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Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍🌈
National Review woke up today and thought: you know what, let's take the quiet part and yell it into a bullhorn.
07 Apr, 02:47 PM UTC
Jake Lobin
Holy shit... The National Review actually just asked: "Might the republic be better served by having fewer –but better– voters?" White Supremacists never fucking stop, do they??
07 Apr, 04:15 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
This National Review piece is elitism on steroids. It’s also insane. “if more eligible voters go to the polls then the outcome will more closely reflect what the average American voter wants. That sounds like a wonderful thing ... if you haven’t met the average American voter.”
07 Apr, 06:18 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Lynne Patton??? The entire Trump regime violated the Hatch Act. Every damn day. PROSECUTE THEM ALL. #Resist #MorningJoe #TheView Mo Brooks Justice Breyer United Airlines Andrew Giuliani Eric Trump Patagonia Hump Day Kellyanne Conway National Review
07 Apr, 03:00 PM UTC
Krystal Ball
National Review arguing voters are what made the country a mess. Remind me again, was it the VOTERS who lied us into the Iraq War? Who crashed the global economy? Who bailed out the banks and left everyone else to rot?
07 Apr, 04:19 PM UTC
@NRO “Might we be better off returning to feudalism?” - The National Review
07 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
John Scalzi
No, but the republic might be better off having fewer periodicals workshopping fascism for shits and giggles, National Review @scalzi's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 02:52 PM UTC
Kevin M. Kruse
As Kevin Williamson pops up in National Review to argue that narrowing voting rights is a Good Thing Actually™, I'll repost this thread I did on NR's past stances on civil rights issues.
07 Apr, 02:55 PM UTC
@NRO “Is that old saying ‘all men are created equal’ really so self-evident?” - The National Review
07 Apr, 03:34 PM UTC
Jonathan Chait
I’ve seen National Review’s most recent column arguing for winnowing the electorate of “unqualified voters” is getting attention. I’ve been writing on this subject for a while, and wanted to collect some strands in a thread:
07 Apr, 04:36 PM UTC
Ari Berman
More Republicans saying quiet part out loud This rhetoric used to justify Jim Crow & by National Review to oppose Voting Rights Act "Over most of this century the great bulk of Southern Negroes have been genuinely unqualified for the franchise" James Kilpatrick wrote in 1965
07 Apr, 02:36 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
This is an actual headline from the National Review. And when they say “better”, hey mean “whiter”. Same as it ever was. @AynRandPaulRyan's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 04:36 PM UTC
Jonathan Chait
NR supported Jim Crow and opposed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. NR was critical of crude, low-class racism, but believed the solution was less democracy, not more.
07 Apr, 04:37 PM UTC
Jonathan Chait
It lost the fight to defend Apartheid in the American South, and then lost again in South Africa, but National Review has been making the case for winnowing the electorate throughout its history: @jonathanchait's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 04:38 PM UTC
🖤🦋Rowan Moon🦋🖤
"Might the republic be better served by having fewer -- but better -- voters? " - National Review Yep! You can't get anymore openly racists than that....
07 Apr, 05:58 PM UTC
Michael Malice
In 1986 National Review's William F. Buckley was quipping in the New York Times that people with AIDS should be tattooed. "Our society is generally threatened, and in order to fight AIDS, we need the civil equivalent of universal military training." #VaccinePassport @michaelmalice's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 07:22 PM UTC
Finally, the world's media are taking note. The National Review call what's happening in Ireland "shocking" "cruel" "ineffective" "humiliating"
07 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
Storytime with BDD: Chauvin DAY 8, Biden Infrastructure, NRCC Defectors, Komodo on the Shelf, National Review. ALSO, more fun from The Liddle'est President, LIVE NOW on @ReallyAmerican1 YouTube: @mmpadellan's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 09:50 PM UTC
Leah Greenberg
National Review getting back to its segregationist roots
07 Apr, 05:25 PM UTC
Jonathan Chait
It's comical to deny NR institutionally believes too many people vote. National Review has been saying this for decades, beginning with Buckley in the 50s. Innumerable NR columnists have too. It hasn't stopped. There have been two this week!
08 Apr, 01:37 AM UTC
Taryn from the Bay 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
So the psuedo-intellectual National Review is trending. I'm not the first person to say this but we should stop referring to the bigotry / racism from the right as dog whistles or saying the quiet part out loud. They wear their hate on their sleeves for all to see. #DemVoice1
07 Apr, 08:33 PM UTC
David Avallone
“Did Jim Crow have a point?” asks the National Review, with a straight face (and a white hood.)
08 Apr, 01:37 AM UTC
Steven D. Greydanus
“Fewer—but better—voters.” Interesting idea, National Review. Not sure how I feel about “worse” voters having no say at all, though. Perhaps a compromise? Say, “worse” voters count as three-fifths of a voter? @DecentFilms's photo on National Review
07 Apr, 03:36 PM UTC
Chris Dashiell
National Review asshat on Chris Hayes demonstrating the art of bad faith arguments. I guess there's a point to inviting him on, just to expose how empty these clever men really are.
08 Apr, 12:38 AM UTC
Carolyn from Maryland
@_FleerUltra The National Review would really like it if we could go back to the original voting system of white, male, land owners.
07 Apr, 05:53 PM UTC
Ω Bob Warth Ω
@NolanZugernat @laura__3_14 But they didn't get the outcomes they wanted in Nov and Jan, so they changed the rules. Now National Review says they suddenly don't like "one person, one vote" Why? Because the hard-right is too narrow a political faction to ever win any more elections in America. 2/2
07 Apr, 05:48 PM UTC
Spandan @ Reclaim the Fight 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇸
On the National Review's boneheaded argument that consent of the governed is more sophisticated than the vote: "While it is true that a vote alone does not always constitute consent, consent cannot be constituted without the vote."
08 Apr, 12:13 AM UTC
Kristin A-Groh
@Angry_Staffer Who the hell reads The National Review? Oh ah didn’t think reading a requirement for treasonous RepublicansResistance🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
08 Apr, 01:45 AM UTC
TwitUser6000 💀
@mrsmcgee16 National Review is a CIA false-opposition operation created by William Buckley and inherited by Richard Lowry
08 Apr, 01:53 AM UTC
@mrsmcgee16 He’s a scumbag like most of national review
08 Apr, 01:46 AM UTC