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A. Rascal
me when I see that Napster is trending @rascality's photo on Napster
18 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
Steve C
In the End by Linkin Park. Downloaded from Napster along with 37 viruses that fucked up the computer.
18 Sep, 05:20 AM UTC
Yogi Ape 🧘‍♀️💎🙌
I'm not sure, but I have 30 tabs open and can't find where the music is playing 😆 #napster
18 Sep, 01:35 PM UTC
Shamar English
Napster walked so Apple Music and Spotify could fly
18 Sep, 01:50 PM UTC
Casey Johnston #blacklivesmatter
A song by Backstreet Boys that Napster promised me was by Nirvana
18 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
Evan Greer
A nirvana song that Napster said was Pearl Jam
18 Sep, 02:39 PM UTC
Francesco Francavilla
Napster is trending... Did I wake up in 1998?!? @f_francavilla's photo on Napster
18 Sep, 02:14 PM UTC
Pissman Sexcrime
@intrnetdaughter Some Napster-acquired Metallica. Come get me, Lars.
18 Sep, 10:41 AM UTC
Some mislabeled song I got off Napster played through WinAmp.
18 Sep, 12:54 PM UTC
Pizza Dad
All of us waking up to Napster trending
18 Sep, 02:50 PM UTC
Napster is trending. Hubba Bubba is back…. What’s next?
18 Sep, 03:21 PM UTC
ah yes, Napster.
18 Sep, 02:58 PM UTC
Grumpus Dad
Lars Ulrich when he sees Napster trending.
18 Sep, 02:41 PM UTC
Openly Disabled & Openly Virgo #StopLine3
So much dubstep. Two different browsers, probably 1 million tabs open, maybe even a little bit of Napster in there.
18 Sep, 02:59 PM UTC
Ms Krazie
@rascality napster, morpheus, limewire 😭 good old days
18 Sep, 03:16 PM UTC
Echo Mars
Why is Napster trending? Is Metallica trying to sue people still?
18 Sep, 03:58 PM UTC
OUT NOW!!! #naps #napster #nottz #touchdown #adidas #NFL #MiamiDolphins #routes #hiphop
18 Sep, 03:56 PM UTC
I told my old man Napster #Napster was trending and he ask if #Metallica was still pissed at them. #Firebad Hilarious
18 Sep, 03:38 PM UTC
Frank 💎🇺🇸
Napster was nothing without WinAmp ⚡️
18 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
Napster is trending. It reminded me 100% of our weddings Playlist was burned from napster. still have the CDs
18 Sep, 03:56 PM UTC
bimbottom (yearning era)
@Lou_lalicorne Pour le moment y'a que 3 chansons (sur napster en tout cas), c'est La fin du roman
18 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC
💎🤲 DiAMOND j 🚀🌖
when i click on the #Napster trend
18 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC
Native Ways 🪶🏹🐺💦🦅🦆🐐☀️🌬🎧
Best Friend by @Yelawolf 🙏🏼♥️♾🎧🏹 #NowPlaying on ⁦@napster
18 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC
DJ Mach
@tils2190 It most likely Nickelback off Napster haha
18 Sep, 03:51 PM UTC
Metallica songs off Morpheus or LimeWire because Napster was tagging me for copyright infringement
18 Sep, 03:51 PM UTC
Ben Dover
Waiting for a #Napster song like… ⏳
18 Sep, 03:47 PM UTC
Wahl E.
It’s so dumb though. You’re literally stifling free attention that can impact the streaming of said song on Sept 21st. This isn’t Napster like levels so why be that way? 🙄
18 Sep, 03:46 PM UTC
Dee Smith
@intrnetdaughter The mp3 of the degeneration x theme by "rage against the machine" you downloaded from Napster that definitely isn't a virus
18 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
Aditya Mandrekar
Dream Theater Porcupine Tree Bryan Adams Coldplay U2 Metallica The Police Whatever was on the soundtrack of my flight simulators And a heck of a lot of 80s pop! Mine were by Creative, I think. Or maybe knockoffs? But definitely from the days of Napster and Audiogalaxy.
18 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
Philly’s Most Wanted off Napster
18 Sep, 03:58 PM UTC