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game freak hella shot themselves in the foot. no national dex and the pokemon not available IN galar dex won't be available at all. there will be some pokemon not in galar in this game but... not all pokemon will be in this game i'm not pleased about that at all
11 Jun, 05:17 PM UTC
pokemon home (the new pokebank) can only transfer pokemon to SwSh "if the pokemon is in the galar dex" *cries in no national dex*
11 Jun, 05:21 PM UTC
Hey GameFreak, I’d be disappointed if you delayed the game a couple months to make all the Pokemon transferrable, but I’d be a lot MORE disappointed if I could only use half the National Dex because you had to meet a deadline 😒
11 Jun, 06:04 PM UTC
I hope it's a mistake on their part, in terms of expressing themselves. There's a huge difference between "unable to transfer them until National dex (post-game)" and "unable to transfer them if they don't exist in Galar dex"
11 Jun, 05:23 PM UTC
TENIS 1sme
@SerebiiNet can it fetch my national dex back
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
☀️Let's Go! Rachel!🌸
@SerebiiNet Maybe, for now, it's just the Galar Dex. Then, once the game has been out for awhile, they'll probably open it up to a National Dex. Just a thought. Still though, I have so many shinies and competitive mons to transfer over. All of them better be in Galar.
11 Jun, 05:22 PM UTC
Rafa ☆
@UmbraTrainer @Arkie200 At early you can only transfer Galar pokemon while you have the Galar Dex. After getting the National Dex, you can transfer them all
11 Jun, 06:09 PM UTC
>gen 7: removed the national dex Okay fine whatever >gen 8: can't even transfer non regional pokemon in the game Well. Honestly my hype is kinda dead now
11 Jun, 06:06 PM UTC
@PokemonSwordNew And the lack of a National Dex. #BringBackNationalDex
11 Jun, 06:07 PM UTC
Brandon Everfolly
Did @Nintendo just confirm no National Dex for #PokemonSwordShield ?? All hype I had for #pokemonhome just plummeted. We can only transfer Pokemon in the Galar region Dex.. so all those Pokemon from every generation, all those legendaries, are effectively useless in the new gen!?
11 Jun, 06:22 PM UTC
only time i've gotten 100% on the National Dex was in Omega Ruby and that was a miserable experience. When Sun and Moon got rid of the National Dex I actually had fun looking for all the Pokemon for the dex regardless bc it didn't stay out its welcome
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
we literally went from removing the National Dex from Pokémon games to straight up removing the ability to complete the Pokédex i am LIVID
11 Jun, 06:46 PM UTC
Game Freak not being able to implement a National Dex into Sword & Shield....
11 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC
“gotta catch em all” *takes away the national dex forever*
11 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
EM (commissions open 🌻)
don't care if swish never has a national dex so long as: 1. machoke is in this game 2. he gets to beat the shit out of me
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
Malicious Macro Moonsault
Okay so am I insane or is everyone overreacting to a thing that's been done since XY/ORAS where that you can't bring in Pokémon from last Gen until they do National Dex support, which (stupidly) takes a while or no?
11 Jun, 05:29 PM UTC
when I hear that there will be no national dex???
11 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
The Fabled NTom64
The no national dex thing in Sword and Shield is a real pisser. Knew there'd be a catch to Home
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
TK Farms Dynamaxed
Personally, even if we don't get a full National Dex in SwSh, I don't consider it a dealbreaker. I'm still going to play the game and enjoy it. I do understand why a lot of people are upset over this, but I don't really think it will affect my enjoyment of the game all that much.
11 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
@Zan004 @Boo_Rad13y My Twitter is people saying the new Pokémon is cancelled because of no national dex.🙃
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
Me after finding out there’s no national dex but discovering the electric corgi
11 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
no one cares about the new pokemon everyone's too upset about the national dex alfkjadlfkajdlkadlfd
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
Ace Duo Matheu & James
I'd rather have a national dex over new Pokemon, which is the way I thought the announcement was going. The challenge a national dex would present would give the game so much more life.
11 Jun, 05:28 PM UTC
ryan@sleepy bitch disease_ebooks
@nakodub after sun/moon didn't have a national dex this is making me sad ):
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
I've been seeing some discussion re: Pokemon not fully carrying over to Sw/Sh. My thought is, Sw/Sh look like they have whole new models for everything. Most likely, they're cutting down on animation worktime for release by doing a selection. National dex is likely DLC.
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
My biggest issue with Sun and Moon was that there was no National Dex to complete. It made post game in SM (not USUM) completely useless. To see they’re leaning further into this is truly disappointing.
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
@Venetto3 @DeschampJeremy @Pokemon Considering they always have the shiny charm you'll most likely be able to transfer all of them when you get access to the national dex after you beat the game. This game won't be a Pokemon Go spinoff like let's go so it'll actually be good and it'll most likely follow...
11 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
🍃🌸 Kelsey @ E3✨ 🌸🍃
@katknightcos Pokemon's service "Pokemon Home" isn't going to support transferring Pokemon to S&S if it's not in the National Dex. And apparently, people are so pissed about it that they're cancelling their pre-orders and demanding change. Gamefreak said it was due to balance and coding.
11 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
⚨ androgyne alien ⚨
@cryptidbitch no national dex, you can only have pokemon from galar region in the game. so sucks to be a fan of not too popular pokes rn
11 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
Alex Collins
@AdamantZoroark @rejigglypuff VGC players were bitching about Dark Void and that was enough to essentially ban Dark Void so I hope it's patched in or in the next games or something I like my national dex formats
11 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
I'm gonna be real. I'm not buying Sword and Shield if gamefreak doesn't wanna put effort in the games anymore. If you wanna make merch, go do that, but don't take out the national dex cuz you're too lazy. I'm paying $60 and I expect more.
11 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
<★>CAMI※カミ Team Unicorn
Disappointed that we can't transfer every Pokemon to SwSh I hope Galar has a huge regional pokedex bigger than Kalos goodness I miss the national dex 😭😭😭
11 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
yumyums 🥀 @ kinpri SSS!
@RlZEGREYMON OH i think i misread, idc if theyre not in the galar dex, but a national dex would be nice like with gen 7 and their data can still be in the game so u can transfer them over just no dex entries
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
Kickflips & Coffee
Yet another unrealistic standard for 10 year olds. Anyway bring back the National dex.
11 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
whyyyyyyyy just scrap this regional/national dex division and let us have access to everything off the bat it's excessive to make every Pokémon appear in-game but there shouldn't be any reason we can't just trade 'em over as and when
11 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
Kickflips & Coffee
If @Pokemon ignores the current backlash surrounding the national dex, then we, the players, will have been deceived in a way that is irredeemable.
11 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
erika shepherd 🜱
@RevRyeBread because they aren't putting it in the base game, so the options are either a.) you just can't ever have national dex pokemon in sword/shield or b.) they're going to get us all to pay more money to get the national dex
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
@Pokemon What was that? Couldn’t hear you over tryna find the national dex
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
Gonna be optimistic and believe they’re planning to put in the National Dex into Sword and Shield at some point after launch.
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
@aDrive_tK Hopefully they bring like atleast half of the national dex, and then in the next game they bring the rest
11 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
11 Jun, 07:01 PM UTC
carter ✌️
@SmkGaming05 i guess i’d prefer a national dex but its not a huge deal, hopefully they’ll see the reaction to this and implement it into the game, but who knows. the games look amazing regardless
11 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
Sooooo, @NintendoAmerica what am I supposed to do with all of this? Am I supposed to leave behind MY COMPLETED NATIONAL DEX (can't find my hoopa tho) ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!#bringbackthenationaldex #pokemon #PokemonSwordShield
11 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
Gage Narron
@BulbaNewsNOW im pretty sure it meant before you get the national dex, i could be wrong
11 Jun, 07:00 PM UTC
gamer rat
lrt I hope pokemon finds a happy medium because not having national dex is OOF and I'm gonna be so upset if my favorite pokemon can't be transfered in.... I hope DLC is an option they're willing to go for?
11 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Travis Hering
Also, people, I think the best way to let the Pokemon company know about the national dex situation is by going there and politely contacting them on their support website. It's like a direct contact to them.
11 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
My only big disappointment is that they limited us to only bringing over pokemon in the Galar dex. I really hope they make an effort to bring back the whole national dex some day.
11 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Jim Roszel
I've kept a living pokedex for years and the idea of not being able to continue it is upsetting. I really hope there is a National Dex and you can transfer anything with Home after the main game.
11 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
@marchello_san Practically every past game has had a national dex so that you can add in the pokemon not included in the game. There's no excuse for this
11 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Gemini Szn
@shofu Let’s be real the Galar dex will be new pokes plus a lot of Gen 1 and 2 stuff and then a few others sprinkled in from gen 3-7 and that’s it until you get the National dex if that even exists in the game.
11 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
@Pokemon Learn more?! The only thing we’ve learned is that you guys are too lazy to give us a NATIONAL DEX
11 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
@zenyatterman I hope the National Dex is part of that new info...
11 Jun, 06:58 PM UTC
i love small monkey
Hey @NintendoAmerica @Pokemon where is the national dex?????
11 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
Jacob / Noob
@VernonCBL I didn't hear the flack when SuMo did it for comp tho and like the regional dex for each game is usually sizable enough replayability-wise Idk I just dont get why its a big deal outside of having a full living national dex and nintendo will make something for that I guarantee it
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Are People freaking out about the national Pokédex forgetting that Pokémon home is also coming out? With compatibility to transfer from Pokémon bank.... I mean yeah I’m disappointed with no National dex, but at least you can eventually transfer
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
@bobdapineapple @Raquatya @Pokemon the big mystery is what the fuck the pokemon game is gonna be next year do you know what i think? its gonna be the "third game" of sword and shield and it will have some extra areas a different storyline and a national dex
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Christian Deepe
If you need to release a National Dex DLC later on down the line, we’ll be there for it. Heck there’s any way we can help you make this happen, let us know, and I think you’ll be surprised at the amount of people that step up.
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Jim Roszel
I tolerated it for Sun and Moon because other games on 3DS had a National Dex and you could still transfer any Pokémon to the game, but I don't like this. This is an actively bad move and removes one of the basic tenants of the game
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
R Schnaebitz D
@GAMEFREAK_info if there’s no link to the pokebank and a national dex, I’m not buying. I didn’t just spend thousands of hours over the past 20 years training, breeding and playing through your games, going on to complete the living dex just for all of my pokes to be made useless.
11 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
@scrimmified Sun and Moon already had no National Dex and I'm fine with that but not being able to transfer any Pokemon that isn't in the Dex kinda sucks when I like to transfer some of my favorites up... I wouldn't be surprised if they add them in waves post-release though
11 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Thank You Koogi.♡
No National Dex in SwoShi.
11 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Ryan Moate
@OhDeerZeph Sun and Moon didn't have a national dex though
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Andrew Gpie
I am beyond disappointed that Mega evolutions are supposedly replaced by Dynamaxing. And the fact that there is no national dex is a HUGE miss. I’m hoping this is fixed in future games, but SnS are looking to be a solid cornerstone for Pokemon on the switch
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Jim Roszel
I do not like the implication that Sword and Shield will not have a National Dex since only pokémon available in the Galar region can be transferred to SwSh with Pokémon Home
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Lior Halphon
@MosheTov @Pokemon אין National Dex יותר. אי אפשר להעביר פוקימונים ממשחקים ישנים (או עתידיים!) אם הם לא מופיעים ב־Regional Dex. וה־Art Director של המשחק זה האפס שעיצב את הפוקימון גלידה, זה הוא דאג לבחור את הפוקימונים הכי מכוערים.
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Jax Pool
of course, we also got colosseum and xd to fill in the johto dex some, and frlg to fill in the kanto dex. also, note that ruby and sapphire did not have a national dex. that was a feature named and added in frlg.
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
Zeph 🧡💖
#PokemonSwordShield I know they didn't say it but Home might let you transfer more Pokemon after you get the National Dex. I can't imagine there's NOT a national dex and how else would they expect us to complete it? Unless the Galar Dex includes every mon
11 Jun, 06:54 PM UTC
@pokejungle now if only it could fetch my national dex mons balls
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
ian speaker
@lightestfoot They announced that there won't be any national dex and you won't be able to transfer pkmn from home that aren't a part of tha galar dex. They said it was because of balancing issues
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
sad toku man
@Pokemon You guys realize national dex has always been a postgame thing, right? Why would Game Freak spoil postgame content for a game that isn't even out yet?
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
The domiNATION
@SerebiiNet We just gotta hope they actually have a national dex in this game...
11 Jun, 06:53 PM UTC
This doesn't _really_ affect VGC, just the national dex formats
11 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
Kellan Swiftie
@regaloni_GG The national Dex is in the pokemon home. I'd rather have a living dex in a secure location rather than a game card that can be corrupted for any reason.
11 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
Mais um jogo da saga principal de Pokémon sem national dex. Kibeleza
11 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
@OsTheBarbarian so theres not way to complete the national dex?
11 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
Ѧαґøη †ü¢к℮я
@RaiSchnee @Pokemon Wait and see id say, they didn’t say that this would be for the entire game-they didn’t even say the national dex woudlent be in it, wait until we get a full statment! :)
11 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
Johnnie Dubell
@Jayyycubbb They crazy! I mean as long as they continue the national dex system im cool with it
11 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
@JoeMerrick They pulled a lesser though still disappointing version of this by excluding national dex from S/M. What was the reasoning back then?
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
@150Gallade @Excalibur493 @SerebiiNet I quit at gen 6 because I got fed up with Game Freaks ass backwards decisions. Common sense things and features that would be introduced one gen would puzzlingly be absent the next because... why not? Learning just now that gen 7 didn't have a national dex (?!?!?!) and that
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
Just Cardboard
@Stephan_Kyle @SerebiiNet Maybe we’ll get a remake with a national dex this gen
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
Chris Farias
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
@hunchotime @Pokemon dont u understand? if there is no national dex that means there must be like 200+ new pokemon
11 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC
@FJak620 @SailorMisa25 @NintendoAmerica They removed the National Dex and only pokemon in the Galar Dex can be transferred from Pokemon Home
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
Hold your fucking horses, people. Just because they said that you can’t transfer older mons via home that aren’t in the Galar dex does NOT mean that there is no postgame National Dex. They also never stated whether this block would be lifted in the postgame or not.
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
rise of the don
@AceTrainerLiam Um don't they usually add all pokemon besides version exclusives and event pokemon into the post games via the national dex?
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
Jonathan Miller
@OfIronPhantoms @JoeMerrick I know. It’s like they KNEW it would make the entire fandom mad so... again why not just add the entire national dex on a system that can handle it? Lmao
11 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC
@Pinkolol16 I hate to agree, but I do. I get there's a lot of new content in this, but no National Dex is a major disappointment. I just started using Pokémon Bank. I'll still get the game, but it's understandable why that would be a deal breaker.
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
Dynamax Rev 🏳️‍🌈
@Deku_Cat Doubt. They never have in the past. They’re gonna make Ultra Sword/Ultra Shield with national dex and call it a day
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC
@Strategist_Zara No national dex only Galar so you'll probably just need both versions
11 Jun, 06:48 PM UTC