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Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney
“It’s not about the response, but it’s more about the responsibility to teach and lead during these pandemics!” @HAABSE3 President @DrKwabena #myHAABSEvoice https://t.co/fHgGiS3IUm
01 Aug, 02:39 PM UTC
Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney
“We didn’t look outside the window, we looked in the mirror!” Preach @Dr_McFarland #myHAABSEvoice https://t.co/AgGkukUUNB
01 Aug, 04:49 PM UTC
Margarita Tovar
What a fantastic time we shared this morning with @HAABSE3 members on today's School Culture Matters session. For access to resources & our presentation click here: https://t.co/N5pudui7G7 #MyHAABSEVoice @AngelWilson36 @EHareSr https://t.co/Dns21gkLd6
01 Aug, 04:04 PM UTC
Thank you @S_Dallas_Dance for opening up the #MyHAABSEVoice conference this morning. It’s not too late... come join us https://t.co/CheAJ6zxi2 https://t.co/CgeAVusGIV
01 Aug, 03:17 PM UTC
Virtually in the presence of greatness @HAABSE3 #MyHAABSEVoice These superintendents lead with their hearts. https://t.co/1WMAjdUbOP
01 Aug, 03:04 PM UTC
“We’ve always been in a pandemic! We have to use what we have because we have what we need... We didn’t just get here today. We were built for this. We didn’t sit and wait for someone to do it for us. We didn’t look outside; we looked in the mirror.” @Dr_McFarland #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 04:50 PM UTC
Alana E. Holloway
If you didn’t show up...you truly missed out. This morning has been dynamic! Thank you for those last words!! #Gratitude  @RhondaMason14 @HAABSE3 #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/bNLWZN25vb
01 Aug, 05:07 PM UTC
Andrea Sanders
“When you can’t distinguish the teachers from the leaders, you know you have built a culture of rockstars and your campus is on its way to greatness.” @AngelWilson36 #MyHAABSEVoice #HAABSELeads
01 Aug, 04:06 PM UTC
You can use FlipGrid to create book clubs, small group discussions etc. Students have time to think and respond to each other in a safe space. #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 03:25 PM UTC
Margarita Tovar
“Every man has two educations: the one that’s been given to him and the one that he gives himself.” - @Dr_McFarland #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 04:38 PM UTC
Erikka Edmond
There is an urgent demand for equality and excellence in education. STANDING on the shoulders of those who came before US!!! @DrKwabena #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/D7RQa1T0Ar
01 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
Charles A. Land Jr.
Who is ready for things to return back to normal? News Flash! “Normal wasn’t good enough for our children. Time be Innovative, Time for “A New Way Forward” @drgoffney . Learning Doesn’t Stop #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Traniece Brown-Warrens, M.Ed
My The Virtual Experience session at #MyHAABSEVoice was 🔥🔥 I had over 70+ Bitmoji Creators. I hope each of you walked away inspired, empowered and excited to create your own virtual spaces. Checkout the Playback Room and more here (https://t.co/5g2ZjHcVrS). Thank you ALL! https://t.co/NQ1Az6ucE2
01 Aug, 05:10 PM UTC
Tamara Dean, M.Ed.
“If you want to take a pulse of the school’s culture, don’t read the mission statement on the wall. Listen to the people in the hall”!!! Yessss!🙌🏾@AngelWilson36 #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/r62efJWBm1
01 Aug, 03:16 PM UTC
Shaina Glass
Thank each of you that attended and shared your resources with us this morning! I hope you had one takeaway to help you support your students SEW and to start your new school year! #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/sFFtqkbZPW
01 Aug, 05:03 PM UTC
Tamika Bartley
Wow! We not only enjoyed presenting but we enjoyed collaborating with our participants! @HAABSE3 sessions are gold. Sharpen yourselves, you have until noon to jump in for free! #MyHAABSEVoice #LimitlessLiteracy @FortheCultureL1 TY @mrsbgarrick for the HAABSE tees! https://t.co/obcarO0Yf0
01 Aug, 04:23 PM UTC
Cecelia Brumsey
Excellent session Give them H.E.L.L. Show staff that you care about them that is being a great leader. Thank you Kellie Clay and Lita Skinner #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/cE8mRsz5l4
01 Aug, 03:40 PM UTC
Marcie J. Strahan
I knew this season would speak to me! I’ve been following @MaggyTovar1and @AngelWilson36 for the past year and I’m excited to learn from them both! #MyHAABSEVoice @HAABSE3 https://t.co/p8DRRHoKkR
01 Aug, 03:22 PM UTC
Porsha Dudley
#MyWhyHAABSE “That’s me, that’s you, that’s US!” 🖤🎉 Have you joined @HAABSE3? Come join our beautiful movement, and help to change the lives of students! #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/D7yAHR2EGg
01 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Teshana McDowell
First session @HAABSE3 conference was so beneficial and necessary. Indeed “School Culture Matters”. More tools were added to my toolbox. Great session! #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/BqDs23X9fV
01 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Ian Herran
My cup is overflowing right now! Great conference from @HAABSE3 #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 04:56 PM UTC
Dr. Regina Sims
Listen to the people talking in the hall, not the mission statement on the wall! @AngelWilson36 #MyHAABSEVoice #schoolculturematters https://t.co/Pp5PldGVmx
01 Aug, 03:17 PM UTC
Jeana Morrison Adams
Up early this Saturday morning with over 550 educators. We have laughed with @comedianeddieb, been challenged by @S_Dallas_Dance & inspired by @NabsePresident! All sessions were informative & on 🔥! Great job @RhondaMason14 @TheMsJYAndrews and Team @HAABSE3! #MyHAABSEVoice https://t.co/F8G0WIQspb
01 Aug, 05:25 PM UTC
Bianca Dugas, MEd, EdD Candidate
Shift the language from “achievement gaps” to “opportunity gaps”!! Changing your language cultivates mindset shifts!!! @ErricaDH #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Charles A. Land Jr.
Leadership doesn’t define you, it reveals you. #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC
Bianca Dugas, MEd, EdD Candidate
“With every hire, you transform the culture. Who you hire says a lot about who you are. Build your bench !!!” 🎯🎯🎯 can you say POWERFUL!!! @MaggyTovar1 @AngelWilson36 @EHareSr #MyHAABSEVoice #BeyondTheCircuitMachine
01 Aug, 03:48 PM UTC
Artisha Holmes
“Leadership doesn’t define you, it reveals you”...thank you @MaggyTovar1 for your transparency! #MyHAABSEVoice
01 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC
Margarita Tovar
Let’s get ready to discuss School Culture Matters! Take this poll to start the conversation! #MyHAABSEVoice @AngelWilson36 @EHareSr 🟡 Describe the current culture of your school organization:
01 Aug, 01:45 PM UTC
THE POWERful Impact
We must be intentional and focus on what really matters !!!! -#myHAABSEvoice
01 Aug, 02:49 PM UTC

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