ Maria's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
John the Christian
TGIF! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night! My fellow conservatives, we need to connect more with one another on Twitter💥 If you’re a true conservative, 🔁&❤️ this tweet and follow everyone else who 🔁’d &❤️’d this tweet! Let’s see if everyone follows the rules🙂
18 Jan, 10:48 PM UTC
Well I guess if this is gettin a little attention it couldn’t hurt, you guys can subscribe to my YouTube if you like jokes and makeup and life shit. I upload every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
19 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
Second Fanart Friday pinup for Jan! Full version available on my Patreon : Yandere♡Bunn🔞's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Atari Boy
I Hope @NickTyson watch this This is my fan art for this incridible movie. #pixelart #animation #video #spidermanverse #spiderman #homemaranhanoaranhaverso #2d #drawing #hq #cartoon #music #duckwrth #game #milesmorales #thunder #shock #web #art #pixel #8bit #friday Atari Boy's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 11:42 PM UTC
Should my virgo mars remake this chart for fun on this lovely Friday night?
19 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC
Cognac Papì
Kids were fighting in the hallway just now by my office and I walked the other way, it’s Friday and I’m in Cream Yezzys — I can’t help the cause.
18 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC
Dr.THROB 🏳️‍🌈 🎮
Friday night tweet call, ya'll! Hit me with 2-3 funny tweets and I'll show you some love. Might even do a tweet read or 2 of my faves. In the meantime, check out this abolute banger.
18 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
David Helman
Due to today’s Cowboys news dump, I forgive you for not notice my column. But if you’re reading Twitter on a Friday night, I mean you’re probably not doing anything interesting. Might as well read through my blueprint for the offseason 👋🏼
19 Jan, 02:55 AM UTC
bad boy
I cannot believe it is friday. I am so pissed off and mad. saturday and sunday can suck my nuts. who invented the weekend. I want to work every single day.
18 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC
hi it's still friday somewhere so here's my #ff this week! purple: @benshootsthings red: @smolshrew brown: @RealJimmySkull blue: @AnAngryOpossum yellow: @NoDadYSU green: @actualMalf orange: @ButchyBanana black: @WanabeMetalhead pink: @jolenesdad barb's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 02:49 AM UTC
📹Time to go live with FRIDAY NIGHT BATTLFIELD 📹 🎵!sr (YouTubelink) for song requests🎵 🔗LET’S PLAY BATTLEFIELD V🔗 🎮Come be my scout sniper!🎮 🚨🚨 #BattlefieldV #Scout #Sniping #XboxOneX #OMG #OldManCrew #SmallStreamer @OverlyMediocre simplestew's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 12:40 AM UTC
Aitrus Otter
So this is my very first fursuit friday and im hecking stoked!
19 Jan, 01:43 AM UTC
Happy friday....Now put your pay checks in My pretty little hands DiobolicalMind's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 06:33 PM UTC
Amber Nadine
Its Friday!!!!! And what better way to celebrate the weekend than by listening to some fun music?? Click the link in my bio to listen to my album “New Beginnings” on your favorite streaming app now! Don’t wait! Start your weekend out right with some New … Amber Nadine's photo on My Friday
18 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC
SECHSKIES Philippines 🇵🇭
[IG Update - ecojiyong] 011919 enjoying with my lovely son at home #seungjae #friday
19 Jan, 02:50 AM UTC
Alisha Anne Auen
“It could be hurricane Katrina, but it’s Friday so my ass would still be going to the nine” who said it
19 Jan, 02:50 AM UTC
Dominic Amorosa
Really happy for my guys! Friday night road wins are the best. Strake Jesuit 53 Alief Taylor 49! #teamfirst
19 Jan, 02:49 AM UTC
18 Jan, 06:17 PM UTC
NEW CLIP! "F is for family and FACIALS!" Coming this friday to and #Taboo #Blowbang #facial MARIA JADE 18+ AVN's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
And my Friday has begun @FineWomenFriday #FineWomenFriday wein-tah.'s photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 01:10 AM UTC
Cierra Simmons
For our STEAM Friday challenge, my campers and I learned how handshakes are just like coding algorithms. Working with their partner, these campers “coded out” a handshake and presented it to the class. @EdgewoodPrimary @ROIIndiana
19 Jan, 01:06 AM UTC
David DeWeil
In bed by 10pm on a Friday night in high school: 😩🥺😫 In bed by 10pm on a Friday night in my 30s: 😎
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
wook mom
my grandma let me borrow her pipe and gave me weed :,) happy friday my beautiful friends
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
one of my favorite things to do when I go into Wawa on Friday nights is ask the stoned high schoolers “ARE YOU IN LINE” if they are standing within 15 feet of the register
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Pedi Phalangeglass
VBPD has a check point & my @lyft driver is stressing because she can’t find her registration. Of course this happens on a Friday night.
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Miss Mermaid
Friday night means tip your server and pay your Domme! Don't forget My Onlyfans raffle 💙 #findom #paybrats #FDDS #bbw #finsub #humanatm #paypig @BbwHeathens Miss Mermaid's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
I need more friends...I’m tired of sitting in my apartment on Friday nights
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Nikkia Burt
Not to mention new episode of #LoveAfterLockup my Friday 🧖🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️🌮🍁🖥
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
William Bendetson
For those bored on a Friday Night who don’t want to watch @billmaher - here is my podcast again with @billburr.
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
It's Friday night. What are you doing? Getting better at something I hope. Me? - Solid workout - Steak dinner - Two cold emails sent - One job application sent - Practicing my storytelling - Reading Put in the effort daily to get where you want to end up.
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Miles Wildmore
Hope to see you on @wowsuperheroes #WOWSuperheroes REAL soon @FearHavok !!! I will on the edge of my seat every Friday for you to be on there!!! LOVED the 1st episode!!!
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
MarieHelene Desbiens
This is myfavorite way to spend my Friday night, thank you Zokai, you are truly the best! @ Crunch Fitness
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
It’s only 10:00 on a Friday and I’m fighting my sleep 🤦🏽‍♀️
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
vanessa ❤️
I miss movie night every Friday with my baby @melissa_cabb 🥺
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Mackenzie Lab
Just dropped my phone on my face, while doing an online jigsaw puzzle alone on a Friday night. How’s your life? 😅
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Lili Von Shtupp
@iMariettaDavis There's not enough rage in that picture to represent my Friday feeling, lol
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Bruce Arthur
@mayhemvp @Rob_in_Canada Beyond the misreading of the carbon tax argument, saying I support it because of my employer is pure tribal idiocy, Ian. Have a great Friday night
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
My car got towed today, it was $170🙃 fml. Yay for Friday’s.
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Furloughed Fed. Attorney.
I'm babysitting on a Friday night. I'll make nothing bc I'm helping one of my colleagues who's working some shifts at a nearby bar (She bartended during college 15 years ago) to bring some extra money for her 3 y/o baby & her. Her husband died last year. #ShutdownStories
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Cross on neck for the ones I hate Friday's here, got the drugs in my veins Pop two xans, now she want a good face I got bands that I wanna go waste Friday's here so don't be shy Take me high up in the sky Friday's here so let's be friends Pop that seal the night won't end
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
What I see in #London on Friday on my holiday
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Will Brogan
Mondayest Friday of my life. We’re in weekend mode now. Which means I’ll pass out on the couch by 9:30
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Bruh I just spent half of my Friday night waiting for my wings
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
juan cordova
Hey my friend are we gonna make it till Monday?  Another Friday night waiting for a revelation  I can see a million faces in the condecation...
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Aquarium Land
My planted 110g discus tank on the friday evening Aquarium Land's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
gayle frank
Well dagnabbitt! It’s Friday again! 🥴 So like .. too late to check in but raising my A&W to my wonderful #ToastandPost family! YES!! @deanna12862 gayle frank's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
The thing that sucks about a 7-4 monday to friday job is that there isn't any time to do anything else during the week. Like go to the doctors or dentist... or find out what happened to my financial aid 🙄
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Joanna Beveridge
@cadlymack Oh god yes. That was my Friday night too and I needed it. How much is the shit gonna hit the fan when alllllllll those things Max, Isobel and Michael can’t tell Liz about Rosa comes out 😂
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
I’m home eating crabs watching movies on a Friday night.. what has my life come to
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Angel LaBOOM
@My_Dog_Friday I’ve been noticing how @POTUS phrases words and repeats what he’s emphasizing by saying it twice or more. He says “Little” 4 times when talking about these birds. I’m assuming “Big” bird is the prey. Also, Bowie is Pilot? I need to see this movie. Is it good?
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
How I like my Friday? Fuss free, like Black + + + + + + + #IndianstyleBlogger #Stylematters #Stylefashion #Styledaily #Mystyledlife #Stylelife #Stylebloggers #stylesubmit #styleoftheday #dailystylediary #dailystylegrams #dailystyl… thatlipstickaddict's photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
My Friday night 😂 video games and my cats ⚓️'s photo on My Friday
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Age 25: It's Friday night! Can't wait to party! Age 35: It's Friday night! Can't wait to use my new water filter that came in the mail today!
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Brianne Schumacher
I look forward to Friday and Saturday nights way more now than when I was in my twenties. Thanks to #livePD 🚔🚨@OfficialLivePD @danabrams @TomMorrisJr1
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
casey jo 🔮
Watching Live PD is my Friday night ritual, like it’s the only thing I make sure I do every single Friday 😍
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Cassidy Cummings
Spending my Friday night drinking beer & playing wii bowling with the buds
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Sonja Cori Missio
When you own your own business, there's no Friday nights off. @ClavisSocial for the evening: #Officedog is working hard on creating content, I'm working hard on minimizing my pores... With sparkles!
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Gaijin 🍂半||
My Friday’s are all the same lmao
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Suzanne Ottenbacher
My favorite part of Friday January 19th was at 7:30 pm when Mueller had to come out and report that Buzz Feed was a fake news story. A vindication moment for our great President @realDonaldTrump & all his supporters.
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
Austrian Anarchy
@dcote01 @WalshFreedom Stop spoiling my Friday night fun!
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
✨Janee Nicole✨
My Friday night .. drinking wine watching Greys anatomy.
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
James Edward & the Acid Rains
for, uh... Friday, i've done a new version of my song "Dig You Up" i can't explain why. been listening to a lot of prince and talking heads #indie #dancemusic #murderballads
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
louise lagris
I put the tiniest drop of this CBD concoction under my tongue. let Friday night begin!!1! just kidding, I showered and washed my hair and put on my jammies to read in bed before 9 PM.
19 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC

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