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bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"no matter what happens in 2025 if we all come back together and promote as a full group that would be great, really" ㅡ 221205, Kim Namjoon In Suchwita https://t.co/3Gmingtv60
05 Dec, 01:33 PM UTC
Sel⁷ (slow/rest)
05 Dec, 12:33 PM UTC
namjoon said a ment in the middle 🐨 you all often say to me 'do everything you want to do kim namjoon'. this time i really did everything i wanted to. not thinking about rankings in the us or korea, things like that hehe. look at me now too, im doing what i want to. im doing + https://t.co/ZIMByevCJM
05 Dec, 01:13 PM UTC
a fan who went to namjoon’s mini 200 people concert said during the performance namjoon suddenly said he wants to see j-hope. everyone was confused cause they thought hobi was gonna arrive but he didn’t. namjoon just missing him OMGGG 😭 @joonshoba's photo on namjoon
05 Dec, 02:07 PM UTC
d(ia) 🗡⁷ | INDIGO
wdym yoongi would come home drunk and namjoon would stare at him with playful contempt, trying to look disapproving as he got under his arm, bracing his weight to walk him back to his room???
05 Dec, 02:30 PM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"YES DADDY YES" ㅡ 221206, Kim Namjoon on Stationhead
06 Dec, 06:41 AM UTC
TXT Soobin mentioning Namjoon during his live “These days my life role model is… RM sunbaenim is really to me- to me, I think RM sunbaenim is the coolest [person] in the world, really. + @btsbaragi_jk's photo on namjoon
05 Dec, 04:48 PM UTC
OMG THE GIFTS FROM NAMJOON 🥺 @winnttaebear's photo on namjoon
05 Dec, 12:13 PM UTC
221206 Namjoon on IG 🐨💙 Love you Chris @coldplay https://t.co/o8dvCMjV2h
06 Dec, 05:11 AM UTC
🍯 ⁷ ᴰ²
namjoon: i can’t blow bubbles with gum two types of army’s: https://t.co/xgAJPlEK4x
06 Dec, 07:21 AM UTC
Official Charts
💙 UK BTS Army! 💙 BTS (@bts_bighit) star #RM is set for an ✨incredible✨ debut with Indigo this week 👑 Find out where his first-ever solo album #Indigo is tracking to chart here ⬇⬇ https://t.co/klWnrcIxn1 #BTS #NAMJOON #IndigobyRM #BTSARMY #Wildflower @officialcharts's photo on namjoon
05 Dec, 04:59 PM UTC
Y’all have to accept namjoon’s casual side is so flirty and boyfriend. And He ain’t even drunk
06 Dec, 07:30 AM UTC
hani⁷ ♡
we really got jimin traveling, tae photofolio photos, jin military announcement and then namjoon saying "yes daddy yes" all in the span of just 6 hours. today is wild.
06 Dec, 07:52 AM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"we don't need to prove anything to somebody" ㅡ 221206, Kim Namjoon In Stationhead
06 Dec, 07:07 AM UTC
🍯 ⁷ ᴰ²
i would like to make a formal request that namjoon goes live on stationhead every single week and provides commentary for every bts album from debut until now
06 Dec, 07:04 AM UTC
namjoon loops ❀ INDIGO OUT NOW
a moment of silence for namjoon giggling and saying “YES DADDY YES” https://t.co/Ac86GVptb3
06 Dec, 06:55 AM UTC
namjoon is the only person I would let continuously pause a movie to explain his thoughts on it
06 Dec, 07:15 AM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"Sadness and happiness come at the same time, and that's what we call beauty." ㅡ 221206, Kim Namjoon In Stationhead
06 Dec, 07:36 AM UTC
According to K-armys who attended, Namjoon shared that he's now working on another album to be release before his enlistment. https://t.co/z73ifkXTzi
05 Dec, 12:23 PM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"don’t forget to get close to the nature because we all came from the nature." ㅡ 221206, Kim Namjoon In Stationhead
06 Dec, 07:23 AM UTC
Carolyne⁷ 🌱🧑‍🚀💙
I'm glad Namjoon cleared up the rumors about his driver license because imagine being 6ft tall, 148 iq, buff body, dimples, comforting, caring, musical genius, producer, rapper, lyricist, nature, art and book lover... and plus knows how to drive??? we wouldn't survive
06 Dec, 08:01 AM UTC
p. claire dodson
on a cold sunday morning i walked around the city and listened to indigo, and then i wrote about the king of the cold, existential morning: kim namjoon https://t.co/AL1jdtKE7i
05 Dec, 06:00 PM UTC
"oh he can sing. if you don't know, he can god damn sing!" namjoon talking about his own vocals in all day LMAOO
06 Dec, 06:44 AM UTC
bts quotes archive⁷ ☁️ | final defense ⏳
"for some of you who may not know, i’m not a criminal but i do steal some people’s hearts" ㅡ 221206, Kim Namjoon In Stationhead
06 Dec, 07:01 AM UTC
we love u kim namjoon ♥︎ https://t.co/NC3Cr2FZtC
05 Dec, 04:55 PM UTC
"we got some british vibes for you guys here thanks so much!" in a british accent and then adding "im not adele though" namjoon is so unserious
06 Dec, 06:48 AM UTC
comforting things bts said
namjoon is always cheering for you <3 https://t.co/ymAHv0EBfk
05 Dec, 01:33 PM UTC
Yoon's Coffee⁷ ☕️ Indigo
"รู้ใช่มั๊ยครับ..ว่าเราไม่จำเป็นที่จะต้องพิสูจน์อะไรเพื่อคนอื่นหรอกนะ" - Kim Namjoon @BTS_twt
06 Dec, 07:09 AM UTC