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Only In Boston
Notable Left Handed People: Neil Armstrong Justin Bieber Bill Clinton Albert Einstein Eminem Lady Gaga Bill Gates Jimi Hendrix Angelina Jolie Paul McCartney Barack Obama David Ortiz Brad Pitt Babe Ruth Jerry Seinfeld Mark Wahlberg Oprah Winfrey #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:30 AM UTC
Found this box full of Sensei (RAW) Glossy Surface mice (which we don't even sell anymore🤫). Giving away ONE of them to someone who correctly guesses how many are in the box... must RT this + be following #NationalLeftHandersDay go @SteelSeries's photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 07:19 PM UTC
NBA Central
Big Shot Bosh 🔥 #NationalLeftHandersDay @TheNBACentral's photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 04:09 PM UTC
Logitech G
For #nationallefthandersday show us which ambidextrous gaming mouse is your favorite by retweeting or liking below! #LogitechG #PlayAdvanced @LogitechG's photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 04:00 PM UTC
Give a shoutout to your favorite lefty player on #NationalLeftHandersDay! @NBA's photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:00 PM UTC
Dallas Cowboys
When #NationalLeftHandersDay and #TouchdownTuesday fall on the same day, we had to bring 🔙 this play… 👀 For more action, check out NFL Game Pass → https://t.co/VhqFeMKvAl @dallascowboys's photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:05 PM UTC
NBA Central
De’Aaron Fox’s 39 point game vs Lonzo Ball & UCLA 🦊🔥 #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/wvlejJdf2g
13 Aug, 05:53 PM UTC
RWBY: Crystal Match
13 Aug, 04:00 PM UTC
Darius Jennings
#NationalLeftHandersDay 😎 @DariusJennings_'s photo on #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 06:34 PM UTC
Fast Company
The reason boils down to two words, “competition” and “cooperation,” and how the balance between those forces plays out in human societies. #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/fJuHWScaNu
13 Aug, 09:33 PM UTC
Papi Elroy
S/o all the lefties #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 04:04 PM UTC
Mallory Jones
Social Studies LEFTIES unite! (Minus @coach_m_cruz) #socialstudiesrules #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/VjGsPKMTKm
13 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC
Ohio State Men's Hockey
🌰 Seniors 🌰 Defensemen 🌰 Ohio natives 🌰 Lefty shots Celebrating #NationalLeftHandersDay with Matt Miller and Gordi Myer. #GoBucks https://t.co/FsogFVQElb
13 Aug, 11:57 PM UTC
Dead Winter
It's #NationalLeftHandersDay, Alice has always been the team southpaw so here's a big shout out to all our left-handed friends out there bringing balance to their circles. https://t.co/lku8R3dNN7
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
Sydney Moss
Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay to all my shooters out there! 🔫 https://t.co/y12Lf0ls58
13 Aug, 11:17 PM UTC
casey franson
One Punch Left Handed! @TheNotoriousMMA #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/VJ9i4Mjerr
13 Aug, 11:43 PM UTC
Joe Cascio
#NationalLeftHandersDay Here are 10 of my favorite lefty athletes, in no real order. Chris Mullin Don Mattingly Derrick Coleman Kenny Anderson @chibbs_1 Anthony Peeler Ken Griffey, Jr. Dave Righetti Ron Guidry Andy Pettite Randall Cobb @rcobb18 @JackieMoon601, who ya got?
13 Aug, 11:10 PM UTC
Matty Buller
It’s #NationalLeftHandersDay so @cattoni99 and his cannon of a shot definitely need to be recognized! @PtboLakersLax @GeorgiaSwarmLAX
13 Aug, 11:41 PM UTC
Hailey Hunter
Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay Grew up around lefty hockey sticks and that is the sole reason I am a lefty in hockey and golf https://t.co/bK0585Lcux
13 Aug, 11:56 PM UTC
7th Heaven Fan!
Did you notice bit Annie (Catherine Hicks) & Ruthie (Mackenzie Rodman) we’re both lefties? #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/zMC0GvEat2
13 Aug, 11:53 PM UTC
catherine hicks fans
Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/AfAK80fIdK
13 Aug, 11:51 PM UTC
Olivia Gore
10% of the worlds population is left-handed. Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay to all my fellow lefties 🤚🏼
13 Aug, 11:48 PM UTC
Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay And To This Day Idk Anybody Who Kan Guard Me On Ball Wit No Help ....
14 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
NNJ Volleyball
Happy Left-Handers Day!! Wishing all of you lefties a wonderful day! #nnjvolleyball #nationallefthandersday #lovethemlefties https://t.co/LefnnIrvJB
14 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
Stephen Frank
@masnRoch #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
Flynn 🤘🏼
Happy #NationalLeftHandersDay ya filthy, right handed, animals 😛 https://t.co/oUReNTRAGC
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
Gunesh Sivanathan
Shout Out to my fellow Left-Handers out there, people hate but they know deep down we special 😉 #NationalLeftHandersDay
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
#NationalLeftHandersDay is the only day I truly feel accepted.
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
tv stuff, etc...
And me too! #NationalLeftHandersDay https://t.co/EZVy5Yi3k6
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
Paula Fry
#NationalLeftHandersDay #myfavoritelefty https://t.co/KYn9v7cN9F
13 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC