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Dwayne Johnson
It’s #NationalMargaritaDay🍸 and a smooth and delicious thaaaank you for making our @Teremana the biggest and most successful 1st year sales of ANY brand in spirits HISTORY 🤯 MAHALO for making us the most exciting tequila in the 🌎 Enjoy your MANA! Best in quality & taste 🥃 @TheRock's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 09:11 PM UTC
Ellen DeGeneres
It's #NationalMargaritaDay! I'm celebrating a little early... and by early, I mean I started in June.
22 Feb, 07:15 PM UTC
Jimmy Buffett
#NationalMargaritaDay @jimmybuffett's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 04:06 PM UTC
Reese Witherspoon
Today’s vibe: #NationalMargaritaDay @ReeseW's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 06:08 PM UTC
Doug The Pug
Me after one marg vs me after three Happy #NationalMargaritaDay 🍸 https://t.co/qZoR71TdxF
22 Feb, 06:04 PM UTC
every day is margarita day if you try hard enough 🍹👀 #NationalMargaritaDay @flavortown's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 10:07 PM UTC
Ted Cruz SpokesPerson for #PatronMargarita #NationalMargaritaDay @darleneturner53's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 12:44 PM UTC
Jimmy Buffett
#NationalMargaritaDay @jimmybuffett's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
23 Feb, 12:21 AM UTC
Chelsea Handler
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay, everyone. As an expert on these drinks, I implore everyone to start drinking now. And if you’re already drunk, cheers. @chelseahandler's photo on #NationalMargaritaDay
23 Feb, 12:44 AM UTC
riker lynch
Here’s your perfected playlist for #NationalMargaritaDay https://t.co/tGOKp5Iogr
22 Feb, 06:28 PM UTC
Lulu The Pug
Behind the scenes photo shoot... where’s my margarita???? This glass is empty! #NationalMargaritaDay #MargaritaDay #pugs #dogs #dogsoftwitter #dogsofinstagram https://t.co/NIufZMrODc
22 Feb, 10:39 PM UTC
In honor of #NationalMargaritaDay Lemme get on over here to Where it ALL STARTED: @Chilis and get me one or two #PatronMargarita https://t.co/tEVpBHv0cS
22 Feb, 03:09 PM UTC
jennifer aniston and her aggressively shaken margaritas #nationalmargaritaday 🥂 https://t.co/xXMzGEbA5R
22 Feb, 07:03 PM UTC
Eliana Murillo⚡️
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! Our @TequilaAlquimia Blanco is amazing in margaritas like this, our spicy mango margarita con Tajín! 😍 https://t.co/m58BCZMTm5
23 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
Dave B.
Today is #NationalMargaritaDay *and* #CatDay in Japan. Celebrate responsibly. https://t.co/rI4bFDA8GS
22 Feb, 06:52 PM UTC
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! If you're looking to celebrate, Las Vegas mixologists have some stellar local choices → https://t.co/aialdzqCFN #RJNow https://t.co/ussVWilNXi
22 Feb, 06:20 PM UTC
It’s National Margarita day today! You know what I’m doing when I get out of work. Cheers to anyone drinking a margarita and/or a vegan margarita. 🍸❤️ #NationalMargaritaDay
23 Feb, 12:39 AM UTC
Best Women's Erotica of the Year
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! https://t.co/4MEKPECHsc
23 Feb, 12:00 AM UTC
Celebrate #NationalMargaritaDay the Poosh way. https://t.co/LS1RyLb1YW
23 Feb, 12:50 AM UTC
La Leche League USA
Alcohol leaves your milk at the same rate it leaves your bloodstream. There is no need to ‘pump and dump.’ #NationalMargaritaDay #breastfeedingtips https://t.co/94lf2596Tn
23 Feb, 12:37 AM UTC
Downtown Summerlin
Raise your hand if you could use a @thelvballpark margarita right now! 🙌🏻 #NationalMargaritaDay
22 Feb, 11:28 PM UTC
I'm nobody bruh
📷 it’s #nationalmargaritaday stop by one of my favorite restaurants El Burro Loco, they have some of my favorite food & drinks! Perfect day for it! Also I took the pictures that’s on their menus so take a look https://t.co/UmeQFh808w
22 Feb, 09:27 PM UTC
Guava Strawberry Margarita #NationalMargaritaDay @fymandco 🥂 https://t.co/YoTwfEsWBQ
23 Feb, 12:08 AM UTC
Aversa PR
It's not too late to celebrate #NationalMargaritaDay with @BuenaOndaTacos @JosePistolas @Sancho_Pistolas @PistolasDelSur and more via @Wooderice215 https://t.co/s9xElAtPQ5
23 Feb, 12:58 AM UTC
Discover Milwaukee
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! 🍹 Where's your go-to place in MKE to get a margarita? https://t.co/QuN3rK1Zg0
23 Feb, 12:41 AM UTC
Firehouse Restaurant
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! One of the simplest (+best) cocktails in the book our current marg features @TCazadoresMX, fresh lime juice & lemon juice, spiced simple syrup and a touch of amaretto. See our #happyhour & specialty cocktail list here: https://t.co/j9Ut77ZVjb https://t.co/BEoRFoRXnu
23 Feb, 12:45 AM UTC
Debating if I should participate in #NationalMargaritaDay 🤔
22 Feb, 07:41 PM UTC
mace ☆☆☆
so you’re telling me it’s #NationalMargaritaDay and I’m not drinking rn??!
23 Feb, 12:56 AM UTC
Jerry Chacon
Happy #NationalMargaritaDay! And if your birthday is in late November, now you know why!
23 Feb, 12:57 AM UTC
My favorite holiday is today #NationalMargaritaDay
23 Feb, 12:50 AM UTC

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