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Lady Asmondena
Starting my Monday in #leather and #boots 😁 Have a great new week everyone! #mistress #boots #worship
09 Dec, 10:33 AM UTC
Andy Ramsden
Good Morning friends !!☺👋 My Monday morning thought !! Choose Life !!👣
09 Dec, 11:34 AM UTC
Martin Lewis
Morning. I'm on my way to @thismorning for my Monday slot to discuss the top children's savings; followed by an open MoneySaving phone/email/tweet in got questions just reply to this.
09 Dec, 09:59 AM UTC
Magical Overload
Monday has been a rollercoaster! Twitter freaked and looked like I had unfollowed all! It’s finally back! Need a #writerlift to get my Monday back on track! What’s your mood this Monday? 🦄 Share your Monday Mood GIF! 💕Like and retweet! 🦄 Follow others #writingcommmunity
09 Dec, 10:35 AM UTC
Alan Kohler
My Monday column for @aus_business - maybe Facebook’s corporate strategy is: the liars are in charge; let them keep lying and they’ll let us keep making lots of money. In fact Facebook should be like Wikipedia.
08 Dec, 09:05 PM UTC
Coldstone things... Delicious combo right on top of my monday morning 😋😋😋😋😋😋
09 Dec, 10:56 AM UTC
Lauren Harries
And it’s another week 💓 my Monday morning motivation song is @officialsteps 💓 what’s your’s? 💋 Have a lovely day everyone xx @LaurenHarries's photo on my monday
09 Dec, 10:51 AM UTC
Spent over an hour pretending to be a mermaid while floating around in the bath so yes I’d say my Monday has been pretty productive so far
09 Dec, 12:43 PM UTC
Barbie Wilson
Smooooth! That’s how I like my Monday’s! Gm! #keywest #sunrise
09 Dec, 12:05 PM UTC
Minnie420🔥💨B-day Dec 17th - OF Goal 23/50 Subs!
At 24 subs! Almost half way to my goal of 50 for my birthday! Sub while I sleep, make my Monday amazing please! 🌙
09 Dec, 05:52 AM UTC
Aamna Hassan Fasihi
Khan sahab’s today’s speech at NUST seemed precisely curated for a Monday! So motivating. Literally swayed my Monday Blues! Will watch it every Monday now lol. #InnovatePakistan
09 Dec, 10:46 AM UTC
LB (Lisa) Naughty Elf 😈
My Monday blues from the place I love the most #godrevy #MondayBlues #loveukweather #winterscene #cornwall #StormHour #StormAtiyah @ILoveCornwallUK @CornwallLifeMag
09 Dec, 12:30 PM UTC
So I wake up to be on 501 followers So make my Monday perfect like me by tributing £5/£50/£500 I’m off shopping today so another task for you pups Fund my lunch £30 Shopping £100 @1puppytobeown @ShortSmallStump @rtB0MB @promoslave @rtfemdom1 @RT4D4 @RTFuck3r @AllureRT
09 Dec, 08:34 AM UTC
@CelticFC @JeremieFrimpong This content is getting me through my Monday. Thanks, Celtic Admin x
09 Dec, 12:33 PM UTC
Salem Va Paranormal
Rainy and cold. Yup that about sums my monday morning up. Lol
09 Dec, 12:15 PM UTC
Screwed my Monday blues away 💦 #onedeadmercury #cumshot #nsfw
09 Dec, 12:48 PM UTC
@callmethaboo I cant .l love my Monday's coz I'm off on the real side but on duty kwi tweeter street comments
09 Dec, 12:46 PM UTC
Matt Needler
@CAGames The perfect gif to describe my Sunday... but my Monday is more like...
09 Dec, 12:37 PM UTC
Renjun and guozhen best bros.I find their friendship so adorable hearing their banter starts my Monday in a good way
09 Dec, 12:36 PM UTC
No tributes yet today, who’s going to cheer up my Monday? 😒
09 Dec, 12:54 PM UTC
Consider my Monday morning instantly brightened!!!!! Look at him! Stunning 😍😍
09 Dec, 12:50 PM UTC
My monday mood: Maxx Coffee cookies and cream feat cupholder heo chan, membuat hari seninku semakin manis.
09 Dec, 12:41 PM UTC
Okay, you're really my monday fairy!💕 ㅇㅈ
09 Dec, 12:38 PM UTC
Rachel Pritchard
@WarrenforMI I’m so glad I found this to start my Monday!
09 Dec, 12:33 PM UTC
Jeanne Merchant
@JudiHurwitt @kylegriffin1 This is my Monday morning energy. 💪
09 Dec, 12:59 PM UTC

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