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Rest In Peace 22-year-old Natalie Corona was murdered while responding to a car crash in Davis, California. She was murdered 2 weeks after completing her field training. #FridayFeeling #NatalieCorona #ThePersistence's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 02:57 PM UTC
robjh1: The Conservative Black Cowboy
Crickets from left & liberal MSM over the shooting death this week of two police officers #chateripayne and #NatalieCorona. Crickets over the black on black shooting of #JazmineBarnes. Yet nonstop coverage over illegal aliens rights to break the law and come to America. robjh1: The Conservative Black Cowboy's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 02:42 PM UTC
Chicago's Finest👮🏻
#FallenHero #Davis police officer, #NatalieCorona. The 22 years old was shot & killed Thurs while responding to a car crash. #EOW #RIP #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #AllGaveSomeAndSomeGaveAll #ServeAndProtect #Comply @ChicagosFines19 @BFTFChicago @cpdmemorial @bftfnyc Chicago's Finest👮🏻's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
Rookie California police officer shot, killed after responding to traffic accident Davis Police Department officer Natalie Corona 22yrs old. May she rest in peace. Condolences to the family, friends, community #NatalieCorona https://t.co/5LAE0Zr7mb
11 Jan, 02:46 PM UTC
Kansas Capitol Police
Heartbreaking to learn of the death of Officer Natalie Corona. We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and @cityofdavispd. #RIP #NatalieCorona Kansas Capitol Police's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Amy Kaufeldt
So senseless. A 22-year-old officer, just getting her career started, killed in the line of duty. #NatalieCorona is the second female officer killed in America this week. My heart breaks for all those who loved Natalie & Officer #ChateriPayne. #Fox35 #GDO https://t.co/TvaKSQ3lYm Amy Kaufeldt's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 01:08 PM UTC
Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸
The average starting salary for a California police officer is $63,000. Sounds okay, until you consider that a 3-bedroom apartment is $3500 a month, or $42,000 per year. No vacations to Hawaii on that salary. Facing death without reward is a REAL act of love. #NatalieCorona Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
Tyler J. Kinsell
RIP Officer #NatalieCorona Who was shot while responding to a vehicle accident so sad. Thoughts and Prayers 🙏🏼 going the her family and @cityofdavispd #GodSpeed Tyler J. Kinsell's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 09:14 AM UTC
Chicago's Finest👮🏻
We have lost a #Hero but gained an angel. My condolences to the family and friends of #Police #Officer #NatalieCorona #EOW 10Jan2019 https://t.co/AiUWRaJhV4
11 Jan, 03:45 PM UTC
Princess Yvonne
22-Year-Old Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona Killed In Shooting RIP #NatalieCorona ; 22 year old Police Officer @Davis, California Manhunt, Swat Teams, K9s in search of killer (Near Pelosi) No Calif. Princess Yvonne's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 08:25 AM UTC
RIP 🙏🙏 #Hero #NatalieCorona catawhat's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Andrew James Gregor
Police Officer #NatalieCorona's death is already being touted as being the result of California being a #SanctuaryState by right wing, Trump loving morons. She was murdered by a white, American-born male No #BorderWall would have stopped her death #GunViolence is an emergency.
11 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
lαtín príncє
#RIP #NatalieCorona 22 years old police office ambushed! #tragic #DavisShooting lαtín príncє's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 03:35 PM UTC
Malibu Search Rescue
Our hearts are breaking yet again. 22 yr old Ofcr #NatalieCorona was #murdered last night. Thoughts, prayers and comfort for her family, friends and the @cityofdavispd #LODD #officerdown #officercorona #toosoon #Hero #RIP #BlueLivesMatter https://t.co/eziDOOV32c
11 Jan, 03:51 PM UTC
Atascadero Fire
We would like to express our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Davis PD officer Natalie Corona who was shot and killed last night. #RIP #nataliecorona #atascaderofire https://t.co/xG9ohkgK79
11 Jan, 03:55 PM UTC
#NatalieCorona #davispd catlady1010's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 04:01 PM UTC
#nataliecorona IS OVER! Spyke's photo on #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
New York Police Officer Natalie Corona Killed At 22 - The Total Plug https://t.co/lQ87hX1R5Y #NatalieCorona #Police #BreakingNews #thetotalplug
11 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
Hollie K
Two beautiful, strong, courageous women, both just recently sworn in to protect trash like this were murdered the same week of #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay #saytheirnames, Chelsea. #NatalieCorona and #ChateriPayne https://t.co/3SqWvLEVMG
11 Jan, 03:57 PM UTC
@ABC7NY @cityofdavispd May this brave young woman rest in peace. A beautiful, strong lady serving proudly and giving her life to serve and protect. Prayers for her family, friends, and fellow officers. Your loss is felt. RIP #NatalieCorona
11 Jan, 03:56 PM UTC
chris lee ⭐️⭐️⭐️
#NatalieCorona https://t.co/0t3LLzfKCk
11 Jan, 03:56 PM UTC
chris lee ⭐️⭐️⭐️
#NatalieCorona https://t.co/MvYSGn9BHf
11 Jan, 03:56 PM UTC
Akinwumi Junior Oyebade spread ❤️in the new year.
😔 😢 REST IN PEACE officer #NatalieCorona 🙏 🙏 🙏 https://t.co/Afd8PKzfDX
11 Jan, 03:55 PM UTC
@GottaLaff @drpatfarrell #NatalieCorona #chateripayne
11 Jan, 03:52 PM UTC

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