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OpTic Gaming™
We are excited to announce our entry into League of Legends and our partnership with the #NALCS! Support us on game… https://t.co/FAl3KbKZUD
20 Nov, 09:48 PM UTC
A new era begins #NALCS Meet the teams at: https://t.co/6D5EwcWy09
20 Nov, 09:45 PM UTC
100 Thieves
We're proud to announce that @pr0llyLOL is coming home! He'll be joining 100 Thieves as head coach of our #NALCS te… https://t.co/r1swjdZOxr
20 Nov, 10:21 PM UTC
Our journey with @lolesports began in 2013 and as this new chapter of #NALCS begins we could not be more thrilled t… https://t.co/3aj62grayi
20 Nov, 09:52 PM UTC
👨‍✈️💬 Now boarding FlyQuest for flight 2018, destination: the #NALCS. New League. New Look. New Style. Take a 👀 »… https://t.co/mWt5QSS5HB
20 Nov, 09:56 PM UTC
Counter Logic Gaming
Here since the beginning and here for the future. See you on the Rift in 2018! #CLGWIN #NALCS More ➡️… https://t.co/fhwPn2VsR5
20 Nov, 09:52 PM UTC
So amped to be a part of the #NALCS. We worked hard on the application, my friends. The day has finally come! LET'S GOOOOOO! #GREENWALL
20 Nov, 10:06 PM UTC
ESPN Esports
It's official. @cavs, @warriors and @HoustonRockets officially join #NALCS as all 10 newly-franchised teams are ann… https://t.co/BVhYMQhuob
20 Nov, 09:54 PM UTC
As a new #NALCS era begins we reflect on our past accomplishments and look towards the bright future ahead. See you… https://t.co/OAQcP2tMgu
20 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC
Daryl Morey
Excited to announce our new team @ClutchGaming! We plan to bring same winning approach as @HoustonRockets #NALCS #CGWIN
20 Nov, 10:11 PM UTC
Kirk Lacob
Excited to announce our new team @GoldenGuardians to the @Warriors family! #NALCS #GGSWIN
20 Nov, 10:24 PM UTC
Confirmados los equipos de la #NALCS: Team Solomid, Golden Guardians, Cloud9, FlyQuest, Echo Fox, Clutch Gaming, 10… https://t.co/3tEFyxchzP
20 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
Por cierto, esta temporada se integran NUEVOS equipos a las #NALCS de League of Legends: OpTic Gaming, Clutch Gamin… https://t.co/AqCXiH9VYm
20 Nov, 11:03 PM UTC
theScore esports
2018 #NALCS teams revealed, @DarshanU, @Stixxay and @Huhi re-sign with @clgaming, @TeamLiquidLoL reportedly poised… https://t.co/p08F8OFGzP
20 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
So pumped that @OpTicGaming made it into the #NALCS. Also, huge achievement from @Nadeshot. Way to market a brand! #GREENWALL
20 Nov, 11:17 PM UTC
Josh Dawson
My one and only Prediction for the #NALCS is @ssumday22 goes to @Cloud9 in the Top Lane. @lolesports 👏🏼
20 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
@Nadeshot Super glad you're coming into my favorite game. Good things are in your future I can see it already. #NALCS #100Thieves
20 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
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