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What’s your weirdest claim to fame? It could be a unique skill, a life experience — anything you’re kind of strangely proud of. Tell us, & tag it #MyWeirdestClaimToFame & #GISH! https://t.co/IQL6vWUy9B @GISH's photo on #MyWeirdestClaimToFame
29 Jun, 08:23 PM UTC
illy • super inspired
When I was in the 1st grade, I bought an ice cream sandwich from the cafeteria at lunch. I then decided that I would prefer to save it for later & put it in my lunchbox to take home with me. My mom has not let me forget this oversight for 25 years. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH https://t.co/PkHMq7I88d
29 Jun, 08:51 PM UTC
@mishtheuniverse We want to ask "why?", but we'll start with "How did you find THAT out?" #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
@the_endverse This GIF is your family reunion, right? #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:34 PM UTC
Dave Lavery
@GISH I camped in a tent. Inside an active volcano. In Antarctica. With a robot. And a lawn flamingo. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH https://t.co/AE8lFxC5ys
29 Jun, 08:43 PM UTC
☀️Casey🍄 GISH 🌻Angelic Troublemaker🌊
@GISH One time, I was bitten by a zebra. Not my proudest moment, but definitely one of the strangest. 🤣 #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #Gish
29 Jun, 08:27 PM UTC
@GISH Does my 9 year old Misha Collins Award for being the weirdest weirdo itself count as #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #gish ? https://t.co/wDZwZ5SkTU
29 Jun, 09:03 PM UTC
@GISH I can snort a chain up my nose and pull it out my mouth #MyWeirdestClaimToFame
29 Jun, 08:41 PM UTC
@kaymill0 It was a scorching rebuke of your culinary skills, no doubt. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
@SjSrwillis06 We bet that's not 100% true... Dig deep! #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:32 PM UTC
@the_endverse We've seen your relatives' band (the ones in pajamas). #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
summer solsteph ☀️
One time a star fleet captain used Twitter to try to get me banned from a scavenger hunt game because I made a joke about the rules preventing him from being able to play #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH 😅😅 https://t.co/yWj3H5FBol
29 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
Karen - GISH Team MishasLockDownBeard 🧔🏻
@GISH #MyWeirdestClaimToFame is being part of a world record which somehow had me tap dancing at Glasgow airport in the rain, wearing a T-shirt saying “what every one wants” (it was a clothes shop) in 1988. And it was televised. 😳
29 Jun, 08:43 PM UTC
@GISH I delete important emails when I actually need them. Once I had to contact my teacher & made him open again the registration for an exam because I needed to print a document. I'm also CEO of Procrastination. I should really be proud of this, shouldn't I? #MyWeirdestClaimToFame
29 Jun, 09:03 PM UTC
summer solsteph ☀️
Or the time Ken Jennings absolutely DRAGGED me, and rightfully so 😂 #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
@GISH @SjSrwillis06 Participated in a short film. A girl ssw my name and freaked out and called her boss who called the top boss. Turned out they had found a dress that had been worn in Paris 1899 with my name. My great great great aunt. Had never heard of her. #myweirdestclaimtofame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
i don’t know how i found out i could do this, but i can do a bird impression😭 #gish #myweirdestclaimtofame https://t.co/555aUNdFHh
29 Jun, 09:12 PM UTC
Iowafarmgal #SPNNash20
@GISH I'm somewhat handy with 60' of nylon and I once managed to catch a couple of wild ones! #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH! https://t.co/Uu8g1Yzpcn https://t.co/s9nbksgGxl https://t.co/q37GhnIWDy
29 Jun, 09:02 PM UTC
Amanda | #Supernatural Season 15.5
@GISH When Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell) visited my college, he told me I was his favorite because I was the 1st person to ever ask him about The West Wing episode he was in (3.09 “Bartlet for America”). #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
@GISH i yell at people to drink water and to be kind and am really mean to my sister, and people somehow still put up with me. that's all i can think of. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #gish
29 Jun, 09:29 PM UTC
@GISH Either that or finding out spirits talk through me when all I wanted was to know the score of a hockey game. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
@GISH #MyWeirdestClaimToFame I snapped back into life after getting stitches in my lip in a doghouse. Don't know how I got there, but that's where I came to when I was younger. #GISH
29 Jun, 09:31 PM UTC
Once, during summer stock, I accidentally dropped a wall on Amy Irving. It wasn't entirely my fault though because my back was to the stage & my cue light went off too early. Fortunately she didn't get hurt and was very forgiving.😅 #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 09:30 PM UTC
Kat ✨
@GISH When I was 8 I had the lead role in the school musical about climate change. To this day my parents have the entire musical on dvd #MyWeirdestClaimToFame
29 Jun, 09:04 PM UTC
@GISH I'm a master lizard catcher & known as such within my family circle. I used to catch the little ones and raise them (and they'd escape bc dumb-me-kid would use chicken wire as lid). Never got my hands on a reptilian though but that's my next challenge #myweirdestclaimtofame #gish
29 Jun, 08:51 PM UTC
Danielle Boochs 🧷🇩🇪 #BeAMisha #GISH2020 She/Her
@GISH #MyWeirdestClaimToFame was when I was thrown through a window during a fight right on top of my sleeping German teacher at 3 am during a week long school trip . That story made it into our year book and even after 16 years it’s sadly not forgotten at my old school .
29 Jun, 08:49 PM UTC
summer solsteph ☀️
Hella people in my hometown know a song about my cat being sad I moved away to college that my old roommate used to play at gigs. I only found out about it Bc someone introduced me as Indy’s owner at a dive bar and people were so excited???? 😂😂 #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 08:48 PM UTC
Misty Massey
I can write my name legibly (in cursive) forwards with my right hand and backwards with my left at the same time. If I ever need to sign documents in a mirror universe, I'm all set. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH https://t.co/uGDXVRDM3q
29 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
@GISH 2017: Fox News reported on a petition I wrote which led to me getting called many AWFUL names on the Fox website. 2018: Al*x J*nes accused me in court, on the record, of manipulating a video to make him look bad. #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 09:37 PM UTC
It was down to just me and him. We “fired” at the same time. He missed, but I nailed the backboard behind him from halfway across the gym, freeing the “captives.” #MyWeirdestClaimToFame #GISH
29 Jun, 09:33 PM UTC

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