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David Nichols
New York in Norwich! #OTBC #NORBOU #MyPLMorning https://t.co/mi3HPGcD2n
18 Jan, 01:22 PM UTC
Jacob johnson
Arsenals biggest dog fan from America #MyPLMorning https://t.co/czZDOKVmCG
18 Jan, 02:37 PM UTC
Chicago Gooners 🎗
Packed pub on a cold, slushy morning in Chicago! 🍻 #MyPLMorning https://t.co/OdL0E1SsSE
18 Jan, 03:22 PM UTC
Shed End Dallas
Shed End Dallas ready to cheer on the lads @ChelseaFC as they take on @NUFC today! #MyPLMorning #chelseafc #cfc #shedenddallas @NBCSN https://t.co/qaZvMD8IoX
18 Jan, 02:41 PM UTC
Manchester City US
Nothing like finally making it to the Etihad and seeing your supporters’ club listed right on the stadium! 😍 Have a great time, @newyorkskyblues! #MyPLMorning #ManCity 📸: @MisterParka https://t.co/BTYk1DrWPi
18 Jan, 02:41 PM UTC
NBC Sports Soccer
We want to know, what's the best spot in America to take in a PL match? ⚽️ Let us know using #MyPLMorning! @NBCSportsSoccer's photo on #MyPLMorning
18 Jan, 12:53 PM UTC
Arsenal Los Angeles
Loving the Martinelli song Oooooh Martinelli! 1-0 to the Arsenal #MyPLMorning #ARSSHU https://t.co/DCxivz5Nhz
18 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
Garden State Blues
We are the Garden State Blues! #MyPLMornings #MyPLMorning https://t.co/PpofB3DGun
18 Jan, 04:11 PM UTC
Hello, Egyptian King!🔥👑🇪🇬 Look what has been uploaded to @YouTube by @NBCSportsSoccer in the USA. You all know what I’m watching this afternoon! 🤪@safakadhim87 have your seen this yet? #LFC #YNWA #Salah #MyPLMorning @LFCUSA https://t.co/TaPiEkvY5r
18 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Arsenal Los Angeles
Good morning from Los Angeles. Let’s get that win! #UpWithTheSun #ARSSHU #MyPLMorning #SunsetStrip https://t.co/w5ygRI78iB
18 Jan, 02:52 PM UTC
Knox Gooners
As always, having a fantastic #MyPLMorning with our @arsenalamerica crew @HopsandHollers ! Only thing missing is YOU!! @PLinUSA @NBCSportsSoccer https://t.co/MTknvtekGu
18 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
Milwaukee Blues
MATCH DAY! Join us at @thehighbury if you’re not snowed in 🏆 ❄️ @ChelseaFCinUSA @CFCInAmerica #myplmorning #NEWCHE https://t.co/MKVJ930lD1
18 Jan, 10:04 AM UTC
Dan John
What a come back 2nd best this season @ManCity Great turn out @PLinUSA #MyPLMorning @Wolves https://t.co/YYM1CC1xCw
18 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
Chicago MCFC 🐝🦈🎗
We’ve collected $940 so far which means a first prize of $470! Still time to get a ticket - only $5 each 🎟 There’s runner up prizes too: $25 gift card to @AJHudsons and $25 gift card for @TheDandyCrown for 2nd and 3rd tickets drawn @ManCityUS @PLinUSA #MyPLMorning https://t.co/d4rC6mWbVi
18 Jan, 04:28 PM UTC
Fresno Irons
He’s one of our own! Brian G. Fagundes is in London representing Fresno’s Finest! The Fresno Irons! @559_FC @WestHam @NBCSportsSoccer @PLinUSA @AHRadioWHU @americanhammer3 @USA_WestHamWay #MyPLMorning #FresnoIronsFamily #WHUEVE #559FC https://t.co/hEmGs1N2OA
18 Jan, 03:54 PM UTC
Beach City Gooners
Great looking group of Gooners! @arsenalamerica @Arsenal @NBCSportsSoccer #MyPLMorning https://t.co/wUBv6JmAiG
18 Jan, 04:08 PM UTC
Bayou City Blues
Sent to us by one of our OG members. @ChelseaFCinUSA @ChelseaFC #MyPLMorning #LucaManzottiIsBlue https://t.co/ZqojcKNLEE
18 Jan, 05:25 PM UTC
Alex York
We’re ready in snow covered Chicago! Howay the lads! #MyPLMorning @NBCSportsSoccer https://t.co/pmpxWC7b6z
18 Jan, 04:31 PM UTC
ASC Madison
A little snow never keeps us away! #MyPLMorning #ARSSHU #COYG @arsenalamerica @NBCSportsSoccer @PLinUSA @PLinWISCONSIN https://t.co/wVjVtMwGUG
18 Jan, 04:07 PM UTC
Garry W
Can't wait for the Chelsea match to start. Nothing better than watching the game with the #chelseatwins !! #MyPLMorning https://t.co/PKWJoYD7dI
18 Jan, 04:34 PM UTC
John Guevara Jr.
Time to watch the Blues game with the cool people of @PHXBlues @ChelseaFCinUSA @CFCInAmerica @NBCSportsSoccer #MyPLMorning https://t.co/8aKw166koQ
18 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
Border Cannons
1-0 to the Arsenal #MyPLMorning https://t.co/Y15IMLWRvt
18 Jan, 04:02 PM UTC
Gal Pal Sports
When you can’t stand to watch the end of the match #MyPLMorning #Caturday https://t.co/bThP6IKOcp
18 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC
J Grant Fiero
Foggy morning football viewing in Seattle #MyPLMorning https://t.co/nTqKEoAlBd
18 Jan, 04:09 PM UTC
Red Devils DC MUSC (Official MUFC - Washington DC)
It’s Scousers Weekend Reds! Join us tomorrow at @luckybardc. Doors open at 10:30am. Get in early and bring your voices. Back the lads! Drink specials for all reds. Looking forward to this. See you there. COME ON UNITED! 🔴⚪️⚫️ #MUFC #RedDevilsDC #DC #DMV #UTFR #YSB #MyPLMorning https://t.co/PQ6UoSJ7PJ
18 Jan, 05:38 PM UTC
Fresno Irons
We gotta starting winning at home! None the less this is Fresno’s Finest! @WestHam @AHRadioWHU @PLinUSA @americanhammer3 @NBCSportsSoccer @USA_WestHamWay @559_FC #MyPLMorning #FresnoIronsFamily #559FC #WHUEVE https://t.co/eihGwgdE5w
18 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
Big D Blues
All fans welcome at @happiesthourdal, come on @ChelseaFC! #MyPLMorning https://t.co/oAsTLlwWOf
18 Jan, 05:40 PM UTC
@CPFC Well done Palace! 😁#MyPLMorning https://t.co/0ji7pyv1Ik
18 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
Joey Logan
What a volley!!! Sheffield have drawn Arsenal!!! #ARSSHU #MyPLMorning
18 Jan, 04:41 PM UTC

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