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Anthony Moore
Tristan Thompson cheating on a white woman for a black woman during black history month Anthony Moore's photo on nate thompson
19 Feb, 10:25 PM UTC
Tristan Thompson was cheating on Khloe Kardashian with Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods Ray's photo on nate thompson
19 Feb, 10:20 PM UTC
jordyn when kylie asks her about the cheating scandal with tristan thompson 𝔰's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 01:48 AM UTC
Bryan of House Stark
Jordyn explaining why she was caught leaving Tristan Thompson’s house at 7am Bryan of House Stark's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 02:30 AM UTC
Desus Nice
russia behind this tristan thompson story in a sad attempt to undermine the natural monogamy all jamaican men are born with
20 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
Tristan Thompson on why he won’t stop cheating Money's photo on nate thompson
19 Feb, 10:22 PM UTC
Chantal Machabee
Jonathan Drouin a remis la ''cape de pouèle'' à Nate Thompson qui prenait la place de Danault sur le 1er trio. Thompon a bien fait, remportant 67% de ses mises en jeu ce soir. #CH
20 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Canadiens Montréal
Une performance à la "Game of Thrones" pour Nate Thompson. ⚔️ A "Game of Thrones" kind of night for Nate Thompson. 🎥 #GoHabsGo Canadiens Montréal's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 04:56 AM UTC
Stu Cowan
#Habs Nate Thompson went 10-5 in faceoff circle tonight (67%) #HabsIO
20 Feb, 03:23 AM UTC
Underrated game by Nate Thompson. 64% faceoff.
20 Feb, 03:05 AM UTC
Andrew Sarrazin
That last faceoff win with 9 seconds to go by Nate Thompson, that. That’s why you got him.. give him all the crap you want, but his job isn’t to be a game breaker, it’s to have confidence in your faceoff for when needed
20 Feb, 03:11 AM UTC
Francois Gagnon
En fin de match, Nate Thompson a démontré les qualités défensives que le #CH recherchaient en faisant son acquisition...
20 Feb, 03:08 AM UTC
Аrpon Basu
I don't know if Nate Thompson is being put in a position to succeed tonight.
20 Feb, 12:55 AM UTC
Stu Cowan
Huge faceoff win by #Habs newcomer Nate Thompson at end of game in own zone.
20 Feb, 03:05 AM UTC
Roland D Briere
that's not just a win. That's a HUGE win. And Nate Thompson was a smart pickup by MB. #GoHabsGo
20 Feb, 03:06 AM UTC
IDK if the bar was set super low with Chaput, but I’m just going to say it- I’m really liking Nate Thompson. Intangibles and experience aren’t shown on spreadsheets.
20 Feb, 02:58 AM UTC
Adam H 🇨🇦
The way Nate Thompson played tonight is why I don’t give a fuck about excel charts #Habs #GoHabsGo
20 Feb, 03:22 AM UTC
Habs Chronicle
Notes: - Josh Anderson is a hell of a player. - We got Nate Thompson for a 10-15 spot drop in the middle of the draft. He's really impressing.
20 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC
Me: Excited to watch a #Habs game for pure leisure and not put on my "analysis and commentator" reporter rage hat. Canadiens: Please welcome your first line center, Nate Thompson. Me: @AllHabs #HockeyTwitter #gohabsgo Amy's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 12:46 AM UTC
Scott Matla
Nate Thompson played more than Auston Matthews did tonight.
20 Feb, 05:06 AM UTC
Thompson a rempli la obtenu la cape du joueur du match
20 Feb, 03:43 AM UTC
Nate Thompson looks like Drew Doughty and some other player I can’t remember and it drives me crazy 😂
20 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Stu Cowan
Fantastic job of back-checking there by new #Habs Nate Thompson.
20 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
Clickbait preview: 1. Jordie Benn is playing the best hockey of his career. 2. Nate Thompson was good! 3. #Habs have a good night in the playoff race. #GoHabsGo
20 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Francois Gagnon
On vient de comprendre pourquoi Nate Thompson ne joue pas souvent en A-N...
20 Feb, 02:09 AM UTC
Christophe Perreault
Nate Thompson est impressionnant! Des trous noirs offensifs comme lui, on n’en voit plus.
20 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Costa Rontzocos
Nate Thompson is an elite 4C
20 Feb, 03:01 AM UTC
Also Nate Thompson looks good tonight. Definitely not a slow skater.
20 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC
Nate Thompson played a huge game. So, thanks MB. #GoHabsGo
20 Feb, 03:16 AM UTC
Nate Thompson was a good pickup. As much as I liked Chaput I don’t think he would’ve been able to do the same job in his place tonight.
20 Feb, 03:10 AM UTC
@AATHabs Nate Thompson 64% on faceoff tonight . 61 since the trade
20 Feb, 03:07 AM UTC
#Habs Nate Thompson ( god love him) all alone with the puck looks like a miner with a pick axe & a lump of coal 😂
20 Feb, 02:57 AM UTC
Nick Alberga
Nate Thompson wearing Bryan Smolinski's #21 in La Bell Pro. Gross.
20 Feb, 03:05 AM UTC
🇨🇦 TimCanadien 🇨🇦
The more I watch Nate Thompson, the more impressed I am by his play. He's done a good job filling some big skates tonight
20 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC
Nate Thompson has to be the perfect 4C. Can win faceoffs, is great defensively, and skates pretty well.
20 Feb, 02:37 AM UTC
nathaniel williams
Khloe: “we’re fucking done” Tristian Thompson: “still beat tho” Jordyn Woods: nathaniel williams's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 02:31 AM UTC
🏒 Tony✖3124 🇺🇸
@americanduck8 Derek Grant > Nate Thompson
20 Feb, 01:37 AM UTC
Nate Buzelli
NATE BUZELLI AWARDS - Melhor Direção de Arte: Fiona Crombie, A Favorita Grace Yun, Hereditário Justin Thompson, Homem-Aranha no Aranhaverso Adam Stockhausen e Paul Harrod, Ilha dos Cachorros Hannah Beachler, Pantera Negra Eugenio Caballero, Roma
20 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
I remember during the lock-out, I watched the Alaska Aces very closely because of Scott Gomez. Nate Thompson was also on that team. That's the first time I really got to see his game for an extended period of time. I really grew to appreciate what Nate Thompson brought. He has
20 Feb, 03:12 AM UTC
scotty atkinson
Great game --- Thanks Nate Thompson.
20 Feb, 03:06 AM UTC
Real strong game by Nate Thompson. Strong on the faceoffs, great offence good pace and speed.
20 Feb, 03:04 AM UTC
@StuCowan1 #FEBRUARY19 #CBJvsMTL 3rd period Strong back-check by Nate Thompson here ... Kotkaniminti's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC
Michael Di Piano
Imagine thinking Nate Thompson was slow
20 Feb, 02:35 AM UTC
Nate Thompson great shift!
20 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
Nate Thompson has been really good tonight as Danault's replacement. #GoHabsGo
20 Feb, 02:34 AM UTC
william andrew michael junior nylander altelius
@adam_laskaris that is NOT nate thompson
20 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Black Silver Age Lex Luthor
oh no Tristan Thompson cheating Who would have guessed Black Silver Age Lex Luthor's photo on nate thompson
20 Feb, 01:52 AM UTC
Adam Laskaris
@bobbycappucino @TheOakLeafs in unrelated news did you see Nate Thompson was playing on the Habs top line today lmao
20 Feb, 01:39 AM UTC
Mark Norman
What the hell is Nate Thompson doing on the first line?
20 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
1st line center Nate Thompson
20 Feb, 01:28 AM UTC
C est quoi sa Nate Thompson avec Gallagher et Tatar a la place sa serait mieux Kotkaniemi sur le trio et Thompson sur le 4ieme trio SVP loll
20 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC

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