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Okay, it's no secret I love @alyankovic to pieces. So my question is... What is your single favorite of his: 1) Parody songs 2) Non-parody songs Please use hashtag #MyFaveAl Show Al the hot Al love!
11 Jul, 04:57 PM UTC
@alyankovic So, I'm asking @alyankovic himself, just in case... Dear Al, Do you have a favorite of your songs, in each category, parody and original? Also, WE ALL LOVE YOU! #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:10 PM UTC
@alyankovic I also love, when you talk to actual musicians and comedians, they never disrespect Al. I love that he has the admiration of the music AND comedy worlds. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 05:16 PM UTC
Tony Goldmark
Favorite Parody: Amish Paradise Favorite Non-Parody: Everything You Know Is Wrong #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:32 PM UTC
I Write Monsters
@GailSimone @alyankovic In High School, we'd have a steady soundtrack of Epic heavy metal during our Dungeons & Dragons combat. ...And Weird Al's "Trigger Happy." I think everyone's wisdom dropped six points during that song. We did not make good decisions while it was on. #MyFaveAl https://t.co/KxbpMb9czH
11 Jul, 06:46 PM UTC
B.C. Johnson, Wordslinger
#MyFaveAl 1) "Yoda" or "Smells Like Nirvana" 2) "Nature Trail to Hell" - So goddamn funny, not only for its intensity, but because half the joke is that the song just never, ever ends and keeps ramping up to impossible heights.
11 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
MarQ P
My fav actually is an @alyankovic original “Airline Amy” #MyFaveAl https://t.co/8Mv4duuCtr
11 Jul, 08:44 PM UTC
Will Michael O'Neil
I’m gonna do it a bit different. Honorable mentions in the comments. Parody Of A Specific Song: I Losf On Jeopardy Parody Of A Style: Genius In France (with Dweezil Zappa) Polka Medley: Polka On 45 Original: UHF #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 08:02 PM UTC
Andrew Mortimer (Commissions open)
#MyFaveAl 1) Parody, "Bob" That was when I realised he was a genius 2) Non-parody "Hardware Store" Super fun song and must have taken a lot of work #WeirdAl #WeridAlYankovic #SongParodies #ComedySongs
11 Jul, 08:19 PM UTC
Alex Kazanas✊✖️
1) Eat It 2) Albuquerque #MyFaveAl https://t.co/IxYYdGANhi
11 Jul, 08:07 PM UTC
Joe Blevins
Aw, man, I'm gonna have to weigh in on #MyFaveAl but I don't want to give obvious answers that everyone else has given. Okay, I'll say... 1. "Chicken Pot Pie" 2. "Trigger Happy" But I could have said "It's Still Billy Joel To Me" and "Pancreas," too.
11 Jul, 06:44 PM UTC
sally kilpatrick
@GailSimone @alyankovic Ooo, this is tough... Original: Don’t Download this Song or Skipper Dan Parody: Word Crimes, Amish Paradise, White and Nerdy #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:22 PM UTC
Wanna know what #MyFaveAl song is? The Weird Al song where it sounds like Elmer Fudd singing "I'm too sexy"! 😂
11 Jul, 09:08 PM UTC
Adam Thomason
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1. Word Crimes 2. Everything You Know is Wrong #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 08:33 PM UTC
Sara Luterman
@GailSimone @alyankovic As a writer/editor, my favorite @alyankovic song of all time has to be Word Crimes. My supervisor when I worked for a science news wire was blasting it the day it came out. Usually a very quiet office, but nobody minded. #MyFaveAl https://t.co/AreptkeiBJ
11 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
in other words, you are worthy of my grace
#MyFaveAl is definitely white and nerdy for parody (i still remember watching the music video for the first time the last day of 9th grade), and my favorite non-parodies are virus alert and nature trail to hell
11 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
Elly (CK)
Favorites from @alyankovic Parody: Pretty Fly for a Rabbi (Running with Scissors) Non-Parody: Christmas at Ground Zero (Polka Party) And one category Gail missed- Polka: Now That’s What I Call Polka (Mandatory Fun) #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:49 PM UTC
Brandon Rohwer
1. Lasagna, which is also one of my favorite things to throw on a jukebox 2. Velvet Elvis, which replaced Close But No Cigar after hearing it live 3. adding a Polka category for "Alternative Polka" #MyFaveAl https://t.co/354FjvklfX
11 Jul, 06:49 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl #Lieslieslies #MyFakeAl #YankedHisSoul #AlsFaveWade #MJInnocent #MJIsKing #Standup4MJ always because #WhatHorrorVillainsAreThinking lets betray the man I owe my career top so I will get slight mention in hot series. @alyankovic you are a #Shame https://t.co/hweZKW6Z0T
11 Jul, 06:36 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl Parody: Smells Like Teen Spirit Non-Parody: UHF
11 Jul, 06:33 PM UTC
Yankovic told Rolling Stone “I don’t know what kind of career I would have today if it hadn’t been for Michael Jackson… ‘Eat It’ basically changed me from an unknown into a guy that got recognized at Burger King.” 🐍🐍 NOT #MyFaveAl 🐍🐍 #MJIsKing #Standup4MJ #mjinspires https://t.co/yP53i21c03
11 Jul, 06:29 PM UTC
Little Nicole
@GailSimone @alyankovic We saw @alyankovic last Friday at @MeadowBrookAmp and we both fell into a deep love for him all over again. He was FANTASTIC!! 🎤🥰 My favorites: 1) Parody song - "Word Crimes" 2) Non-parody song - "You Don't Love Me Anymore" #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
@GailSimone @alyankovic Oh man, I'm seeing Weird Al tonight in concert so this is excellent timing. Anyway; direct Parody - Tie between The Saga Begins and Dare To Be Stupid Style Parody - Tie between Ringtone and My Own Eyes #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
Jaymes Reed 💬
WORD CRIMES, of course! #MyFaveAl https://t.co/AIwS6tiQ7S
11 Jul, 10:29 PM UTC
Riley Davis the Design Boi
#MyFaveAl is the longest best song he's ever put out and this fan animation that I watched on repeat in 2011. Whats more Weird Al then making an 11-minute song about absolutely nothing with the soul intent to waste everyone's time? https://t.co/zdEh3bew7i
11 Jul, 10:22 PM UTC
🔮𝔮𝔲𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔷 𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫🔮
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1) White and Nerdy holds a special place in my heart 😔 2) That’s your Horoscope for Today is my favorite non-parody song he’s done #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
Sean OZone
1: A toss-up between eBay and Inactive 2: Virus Alert #MyFaveAl @alyankovic https://t.co/Q1hN6bkKIU
11 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl Parody: I Love Rocky Road Non: Hardware Store https://t.co/W5JHuRkDQW
11 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
Super Greliz Fighter V: Battle Roach Boogaloo
1) Cavity Search 2) I'm torn between You Don't Love Me Anymore and Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung #MyFaveAl https://t.co/AcSveZ1hEZ
11 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
Mark Stoll
#MyFaveAl I like both parody and not parody but I love his love songs ( or anti love songs) the best
11 Jul, 09:45 PM UTC
Michael Anderson
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1. Parody, probably has to go to White & Nerdy. Al goes all out on the lyrics on this one and it is fantastic. 2. Non-parody must go to the immortal Albuquerque. I sometimes just like to pull up the lyrics and sing along to the whole thing. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 09:44 PM UTC
Jon Bjorling
@GailSimone @alyankovic My fave @alyankovic Parody: Smells Like Nirvana Style Parody: Dare to be Stupid (hands down the best Devo song Devo never wrote) Original: Albuquerque #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 09:42 PM UTC
Gordon Lyons
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl 1) White and Nerdy is pretty much my theme song 2) Nature Trail to Hell (in 3-D)
11 Jul, 09:21 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl 1) Yellow Snow (Purple Rain parody) 2) One More Minute If we're only counting released songs, I'll pick Yoda for the parody of Lola https://t.co/z2w1DiUn3j
11 Jul, 09:17 PM UTC
Trevor Childs
White & Nerdy, and All About The Pentiums are string contenders for favorite parody too 😄 #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 09:16 PM UTC
1. Amish Paradise 2. UHF #MyFaveAl https://t.co/edlVyt6pA8
11 Jul, 08:55 PM UTC
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl Parody: Amish Paradise Non-Parody: You Don't Love Me Anymore
11 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
Is me #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
Joe Blevins
@saltyasparagus1 "Make Me Steak Number 3" and "Orgy on My Own." "Baby Likes Burpin'" and "School Cafeteria" "The Beverly Hillbillies Miss You" and "Water Is Wet" "Flatbush Avenue" and "Belvedere Cruising" "If I Could Make Love To a Bottle" and ""Never Met a Person as Wonderful as Me" #MyFAveAl
11 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
Jedi Nate Rider 💜💙💚💛🧡❤
@GailSimone @alyankovic I've been an @alyankovic fan since i was 7 in 1982! #MyFaveAl are: Parody, well known: Yoda Parody, obscure: pretty fly for a rabbi Original, well known: Dare to Be Stupid (one of the greatest songs ever written and my favorite al song) Original, obscure: midnight star https://t.co/BE4SkUgvMh
11 Jul, 08:17 PM UTC
Casper Fox
@gailsimone It's possible Twitter couldn't handle our praise of Weird Al. We should praise him more just to be sure. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 08:08 PM UTC
Dan Baldwin
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl 1. Parody- Smells Like Nirvana because the kazoo solo always makes me laugh 2. Original- Hardware Store because lists of things are funny
11 Jul, 08:08 PM UTC
#SocialMediaSummit #TEACH19 #MyFaveAl Josh Norman Stable Genius https://t.co/SboHvG2PxT
11 Jul, 08:03 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl I'm a big fan of @alyankovic too. I even saw him when he was in Ft. Lauderdale for his Strings Attached tour! =) Choosing favorites is hard, but my current top favorites are: Parody: Word Crimes Non-Parody: Jackson Park Express https://t.co/8MdR7NFMui
11 Jul, 08:02 PM UTC
Chris Cioffi
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1) Fat or White & Nerdy 2) Everything You Know Is Wrong #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Pako Pako
@GailSimone @alyankovic Very hard to decide. 1.) Amish Paradise, followed by White & Nerdy or Fat. (The music videos are half the fun.) 2.) Dare to be Stupid, followed by Christmas at Ground Zero #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl you ask? Well #DareToBeStupid is his best song ever so that should be on everyone’s list. It’s a tone/style parody so I’ll slot it in there because frees up #EverythingYouKnowIsWrong as my fav non-parody song. His best songs are the ones to live by.
11 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
Morris "Bench" Dutchley
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1) Parody for #MyFaveAl has to be either Amish Paradise or Tacky. Tacky mostly because I try to blot out the original lyrics with Al's version whenever it comes on the radio. 2) Hardware store. I mean. Will you look at all that stuff. Shoutout to the Polka compilations.
11 Jul, 07:52 PM UTC
Wood Respecter
@GailSimone @alyankovic There are so many, but I’m gonna go with “Another One Rides the Bus” and “Happy Birthday” #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:58 PM UTC
Erik C. Jones
@GailSimone @alyankovic Parody- Yoda. I heard this before I had ever heard Lola. Non Parody- UHF. Probably my go to Weird Al song. It's that fire emoji the kids use. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC
Big Little Kev
1) Amish Paradise 2) Albuquerque #MyFaveAl https://t.co/TFMz0TNZOc
11 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC
JR Keil, Doin' the Write Thing
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl songs: 1) Parody: "ebay", to the point where much like with many people, its lyrics have consumed the lyrics to the original in my mind. 2) Not sure if it counts as non-parody since it's a style send-up, but "Mission Statement". otherwise, "You Don't Love Me Anymore".
11 Jul, 06:44 PM UTC
Tracy Root
@GailSimone @alyankovic My second concert was Weird Al in 2000. A friend asked me to go because their little brother was too cool for it. What kind of trash human grows out of Weird Al? Going to see him tomorrow and I'm over the moon. Anyway, #MyFaveAl: 1) King of Suede 2) The Night Santa Went Crazy
11 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC
Nora Mermaid 🔜 BronyCon 2019
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1. Tie between White and Nerdy and Amish Paradise 2. Albuquerque #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC
Charles H
Parody: Bedrock Anthem (HM: Ricky) Non-parody: One More Minute (HM: Dare to Be Stupid) Polka medley: Polka Your Eyes Out (HM: Polka Party!) Album: Even Worse #MyFaveAl @alyankovic https://t.co/X9H9LPwKCR
11 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC
The Mak Cave
@GAMcKnight @GailSimone @alyankovic Gotta rep my hometown with Albuquerque. Though “Everything you know is wrong,” might just be my #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Gavin Jasper
1) I Think I'm a Clone Now 2) Frank's 2000 Inch TV #MyFaveAl https://t.co/lyH3eNe86n
11 Jul, 06:41 PM UTC
Favorite parody: "The Saga Begins" Favorite original: 3-way tie between "Mission Statement", "Hardware Store" and "Pancreas" #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:40 PM UTC
Boyfoot Bear
I think my fave Weird Al parody song is "King of Suede," if only for the location of the store (next door to Willy's Fun Arcade). My fave original is without a doubt "Dog Eat Dog". It's so good that I sometimes forget that it's not an actual Talking Heads tune. #myfaveal https://t.co/LcbSeNgOY2
11 Jul, 06:39 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl Parody: Amish Paradise Non-Parody: You Don't Love Me Anymore
11 Jul, 06:38 PM UTC
Josh Burnett 🎲's Gencon
@GailSimone @alyankovic Parody: This Song's Just Six Words Long Non-Parody: Skipper Dan (my favorite song of his, period) #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:35 PM UTC
Greg Z. Newcomb
@GailSimone @alyankovic I like to remind people that I've been to six concerts and five of those have been "Weird Al." So hard to choose but Word Crimes appeals to the writer in me while Albuquerque is just the most Al of Al songs. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
👑🦖 Wildfox 🧜‍♀️♠️ @ IFC/MFF 2019
1. Amish Paradise. No doubt abou it. (You can just imagine the glee on my face when I got to see him do that live.) 2. Weasel Stomping Day... ties with Dare to be Stupid. Saw all three performed live! #MyFaveAl https://t.co/VcCKhGa0fN
11 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
abdullahi bashir bandabow🇰🇪🇰🇪
Stable Genius #AHS1984 Chris Morgan #MyFaveAl #NationalMojitoDay https://t.co/TSGaeNfVd4
11 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
Hamilamtv ➡️ @BlerdCon
@GailSimone @alyankovic Eat it holds my heart forever- it never fails to crack me up #MyFaveAl https://t.co/carIVl4fIW
11 Jul, 06:33 PM UTC
Matt LeVasseur
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1) “Yoda” is my favorite, hands-down. I’ve even got the chant memorized! 2) “Albuquerque” may be Al’s magnum opus. Almost 11 and a half minutes of pure, unadulterated craziness! #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:33 PM UTC
Thaddeus Maximus
@GailSimone @alyankovic Parody: "Here's Johnny" was comedy genius. As far as I'm concerned, that's his best parody Non-parody: Any of the polkas from 1991 or older. I love all of them #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:33 PM UTC
Cap'n Peanut B. Crunch!
#MyFaveAl Parody: The Saga Begins Original Style-Parody: Everything You Know Is Wrong Honorable Mentions: Jurassic Park, One More Minute And a commendation for Word Crimes, a true public service on his part. https://t.co/wIQBNqZUFh
11 Jul, 06:30 PM UTC
Max Marriner @ VidCon
- “Perform This Way,” “Smells Like Nirvana,” and “Amish Paradise” - “Hardware Store” and all of his polka medleys. I could rank those by themselves. #MyFaveAl https://t.co/Z2rwysz8fU
11 Jul, 06:29 PM UTC
Marty G 🦅🏆
#MyFaveAl 1. Amish Paradise 2. I truly can't pick between these 3: Everything You Know Is Wrong The Night Santa Went Crazy Since You've Been Gone https://t.co/P4NXqMSo1H
11 Jul, 06:29 PM UTC
Joe Mann
Ah crap forgot the hashtag #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:27 PM UTC
Drakeo 🇵🇷 🏳️‍🌈 ally👍
Oh man...so many to pick but I think I'd would go with: 1) Smells Like Nirvana 2) CNR (it's like the Rockiest I've ever heard him ever) it was really hard to choose That would be it but I love me some @alyankovic #MyFaveAl https://t.co/w94cWjobmR
11 Jul, 06:27 PM UTC
#MyFaveAl 1) Canadian Idiot 2) My Own Eyes https://t.co/KXhy47sLKZ
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Carolyn Hotchkiss
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl Parody Song: Tough choice, but I'm going with "Fat" Non-Parody Song: One More Minute, hands down.
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Jeremy Fuscaldo
@GailSimone @alyankovic #MyFaveAl 1) Eat it 2) Albuquerque
11 Jul, 06:24 PM UTC
Geena “Ban The Damn Nazis, @jack” Phillips
@GailSimone @alyankovic And my favorite style parody (which I think deserves its own category) has to be Craigslist (and that’s a hard choice for me to make: he has so many great ones) #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
La Nenuca
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1) Parody: Fat 2) Non: Albuquerque #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
Gary Chapple
@GailSimone @alyankovic How can you beat Eat It? #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:22 PM UTC
uɐɔıxǝɯ ɔıɹʇɔǝlǝ ǝɥʇ
@GailSimone @alyankovic 1)Bedrock Anthem 2)Dare to be Stupid #myfaveAl
11 Jul, 06:22 PM UTC
Misty Massey
@GailSimone @alyankovic For a while now, my favorite of his songs has been "White & Nerdy". Especially the video with Donny Osmond. #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:22 PM UTC
Richard E. Rae
@GailSimone @alyankovic Too many fave parodies to count. “Amish Paradise” and “White and Nerdy,” “My Bologna,” etc. My go-to Al holiday song that deserves all the love is “Christmas at Ground Zero.” #MyFaveAl
11 Jul, 06:21 PM UTC