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Benny Johnson
Nancy Pelosi ELBOWS the little daughter of new GOP Congresswoman Mayra Flores — what a witch. @bennyjohnson's photo on Nancy
26 Jun, 10:22 PM UTC
New York Post
GOP Rep. Mayra Flores accuses Speaker Nancy Pelosi of 'pushing' daughter during photo op https://t.co/cuIJxcihnV @nypost's photo on Nancy
27 Jun, 04:52 AM UTC
Stranger Things 4
Nancy is going to destroy Jason...💥📺🔥 #StrangerThings4 https://t.co/c2imxTlMNT
26 Jun, 08:00 PM UTC
Dave Portnoy
Rate the Attack - On the top we have Nancy Pelosi elbowing a little girl off stage. On the bottom we have Rudy Giuliani who literally said this slap on the back felt like “somebody shot him”. And people wonder why I hate ALL politicians. https://t.co/ZMoOtxX1SL
27 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Mark R. Levin
Time for Nancy to go back to Napa to care for her dangerously drunk husband  https://t.co/dlCxOlnKjf
27 Jun, 12:46 PM UTC
kay 4 days!
robin and nancy looking at eachother. https://t.co/8eHC5zKPs5
27 Jun, 12:53 PM UTC
G Raymond Kelly (aka Greg Kelly)
WOW! Nancy Pelosi is a SNOB and a BULLY! The sweet little girl got too close Nancy? The simple white dress “clash” with Your designer PANTSUIT? HOWEVER, I’ve seen @joebiden literally LICK Children at similar events. So This is bad. But better than JOE! @gregkellyusa's photo on Nancy
27 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC
The Nasty Italian🍷🇺🇸 🇮🇹
Racist Nancy Pelosi hates Mexican kids!
27 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC
Chicago1Ray 🇺🇸
I'm calling on all Hispanics in congress to denounce Nancy Pelosi for bullying @MayraFlores2022 daughter during her swearing in ceremony
27 Jun, 04:02 PM UTC
Stu Cameron
Republicans - January the 6th wasn't really violent, the police are exaggerating. Also Republicans. OH MY GOD, Nancy Pelosi brushed against Mayra Flores daughter and someone patted Rudy Giuliani on the back...
27 Jun, 01:18 PM UTC
Daily Wire
Nancy Pelosi elbows @MayraFlores2022's daughter during her swearing-in ceremony @realDailyWire's photo on Nancy
27 Jun, 02:57 PM UTC
Melissa 🅾️
@RealJamesWoods I’m surprised Nancy didn’t throw her off the stage. I guess she thought that by shoving her with her arm people wouldn’t notice. Wrong.
27 Jun, 01:38 AM UTC
John Cardillo
ICYMI, Nancy Pelosi elbowed the young daughter of a Hispanic Republican. @johncardillo's photo on Nancy
27 Jun, 11:51 AM UTC
🇨🇱 Alejandro
#MerluzoConReineta Nancy Santander es propietaria del departamento que Irina Karamanos arrendó hasta abril del presente año, en que Irina quedó adeudando $500.000 de gastos comunes. Nunca ha convivido con Gabriel Boric. No eran pareja en 2021 y no lo son en la actualidad https://t.co/Sz1eT0EmxM
27 Jun, 12:07 AM UTC
Dr. Terry Namkung
The last thing Nancy Pelosi wants to deal with is a group of conservative Black and Latino Americans heading to Congress and standing up to her crazy agenda. We’re going to give it to her, though. That will be her parting gift. Who’s with me?
27 Jun, 01:26 PM UTC
il Donaldo Trumpo
Nancy Pelosi is a racist piece of shit. https://t.co/2U4Zar7DOO
27 Jun, 07:08 PM UTC
Diego Álzaga Unzué
Durante 4 años Nancy Dupláa, Flor Peña, Dady Brieva, Pablo Echarri, Paola Barrientos, Mercedes Morán, y demás militantes K marchaban “compungidos” por la suba de precios y un Dólar a $40. Hoy tenemos una inflación del 70%, un Dólar que llegó a $230 y las focas están guardadas.👊
27 Jun, 06:34 PM UTC
Walter Araujo y Toda la Verdad
Producen “asco” 🤢🤮 los del Partido Demócrata. El Desprecio de la Nancy Pelosi para una niña latina…es una Cruela Devil esa anciana política😡🤬 https://t.co/0Ojz5OWx46
27 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
Bo Snerdley
GOP Rep. Mayra Flores accuses Speaker Nancy Pelosi of 'pushing' daughter during photo op https://t.co/LL4V5ItxWn via @nypost
27 Jun, 04:33 PM UTC
Vince Langman
Is Nancy Pelosi still assaulting a little girl because her mom is a Republican?
27 Jun, 05:41 PM UTC
Nancy Pelosi does this and of course the MSM is silent 🤬 If a Republican did this they’d be labeled a racist and CNN would have a town hall show about it. https://t.co/BYXlyB3hUI
27 Jun, 03:34 PM UTC
Who elbow shoves a kid? That’s right Nancy Pelosi does
27 Jun, 03:42 PM UTC
Schrödinger's Zen...(or Roger)
It seems both rudy giuliani AND mayra flores' daughter were targets of attempted assassinations yesterday! Rudy by a clerk who called him a fuckin' scumbag and flores' daughter by Nancy Pelosi. ➡️There is a wave of victimhood rising to push a narrative the the left is violent.⬅️
27 Jun, 02:23 PM UTC
Barbara Kinney
Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the San Francisco Pride parade yesterday. Love her rainbow gavel! @SpeakerPelosi #sanfranciscopride #Pride2022 #PRIDE https://t.co/QRJXwoeccd
27 Jun, 05:46 PM UTC
Ignoring ... than shoving Mayra Flores' daughter. Nancy's such a bi&ch. She cares so much for the children! Only certain children. Evil witch. 😤 https://t.co/ZIpFKpJnS3
27 Jun, 11:32 AM UTC
Donald Trump News
BREAKING: Rep. Mayra Flores has called out Nancy Pelosi for pushing her daughter during a photo op at her swearing in ceremony last week.
27 Jun, 06:09 PM UTC
Chris 🇺🇸
Texas GOP Rep. Mayra Flores says Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'pushed’ her daughter during photo op https://t.co/hflwmByE5Z via @foxnews
27 Jun, 07:19 AM UTC
Look at what being married to Nancy Pelosi made her husband do. https://t.co/HNP9IAFzvu
27 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
El American
Did Nancy Pelosi Just Elbow New Hispanic GOP Congresswoman’s Daughter? Video Seems to Show Speaker Shoving Child https://t.co/NuPsST1JMs #Politics https://t.co/wIRxZzDkK8
27 Jun, 06:01 PM UTC