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Dr. Now said “how are you a picky eater if you’re over 600 pounds?” #my600lblife https://t.co/mc9zFljaPY
02 Apr, 12:42 AM UTC
Robin 💙💙ZPhiB #1920 #Centennial
I say this to myself every day during quarantine. #my600lblife https://t.co/lODdI2qEeV
02 Apr, 01:36 AM UTC
Hey y’all. Here are some Dr. Lola wig throwbacks to enjoy during the commercial break. #my600lblife https://t.co/dI9d0bAsRq
02 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Grandma Quisha
Dr Now: the gym and sodium isn’t why you’re gaining weight. It’s the over eating Megan: ok I’ll find a gym and cut out sodium from my diet Everyone: #my600lblife https://t.co/nFpYGzFFGi
02 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
Cooper Jackson
Eatin snickerdoodle cookies in bed...just ROLLIN around in cinnamon and sugar like a big fuckin churro. #my600lblife
02 Apr, 12:16 AM UTC
Brad ❌
What’s with these people and their sheets over the windows? I’ve seen this almost every episode this season. #my600lblife https://t.co/M1WNepyZsM
02 Apr, 12:24 AM UTC
Megan full of shit. Look at her mama sitting over there with her mouth open. #my600lblife https://t.co/I0khdCCQCn
02 Apr, 12:59 AM UTC
Garrett Howard
Honestly, the most memorable part of the show #my600lblife https://t.co/NSsjtIox9Q
02 Apr, 02:53 AM UTC
Mr. Onederful®
#my600lblife is gratuitous. Audiences would have gotten the point at my 400 lb or even 500 lb life. But 600 lbs? FOH
02 Apr, 01:41 AM UTC
long pig
by the time quarantine is over i might be big enough to be on #my600lblife
02 Apr, 01:22 AM UTC
"You're not a picky eater, if you're 600 lbs." -Dr. Now #My600lbLife
02 Apr, 03:45 AM UTC
My Wayz👉🏾
Everytime they say I hope Dr. Now can help me, they ALWAYS mean they hope Dr. Now will just hand them the surgery 😑#my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:29 AM UTC
Mz Ann Thropik 🍞🌹
Megan: I'm a pretty picky eater... Dr Now: ...You're not a picky eater if you're 600lbs. #My600LbLife https://t.co/SKvXgFFjlD
02 Apr, 04:11 AM UTC
Trying to understand how you're on your way to visit Dr. Now, but pull up to a drive-thru and order all that food. Have the nerve to request a diet soda.... just get the regular soda #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:28 AM UTC
Guess what... I am essential! 😩😩
She gonna eat all the damn cookies?? Well damn... #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:18 AM UTC
Corona Lisa 🦠
Are you really even 600lbs if you don’t have a small dog and an enabler? #My600lbLife https://t.co/To6VJrRLwU
02 Apr, 04:04 AM UTC
My Wayz👉🏾
"You're not a picky eater when you're 600lbs"😂😂😂 Love Dr. Now's savagery! #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:03 AM UTC
Resistance Princess 🌊🇵🇱👩‍⚕️😺🚀
...and she orders pizza and pasta when she visits her dad. #My600lbLife https://t.co/77rBKEyrjq
02 Apr, 04:25 AM UTC
Guess what... I am essential! 😩😩
Spaghetti, pasta, pizza... after laying in bed consuming cookies #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:22 AM UTC
Pat Raffel
#My600LBLife almost like "Tour Of Italy" Pizza, Spaghetti, and Fettuccini...All at once🍴
02 Apr, 04:20 AM UTC
Resistance Princess 🌊🇵🇱👩‍⚕️😺🚀
Megan thought she was going to bamboozle Dr. Now. Has she ever seen this show before? #My600lbLife https://t.co/OZMYw3T88N
02 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Ashley E Plummer
So you 600lbs cuz your sisters were mean. Meanehile the other folks on here are 600lbs because they have been beaten raped etc #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:32 AM UTC
Dope Black Wife👰🏾, Mom🤱🏾, and Liberal💙
You are not a picky eater if you are 600 pounds. #my600lblife #drnow #savage https://t.co/RJUeQMokH1
02 Apr, 04:28 AM UTC
Megan just moved the urinal off the bedside tray & placed her pizza w no prior wipedown. #my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:24 AM UTC
Guess what... I am essential! 😩😩
Alright... pizza and #my600lblife Let’s go!
02 Apr, 04:05 AM UTC
The mom keeps saying I lost a few pounds Me: where? #my600lblife https://t.co/LPC9YTKTcK
02 Apr, 04:37 AM UTC
Pat Raffel
#My600LBLife They always say how tired they are after the long ride, it's like, you rode in the car you didn't push it!
02 Apr, 04:33 AM UTC
Mz Ann Thropik 🍞🌹
I want a supersized edition of Megan's story with her estranged sisters narrating it. I have a feeling they'd tell a whole different story than the one her & her mom are spouting. #My600LbLife
02 Apr, 04:27 AM UTC
Guess what... I am essential! 😩😩
They fucking that Wendy’s up! Damn, they just hit the road.. #my600lblife https://t.co/n8SrMWw1SD
02 Apr, 04:26 AM UTC
My Wayz👉🏾
The standard on the road meals🙄#my600lblife
02 Apr, 04:25 AM UTC