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Mark R. Levin
Sunday night, 10 PM eastern, on Fox, watch my interview with Lara Logan on Life, Liberty & Levin!
23 Mar, 06:18 PM UTC
Ashish Chugh
My grandmother always objected to me cutting nails on a Thursday..and I thought it was illogical !! But with age you realise..everything has a reason.. If you clip your nails on a Thursday struggle with opening beer cans on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 😄🍻🍻🍻 #WAForward
24 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
Swapan Dasgupta
Why Modi appeals to both techies and the 131 CAs who took on 108 economists. My column in today’s Sunday ToI using a 1967 article by Nirad Chaudhuri as a reference point.
24 Mar, 04:41 AM UTC
Zilv Gudel
[Z] He’s such a goon. This is how he spends everyday Sunday 🙄😴 Rourke when you see this you better turn around and come suck my cock. Cheers bro 🤙 Zilv Gudel's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 12:30 PM UTC
Rebecca More
SUNDAY ROAST ANYONE?! It’s SUNDAY a day of rest but not for meeeee! Well certainly not over on my ONLYFANS! Come join my members site for all the best content in town! CUM HAVE A SUNDAY ROAST WITH ME 🍆💦💦💦 Only $12.99 for FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS! 🔞 Rebecca More's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 08:30 AM UTC
It's Sunday.... Lemme see those who never missed Sunday school 😎... quotations time!!!! I'll start;✌️ JOHN 10:30 - I and my father are one. Lets go!
24 Mar, 08:56 AM UTC
24 Mar, 07:58 AM UTC
Happy Sunday to all my friends! Laughter is a very contagious thing! These are cotton candy!! ❤️❤️😂😂 #Pazar #SundayMotivation Figen..'s photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 12:51 PM UTC
Prof David Bullard
My Sunday column on white privlegde 'Woke' me up, someone!
24 Mar, 06:06 AM UTC
Teacher's favorite line "whether you pass or fail, I still get my salary at the end of the month" Happy Sunday fam 😁
24 Mar, 12:49 PM UTC
BLESSED SUNDAY:It feels as tho it’s been an Endless Marathon to Reach 1 year on Twitter and 25K followers. Thank you ALL for your Support. It’s OUR Movement and OUR time to make the difference that lasts!..Love ..RayRay please visit and explore my new site
24 Mar, 12:50 PM UTC
Anneke Van Buren
Good Sunday Morning My Friends! Enjoy all this day has to offer! Anneke Van Buren's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 12:35 PM UTC
Happy Sunday all Sunny day Promised I was going to post and ware something colourful . I’m praying for this coming week to be as colourful as my outfit with favour and joy this week. Be kind or I unfollow u lol 😂. Post urs let us see . Enjoy and remember to be happy #BettyNwa
24 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
Joe Weisenthal
This has been my belief for a long time. Whereas initially there was a view that the internet would make in-person interaction obsolete; it's been the exact opposite. Hence people paying a fortune to live in city centers, attend conferences, and so on.
24 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
Morning everyone #UKGiftHour Happy Sunday 😀After my trip up through the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands yesterday, I feel the need to share my #Scottish thistle art prints 💜 #SundayMotivation #ScotlandIsNow ➡️ Grace's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 09:53 AM UTC
Happy Sunday my Twitter friends 🌹💕 Barbie's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 12:54 PM UTC
It’s Sunday morning & the knot in my stomach has grown. The hopes I had that the Mueller Report would help Reality Winner and bring her justice have dimmed. She was skewered by the Jeff Sessions Justice Dept. Tell your reps they must look into the jailing of this young Vet! RealityWinnerAmericanSHERO's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:15 PM UTC
Chris Harry
#Gators done in by Michigan “D" in season-ending loss. Back in Gainesville now, but here’s my story from Des Moines. Season wrap coming Sunday night. Thanks for reading/following all season.
24 Mar, 04:42 AM UTC
Just relaxing on a beautiful Sunday. Still a little chilly but Spring is in the air My next tour is Cherry Hill Tues April 2 - Fri April 5 Prebooking Mature gents who keep appts. always welcome. #Companion #milf #gilf PatriciaPleases's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
Old Corps Grunt #MAGA
Thank you @kbrunorunner for this wonderful Sunday morning message. So many heroes in our midst! When I go to my MCL meetings and talk to my elder Marine brothers, I’m truly thankful to be around so many patriots who love the USA with passion. I hope 🤞 we can revive this spirit!
24 Mar, 11:50 AM UTC
Reverend Al Sharpton
In studio live on Sunday Morning w/Al Sharpton from 9-10am/et on FM stations nationwide. Tell U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson and my son in Law Dr. Marcus Bright that I’m wearing my 5000 Role Models tshirt this morning, it’s a great organization. Reverend Al Sharpton's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
Keith Streeter
@MAGA2ARIGHTS Good morning my Amazing Unity Family! Happy Sunday! Keith Streeter's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
Buddhism Now
Sunday Buddhist: I clean my inkstone not just to paint, but to reveal the images in my mind. #Art Buddhism Now's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:37 PM UTC
💕Honey, the playful Sylveon💕
🎀💖Good morning my lovely, followers sorry I’ve not been, very active my admin-chan is starting to lose her muse for me, due to some things that have happened on here, so I apologise for that, honey chirped as she was on all fours looking seductive, happy Sunday to you all💖🎀 💕Honey, the playful Sylveon💕's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:40 PM UTC
Damian McBride
It seems timely to re-post my blog from this month six years ago on the art of surviving a coup, which funnily enough, was sparked by Sunday paper chat about Theresa May moving against Cameron. What goes around comes around....
24 Mar, 01:25 PM UTC
@CoralieArtu⁩ Nyanho! Hi, cutie Coralie chan 👩 Happy Sunday to my dear friend Have a wonderful day and enjoy 🐾🐈🐾🐈💐🌸☀️☁️💖
24 Mar, 11:27 AM UTC
Rowetta 🎤
1 week today, I’ll be making my 2nd appearance at a celeb fundraising match for @OffsideTrust supporting their vital work safeguarding children in sport. Sunday 31st March at Chester FC All money raised goes to The Offside Trust. For tickets & more info: Rowetta 🎤's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:17 PM UTC
Rachael Swindon
Oh my life. Imagine this lot turning up on your doorstep on a Sunday afternoon. We only need Bannon, Orban, Farage and that pipsqueak Robinson and the takeover is officially complete.
24 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
Danielle Haskell
#NewDay “This is a new day this is a blank page every minute is a chance to start over your mercy’s new now gonna lay the past down I’m leaving yesterday this is a new day” 🌅Hear my songs & great #ChristianMusic on @BTRadioVegas every Sunday!
24 Mar, 01:35 PM UTC
Secret Stag
If you’re having a quiet Sunday, here’s a picture of my #hotwife’s bum to liven you up!😉 @secret_vixen1🦊 🔥 #cuckold #stag #vixen #milf #sexywife #slutwife #wifefantasy #naughtywife #wifesex #blackbull #fuckmywife #cum #cuckoldgoals #voyeur #bbc #bwc Secret Stag's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:37 PM UTC
Yess ..Finally My Hero is Back 💃💃 @Thearjunbijlani after long 4 days ..Finally will watch you on #kitchenchampion 😘💃💃 ..This is the First time inspite of Sunday..I am eagerly waiting for Monday 🙈🙈 ..Jaan is Back ♥♥ #arjunbijlani 💕
24 Mar, 12:57 PM UTC
Chris McManus
Just me or has this tournament been a dud so far? Average margin of victory is 14.2, only buzzer beater was a travel, hardly any double-digit seed madness (Liberty, UC Irvine, Oregon). Trying my best to jinx this into a wild Sunday.
24 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
Geoff Caldwell
Well it's 5 min countdown to the Sunday morning politico shows. I'd choose "subpoena and oversight" as my drinking words but would be drunk my 10.
24 Mar, 12:57 PM UTC
simon bird
Can think of worse ways of spending my Sunday morning. Watching @WarriorAmazone smother her opponents. Figuring out weaknesses ahead of our battle in London ;)
24 Mar, 11:06 AM UTC
Happy Sunday my loves!!! I'm feeling a bit better so streaming will resume Monday! Yay! #SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamerCommunity
24 Mar, 01:28 PM UTC
@SandraB16901827 Beautiful 🌺🌺🌺 Thank you my sweet friend ❤️❤️❤️ Have a wonderful Sunday 😘😘😘
24 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
It's good to do what you love every now and then. One of my loves is being on air and it's a real pleasure to host every Sunday on @RTEGold #radio #passion #SundayMotivation NailsMahoney's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:22 PM UTC
Wochinimen [EMBR]
Sunday Morning co-op stream! Trying to get back to my usual schedule with some @GrimDawn with my wife! Join me at #theforge #embergn #forgegaming
24 Mar, 11:49 AM UTC
John Kish
@almostablaze Morning Brian and’s easy like Sunday Morning.. should be..enjoy the day..I’ll be up with some folks..sing some songs..let the soul reenergize.. My Fathers Eyes...Clapton😎🎼😊❤️🙏
24 Mar, 01:20 PM UTC
It'sBrittanyB* 🇱🇨
Anxiously awaiting my favorite Monday and Tuesday of the year With legendscarnival !!!! 😍 Happy Sunday Guys!!! Head down to to register or come register with us…
24 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
@PassTheCheesee Don’t make my Dm Have To Catch A Body on This Lovely Sunday Morning 🤣🤣🤣 using that face
24 Mar, 01:38 PM UTC
Faisal 🇷🇼
I just need a ki KFC to seal off my Sunday cravings. Any sponsors? 🤷‍♀️😭
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
my mum wants mothering sunday AND mothersday? no sweetie, pick one your kids are broke xx
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Pagan Sky
Happy Sunday my Darlings. Pagan Sky's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Food Readers Organization
On this Sunday, I like to shout out my favorite coffee maker. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s been brewing like a champ ever since. I think it’s all time we recognize our own lovely coffee makers and give them the credit they deserve. #Coffee Food Readers Organization's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
B.J. Mendelson
Sunday is my favorite work day of the week, because I get to work on the She-Hulk pitch. Enjoy the day. And if you're having a rough time, here is some to laugh at: My Dad trying to save his fence using old Ethernet cords. #SundayMorning B.J. Mendelson's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Jamie Walton
Happy Sunday, my friends! Time for some more #RDR2, chapter 6. I keep hearing that people want me to stream on @Twitch for @TheWayneFDN. I think it’s a great idea, but I have doubts people will care (or just troll.) Thoughts?
24 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Reid Collins
@TracyMaahs Good medication!!! Good morning my beautiful Valentine Happy Sunday from California
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Butch Brown7
@LoranSophia happy Sunday my friend
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Sunday morning Lauryn Hill and cleaning the hell out of my house 🙌🏽
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Kodak & Future are gospel singers my Sunday never felt better.
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
@MysticKnight982 @CBCNews I do not have time to do your homework for you - start with the groups "leader" and go from there. Sunday morning coffee with my husband - I am blessed - respect the dead and do your homework.
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Dale Aaron Cowan
So much Sunday thirst on my timeline today 😜
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Chris Loonytoon
My first Sunday off since 13th January... I can see why the stories say God took it as a day of rest, they just couldn't be bothered to do anything that day and needed an excuse.
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
🌿 Sebezy 🌿
It’s Sunday. Niggas is finna act stupid at Starbucks and at home, but I’m chillin with my lil bro after work....let’s get this mf bread 🌿 Sebezy 🌿's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Lei 💋
My mom is making a bomb ass Sunday dinner. I’m too hype 😋🤗
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
🌀 Liv 🌀
☀️ Happy Sunday!! ☀️ Do you want to join my blogger's board on Pinterest? 📌 I think I must've added about 50 people alone this week- really cant believe how much it's grown! If you do, leave me your username below and I'll add you, easy eh?! #bloggers
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Sam B. Farkas
OK it's Sunday morning, I've had three cups of coffee, and it's time for a little thread about my brilliant CP @jenngruenke and her brilliant book, complete with a lot of Les Miz gifs.
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Alissa Timoshkina
Grab the new issue of olive to get the recipe for this lovely chicken & prune dish which would be an ideal alternative for your Sunday roast! And read my piece about the culinary culture…
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Nipun Anand
My expression one someone asks me not to be lazzzyy on a Sunday 🤪🤪#Leo #Pet #😍😍 Nipun Anand's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
is it even a Sunday if me and my sister don’t just blare Lewis capaldi on the speaker and sing our hearts out?
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Such a beautiful Sunday my friends.
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Ann-Marie Vaz🇯🇲
@AndersonCharmin GM my Charms! Happy Sunday. Thanks for ur continued support!!❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Kay Kyss
I thought my flu would never start to clear off, I thought the sun would never shine again, I thought I'd never have have a #Sunday like this again....with roast dinner & fun with good friends but I DO. And this totally made my day! :) #Springtime #Jazz
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Love how Nathan on twitter and Ien get my Sunday text yet 🙄
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
because i've only slept two hours my concept of time is fucked and my mind is just various versions of "hahaha why isn't everyone up it's 8:46 AM on a sunday does anyone want A BURGER why hasn't my dad texted me back :)"
24 Mar, 01:47 PM UTC
Meagan Heron
It's @americangodsus Sunday again!!! Excited to live tweet tonight with my fellow #GodSquad it's going to be amazballs!!! 💋💚🙌💚 #AmericanGods #SquadGoals
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Sunday naps are undefeated. What to do with the rest of my day that doesn't involve me spending money.
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Todd Carner
Sunday mornings are my fav
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
I love Sunday’s at work .. I b here listening to my tunes
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Beautiful morning. Stopped to get gas up for Sunday's Home Show and looked on my icon indicator.. Boom 💥💥💥💥 "5G E" ..... It's coming. I'm catching that wave. AT&T dealership and ambassadoor programs...
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
My boring Sunday
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Katie Martin
Happy Sunday Everyone! Early morning delivery to one of my fave peeps! Found some gorgeous Lepto for this one! Those gorgeous pink bursts on branches that are not cherry…
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Respect The Shooter™️
Good morning, thank god it’s Sunday my favorite day of the week 💙
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
My birthday is 3 days away I'll be 27 I been in this world for 27 years I love my friends and family I'm truly blessed and humble for my life I wish I could play with multiple communitys like ps4 and pc this is my 1 wish for mixer one day happy Sunday and bdays alike
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
ʇɐԀ (Breaker Sounds)
@erinbye_ Well it’s usually closer to 300 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and then for whatever reason, Wednesday-Saturday people blow my shit and it’s more like 400
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Little Mermaid
Every Sunday before church my mama get to yelling for whatever reason. Nigga yo ass ain’t missing shit at that fucking church if you still acting like this
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Tom Lewis
My ever growing Sunday Morning playlist that @CVerdin34 will surely enjoy ......
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
annie savage
Sunday morning was our breakfast dates. Knowing I won’t be getting my “breakfast?” text is hitting me hard.
24 Mar, 01:46 PM UTC
Haley 🚀 Philadelphia
My review of Sunday so far is that there’s water and it’s quiet. 8/10 but we’ll see how it goes.
24 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC
Just a relaxing Sunday varnishing all these dudes on my balcony. Helsreach's photo on My Sunday
24 Mar, 01:45 PM UTC

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